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cryptocurrencyfightout price prediction

The cryptocurrency market has experienced significant growth and volatility over the past decade, with the total market capitalization reaching over $1 trillion in 2021. With the emergence of new technologies and projects, the market constantly presents new opportunities for investors. One such project is Fight Out (FGHT), a move-to-earn (M2E) platform that allows users to earn rewards by participating in various physical activities. This article provides a detailed analysis of FGHT and its potential as an investment. This Fight Out price prediction also covers predictions for the next several years and explore alternative coins that could potentially explode in 2023.

Fight Out (FGHT) Price Prediction Overview

Before we delve into our detailed price predictions for FGHT, let’s first take a look at the overall market trend. The table below shows the minimum and maximum price predictions for FGHT from 2023 to 2030.

Year Minimum Price Prediction Maximum Price Prediction
2023 $0.0166 $0.50
2024 $0.55 $0.90
2025 $1.0 $1.50
2026 $1.55 $2.00
2027 $2.1 $2.40
2028 $2.45 $2.70
2029 $2.80 $3.20
2030 $3.25 $3.80

It’s important to note that these predictions are based on various factors such as market trends, project development, and adoption rates. Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can fluctuate significantly in a short period.

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Fight Out Price Prediction 2023

fightout logo

Now, let’s take a closer look at the 2023 price prediction for FGHT. Using a combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and news about the project, we can make an informed prediction about the price of FGHT in 2023.

One of the key factors influencing the price of FGHT is the adoption and usage of the platform. As more users participate and earn rewards through the FGHT token, demand for the token is likely to increase. This, in turn, could drive the price up.

In addition, the success of the FGHT project as a whole is another important factor to consider. The team behind FGHT has a solid track record in the industry and has laid out a clear roadmap for the development of the platform. As the project continues to make progress and achieve its goals, it is likely to attract more attention and potentially drive the price up.

As the presale comes to an end in the first quarter of 2023, the price of the token is expected to increase once it goes live. Currently, 1 FGHT is worth $0.0166 and is expected to rise above the $0.02 mark after going live. If things go as predicted, the token can go as high as $0.5 before the end of the year.

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Fight Out Price Prediction 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, we can use the same methods to predict the price of FGHT. One key factor to consider is the progress of the FGHT project and the adoption of the platform. If the project can achieve its milestones and attract a significant user base, it could drive the demand for FGHT and potentially increase the price.

In addition, the overall state of the cryptocurrency market in 2025 will also play a role in the price of FGHT. If the market is experiencing growth and favorable conditions, it could positively impact the price of FGHT. On the other hand, if the market is facing challenges or a downturn, it could negatively affect the price.

Taking all of these factors into account, we predict that the price of FGHT in 2025 will range from $1.0 to $1.5.

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Fight Out Price Prediction 2030

Fast forward to 2030, the cryptocurrency market is likely to look very different from what it is today. New technologies and projects would have emerged, and the market could experience significant growth or disruption.

For FGHT to continue performing well in 2030, the project will need to adapt and stay relevant in the face of these changes. This includes continuing to develop the platform and attracting a strong user base. In addition, the overall state of the market will also play a role in the price of FGHT.

Based on these considerations, we predict that the price of FGHT in 2030 will range from $3.25 to $3.80.

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How Will The Crypto Market Perform in 2023?

Since the crypto market is impacted by a wide range of factors, including economic conditions, policy developments, and technology improvements, it is challenging to forecast with accuracy how it will perform in 2023.

Having said that, there are a few significant trends to watch out for that may have an effect on the market. The growing institutional acceptance of cryptocurrency is one such trend. The market may move higher when more institutional investors enter the market since they will likely offer greater liquidity and stability.

The prospect for further regulation of the cryptocurrency sector is another development to keep an eye on. While some believe that regulation impedes market expansion, others contend that it may increase stability and legitimacy. Any regulatory changes in 2023 will probably affect the market depending on their scale and form.

In general, it’s critical to keep up with the most recent events in the cryptocurrency market and to exercise caution while adopting an investment strategy.

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Fight Out- A Closer Look

Now that we’ve looked at the overall market trend and alternative coins to consider, let’s take a closer look at Fight Out (FGHT).

What is Fight Out (FGHT)?

fightout homepage

Fight Out is a unique m2e (move-to-earn) concept that aims to take over the fitness space. The project combines metaverse concepts with fitness tracking and rewards to provide users with a platform that rewards them for keeping fit. Fight Out will encourage more people to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle by offering rewards in the form of crypto tokens and exciting Metaverse games.

The Fight Out app can be used to track movement and fitness levels. Users are rewarded in REPs for completing workouts and achieving goals. As  users increase their fitness, they also increase the fitness of a soil-bound avatar NFT that represents themselves. These avatars can be used within the Fight Out metaverse to compete against others for further rewards. The fitter that users become in real life, the better their chances will be of winning competitions and rewards.

The Fight Out platform will offer personalized fitness plans to users so that they can achieve their goals in a way that is reasonable to them. This will solve problems that exist in the existing fitness space including a lack of accessibility and a lack of customization. Fight Out will track all types of movement including steps, cardio and other types of workout.

To further rewarded users, the Fight Out project will build a range of state-of-the-art gyms that will include everything that users need to workout and connect with others. The gyms will be opened at the end of the project roadmap and will be available to anyone who holds FGHT tokens.

FGHT is the native currency of Fight Out. The token is an ERC20 utility coin that can be used to purchase Fight Out merchandise, pay of gym memberships or cashed out by swapping it for other currencies such as USDT. FGHT can be purchased from crypto exchanges or bought using REPs. Users earn REPs by completing workouts, winning metaverse competitions and spending time in the Fight Out ecosystem.

Fight Out Platform Key Features

There are three main components of the Fight Out platform. These include the Fight Out moble app, Fight Out gyms and the Fight Out metaverse.

The mobile app will be available on both Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded for free by anyone. However, users will need to hold FGHT tokens to enter the ecosystem. The app will provide access to a collection of personalized workouts and health plans. Users will be able to decide what type of activity they would like to do and what their goals will be. For example, a user may choose a cardio plan with the end goal of losing 10lbs. The app will actively track users progress and fitness levels. The Fight Out app can also be used to collect and store REPs which can be exchanged for FGHT in the native store.

Fight Out gyms will be available to paying members. The project aims to build a network of gyms around the country but will open one initial gym at the end of the road map. Each gym will be fully equipped with everything that users need to take part in Fight Out workout plans. The gyms will also provide healthy cafes, content creation suites and social spaces.

Users will have the option to enter the exclusive Fight Out metaverse. Here, users can take part in fitness competitions to win rewards and compete with others. This element of the platform will gamify fitness to make it appealing to a wider audience.

FGHT Tokenomics

FGHT has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. The ecosystem allows the sales and giveaway of $FGHT tokens to early buyers during the presale, enabling them to raise $5M+ to launch the app and open the first Fight Out gym. Additionally, the system will raise more money to advertise the platform, build the necessary technology to support the core M2E elements, and acquire and renovate additional gyms. Tokens that go unsold will become vested. To be clear, purchasing $FGHT tokens does not grant any ownership rights in the Fight Out group or physical Fight Out gyms.

The total supply of FGHT is distributed as follows:

  • 60% of tokens will be sold in the presale to raise funds to launch the project
  • Up to 30% of the tokens will be given as rewards to early purchasers of $FGHT based on the amount purchased and the vesting period selected
  • 10% of the tokens will be used for liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges
  • The ecosystem will use any platform to drive platform growth.

Pre-sale buyers of $FGHT have the chance to receive up to 50% more $FGHT tokens as a reward. This depends on how many $FGHT tokens were purchased and how lengthy of a vesting period they choose. During the presale, the purchase and vesting bonuses may with prior notice to the community.

The Team Behind Fight Out

The team behind FGHT is made up of experienced professionals in the gaming industry. The team includes Carl Jones (CEO),  Amadeus Rennalls (Head of Design), Marco Raposo (Product Owner), Jack Attwood (Social media executive), David Ryan (community manager), Yogesh Sharma (Senior Backend Developer), and Yash Awasthi (Senior mobile developer). There are also project ambassadors like Amanda Ribas (MMA Fighter), Tremayne Dortch (Fitness Influencer), Savannah Marshall (Professional Boxer), and Taila Santos (MMA Fighter). Together, they form a strong, experienced, and reliable team.

Fight Out Project Roadmap

fightout roadmap

The Fight Out team has laid out a clear roadmap for the development of the platform:

Q1 2023 (Post Presale)

  •         CEX listing drive
  •         Founding round closes
  •         Acquire the first FightOut gym
  •         Invitational Fight Out app testing
  •         Limited edition fighter NFTs launched
  •         Official Fight Out website launched
  •         FGHT staking launched

Q2 2023 (App Launch)

  •         Fight Out app launch
  •         App launch party
  •         NFT avatar launch
  •         First pro-fighter workouts launched

Q3 2023 (Feature Rollout)

  •         Additional functionality including additional ways to track exercises, and new ways to earn REPS
  •         ‘First Steps’ boxing course launched
  •         First NFT cosmetics launched
  •         More earnable badges and badge perks unlocked
  •         More on-demand workouts
  •         Expanded in-app social features

Q4 2023 and beyond (Metaverse and Gyms)

  •         Fight Out Gym grand opening
  •         In-app marketplace
  •         Fight Out gym membership NFT launch
  •         Even more on-demand and live workouts
  •         Launch challenges for REPS
  •         Launch PVP contests
  •         Launch Fight Out metaverse

5 Alternative Coins That Could Explode in 2023

In addition to FGHT, several other cryptocurrency projects could potentially see significant growth in 2023. Here are four alternative coins to keep an eye on:

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

dash 2 trade

Dash2Trade is created to advance your cryptocurrency trading experience.  Dash2Trade assists you in staying ahead of the market by giving you access to technical indicators and signals and strong on-chain data and trading strategies. You’ll get access to the most recent social data and on-chain analytics, as well as the most recent presale market data with a unique grading system. Dash 2 Trade excels at revealing the data that impacts performance and provides you with a thorough grasp of the most important factors when making informed trading decisions.

Dash 2 Trade is owned and powered by Learn 2 Trade which is an education platform established in 2017, extremely popular for crypto traders, and has over 60,000 existing members. The project provides three membership levels:

  • Free: Users can examine basic on-chain statistics and use the Dash 2 Trade platform for free.
  • Starter (400 D2T per month) – Provides access to the majority of functions but has restricted access to analytics and insights.
  • Every Dash 2 Trade feature is available with Premium (1,000 D2T per month or 9,600 D2T annually), including the most advanced analytics.

The D2T token, which is required to access the full spectrum of features that the platform has to offer, powers the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The price of the D2T token may move between $0.15 and $0.25 in 2023.

Your capital is at risk

C+ Charge (CCHG)

If you are looking to invest in a sustainable crypto project, C+ Charge may be the best


option for you. The brand new NFT crypto project aims to encourage more people to drive electric vehicles (EV). To do this, the project will rewarded drivers with crypto for fueling their EVs at

C+ Charge fueling stations. Tokens can then be swapped for carbon credit NFTs that hold rea world value and can be sold or exchanged.

C+ Charge is supported by the CCHG utility token. CCHG has a limited supply and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens will be rewarded to drivers and can also be used to purchase carbon credit NFTs. Users can store CCHG tokens in the C+ Charge mobile app and use them to pay for future fuel.

The C+ Charge project is built on blockchain technology to ensure transparency and to make sure that carbon credits are not double spent or used fraudulently. The technology will also provide fast transactions.

C+ Charge will solve a number of problems in the EV industry including accessibility and the roll out of EV charging stations. At the moment, EV charging stations are expensive to run which has prevented them from being adopted on a wide scale. As a result, drivers find it difficult to find places to charge their vehicles.

As a blockchain based platform, C+ Charge EV stations will be much cheaper to run. Station holders will also receive CCHG tokens as an incentive for installing a charging station. Furthermore, drivers can receive real time data through the C+ Charge app that will point them t the nearest stations and alert them if there are any problems with the stations nearby.

Your capital is at risk

RobotEra (TARO)

Robotera Logo

RobotEra is an NFT game that uses metaverse concepts to provide users with an exciting, interactive platform through which they can earn rewards. In the game, users play as Robots that are tasked with rebuilding a planet called Taro. To rebuild the planet, users must work to build digital assets.

The most appealing aspect of the game is that all assets are mintable NFTs. Players are given ownership of all assets that they create and can exchange them for cryptocurrencies through the native RobotEra marketplace.

The game follows a compelling story of a war between robots and men. The robots are split into 7 ‘camps’, with each camp representing different characteristics and strengths. Each robot will harness different strengths, adding depth to gameplay and encouraging players to come up with solutions to problems that they face.

RobotEra will appeal to both a web2 and web3 audience. Web2 players will play as an avatar robot each time that they enter the game. This avatar will change each time and these users will not be given ownership of any NFTs. However, they can still earn rewards in the form of TARO tokens.

Web3 players will have to purchase a robot NFT which will then be used as their avatar character. These characters will remain the same each time that the player enters the ecosystem and can be upgraded to increase the value of the NFT. Robot NFTs can be exchanged through NFT marketplaces. Each NFT robot will come with unique characteristics that will directly impact its value.

RobotEra will be supported by the TARO ERC20 token. The token will be used to access the ecosystem and will also be given as rewards to players. TARO can be used to purchase Robot NFTs as well as other in game assets. It can also be exchanged for other currencies.

If you want to get involved with the RobotEra ecosystem, you can purchase Taro for a low price via the ongoing presale event. During this event 40% of tokens will be available to purchase.

Your capital is at risk.

Calvaria (RIA)

In the all-new fantasy card game Calvaria, players can engage in PVP matches and compete against one another using the RIA token. The Calaveras are NFTs made specifically for the video game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. Owning one of the rare and limited Calaveras NFTs entitles you to membership in a closed community with perks exclusive to you. These perks include early access to all games in the Calvaria Universe, airdrops only available to Calaveras NFT holders, access to special game tournaments, automatic whitelisting for any sale, drop or release, access to draws to win amazing prizes, and many more.

The RIA token is in the presale stage. The token has a maximum supply of 1 billion RIA tokens, with 300 million (30%) available during the presale. The presale is in stages with the price of the token increasing in each presale stage. The presale is in its last stage with 1 RIA token sold for $0.0325.

Your capital is at risk (IMPT)


IMPT is a sustainable alternative to BTC that aims to tokenize carbon credits to improve the industry and encourage people to choose sustainable alternatives. is an innovative platform through which users can track their environmental impact, collect tokens, purchase NFTs, and swap or offset carbon credits.

The platform will reward users with ‘impact points’ for choosing environmentally friendly options when they shop. Users can then exchange these points for carbon credits or IMPT tokens. If a user then chooses to offset a carbon credit, they will be rewarded with a valuable NFT artwork.

Offset carbon credit are burned in an unknown wallet address. The overall goal is to reduce the number of carbon credits that are in circulation which will reduce the amount of carbon emissions that companies are able to release into the atmosphere. is a blockchain based platform that will utilize blockchain technology to prevent double spending and carbon credit fraud. Users can take advantage of this new project by investing early in the IMPT presale event that is currently ongoing.

Your money is at risk

How Has Fight Out Performed in Comparison to Other Crypto Presales?

FGHT has performed well in terms of the presale, with a strong demand for FGHT tokens. The project raised more than $2.45 million in the first 2 weeks of its crypto presale. This means almost 50% of the allocated tokens for the first stage of the presale were sold in the first two weeks. This early success is a testament to investors’ interest in the project.

Pros and Cons of Investing in FGHT

Like any investment, FGHT has both potential pros and cons to consider.


  • Move-to-earn (M2E) projects are growing in popularity
  • Successful presale indicating the high demand for the token
  • The Fight Out project has a strong and experienced team behind it
  • Attractive rewards system
  • FGHT has utility


  • Highly competitive market.
  • Move-to-Earn cryptos in the past have not performed well.


Will FGHT Go Up in 2023?

After the presale event, the FGHT price will go up when it is listed on Centralized Exchange platforms.

However, beyond that time, it’s difficult to predict with certainty whether FGHT will continue to go up in 2023, as it is influenced by a wide range of factors such as market conditions, project development, and adoption rates. if the FGHT project can achieve its milestones and attract a strong user base, it could potentially drive the demand for FGHT and increase the price.

Will Fight Out Ever Reach $1?

With our predictions, the FGHT token is expected to break the $1 mark by early 2025. It is not realistic to say with certainty that the token will ever reach $1 as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile with a lot of market conditions contributing to that.

Will Fight Out Ever Reach $5?

Like reaching $1, it’s impossible to say with certainty whether FGHT will ever reach $5. Several variables, including market conditions, project development, and adoption rates, will influence this. If the FGHT project can achieve strong growth and attract a large user base, it could potentially drive the demand for FGHT and increase the price.

How To Buy Fight Out (FGHT)

If you’re interested in purchasing FGHT, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

Step 1: Purchase ETH from eToro

There are a number of trading platforms that allow you to purchase ETH however, we recommend eToro. This is due to the fact that the platform is heavily regulated, very easy to us and has a low minimum deposit of just $20. eToro provides access to both cryptocurrencies and the traditional stock market which also makes it a good option for investors who want to diversify.

You can purchase ETH from eToro in a few simple steps.

Sign up on eToro

eToro Sign Up

The first step is to create an eToro account. This should take no more than 30 minutes and will require personal details as well as two forms of ID. We recommend completing the sign up process in free time when you have access to a desktop device. However, it is also possible to sign up on your mobile through the eToro app.

The registration form is simple and requires just a name, email address, phone number and password. You will then need to upload two forms of ID as part of the platform’s KYC process. These can be either a passport, drivers license, birth certificate, and a letter with proof of address.

After uploading your ID documents, the platform will take a few minutes to complete verification.

Deposit funds

eToro Deposit Funds

After verifying your eToro account, you will be able to deposit funds into your account. There are a number of payment options available including credit card, debit card, PayPal, bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. The minimum deposit is $20.

Search for ETH

After depositing funds, use the explore feature to search for Ethereum or ETH. The eToro platform is easy to navigate and ETH should appear as the first option when you make the search.

Execute order

You can then purchase ETH tokens by swapping fiat currency for ETH. Simply decide how much you would like to purchase and click ‘buy’.

Step 2: Move ETH into a crypto wallet

To swap ETH for FGHT, you will need to store the tokens in a wallet that can be connect to the presale. Our recommendation is MetaMask for desktop users of Wallet Connect for mobile users.

  • Put your ETH into the eToro money wallet. From here, you can move it to a decentralized wallet. The eToro money wallet is a separate mobile app that can be downloaded on Android or ioS. 
  • Once you have moved you ETH from your trading account to your wallet, click on the crypto.
  • Chose ‘send’ and then choose which type of wallet you would like to send the ETH to.
  • You will then need to type in the address of your decentralized wallet. Make sure that this is correct before executing the transaction.
  • After hitting send, you will need to verify the transaction through a code that will be sent to your mobile.
  • It will take a few minutes for the tokens to appear in your wallet.

Step 3: Connect your crypto wallet to the FGHT presale

Once your wallet is funded, head over to the presale website and choose which wallet you would like to connect. You will need to login to the wallet in order to verify the connection.

Step 4: Swap ETH for FGHT

You will now be able to swap ETH for FGHT. To do this, choose ‘swap tokens’ and input the amount that you would like to swap. Then, confirm the transaction.

Step 5: Claim tokens after the presale

You will not be able to claim your FGHT tokens until the presale has ended.

Fight Out (FGHT) Price Prediction 2023- 2030 – Conclusion

In this article, we’ve provided a detailed price prediction for Fight Out (FGHT) for the years 2023 to 2030. We’ve looked at various factors such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and project developments to provide a range of minimum and maximum price predictions for each year.

Overall, the future performance of FGHT will depend on a variety of factors such as market conditions, project development, and adoption rates. While it’s impossible to predict with certainty how FGHT will perform, we believe that the project has strong potential and could potentially see significant growth in the coming years.

Your capital is at risk.

Frequently asked questions

Will Fight Out explode?

It's impossible to say with certainty whether FGHT will explode or see significant growth. This will depend on the factors we have mentioned.

How high can FGHT go?

Going by our forecast, FGHT could be hitting the $4 mark by the end of the decade.

What is the total supply of FGHT?

The total supply of FGHT is 10 (ten) billion tokens.

When will the Fight Out presale end?

The Fight Out presale is expected to end on March 31st.

Is Fight Out a good investment in 2023?

With the early success enjoyed by the project, Fight Out is looking like a good investment right now.

Maryam Jinadu

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