Migliori Piattaforme Di Criptovalute Come Comprare Ethereum in Italia nel 2023 – Guida alle migliori piattaforme

If you’re wondering where to buy Ethereum , you’re in the right place. We are aware that, nowadays, the demand for information on the crypto world has increased dramatically and there are many alternatives to the classic Bitcoin. In this review we will explain what Ethereum is , why many people buy it and, above all, on which platforms you can buy it.

The best platforms to buy ETH

Let’s see together what are, at the moment, the best platforms available in Italy to buy ETH , including:

  1. eToro ;
  2. Crypto.com ;
  3. Binance ;
  4. Coinbase.

1. eToro

Etoro_logoeToro , a very well-known platform also in Italy, also owes its diffusion to the numerous advertisements on YouTube. We are talking about an online exchange, naturally in possession of apps for mobile devices, which allows the trading of various assets including CFDs, contracts for difference, 150 ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and 16 cryptocurrencies.

The registration phase is very simple and requires the insertion of some of our data, such as name, surname and tax code, as well as the presentation of documents that certify the truthfulness of the information provided. As regards costs and commissions, eToro does not require payments for registration or trading, but only a minimum deposit of $50, while to trade ETH it requires a 1% commission. We remind you that eToro is one of the safest platforms, being in possession of three regulatory certificates: Cysec, FCA or ASIC.

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2. Crypto.com

Crypto.com_LogoLeading online broker in the sector, as well as main sponsor of the Lega Serie A, the Football World Cup in Qatar in 2023, Formula 1 and one of the teams that compete within it, Aston Martin. We are talking about Crypto.com , an exchange that allows trading, lending and staking of over 600 cryptocurrencies.

Also in this case we will have to fill out the online form with our data and send documents that certify our identity. Making deposits does not require a minimum amount, but while there are no commissions for bank transfer payments, 2.99% is required for credit card top-ups. The remaining costs linked to the various services depend on the level of your account and the amount of CRO, the platform’s native token, which can also be used to pay commissions. Finally, to buy ETH , just go to the appropriate section of the site.

Il tuo capitale è a rischio.

3. Binance

Binance is very well known in Italy, especially after becoming the official sponsor of SS Lazio. Born in China in 2021, then moved due to the government’s restrictive policies on cryptocurrencies, it is a reference platform for many traders, thanks above all to the Binance Academy, a blog where users can find guides, articles and insights on the world of virtual finance and more.

Also in this case it is necessary to present documents to verify our identity during registration. Binance has developed BNB, an ERC-20-based token which is used, as for Crypto.com, above all to pay costs and commissions. These are 0.01% for trading, 1.8% for deposits and 1% or €1.50 for withdrawals.

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Il tuo capitale è a rischio.

4. Coinbase

Coinbase_logoCoinbase was born in San Francisco in 2012 and, to date, has over 73 million users, not to mention the 255 million dollars in digital assets it has under management. To facilitate the use of the platform, the developers have decided to divide it into two sections: “classic” Coinbase, recommended for beginners in the crypto world who are trying to take their first steps in the sector, and Coinbase Pro which, as the acronym may suggest , is aimed at expert traders who are not satisfied with the basic functions and are looking for tools more suited to their business idea.

On both sections it will be possible to invest in over 100 cryptocurrencies such as ETH . Coinbase has no commissions on deposits but requires a minimum deposit of €1.99, which can be done via credit card or bank transfer, and asks for €0.15 for withdrawals and 1.5% for trading .

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Il tuo capitale è a rischio.

What is Ethereum

Ethereum-ETH-iconEthereum è in primis una blockchain, lanciata nell’estate del 2015, sulla quale è possibile creare e completare smart contract; la sua crypto, ETH, fa parte della grande famiglia di Altcoins, cioè tutte quelle criptovalute nate dopo Bitcoin. L’idea di smart contract risale agli anni ‘90, quando il noto informatico Nick Szabo aveva teorizzato la possibilità che si venissero a creare queste nuove funzioni.

Con il web 3.0, ovvero quello dei giorni nostri, e la creazione delle blockchain, abbiamo visto prendere forma quanto teorizzato 30 anni fa, dato che ora è possibile creare un sistema completamente automatizzato ma soprattutto trasparente e infallibile. Molti esperti, per spiegare il funzionamento degli smart contract, usano sempre l’esempio delle polizze assicurative sui viaggi: immaginiamo che tu voglia stipularne una per un viaggio con uno smart contract Ethereum, quindi un contratto, e ipotizziamo che qualcosa vada storto.

Having a contract on the blockchain, it is the system itself that, in total autonomy and transparency, intervenes and checks what went wrong, intervening and refunding the agreed amount. This is the reason why Ethereum is becoming popular and with it its cryptocurrency which is used, in fact, with smart contracts. He thinks that in Italy the Axa insurance company, one of the most well-known and important, has already adopted this system for instant reimbursement for flight delays: it is a policy called Fizzy and can be easily subscribed to online.

The ETH crypto is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a value that, in May 2023, is around €1,650. Beyond the value itself, the Ethereum blockchain is becoming very famous above all for the token linked to it, ERC-20, which is the structure on which almost all the tokens available on the market are based. In fact, blockchain is on track to change the type of protocol , currently Bitcoin’s PoW, to PoS, which would make it even more of an excellent earning opportunity.

What is Ethereum

How to buy ETH

Let’s now look at how to buy ETH , analyzing the two main possibilities.

Buy via PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular and used eWallets in the world, so it is easy to expect that it can also be used to purchase cryptocurrencies. We must, however, make a big clarification. Purchasing ETH directly from the PayPal site is only possible for residents of the United States of America.

For everyone else, therefore, all that remains is to turn to an exchange that accepts this payment method, such as eToro.

Buy via exchange

ETH can be easily purchased on major exchanges and online brokers, and is clearly the best, if not the only, way to purchase cryptocurrencies. In the next paragraph we will talk about the best platforms for buying the ETH cryptocurrency , dedicating ample space to the instructions for creating an account on eToro .


Why buy ETH?

After having explained what Ethereum is and what ETH are , after having talked about the best platforms to start investing in this cryptocurrency, we will now see how you can earn with ETH , why it is worth buying them and how safe it is to do so.

How do you make money with ETH?

Since ETH is a cryptocurrency, it is possible to earn profits through classic strategies, such as:

1. Trading

We are obviously talking about buying and selling ETH based on its market flows: that is, we buy the currency at a cost “x” and resell it when its value is greater. This is a widely used strategy but you have to be careful of the so-called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), i.e. the fear of losing the investment, which translates into buying and selling based on any market fluctuation. FOMO is a real pathology, classified as social anxiety, and can lead to the ruin of an investor who, in the grip of fear of losing, continually buys and sells.


Comparable to the classic loan, it consists of buying ETH cryptocurrencies and then, through specific platforms, lending it to earn from the interest generated. This practice is not very widespread for this currency and is above all very risky, especially if you opt for the peer to peer variant , i.e. on your own, i.e. without a platform that acts as an intermediary.

Logically, this type of loan allows for greater interest earnings, but does not have any coverage or guarantee. Therefore, if you were to be scammed, you would not have the ability to claim or recover your money.

How do you make money with ETH?

3. Staking

From the English “stack”, therefore storage, refers to the practice of holding an investment: it consists of buying the currency and, through specialized platforms, holding it for a certain period of time. The blocking periods have variable duration and the longer your investment is stopped the more you will earn.

There are different types of staking but, in general, with this strategy your investment in ETH will not really stand still, because it will be combined with that of other users so that the blockchain system solves the pre-established smart contract. We have already mentioned the existence of PoW and PoS protocols, and now we will explain them to you briefly:

  • the first is the one on which Bitcoin is based, the Proof of Work, i.e. the blockchain which to resolve nodes requires computational power which is taken from the graphics cards that users make available, this process is called mining;
  • the Ethereum blockchain , on the other hand, is moving towards the Proof of Stake protocol, which uses a significant amount of ETH rather than machine power.

In this second case the system chooses, in a completely random manner, ETH stacks to validate the smart contracts and the more they are made available, the more likely you are to be chosen, which translates into earnings, because you will be paid for having made your tokens available to the blockchain. This is why pools exist, where users meet to be able to put together larger quantities of Ethereum crypto , so as to make the system work and earn commissions.

Is it worth buying ETH?Is it worth buying ETH?

In light of what was explained above, it is clear that buying ETH certainly has its advantages. Also keep in mind that the Ethereum blockchain is under great development, so think about what will happen when the transition to PoS is complete.

Remember that most tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain , so it could be an investment that could yield a lot of money tomorrow, but it is a very volatile sector, so it is difficult to make real predictions. We warmly invite you to inform yourself and, if you really want to try, do it consciously and above all by limiting the risks.

Is it safe to buy ETH?

ETH is still a cryptocurrency, so it is necessary to talk about the risks due to market volatility. Governments around the world are still working on a system for integrating cryptocurrencies into classical finance, so many projects could fail or have a devastating success, as happened to Bitcoin.

Il nostro consiglio è di studiare e tenerti continuamente aggiornato su questo mondo, stando attento alle truffe e alle frodi che si celano dietro l’angolo. In più, ci teniamo a segnalare la possibile presenza di falsi smart contract a causa dei quali, una volta dati i tuoi ETH, non solo non riceverai commissioni ma non avrai nemmeno indietro il tuo investimento, ergo: cerca solo contratti sicuri e stipulati con aziende riconosciute e serie. Cogliamo l’occasione per ricordarti la regola d’oro degli investimenti, ovvero non investire più di quanto sei disposto a perdere.

Come creare un account per comprare ETH

Vediamo quali sono i passaggi fondamentali per poter acquistare ETH tramite una piattaforma exchange. In questo caso ti faremo vedere come si crea un account su eToro e come puoi immediatamente mettere nel tuo portafoglio le crypto di Ethereum appena acquistate.

1: Crea un account

Il primo passo da fare è quello di andare sul sito di eToro e cliccare sul banner “Inizia ad Investire”. Sarai reindirizzato a una pagina dove ti sarà richiesto di creare un account con le tue credenziali, quindi email e password. Nella fase successiva dovrai compilare i campi con i tuoi dati personali, quindi inserisci nome, cognome, indirizzo di residenza, ecc.

Registration on the etoro_platform

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2: Verify Identity

After completing the registration phase, to ensure that it is successful, send a copy of the documents with which it will be possible to verify your identity and the veracity of the data previously entered.

3: Make a deposit

Once the registration phase has been completed, you will be able to access the eToro platform. Now go to the “Make a deposit” section and select the amount you want to invest (minimum deposit of $50) and the payment method you prefer between bank transfer, credit card or digital wallet, such as Skrill or PayPal, for example.

4: Buy ETH

After loading your account you are ready to buy ETH on eToro: go to the markets section and select the Ethereum cryptocurrency , then enter the amount and confirm the transaction. The amount of ETH you purchased will appear instantly in your eToro wallet, after which you can decide whether to keep it or use it to generate profits through trading, lending or staking .

Buy Ethereum_etoro

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Il 74% dei conti degli investitori retail perde denaro negoziando CFD con questo fornitore.


We hope we have managed to give a complete and exhaustive picture of the topic of ETH and its Ethereum blockchain . We advise you to follow this cryptocurrency a lot, because the earning possibilities are considerable, as long as you do it judiciously, analyzing the data, staying updated and above all investing only what you are willing to lose.


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Il 74% dei conti degli investitori retail perde denaro negoziando CFD con questo fornitore.

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