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Some cryptocurrencies are about to make a huge break in 2023 including a number of new comers on the market. Amogst these newcomers is MEMAG- Meta Masters Guild. In this article, we take a closer look at the MEMAG Price Prediction for the next few years, what is MEMAG and why it could be a good investment in 2023?

Currently, the MEMAG presale is ongoing and potential investors want to be sure of this information before getting into it. Check this article as it describes Meta Masters Guild price prediction between 2023 to 2030. 

MEMAG Price Prediction Table 

Below is a table showing Meta Masters token price prediction between 2023 to 2030.

MEMAG Token Price Prediction 2023 – 2030  Predictions 
MEMAG Prediction 2023  The token will increase to $0.05 with the listing on various exchanges.
Meta Masters Guild Prediction 2025 The token will increase to $0.12 with the development and launch of original Meta Masters Guild games such as Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World.
MEMAG Prediction 2030 The adoption of cryptocurrencies in many other regions will influence MEMAG price to increase in value, up to $0.70.

Meta Masters Guild Price Prediction 2023memag logo

MEMAG is the next crypto to explode in 2023 based on expert predictions. This utility token, created by the Meta Masters Guild developers, is set to launch a decentralized ecosystem where gaming becomes unique and excellent. And based on reports, experts predict that mobile games will be one of the largest markets between 2023 to 2027, experiencing an average growth of 6.57% per year at a value of over $220 billion. There is no doubt that the entry of this guild into a progressive industry won’t be rewarding. 

Currently, the second presale stage is up and MEMAG is sold at 0.01 USDT per token. Before the end of 2023, the coin should have been listed on various exchanges and it will be sold at $0.05 per token. Exchange listings will make the token more accessible to investors which should have a positive impact on the price of MEMAG. Other tokens, including TAMA, have seen huge gains after being listed on CEX’s. 

Furthermore, the launch of MEMAG on centralized exchanges will add to the platform’s reputation and legitimize the Meta Masters Guild project to cautious investors. Some people are wary to invest during presales incase projects fall through and will instead wait for tokens to go live on exchanges.

Assuming the exchange launches go well, MEMAG could see gains this year. However, the team behind the project will need to successfully execute listings for this to occur. Any slip-ups or controversies could negatively impact the reputation of the project which could push the price down.

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MEMAG Price Prediction 2025

Two years from now, MEMAG is expected to have made a huge breakthrough with one of its games, which is likely to influence the value of the utility token, so it’s a nice time to buy MEMAG. Meta Kart Racers is one of the games currently in its final development phase and will be launched later in 2023. It will gain traction for a couple of years because it is the platform’s first original game as it partners with a blockchain-native developer, Gamearound. Apart from this game, others to expect before 2025 are Meta Masters World and Raid NFT. They are predicted to change the dynamics of NFT and crypto gaming in the Metaverse as well. 

Furthermore, the crypto market as a whole is predicted to be up by 2025. Typically, altcoins follow in the footsteps of market leader Bitcoin (BTC) and tend to perform well when Bitcoin experiences a bull run. With inflation on the rise, more and more people are turning to Bitcoin to hedge against inflation and protect their wealth. As a result, BTC and the crypto market as a whole should be up by 2025.

According to experts, Meta masters guild’s price prediction for 2025 is $0.12. This price will be an increase of 91.6% of the current presale price. 

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Meta Masters Guild Price Prediction 2030

Generally, crypto projects are unpredictable because of how volatile the market is. However, there are forecasts based on technical and fundamental analysis of how a token is performing at the moment. Currently, MEMAG crypto is doing well in its presale stage and it has given experts a chance to predict what would happen even in 2030. The price will increase to $0.70 per token and factors that will influence this are mainly worldwide crypto adoption and regulation in various regions. More so, Meta Masters Guild aims to develop more games and form partnerships with global brands and developers. Considering all these factors, MEMAG seems like it has a good future in the crypto world. 

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MEMAG Price Prediction Summary

The MEMAG token will face good and bad times like every other cryptocurrency. It will have moments where it will increase in value and another where it will decrease. It is the norm with crypto markets and factors such as upcoming events may also be responsible. However, what is important is the guild’s resilience to make a huge comeback and ensure that it keeps to what it has envisioned for investors. 

In summary, Meta Masters token price prediction looks good for every year between 2023 to 2030, but shouldn’t be taken strictly as cryptos fluctuate and are risky investments. 

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What is $MEMAG?

memag logo

$MEMAG is the official utility token of the first-ever gaming guild committed to Web 3.0 development for mobile gaming. This token runs on an Ethereum blockchain technology and is used as a currency into the guild’s ecosystem. It can be used to purchase items or in-game assets. As for rewards, the guild provides GEMs that can be converted to MEMAG which can be exchange for ETH or other digital assets on an exchange platform. 

About Meta Masters Guild

The Meta Masters Guild is a platform with the sole aim of building the best quality blockchain-focused mobile games to create a decentralized ecosystem. It is the first mobile-determine Web3 gaming guild ready to change the dynamics of play-and-earn. It sets up a system where gamers can hold a unique token called the $MEMAG and earn rewards as GEMs for every contribution to the gaming ecosystem.

According to the Litepaper, Meta Masters Guild offers its services based on four main principles: 

1️⃣ Entertainment 

Meta Masters Guild was established with one goal in mind – to ensure maximum entertainment through exciting games. This platform may have gone through a series of development stages with its crypto project, but it doesn’t take away the core essence of its existence. Its constant need to make gaming experience better is why it has a great potential to explode in the year and beyond. And according to the founders, there are plans to develop unique games every year that will help the platform gain huge traction in the industry.  

2️⃣ User Control 

Meta Masters Guild is a platform that offers full autonomy to members. It is a gaming platform that makes sure that all digital assets earned, traded are backed by Ethereum blockchain technology. However, since it keeps a decentralized ecosystem, it gives users control over their assets. 

3️⃣ Game Development 

Play-and-earn gaming has experienced some challenges in recent years, but the guild found a solution. It focuses on game development by allowing the community members to contribute to the creation of games and an active ecosystem. That means the platform developers won’t be involved in game development, but members also will.  

4️⃣ Play-and-Earn Mechanics

Generally, people are used to play-to-earn mechanics when it comes to mobile gaming – the simple concept of playing games to earn rewards. Unfortunately, that isn’t entirely a good thing and this guild realizes that, so it created Play-and-Earn mechanics. The ecosystem is designed not only to play fun games and earn money but also to get rewards for their contributions. 

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MEMAG Tokenomics 

MEMAG Tokenomics has a total supply of 1 billion tokens to 7 segmentations, including the ecosystem, company reserve, team, marketplace, liquidity, presale, and exchange listings. Each segment gets a percentage ratio and an amount available from the total supply. Also, the guild sets a 5% NFT royalty fee which will be sent to the MMG treasure. Furthermore, there is an unlimited individual purchase cap, and the in-game currency functions across all games. 

Below is a table showing MEMAG Tokenomics. 

Segmentations Ratios Amount
Ecosystem 15% $150,000,000
Company Reserve 10% $100,000,000
Team 10% $100,000,000
Marketplace 15% $150,000,000
Liquidity 5% $50,000,000
Presale 35% $350,000,000
Exchange Listings 10% $100,000,000

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Meta Masters Model

memag homepage

A little further away from MEMAG price prediction, take a look at the guild’s model below. 

Meta Masters has a straightforward model based on Play and Earn mechanics. The platform developed its ecosystem so that players can enjoy games freely while also earning rewards for their activity on the game. 

Members are rewarded with a unique game currency called GEMs and are offered full autonomy over the currency so that they can do whatever they want with them. One of many things to do is to convert the GEMs into $MEMAG utility tokens to do any of three things – ecosystem staking, in-game assets and NFTs purchases, and crypto exchange, i.e., ETH. 

Additionally, gamers get a chance to buy high-quality in-game NFTs from MEMAG’s website store. It will be a simple procedure and the purchased NFTs can be stored in a digital wallet which can also be connected to the game. The benefits of these in-game NFTs cannot be overemphasized – for instance, they have unique features that can possibly improve a player’s winning and earning chances. 

Furthermore, the model suggests that interested players or gamers can stake or purchase in-game NFTs by buying $MEMAG tokens from the website directly. This direct purchase launches a player into a world of endless possibilities, such as getting special prizes and rewards from the community group over various social platforms. The guild also sets competitions, tasks, and giveaways to community members. Many often, active members or contributors to the ecosystem are rewarded on this platform. 

Below is a list of services that the Meta Masters Guild provides to users. 

Game Building 

memag games

Meta Masters collaborates with several industry game developers to provide a long list of titles for players. This initiative not only improves the gaming experience but attracts more interested players into the community. And while the company comes up with its own suggestion for games, it also welcomes ideas from community members. 

In-game Assets Provision

Meta Master takes some time to review its members and measures their progress using certain metrics. It rewards the best players with in-game assets and rewards as a recognition for their efforts. These offers will also enhance the enthusiasm of other registered players on the platform so that they are dedicated to reaching the highest levels. 

Esports and Content Creation Support 

Another incredible service that this platform provides to its members is support for esports and content creation. Meta Masters gives people an opportunity to join a team of individuals ready to build the community with eSports coverage and marketable content. It invests largely in this concept by the understanding of the need for a marketing strategy that improves brand awareness and increases the number of audiences. 

Giveaways, Tournaments, Tasks, and Events

Finally, Meta Masters developed a series of programs that reward players with a number of interesting benefits. These programs include giveaways, tournaments, events, and tasks. Only active members of the guild are eligible to qualify. Some rewards from these programs include $MEMAG tokens, advanced in-game assets or NFTs, and other prizes (as listed by the platform). 

Overall, what can be said about the Meta Masters Guild model is that it is simple, innovative, and rewarding. 

Why Does the Gaming Industry Need Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild entry into the gaming industry is revolutionary. Its influence is to change the dynamics of the regular gaming world, especially as there are constant challenges very often. For instance, being one of the largest sectors, the gaming industry gives exclusive rights to bigger organizations that intentionally or unintentionally mismanage game standards and siphon money into their own pockets using fraudulent techniques. The development of these games, however, wasn’t for these organizations to make billions annually, but that players to enjoy them. Unfortunately, the latter is disregarded and that hasn’t put the industry in a good light. 

Meta Masters Guild was established to uphold these standards once again by setting up a free, fair, and safe gaming ecosystem. This platform is a strong believer in in-game economy and the development of Web3 games will only facilitate that. This guild’s interest triumphs over previous challenges, especially those with traditional or regular games. 

Today, many games have been created by this company and each one with its unique features has impacted the growth of the industry. 

Likewise, this platform gives members complete control over their rewards so that they can trade in-game items and digital currencies seamlessly. 

How To Invest in The MEMAG Presale

Based on everything that has been described about Meta Masters Guild, there is no need to convince further that the MEMAG token will do well in the future. The company contributes to the future of one of the world’s largest industries. Taking a part in the presale of the utility tokens seem like the next appropriate thing to do. The presale stage gives investors a chance to buy coins at discounted price and become early users of them when listed on exchanges. 

To invest in the MEMAG presale, one must realize that there are three main ways to do that – buy with ETH, buy with USDT, or buy ETH with card. Each method comes with its own process of purchase. Buying with ETH is the simplest method, while you may have to pay gas fees or a thorough KYC protocol with two methods.  

To buy with ETH, you must first purchase an amount of the digital asset from eToro and then find a way to swap it for MEMAG. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed. 

Buy ETH from eToro

etoro logo

The first step to invest in MEMAG is to buy ETH from one of the most reliable brokers online, eToro. This platform offers several benefits to people and getting digital assets like ETH safe and easy is one. 

To buy ETH, you need to visit eToro and create an account using your Google account or email address. You will have to upload a proof of identity and proof of address during the process to be validated for using the platform. 

If you already have an account, you wouldn’t have to go through the registration process. 

Once your account is ready, you can proceed to deposit funds into your wallet, which will be used to purchase ETH from the website. 

Search for ETH and click on it to buy Ethereum. Enter an amount of ETH you would like to buy from the deposited fund – you will get an equivalent in USD. You can pay using the available payment methods, i.e., debit/credit card, bank transfer, and eWallets. 

Click on “Confirm Order.” Wait for a few seconds or minutes to let ETH reflect in your wallet. 

Move ETH into Crypto Wallet

After buying ETH on eToro, you can move the digital asset to a private wallet like MetaMask. The purpose is to ensure that you are in full custody of your cryptocurrency. All you have to do is copy your MetaMask wallet address and paste it on eToro. The process is simple and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. 

Connect crypto wallet to Meta Masters Guild website

The next step is to connect this crypto wallet, i.e., MetaMask to Meta Masters Guild site. It is also another simple process – visit the site and click “Connect Wallet.” Follow the instructions provided and confirm that you have maintained a connection. 

Swap ETH for MEMAG

Once you’ve connected the MetaMask with the guild’s site, you can now swap the ETH in the wallet for MEMAG tokens (only a minimum of 1,000). You will have to pay a gas fee and then confirm the transaction before MEMAG tokens will be made available.

If you’ve successfully completed these steps and are sure you’ve bought MEMAG tokens, you can only wait for the presale to end and claim your tokens. The end of a presale round always comes with listing on exchanges. 

Your capital is at risk.

Is MEMAG A Good Investment in 2023?

MEMAG price prediction is not enough to solidify whether the token is a good investment in 2023. There is also a need for expert advice and personal judgment. 

Based on expert advice, cryptocurrencies generally, are not certainly predictable because different events or occurrences in the market may influence the price positively or negatively. It still remains a risky investment and one must realize that it could be a big profit or a bad one. 

With that being established, an additional point is that Meta Masters Guild has a growing community on social media with a goal – to become one of the best blockchain-gaming platforms. In the first stage of presale, the company raised about $400,000 by selling tokens at $0.007, and gained thousands of members in a few weeks. Not only is this evidence of a bright future, but a sign that an investment might just be worth it. 

Currently, the presale round two is ongoing and the company just announced via its Twitter page that it had raised $750K. It might not just be a bad idea to invest in it now. 

Your capital is at risk.

When will the MEMAG Presale end?

MEMAG is the next crypto to explode in 2023 and becoming aware of the presale periods is important. The company set 7 presale rounds and is currently on the second which will end on 29th January. Once this second presale ends, the third begins at an increasing price. 

This second presale which started on 11th January 2023, currently has tokens sold at $0.013 per token, and it plans to raise $1,120,000. The presale rounds should end later in the year, followed by listing on exchanges. 

Your capital is at risk.

What Is The Current Price of Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)?

MEMAG crypto presale is in its second round and is currently sold at $0.013 per token, which is 46% of its first presale price ($0.007). There is 1 billion total supply of tokens and the target is to raise $1,120,000 in the second stage. 

Upcoming Events That Could Affect The Price of MEMAG

memag roadmap

Meta Masters Guild has a Litepaper where it describes every detail it wants potential investors to know. This document, however, contains a dynamic roadmap with a list of events for a crypto year. Now, this roadmap is subject to change based on developments and the introduction of new features. 

However, here is a list of what to expect in 2023 that could potentially affect MEMAG’s price. 

Q1 2023

Platform soft launch

NFT store launch

MEMAG native token launch and presale continues

Staking soft launch

Q2 2023

Presale completion 

Listing on exchanges (CEX and DEX)

Raid NFT game development 

NFT character expansion 

More partnerships with Web3 developers 

More game development 

Q3 to Q4 2023

Meta Kart Racers demo launch

Crypto project expansion and upscaling 

More game development and platform features

Your capital is at risk.

What Could Affect The Price of MEMAG Over The Next Year?

MEMAG price prediction between 2023 to 2030 looks good and promising, but some factors may affect the price over the next year. Here are three things to consider. 

Investor Interest

Investors interest is definitely a factor that can affect MEMAG’s price positively or negatively. The more investors that join the ecosystem, the greater the chances of the token’s value increasing, or vice-versa. Currently, the utility token is doing well and showing much potential; if more investors join and the company raises more money over the next month, it shouldn’t be hard to conclude that the coin will have a good year. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another. Every company that wants to survive in today’s world, especially in the crypto space, must realize that social media sites are powerful tools for marketing. If MEMAG can fully utilize the potential of various social platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit, it should have a price boost.

Availability and Accessibility 

The availability and accessibility of tokens are additional factors that may influence the price. The listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges is such an important factor because only then it means that it is accessible to everyone and can be held. However, it is often recommended that people buy during the presale rounds so that they can get MEMAG tokens at a discounted price. 

Your capital is at risk.

Pros and Cons Of Investing in MEMAG

Investing in cryptocurrencies has its pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in $MEMAG, for example.


  • MEMAG utility token is one of the best digital assets to consider investing in because of its performance during the presale period. It is expected to increase as time goes by, and it’s not every day people get a chance to buy these coins at discounted prices.
  • $MEMAG will be easy to buy and sell when the time is right. It will be used as a mode of exchange on the gaming platform, and can even be exchanged for ETH and fiat currency after listing.
  • MEMAG investment doesn’t require any paperwork like stocks and bonds investment. All you need to do is buy a number of tokens during the presale and claim once it ends. You can buy as much as you want without filling in documents.
  • The company is established by a team of developers who want nothing other than to change the dynamics of mobile gaming. These individuals have a reputation to keep. Investing in this coin is legit with zero-scam.


  • Like every other cryptocurrency, is that it has high volatility, hence, a risky investment. Irrespective of the Meta Masters Guild price prediction and plans for the future, there is still an element of risk and people always have to be on their toes for price changes.
  • Most people haven’t considered $MEMAG as a serious project yet, even though there are a number of investors every now and then. The reason is that even though the platform has a reputation, most people don’t go for a cryptocurrency without a long-standing history.

Your capital is at risk

MEMAG Price Prediction 2023 – Conclusion

This Meta Masters Guild price prediction article is an expose on how valuable the cryptocurrency seems and how to invest in it. People looking to invest in the token have a shot at understanding it before spending their money on $MEMAG. And when trying to do that, buying ETH on eToro and swapping it for $MEMAG on the platform’s presale site is a great way to start. From MEMAG price prediction, it is expected to do well and people should seize this opportunity to get the token before the presale round ends in Q1 2023.  

memag logo

Your capital is at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s leading web3 platform dedicated to mobile gaming. The company’s goal is to build an immersive, decentralized gaming ecosystem with a play-and-earn objective. So far, this platform is showing extraordinary dominance in the gaming industry.

Will MEMAG ever reach $1?

$MEMAG was recently launched last year and is currently in its presale period with the price at $0.013. However, according to a Meta masters guild price prediction, the token will be valued at $0.7 by 2030. So, yes, the token may reach $1 but only in about a decade from predictions.

Will MEMAG ever reach $5?

Yes, it will. The only thing is that it may take time to get to this price from its current status. It is the next crypto to explode but reaching $5 might take nearly two decades, except changes in the market influence the price positively.

How to buy MEMAG token in 2023?

Buying $MEMAG is simple – the website presents people with three options to buy. However, we recommend that people swap purchased ETH from eToro site for the MEMAG token. It is the easiest and safest way of investing. The tokens can be claimed immediately after the presale round ends.

Should I invest in the MEMAG presale?

If you are looking for the next crypto to explode, $MEMAG might just be the right option. MEMAG crypto is affordable at the moment – although, it remains a risky investment.

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