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cryptocurrencydash2trade price prediction

Dash 2 Trade has taken the crypto space by storm with its successful presale, cryptocurrency intelligence, and analytical features. The brand-new crypto analytics and social trading platform has announced itself as one of the next big things in the crypto space. Judging from its presale success, where it raised over $10 million so far, Dash 2 Trade has shown massive investors’ interest. As a result, there are speculations related to Dash 2 Trade prediction.

This D2T price predicition 2023 reviews the D2T price prediction, upcoming events in the D2T ecosystem, and how investors can take advantage of the coin early.

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Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction – Overview

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction 2023

Over the course of next year, the team behind Dash 2 Trade will work on project expansion, marketing and partnerships. As a result, investors could see some nice profits over the year. However, due to the constant development, the price is likely to fluctuate. While it can not be guaranteed, some have suggested tat D2T could reach $1 by the end of 2023.

Although most of Dash 2 Trade’s essential features will be available at launch, a few are expected to roll out in the months following. The trading strategy builder and backtester, a risk profiler designed to enhance traders’ psychology, and a set of trading competitions for premium members are all set to be released in Q4 2023.

While the project is set to be well-received among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the team is not betting on this demographic for growth. The experts behind Learn 2 Trade created Dash 2 Trade, which can leverage a community of 70,000 members to drive users to new analytics platform.

As Dash 2 Trade gains momentum following its launch, and with the release of new features expected to enhance the demand for the D2T token, there is potential for the asset to climb to a range of $0.20 to $0.30, contingent on the overall performance of the broader financial markets.

Future price is never guaranteed.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction 2025

By 2025, Dash 2 Trade will strengthen it’s position as the cryptocurrency analytics and intelligence platform with the most comprehensive features. Consequently, Dash 2 Trade is likely to experience substantial user growth.

In 2025, Dash 2 Trade plans to launch all of its previously announced features, including the copy trading platform and auto trading API. Moreover, the project has allocated 15% of tokens to development which will take place over 5 years. This will enable Dash 2 Trade to introduce new features, thereby attracting more users.

The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies is also set to play a pivotal role in the expansion of Dash 2 Trade. As the usage of digital assets becomes increasingly widespread, more individuals will seek to enhance their understanding of the asset class. Consequently, intelligence platforms like Dash 2 Trade are poised to experience a surge in demand.

If adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow and the Dash 2 Trade platform manages to maintain a positive reputation, it is possible that the token could hut $1 by the end of 2025. However, some experts believe that a price of around $0.40 is more likely. This is still a significant increase from the current price.

Future price is never guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction 2030

In 10 years time, the Dash 2 Trade platform will have built up a large community of users who will all need the D2T token to pay for subscriptions. As a result, demand for the token will be high which will put upwards price pressure on the asset. It is difficult to pinpoint a price for 10 years time however, if the project keeps running smoothly it will certainly be up!

As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand rapidly, regulatory bodies such as the FCA and SEC are expected to exert greater efforts to regulate the space. This would enhance consumer confidence, leading to a significant inflow of funds into the cryptocurrency market, including the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem.

As the cost of living continues to rise, more investors are likely to seek out the next cryptocurrency poised for explosive growth. With Dash 2 Trade offering valuable insights that can be leveraged to identify exciting opportunities within the cryptocurrency realm, it has the potential to become an essential component of every investor’s toolkit.

Taking this into account, our forecast for the price of the D2T coin projects the asset to trade between $1 and $1.50 by the conclusion of 2030.

Future price is never guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – A Closer Look

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto project that offers advanced trading signals and market analysis amongst other features. The platform aims to help crypto traders and investors make informed decisions that will position them for more profit. Let’s take a closer look at the project to better understand its features, tokenomics, and use cases. 

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What is Dash 2 Trade (D2T)?

Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency analytics platform that was built to provide traders with signals and market analytics to mitigate the risk of losing money and potentially maximize profits. The social trading platform was founded in 2022 by a team led by Duco van Rossem, the Chief Project Manager (CPO). 

In simple terms, the D2T system aims to help investors discover the cryptocurrencies they can trade at a time before the coin potentially becomes popular or more expensive. The Dash 2 Trade project can be described as a social media platform for crypto traders.

Numerous token projects joining the crypto space by the day. This can make it challenging for investors and traders to keep up with the options or know which project will be successful. Some investors may also unintentionally miss important trading information because of the abundance of options to consider. 

But with Dash 2 Trade, users get various signals informing them of the best available projects from time to time. They receive information with the most actionable impact, such as new listing alerts, social metrics, technical indicators, etc. 

D2T crypto analysis

The technical analysis and other indicators can then be used to get better market insight, identify coins that may increase or decrease in value, trending projects with potential for short-term gains, and other important trading information. 

The Dash 2 Trade platform also had a dashboard that monitors upcoming presales and other budding opportunities. That way, investors can use the information provided to make informed decisions about the legitimacy of an upcoming crypto project. 

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Why Was Dash 2 Trade Created?

As a trading signal and social trading platform, Dash 2 Trade was created to connect crypto traders and investors around the world who are looking for the right data, market insights, and technical analysis to make profitable trades. 

With its well-researched and comprehensive analytics and intelligence tools, Dash 2 Trade users – including beginner traders and experienced investors – can be more profitable. The trading platform is designed  for traders to leverage these tools and execute trades backed with facts and real data, instead of guesses, hearsay or speculations. 

As such, all D2T holders get access to the platform’s extensive information. They are also eligible to participate in the social trading organized by the team and get VIP access to ask seasoned traders interactive questions about their trading experiences and get valuable tips and insights. 

Your capital is at risk

D2T Tokenomics

D2T is the native token of the Dash 2 Trade platform. The ERC-20 token is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, and it powers the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. To join Dash 2 Trade and take advantage of the platform’s numerous features, users will need to purchase the D2T utility token. Depending on how many tokens they have, Dash 2 Trade users can purchase any of the available subscription plans, including the Starter subscription (with limited features) or the Premium subscription (with all features).

Like every other financial asset, the value of  D2T is driven by the powers of demand and supply. According to its whitepaper, D2T has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. That means the token is deflationary, and new tokens will not ne minted or added to its supply when it reaches the maximum. At the time of writing, Dash 2 Trade has its presale ongoing, with over 81 million D2T tokens yet to be sold. The coin’s supply is designed to be distributed across six channels. 

The six channels of D2T ditribution

  • 15% (150 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply to be used for long-term growth and development 
  • 66.5% (665 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply to be used for public sale
  • 5% (50 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply to go to the D2T competition pool to fund trading competitions
  • 5% (50 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply for liquidity when D2T lists on exchanges 
  • 5% (50 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply to go to talent acquisition 
  • 3.5% (35 million D2T tokens) of the fixed supply to go to private sale. 

The D2T token is tax-free forever, making the project organically driven and influenced by its utility and growth instead of the people trading the token.

Your capital is at risk

Who is the Team Behind Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is a project built by veteran traders for traders like themselves. These experts are from the crypto and digital assets trading as well as the quantitative analysis industries. And they have a track record of being active in the retail trading space. 

The Dash 2 Trade team includes 5 members, who are led by Duco Van Roosem, the Chief Project Officer (CPO). Other team members include;

  • Andre Ferreira – the Development Lead
  • Joarley Moraes – the Senior Backend Engineer
  • Jarmo van de Seijp – the project’s Web3 Engineer
  • Emiliano F – the project’s Quantitative Analyst (Quant)

It’s important to note that Dash 2 Trade is a product of Learn 2 Trade, an education platform established in 2017. Learn 2 Trade is popular for being a community of crypto traders, with 60,000+ existing members, and the company owns and powers Dash 2 Trade.

Your capital is at risk

D2T Use Cases

Utility has been one of the major drives for the D2T token, which has led to its successful ongoing presale. D2T’s primary use case is that it provides holders with access to the Dash 2 Trade platform. The platform is where they get useful tools and metrics to execute more informed trades and position themselves for more profit. 

Basically, the platform has paid subscription plans, including the starter plan for 400 D2T per month and the premium plan for 1,000 D2T per month (or 9,600 D2T paid annually). Users can only access these plans and their corresponding features by making payments with the D2T token. 

The token also grants holders access to the Dash 2 Trade community, consisting of various beginner and veteran traders who collaborate, build a larger user base, engage one another in community conversations, and provide support to every member. 

The Dash 2 Trade Presale

The Dash 2 Trade presale has been in the news in recent months. The presale started in late October and sold out 97% of allocated tokens in less than seven weeks. The initial presale price was 0.0476 USDT, which meant that D2T was worth $0.0476. Currently, D2T has reached its fourth and final presale stage, and its price has moved up to 0.0533 USDT per token. Altogether, the project has raised over $9 million of its $13.4 million target. 

Originally, the presale was planned to last 9 stages, but the project developers reviewed it to 4 stages so that crypto investors could access the platform earlier for safer and more profitable trades. At a time when market volatility is high because of the recent FTX collapse and other issues in the crypto space, the Dash 2 Trade platform will definitely come in handy. 

After the presale is completed, Dash 2 Trade will launch its dashboard in a beta stage. This is expected to happen in early 2023. At that point, dash 2 trade (D2T) should be listed on both centralised exchanges (CEX) and decentralised exchanges (DEXs).  

More on Dash 2 Trade Presale:

Earlier in November 2022, Dash 2 Trade announced that the D2T would be available on the LBank exchange. According to the website, other confirmed exchanges that will list the D2T token in 2023 are Uniswap and BitMart. And going by the Whitepaper, the network should have an auto trading feature, a mobile app and a messenger facility by 2024. 

That means that Stage 4 of the presale will be the last chance for investors to purchase D2T tokens before the platform goes live and the D2T token lists on exchanges. That means the current 0.0513 USDT Dash 2 Trade price per token is the lowest possible D2T price 2022, and its value will only go up from there.

Your capital is at risk


Dash 2 Trade Price History 

Dash 2 Trade is a relatively new project, but it has had a series of price movements during its presale. As earlier stated, the Dash 2 Trade project was launched with a 9-stage presale plan, with the price of the D2T token increasing from one stage to another. When the coin initially launched for presale stage 1 in October, it was sold for $0.0476. However, the first presale stage only lasted 3 days, which showed the bullish trend among investors for the token and its associated project. 

During the second presale stage, Dash 2 Trade price increased to $0.05 and was originally designed to move up slowly across the 9 stages and end at $0.0662. 

Price Stage Amount Raised In Stage Token Allocation
$0.0476 $1,666,000 35,000,000
$0.0500 $3,500,000 70,000,000
$0.0513 $3,591,000 70,000,000
$0.0533 $4,663,750 87,500,000
$0.0556 $4,865,000 87,500,000
$0.0580 $5,075,000 87,500,000
$0.0606 $5,302,500 87,500,000
$0.0635 $5,556,250 87,500,000

However, with the successful presale so far, the project developers have cut down the presale to only 4 stages. This means only 262,500,000 D2T tokens will be sold during the presale. D2T is currently in its fourth and final presale stage, where it is valued at $0.0533, about a 12% increase from its price in the presale stage 1. 

Your capital is at risk

Has The Dash 2 Trade Presale Been Successful?

Despite the ongoing turmoils in the crypto space, including the bear market and the recent FTX saga, Dash 2 Trade has had one of the best Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2023. Much so that the project developers called an early stop on its presale. We highlight some of the factors below. 

How much money has been raised through the presale?

At the time of writing, Dash 2 Trade has raised a total sum of $9,156,210.39 out of the projected $13,420,750. That means the presale is more than 50% done, with just a little over $4 million left to be raised. 

What percentage of the token supply has been purchased during the presale?

Looking at the coin’s tokenomics, 700,000,000 of the total 1 billion fixed supply will be sold during the public presale, but this has been reduced to 262,500,000, represented across the 4 presale stages. According to reports, the remaining 437,500,000 tokens unsold during the presale will be locked for five years.  

Currently, only 80,010,124 D2T tokens are left until the end of the presale. That means 182,489,876 D2T tokens have been sold during the presale, representing almost 70% of the total token supply for presale and 18.25% of the 1 billion total supply of D2T. 

When will the D2T presale end?

The final stage of the D2T presale is 69.52% done, with only 80 million tokens left until the end of the presale. Judging by the numbers, we should anticipate the end of the D2T presale in the first quarter of 2023. Afterwards, the token will be listed on exchanges. 

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What exchanges will list D2T after the presale?

Earlier in November, the LBank cryptocurrency exchange announced that it would be adding D2T to its long list of supported cryptocurrencies. That way, LBank users will be able to purchase the token when it’s finally listed. Similarly, the BitMart exchange announced on Twitter that D2T would be coming to the exchange soon. And going by the Dash 2 Trade website, the Uniswap decentralized exchange will also be listing D2T as part of its supported crypto assets. 

According to CoinMarketCap, LBank and BitMart are two of the world’s top 25 crypto exchanges by daily trading volume, with over 3.3 million weekly visits between them. Going by history, the D2T’s listing on popular centralized and decentralized exchanges will boost the project’s adoption and drive the Dash 2 Trade price upward. 

What Is The Current Price of Dash 2 Trade (D2T)?

The Dash 2 Trade price at the time of writing is 0.0533 USDT per token. Since USDT is pegged to the US Dollar, it’s safe to say 1 D2T = $0.0533. However, this is the ongoing presale price, and according to our D2T price prediction, the token will go up in the coming months. 

Your capital is at risk

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction 2023

To further understand the D2T price 2023 prediction, we highlight the coin’s fundamental analysis, the project roadmap, and the latest trends that may impact the Dash 2 Trade price in the nearest future. 

Dash 2 Trade Fundamental Analysis 

D2T is currently trading at $0.0533 per token. Though the coin is yet to be listed on exchanges, it has increased in price across its four presale stages. At presale stage 1, Dash 2 Trade price was $0.0476. The first presale stage was quickly completed within 72 hours, and we’ve seen the coin move across $0.0500 and $0.0513 in presale stages 2 and 3. 

The successful presale, which is almost completed after 3 months, shows that investors are bullish on D2T. Coupled with the anticipated listing on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, the coin’s value is poised to surge upwards. 

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Dash 2 Trade Social Media Community 

Dash 2 Trade is a social trading platform. As such, it connects its community members across different social platforms. Here, the D2T community members can get the latest updates about the project and build connections with one another. 

The Dash 2 Trade social media community can be found on popular social media platforms today, including Telegram, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are currently almost 40,000 members on Twitter, while the Telegram channel boasts over 28k members. The company information and project developers can also be found on LinkedIn, and the Instagram account has a little over 10k followers. 

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Dash 2 Trade Project Roadmap

According to its website, Dash 2 Trade has its project roadmap divided into five stages. The first was the VC investment stage scheduled for Q4 2022, where development kicked off and founding was created. It was also at this stage that the D2T token presale launch was implemented, and the first stage has now been completed. 

The second stage of the D2T project roadmap is the website launch and presale completion. These are currently ongoing, with confirmation of the token listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges. The presale is likely to end in Q1 2023.

The third roadmap stage is scheduled for Q4 of 2023, with features like backtesting, risk profiling, and more centralized exchange partnerships anticipated. However, this could be moved forward due to the success of the presale.

The Autotrader will be launched in Q2 of 2024, and the D2T mobile app will also go live as part of the fourth stage of the project roadmap. Again, this could be moved forward to an earlier date.

Finally, in the same Q4 of 2024, the social and copy trading functionalities on Dash 2 Trade will be implemented. Users will get charting tools, the D2T social trading feature, and the token will be added to more centralized exchanges. 

Going by this Dash 2 Trade roadmap, we expect that certain features will enter the beta phase in the coming weeks, which will give investors the chance to test Dash 2 Trade’s offerings and what its complete ecosystem will offer.

Your capital is at risk

Dash 2 Trade Latest News 

There are a couple of news stories to consider in the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The project recently collaborated with three exchanges, including LBank, BitMart, and Uniswap. This suggests that these are the three exchanges where users will be able to purchase D2T tokens after the presale is completed. 

In other news, the Dash 2 Trade project is entering its Beta phase, where users will be able to test its features and get a feel of what the platform can do. To usher in its next development phase as per its project roadmap, Dash 2 Trade has brought on board Ilyes Kooli as the project’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). 

Kooli is an expert in the crypto industry, with a track record of working on projects at ConsenSys. The combination of Kooli’s expertise and the experience of Dash 2 Trade’s team ushers in a genuine belief that the upcoming crypto analytics platform could reshape the trading experience for millions of investors worldwide.

Considering recent developments, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning of a tremendous journey for Dash 2 Trade, and it’s exciting to see what lies ahead in the future of the crypto trading platform. The D2T token will be supported by additional centralized and decentralized exchanges in 2023, and all of these factors will significantly drive Dash 2 Trade price higher. 

Your capital is at risk

Upcoming Events That Could Affect The Price of D2T

Going by our Dash 2 Trade token prediction, the most significant upcoming event that could impact the Dash 2 Trade price is the token’s listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges after its presale ends. We expect that this will happen in Q1 2023. This is because the presale is already in its final stage and will be wrapping up soon. The liquidity these listings provide would have a significant impact on the token’s price

Another event that could possibly impact the D2T price is the success of its beta testing in 2023. The platform promises a lot in terms of social trading and other features, and users will be looking forward to how it meets up to these expectations. With the team of experts who founded the project and the recent addition of Ilyes Kooli as the project CTO, we expect that the beta testing will be a success and that will further drive the project’s awareness and price on exchanges. 

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Will Dash 2 Trade Go Up in 2023?

Now that we’ve touched on the project’s history, road map, and ongoing events, it’s time to dive deeper into our D2T price prediction. 

Going by the numerous events, including the completion of the Dash 2 Trade presale, experts believe the coin’s value will go up in 2022. The project’s launch is expected to have a huge impact on the price of the D2T token since users will finally have access to the platform and utilize Dash 2 Trade’s suite of tools for the first time. Ultimately, demand will likely shoot up, as investors go bullish on the D2T token to get a membership subscription and secure a spot on the platform to improve their success rate during trading. 

There are expert predictions that the D2T token will be worth about $0.20 when it gets listed on exchanges. If all events go as planned, this isn’t a far-fetched figure. However, at the moment, it’s difficult to ascertain the potential value of the coin since it’s still on presale. 

What Could Affect The Price of Dash 2 Trade Over The Next Year?

As stated earlier, the D2T presale ending and the project finally launching could affect the price of D2T over the coming year. When the project launches, investors and traders looking to make more profitable trades will strive to try out the platform’s features for their trading needs. 

The good part is that the platform charges a monthly membership plan paid for using D2T tokens. With this approach, every trader in the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem will have a significant and reoccurring impact on the coin’s demand. As such, once the platform goes live, we could see Dash 2 Trade become one of the best-emerging cryptocurrency projects out there. 

Another factor that may positively impact the D2T price is the project getting listed on any of the top 5 centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. With the D2T token utilizing the ERC standard and boasting absolutely zero tax on transactions, we could see the D2T token explode soon in 2023. 

Your capital is at risk

Why Might Some Investors Consider Investing in Dash 2 Trade Right Now?

Dash 2 Trade has had a massive presale period and has shown great potential to become one of the fastest-growing crypto projects of 2023. The crypto intelligence platform is rounding off its presale and has already confirmed listing on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Usually, at the end of a presale, tokens tend to increase in value and return profits to early investors. Short-term investors may purchase D2T tokens to get quick gains in the coming months. At the same time, long-term investors who believe in the project’s potential can buy and hodl the token for long-term gains. Depending on how successful the project is, the long-term rewards may be quite massive. 

Why Might Some Investors Avoid Dash 2 Trade Right Now?

The crypto market has been discouraging so far in 2023. Crypto assets have struggled to hold value in the bear market, while the majority of the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have significantly lost value. The current market sentiment is bearish, with many retail investors selling their assets, while others are simply observing market trends. 

At the same time, cryptocurrency investing is highly volatile, and seasoned investors understand that coin price projections don’t always mean the coin’s reality. As a result, some investors may choose to not invest in Dash 2 Trade right now if it doesn’t suit their investment plans. 

Your capital is at risk

How To Invest in Dash 2 Trade Presale

If you want to invest in Dash 2 Trade during the presale, all you need to do is visit the Dash 2 Trade presale website. However, you’ll need a non-custodial crypto wallet like MetaMask and buy Ethereum on a reputable exchange like eToro, since D2T is an ERC-20 token. Follow the steps below to buy D2T during the presale. 

Step 1: Buy Crypto from eToro

Buy Ethereum (ETH) from eToro using the following steps. 

Create an eToro account

eToro Sign Up

The first step is to register on eToro and get a trading account. To do this, visit the eToro website or get the mobile app for Android or iOS and click on “Start Investing”. Enter the required information in the dialogue box on the next screen, including a unique username, an email address, and a password. Check the consent boxes below and click on “Create Account” to complete the process.  

Verify ID

eToro requires all users to verify their accounts as part of its know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) process. To verify your eToro account, sign in to your registered account to start the verification process. You must enter the required information, including your full government name, trading history, and the purpose of trading during the verification. You must also provide proof of identity and residence and then verify your phone number. 

Note that verification can only be done using the eToro mobile app. After completing the process, eToro will process them and provide feedback within a few days. 

Deposit funds

eToro Deposit Funds

After verification, deposit funds into your eToro wallet using any of the available payment methods, including debit/credit cards, bank wire transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc. 

eToro’s minimum deposit for first-time United Kingdom customers is $10 (or its GBP equivalent). However, if you’re looking to invest more than the minimum in Apecoin, you can deposit as you wish. 

Search for ETH

After adding funds to your eToro wallet, search for ETH or Ethereum using the search bar on the website or mobile app home screen and click on “Trade”.

Place an order

Enter the amount of ETH tokens you wish to purchase, verify the order information and complete the order. The quantity of ETH purchased will reflect in your eToro wallet within a few minutes. 

Transfer Crypto to MetaMask 

Transfer your ETH token from the eToro wallet to your MetaMask wallet to buy D2T on the presale website. 

Connect MetaMask Wallet to Dash 2 Trade Website 

Visit the Dash 2 Trade website and click on “Connect Wallet”. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose a wallet provider and link your wallet to the dashboard. Choose MetaMask and proceed with the on-screen instructions. 

Swap ETH for D2T

Enter the amount of D2T tokens you want to buy and exchange ETH for the D2T tokens. However, the minimum investment is 1,000 D2T. 

Claim tokens once the presale ends 

After the presale ends, Dash 2 Trade will hold a Token Generation Event, where you can claim your purchased D2T tokens. We expect that Dash 2 Trade will provide more information about this to investors. 

Your capital is at risk

The Best Alternatives Presales To Invest in 2023

While Dash 2 Trade has been making waves as one of the best upcoming crypto projects, there are also some exciting new projects on presale that you can consider to diversify your investment. 


RobotEra is an upcoming play-to-earn metaverse game in which players play as robot avatars who are tasked with populating he planet Tora. To do this, players must create their own digital assets.

The game offers players the chance to earn real-life value by building valuable assets that can be traded through exchanges for currency. Furthermore, players will be rewarded in TARO for completing in-game tasks.

TARO is the native token of the ecosystem that will be used to support the entire game. TARO is an ERC-20 utility token with a deflationary supply and strong utility. TARO will be used to provide project liquidity, purchase ingame goods and to invest in valuable RobotEra NFTs.

RobotEra is set to be a success within the gaming world. This is because the game does not require users to have any knowledge of code to build digital assets. This makes the game stand out from others in the space.

The RobotEra presale is ongoing and set to end soon. Invest now before it is too late!

Your capital is at risk.


Calvaria is another exciting play-to-earn (P2E) game in the works. On Calvaria, players use trading cards representing various gaming characters to battle, and the Metaverse game rewards them with the platform’s utility token, called $RIA. 

$RIA is built on the Ethereum network, and the token is also on presale. So far, the Calvaria project has reached 5 presale stages and raised over $2 million. You can add Calvaria to your investment portfolio to position yourself for massive gains before the token’s price increases in the next presale stage.

Your capital is at risk.


Impact Project (IMPT) is creating a community of Green users and organizations that can partake in different activities in its virtual ecosystem and help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. These users get the platform’s native IMPT tokens that they can convert these tokens into carbon credits and burn for NFT rewards. 

The ERC-20 IMPT token presale has recently ended and tokens will be listed on the UniSwap exchange on the 14th of December.

   impt homepage


Your capital is at risk.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction 2023 – Conclusion 

Dash 2 Trade is an automated crypto trading platform with a difference. Built by traders for traders, the project has a massive future ahead of it. As evident in its successful presale and our D2T price 2023 prediction,  the D2T token can be a worthy short and long-term investment. 

With its listing on exchanges and further development in the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, early investors will potentially earn massive rewards. However, crypto price predictions are speculative and investing in cryptocurrencies remains a risk. 

Your capital is at risk

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analysis and social trading platform built to help crypto traders navigate the peculiar crypto market volatility and make profitable trades.

Is Dash 2 Trade a good investment right now?

D2T can be a rewarding short-term investment because of its potential to increase in price when it gets listed on exchanges after its presale.

Are crypto presales safe?

Crypto presales are unregulated and can be unsafe, especially with many scam projects around today. Investing in crypto ICOs is also risky because cryptocurrencies are volatile. Investors should research before investing in any crypto presale.

Is D2T deflationary?

D2T is a deflationary token with a total fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. This means the token will get scarce over time as demand increases, and its value will increase.

Will D2T explode after the presale?

Going by our Dash 2 Trade prediction, the token is projected to explode in the coming months after its presale. This price increase will be particularly influenced by its listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges.


Maryam Jinadu

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Maryam Jinadu is a freelance crypto & fintech writer. After completing her pharmacy degree at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, in 2018, she began writing professionally in fintech. She has worked with top fintech/crypto companies such as, Equalizer, Koinly, Olymp Trade, Salesgnomics, Scribbr, and Swapzone. She currently freelances on Upwork and writes weekly reviews at Maryam lives in Manchester, United Kingdom and can be found on LinkedIn @Maryam Jinadu.