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Everywhere you turn, people are eagerly discussing IMPT price prediction.  It seems like everyone has an opinion on where this cryptocurrency will go next!

IMPT is one of the latest green crypto projects in the carbon credit market which is built on blockchain technology to focus solely on environmental sustainability. This token has contributed to building a large ecosystem of ecologically and socially influenced individuals and organizations interested in reducing carbon footprint.

The IMPT token presale is set to end on the 11th of December. As a result, many people are speculating where this exciting new toke will go.

This Price Prediction 2023 guide  will help investors answer many questions like – “Will IMPT explode?” “Is It a Good Buy or Sell?” “Where is the Best Place to Invest in IMPT?”

Impt Price Prediction – Overview

IMPT Price Prediction 2022

There are only 3 week left of 2022 and IMPT was launched on LBANK on the 14th of December. Some believe that the token will spike before the new year and 10x from it’s listing price. For early investors, this could generate excellent returns.

Future price can never be guaranteed.

IMPT Price Prediction 2023

According to the project roadmap, the IMPT project will be well underway in 2023. In Q1, the project will development a number of new connections, expand the community and list on new exchanges. In Q2, the mobile app will be released and and users will be able to claim their carbon credits. AS a result, many long-term holders expect the price to increase throughout the year.

Future price can never be guaranteed.

IMPT Price Prediction 2025

By 2025, the adaptation of the Impt platform is likely to be high. As a result, there will be strong demand for the native token. Therefore, it could be predicted the the price of IMPT will continue to rise and could even hit $5 according to some experts.

Future price can never be guaranteed.

IMPT Price Predicition 2030

As the importance of making sustainable choices get more prominent, more people are expected to use the Impt platform to receive rewards for their eco-friendly decisions. The Impt project is one that has strong use cases for the future which will mean that demand for the token will remain high. This could push the price up even further and surpass the $5 price.

Future price can never be guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk. (IMPT) – A Closer Look

While there is so much to say in terms of IMPT prediction, it is important to explain fully what itself is, why it was created, its tokenomics, and the presale. Discussing these details will support our price prediction.

What is (IMPT)?

IMPT is a new token built to foster an environmentally aware community. It revolutionizes the carbon credit market while using Ethereum blockchain technology. This technology helps in ensuring a stable and reliable ecosystem that focuses primarily on solving environmental problems more efficiently.

This token has an platform that allows traders to buy, sell, and retired carbon credits through its minting into NFTs. There are hundreds of environmental projects to choose from and each has been audited to prevent fraudulent activities. These IMPT-backed projects are conditioned under Global Certification Protocols in a bid to save the earth and transform human lives.

impt homepage

IMPT is featured in Cryptonews, Analytics Insight, Business 2 Community, Washington CityPaper, Bitcoinists, and NewsBTC. It has a large community with over 10,000 brand partners dedicated to the project. The voluntary carbon offsets market size is forecast to be $700 Million by 2027.

The presale is still on and once it ends, investors can claim IMPT immediately.

What is a Carbon Credit Exchange?

A Carbon Credit Exchange is a platform that supports digital carbon offsetting exchange and carbon credit trading. It allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell carbon credits. It is an alternative to regular stock or coin exchange platforms.

Why Was Impt Created?

The IMPT Token was created by The Amitos Foundation. It is a crypto project targeted to protect the planet and ensure environmental sustainability. It was also created for the following reasons:

1. IMPT fosters the existence of carbon assets. The world is yet to be totally aware of carbon credit exchange and its operations. The impact of, however, will increase the population of investors. It is an income-generating activity backed by official certifications and protocols.

2. is a crypto token that allows brands and individuals to invest in a reliable and transparent environment. The carbon credits are minted into NFTs so that there is less fraud in the crypto investment space. The NFTs are displayed in a decentralized ledger making it possible for users to trace carbon credits and trade on a marketplace.

3. This token uses an ERC-20 blockchain to eliminate duplicate band fraud. As opposed to challenges faced with other crypto investments, IMPT only allows investors to spend what is in their balance.

4. aims to connect investors with several impactful world environmental projects to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. It targets the largest retail and travel brands that are interested in allocating sale margin percentages.

Your capital is at risk.

IMPT Tokenomics

Currently, IMPT has a total supply of 3 billion tokens.

The IMPT token is an ecosystem-based project and remains the currency of platforms – shopping, inclusive. According to the whitepaper, the first round of sales featuring early investors recorded 300,000,000 IMPT tokens sold.

For instance, the shopping platform has items from 10,000 brands. Every time someone buys an item, there is an allocation of purchase margin into such a person’s account in the value of IMPT. And as the tokens accumulate, the user may unlock an amount of carbon credit. This carbon credit, however, will be awarded as an NFT which can now be held, sold, or retired in the carbon marketplace.

  • Brands allocate 2% of the sale margin
  • User spends on groceries $7332 per year
  • User gets $147 IMPT tokens per year
  • User gets a minimum of 14 carbon credits per year – to hold, sell, or retire.

Here is an overview of the IMPT Token distribution.

1st Presale – 20% IMPT Tokens

2nd Presale – 22% IMPT Tokens

3rd Presale – 18% IMPT Tokens

Ecosystem – 15% IMPT Tokens

Marketing – 10% IMPT Tokens

Early Adopters – 10% IMPT Tokens

Team – 5% IMPT Tokens

The good thing about this token is its presale round which many people have an opportunity to participate in before it closes.

The IMPT presale will end on the 11th of December. That leaves just 2 days to purchase the token before prices rise.

Your capital is at risk.

Who is the Team Behind has eight socially-responsible founders with different responsibilities.

  • Denis Creighton is the C.E.O. He is an entrepreneur with 30+ experience in Financial Services, IT, and Telecommunications.
  • Mike English is the C.T.O, Program Manager, and Managing Director. He has worked with several companies like Google and Oracle, as a tech creator in centralized systems and Web3 decentralized applications.
  • Hugh Phelan is’s Legal Advisor. His expertise in blockchain technology (specifically smart contracts) and compliance policies has been of immense value to the company.
  • Gudmundur Sigbergsson is the Carbon Credit Advisor. His experience as the founder of international carbon registry and engineering and risk management has been useful in
  • Mark Creighton is the company’s Compliance Advisor. His expertise in strategic planning, business process outsourcing, risk management, and financial operations has been helpful.
  • Jamie Helly is the Brand Advisor. As the founder and chairman of Dynamo, he has helped IMPT improve its brand image and facilitated commercial success.
  • Frederik Lund is a Blockchain Legal and Compliance Expert. With over 15 years’ experience in different industries, he has helped stay on track with blockchain transparency.
  • Lorna Mason is the C.F.O. Her background experience in various industries and her reputation in helping growing tech companies has been of immense value to

Your capital is at risk.

IMPT Use Cases

Generally, IMPT token’s main purpose is for environment sustainability. However, there are other use of the token that will help investors understand its significance. They include:

Payment Service:

IMPT Token is the carbon marketplace currency. Users will have to pay with this token to obtain NTF carbon credits and items from the social and shopping platforms.

Unlocking potentials:

IMPT Token gives users an edge over other customers. It allows them to unlock premium features on the platform and even trade seamlessly – even NFT collectibles.

Fee Discounts: These tokens offer fee discounts on retail platforms. Users get more sale margins on every purchase.

DAO Participation: platform’s future will be built on DAO Participation so that users will be fully involved in governance voting. A fully decentralized system is the ultimate goal.

The Presale

IMPT Presale launched on October 3rd 2022. In the first 24 hours, it raised $150,000, and $1 Million in 72 hours. It had increased to $2 Million in five days. In a fortnight, the standing sale was at $5 Million.

So far, IMPT has had a good run in its presale stage. It is all due to the fact that brands and individuals believe in the new cryptocurrency’s goal for environmental sustainability.

The first two presale stages are almost over and IMPT has raised over $14 Million. The impact of affiliate networks on the platform contributed largely to this success.

In a few days, the second presale stage will be over and exchange listings will happen shortly after this. The IMPT Presale Prediction was that the token will hit 30x in its final week when it lists on exchanges like UNiswap, Changelly Pro, and LBank Exchange.

IMPT being listed on these platforms will double its sale. In the long run, it should hold a strong position in the crypto market, thus, welcoming more enthusiastic ESG investors. The projected carbon offset market is valued to be $700 million by 2027.

Your capital is at risk.

Impt (IMPT) Price History

There are talks on “will IMPT explode after presale?” The answer to that lies in the price history since its presale launch.

At the time of writing, IMPT’s current price is $0.02357. This is a 6.52$% increase in the last 24 hours which equates to $1,107 a trading volume. The current token price is 21.38% of its 7-day all-time low of $0.01942 and 19.14% less of its 7-day all-time high of $0.02915. The price is -14.64% from year to date.

The price is still below $1 but there are hopes that after the presale period is over and the token is listed, it would peak to $1 in the coming years.

Has the Presale Been Successful?

IMPT presale prediction was that it would sell over 30% by the first and second stage between $0.015 to $0.023 and increase to 60% by the end of the final stage at a closing price of $0.028.

So far, has had a successful run during its first two presale periods.

During the first stage, when the token was launched, it sold for $0.018. It raised $150,000 in 24 hours and $1 Million in 72 hours. In the following weeks, it rose to $5 Million.

During the second stage, the token’s sale had increased up to $15 Million. The success of the presale is nothing but due to the numerous partnerships formed. Currently, there are over 10,000 brands associated with the company.

The presale will end on the 11th of December.

Once the presale is over, people can now claim their purchased IMPT on platform. There is also a chance for early investors to win $100K of IMPT.

The requirements are pretty simple:

  • Hold $100K worth of IMPT
  • Enter Crypto Wallet Address + 1 Entry
  • Follow @IMPT_Token on Twitter + 1 Entry
  • Retweet @IMPT_Token on Twitter + 5 Entries
  • Tweet about IMPT and tag 2 friends + 10 Entries
  • Join the IMPT Discord Community + 10 Entries
  • Join @IMPTOfficial on Telegram + 10 Entries
  • Share with your friends for extra entries
  • Visit on Instagram + 1 entry
  • Visit the IMPT website + 1 entry

So, will IMPT explode after presale? The answer is MOST LIKELY.

Your capital is at risk.

How Much Money Has Been Raised Through the Presale?

Over $15 Million has been raised through the presale so far.

What Percentage of the Token Supply Has Been Purchased During the Presale? made a total supply of 3 Billion Tokens available.

60% IMPT Tokens were made available for the presale period, while the team, ecosystem, early adopters, and marketing unit gets the remaining 40%.

So far, 35% of IMPT Tokens have been purchased during the first and second presale round and aims to sell out the remaining 7% over the next couple of days. The 18% IMPT Tokens is set for the final presale round in Q1 2023.

When Will the IMPT Presale End?

Based on the IMPT Presale Prediction, it should end 11th December, 2022 and the listing on exchanges should begin.

What Exchanges Will List IMPT After The Presale? platform will list IMPT on LBank, Changelly Pro, and Uniswap after the second presale round ends. These exchanges are bound to bring about an increase in the value of the token.

Your capital is at risk.

What is the Current Price of Impt (IMPT)?

According to CoinMarketCap, the current price of IMPT is $0.0235. The token has increased by 6.52% in the last 24 hours with a trading volume of $1,341.24. It currently has a ranking of #5538 with no live market cap available. The max supply of IMMOPET coins available is 2 Billion.

Your capital is at risk.

IMPT Price Prediction 2023 Price Prediction by experts shows that the new token is promising – it is a good buy in 2022. The intentions of are pure, which has contributed to the token’s success in the presale rounds. There are plans for development in the future, such as improving marketing, new partnerships, and platform redevelopment. See how we analyzed our IMPT crypto prediction 2022 here. Fundamental Analysis

IMPT is currently trading at $0.0235 per token, up 6.52% in the last 24 hours.

Following the recent bullish price action on IMPT, traders and investors are hopeful about the turnout of this token before the end of the year. It is currently in its presale stage but as soon as that ends on December 11th, it will be available on some exchange platforms. These listings will potentially increase the value of the token up to 10%.

IMPT Social Media Community

The value of a social media community cannot be overemphasized. It is’s best shot at reaching its investors and traders faster and easier. The latest news and updates are posted on their pages, so they advise that people follow their accounts to get them first-hand. Below are IMPT social media pages.

  • Twitter: @IMPT_Token
  • Instagram:
  • Telegram: @IMPTOfficial
  • Discord: IMPT
  • Medium: IMMOPET Official Project Roadmap

The green NFT token project has a well detailed roadmap. This roadmap features events that is set to occur throughout the year – from the seed sale to the final token listing.

Here is a view of the roadmap:

Q3 2022:

  • Seed Sale
  • Website Launch
  • IMPT Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contracts Audit
  • Whitepaper Launch
  • Social Media Launch

Q4 2022:

  • Presale 1
  • Presale 2
  • NFT Smart Contract Development
  • NFT Launch
  • Marketplace Prototype
  • Community Development
  • Marketing Activities
  • Token lisitng

Q1 2023:

  • Airdrop
  • Presale 3
  • Marketing Activities
  • Merchandise Launch

Q2 2023:

  • Use Case 1: Marketplace Launch
  • Continue Platform Development
  • Community Expansion
  • New Partnerships
  • Marketing Activities

Your capital is at risk.

Does IMPT have much competition in the market? doesn’t have much competition in the market. Companies interested in crypto-based carbon offsetting projects are only a few. Apart from, others are UMA Crypto, Terrapass, Carbon Checkout, The Purus Project, and 3Degrees.

IMPT Latest News

The latest news on IMPT is its listing on Global Cryptocurrency Exchange MEXC. It is a user-friendly exchange platform that allows over 5 million people in over 70 countries to trade or leverage digital assets. This token will be used as a currency in industries that support virtual assets, including KESAMI Metaverse.

Your capital is at risk.

Upcoming Events That Could Affect The Price of IMPT?

IMPT is still in a growing stage. It is currently below $1, but has a potential to rise in the next few months or years. For instance, it should be at $0.023 in the final stage. The presale round prices only gives traders and investors an opportunity to buy a value worth of the token to keep. After this round is over, the listing begins.

The listing on exchanges is the upcoming event that could affect the price of the IMPT token. In 2023, the fully diluted market cap will be $84 Million and the IMPT price prediction is that it will be 10x or higher. By 2024, another IMPT prediction is that it will be 100x higher and the token will be selling for nothing less than $3.

Your capital is at risk.

Will Impt Go Up in 2023?

The major question of many traders and investors is: “will IMPT explode after presale?” It is the one answer most of them need to consider investing.

Well, the token hasn’t been listed on exchanges so the IMPT price prediction is that it waits out its second presale price until the beginning of the final stage. With a few days left for the year to end, the price might only remain around $0.023 and $0.025. There are still a few percentage of tokens left to buy, so that might be an opportunity to seize.

Your capital is at risk.

Why Might Some Investors Consider Investing in IMPT Right Now?

Apart from the optimistic price prediction, there are other things some investors might consider in investing in the token. After its initial coin offering on December 14th on Uniswap, there is a likelihood for the token to pump up to 100x in the coming year. The reason for that is solely because of the following – which are also factors investors look at.

  • IMPT will likely have a strong influence in the crypto market because its technology is built on solving environmental and climate issues. It is a new green cryptocurrency – one of its rarest kinds.
  • IMPT gives investors a chance to support various global projects and in the process, they can tokenize carbon credits to reduce emissions. In the process of supporting these projects and buying, selling, or retiring carbon credits, the price will pump in the future.
  • IMPT doesn’t have much competition on the market, so it has a good negotiating power.
  • io platform partners with some top retail, electronic, and travel brands. A crypto platform that can do this is always good for individuals and businesses. First, there is an established reputation; next, there is much value to be brought by every partner to investors.
  • IMPT has a low entry barrier. Investors can buy or invest in this token as much as they want to – there are no limits.

Your capital is at risk.

Why Might Some Investors Avoid IMPT Right Now?

While there are great things about IMPT right now, some other people are skeptical about investing in the token. Their reasons are probably because of the following.

  • IMPT is only a new coin and hasn’t been listed on major exchange platforms yet. Its reputation is not yet rock solid and that is not a risk many are willing to take.
  • IMPT is a long-term investment. The IMPT price prediction for 2032 is that it will sell for at least $10 per token. So, any investor looking to get this in just five years or less might not find this token aligning with financial goals.

Your capital is at risk.

How To Invest in Impt Presale

IMPT presale is still on and interested investors can buy a value worth in their crypto balance. But to do that, there is something to consider. Investors will have to buy crypto (ETH) first and then transfer to a cold wallet like MetaMusk to swap crypto for IMPT token.

Buy Crypto from eToro

Anyone interested in investing in IMPT presale easily? The simple way to do this is joining an exchange platform like eToro. This platform is built simple and offers low trading fees, among other benefits. It allows people buy cryptos at the best price. In this case, you can  buy ETH on the exchange.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy ETH token from eToro.

Create an eToro account

eToro Sign Up

Registering an eToro account is the first step to buy IMPT token. It can be done by visiting the eToro site or downloading the mobile app on Google Play Store or App Store. Once the site opens or the app is downloaded, click on “Start Investing” on the front page. A page comes up requesting for basic information, such as username, email address, and a password. After filling in the details, accept the terms and conditions and proceed to click the “Create Account” button.

Verify ID

eToro Deposit Funds

Once an account has been created on eToro, the next step is to do an ID verification. It is an important protocol to protect users’ data and prevent fraud. The KYC protocol for verifying ID requires entering a full government first and last name, trading history, and trading reasons. There is also the part where the user would have to provide a means of identification, which could either be a driver’s license or an international passport.

eToro processes the data provided and takes a few days to provide feedback.

Deposit funds

eToro Deposit Funds

The next step after ID verification is depositing funds in eToro wallet. It can be done using various payment methods available such as Skrill, PayPal, Credit or Debit Cards, and so on.

However, while depositing funds, users must realize that there is a minimum deposit. For instance, the minimum deposit for new signees in the U.K. is $10 (or GBP equivalent). The amount of money deposited plays a huge role on how many ETHs a user can buy. So, deposit as much as possible to buy many.

Search for ETH

Once funds have been added to the eToro wallet, the next thing is to search for ETH in the searchbox on the site or app. Click on “Trade” once found.

Place an order

The next task is to place an order on the amount of ETH to buy. Enter an amount of ETH that the funds available can buy. Finish the process by accepting the terms and conditions and wait for a few minutes until ETH reflects in the eToro wallet.

Transfer crypto to MetaMask

Now that there is ETH in the eToro wallet, the part that follows is transferring it into a MetaMask wallet. If a MetaMask account hasn’t been created, download the app on Google Play Store or App Store and follow the necessary steps. Once the account is ready, the unique wallet address can be copied and pasted to transfer from eToro. Wait for a few minutes until the ETH reflects in MetaMask balance.

Connect MetaMask wallet to website

Once ETH is in MetaMask, connect the wallet to website.

Swap ETH for IMPT

Once the MetaMask is connected to website, there are three options presented – buy ETH with card; to buy IMPT with ETH, and; buy IMPT with USDT. Since there is ETH in the MetaMask wallet, the second option is the most appropriate.

To swap the ETH for IMPT, enter the amount of IMPT to purchase and click on “Convert ETH” button. The wallet provider requests for a transaction confirmation and displays the gas fee.

Claim tokens once presale has ended

After doing all these, IMPT tokens should have been bought. And once the presale ends, website has a “Claim Page,” to claim the IMPT bought.

The Best Alternative Presales To Invest in 2023

IMPT Presale has proven to be one of the best crypto investments in 2023 out there. With a series of analysis and price predictions for the future, it is arguably a good buy. However, for investors looking for other cryptocurrencies with high prospects to add to their diversified portfolio and increase their profit-making potential, there are other alternatives to consider. Below are other top crypto presales to invest in [cur-year].



Dash2Trade (D2T) is a combination of a crypto analytics and an intelligence/social trading platform. It provides trading signals to individuals and businesses and so far, it has amassed a population of over 70,000 traders. The presale is still live but there are talks of ending it sooner to give traders and investors a chance of navigating through market volatility while there is still one.

Dash 2 Trade membership levels

D2T is owned and powered by Learn 2 Trade, an education platform established in 2017, extremely popular for crypto traders, and has over 60,000 existing members. The project provides three membership levels:

  • Free: Users can examine basic on-chain statistics and use the Dash 2 Trade platform for free.
  • Starter (400 D2T per month) – Provides access to the majority of functions but has restricted access to analytics and insights.
  • Every Dash 2 Trade feature is available with Premium (1,000 D2T per month or 9,600 D2T annually), including the most advanced analytics.

The D2T token, which is required to access the platform’s full spectrum of features, powers the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The Dash 2 Presale’s first phase sold out in only three days, raising more than $1.6 million, indicating that the D2T token, based on the ERC-20 standard, could soar after its official release. The token has a total supply of 1 billion. 35 million tokens are allocated to the private sale, while 665 million tokens are allocated to the public sale. In the current stage of presale 0.05, USDT is getting exchanged for 1 D2T. 

Your capital is at risk.


RobotEra is a Play2Earn crypto game. Based on a futuristic theme, this project focuses on robots where players own robot avatars that manage land and create non-fungible tokenized assets. RobotEra invites players to participate in creating the new Metaverse called Tora, creating robot companions, mining the land for resources, and exploring and sharing assets such as museums, concert halls, and personal universes.

The native token, TARO, will support the entire ecosystem and be used as a reward and form of exchange. TARO is an ERC-20 utility token that has a total deflationary supply of 1.8 billion. The token will be used by players to purchase robot NFTs and unlock platform features.

TARO is currently available to purchase via presale. After this, the token will be listed on exchanges and the demand is likely to increase.

Your capital is at risk.


$Ria (or aRia) is a cryptocurrency launched by Reaper Games, the publisher of MMORPG Legends of Aria. It is a deflationary utility token that will be integrated as a payment system into the multiplayer fantasy-based game for faster transactions.

This token’s public presale is currently on and is offered at a discounted price but only for a limited period.

The token has a maximum supply of 1 billion RIA tokens, with 300 million (30%) available during the presale. The presale is in stages, with the price of the token increasing in each presale stage. Over 1.8 million USDT has been raised so far. According to the roadmap of the project, the token is expected to be listed in the 4th quarter of 2022. This project looks promising, and jumping on it at this early stage could prove to become a great investment decision.

Your capital is at risk.

Impt Price Prediction 2023– Conclusion

The Amitos Foundation’s token IMPT experienced one of the best runs in 2022. In such a short time, it has raised over $15 Million in its first and second presale rounds. Many investors are happy with this development and are looking forward to a price increase which automatically means more profits in the future. In this Price Prediction, we have analyzed predictions and analyses that support the claims of this green coin being a good buy at the moment and in a few years’ time.

The potential to grow or increase is one thing; however, that doesn’t mean IMPT Price Prediction 2022 will always be accurate. It is only speculative and future events may influence the token’s price positively or negatively. Besides, cryptocurrency is a risky investment and we advise that young investors keep an open mind.

Your capital is at risk.

IMPT Price Prediction 2023– Conclusion

The IMPT token presale is ending in a few days which has lead to many people speculating about the future price of the token. While nothing can be guaranteed, many experts believe that IMPT has the potential to go up in the coming months due to its strong fundamentals, expert team and promising roadmap.

Don’t miss out on the presale event! Invest in IMPT today.

Your capital is at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IMPT an eco-friendly crypto?

Yes, it is.IMPT was created to build a network of socially responsible individuals and businesses interested in reducing carbon footprints. The blockchain platform allows people to buy, sell, or retire carbon credits as a means of ensuring environmental sustainability.

Will IMPT ever beat Bitcoin?

Maybe not now. IMPT is a new token yet to be listed on major exchanges. It may not be close to beating Bitcoin now, considering its current price. However, events and developments in the future may bring the coin to a closer advantage.

When will the Impt presale end?

The second presale is still on but will end on December 11th 2022. The final presale will start sometimes in Q1 2023.

Where to buy IMPT?

IMPT can be purchased in three ways: with ETH using MetaMask wallet, with USDT, with card to buy ETH to swap for IMPT. However, the best way is to buy ETH on eToro wallet and swap for IMPT using a connected MetaMask wallet to the website.

Is IMPT a good investment right now?

Judging from the IMPT presale prediction and the successes in such a short time, IMPT is a good buy. Investors interested in buying a new coin with so much potentials and with little competition will find IMPT token as a great option.

About Maryam Jinadu
About Maryam Jinadu

Maryam Jinadu is a freelance crypto & fintech writer. After completing her pharmacy degree at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, in 2018, she began writing professionally in fintech. She has worked with top fintech/crypto companies such as, Equalizer, Koinly, Olymp Trade, Salesgnomics, Scribbr, and Swapzone. She currently freelances on Upwork and writes weekly reviews at Maryam lives in Manchester, United Kingdom and can be found on LinkedIn @Maryam Jinadu.

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