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As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, many investors are looking for the next big thing in the market. One project that has caught the attention of many is Calvaria, a new cryptocurrency that is currently in its presale phase. In this article, we will explore the potential of Calvaria and provide a Calvaria price prediction and answer if you should invest in the presale.

Calvaria Price Prediction- Overview

Calvaria Price Prediction 2022

The Calvaria presale is ongoing which means that the price of RIA tokens is guaranteed to rise in 2022. At the moment, the presale is selling quickly and some believe that it could sell out very soon. If this happens, early investors could see a spike before the New Year. Previous presales in 2022 have 10x!

Future price is never guaranteed.

Calvaria Price Prediction 2023

Calvaria’s presale is set to end in 2023. After this, RIA will be listed on popular exchanges. Exchange listings could push the price of the token up. Furthermore, the Calvaria project will undergo a number of stages of development next yar. As the project moves forward, more investors will be attracted to the token which could push the price further.

Future price is never guaranteed.

Calvaria Price Prediction 2025

In 3 years time, the Calvaria: Duels of Entity game will have finished each stage of the roadmap. Depending on the success of the game amongst players, the token could rise significantly during this time. To ensure that this happens, the project team will need to continue expansion and amrketing efforts to attract more players and investors.

Future price is never guaranteed.

Calvaria Price Prediction 2030

2023 is almost 10 years away. The crypto market is highly volatile and a lot can happen during that time frame! However, there is no reason to assume that Calvaria will be anything other than a success. The team hope to continue expansion which puts the game in a strong position for the future. Furthermore, in 10 years time more people will be familiar with web3 and play-to-earn platforms. As a result, there are likely to be more players so more people investing in the token. Therefore, it could be assumed that the price of RIA will rise and could even reach $1!

Future price is never guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk.

Calvaria (RIA) – A Closer Look

Now, let us take a closer look at Calvaria and its native token $RIA

What is Calvaria (RIA)?

In the card game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, players compete in tournaments using cards that represent several characters, each of which has a distinct set of skills. To get rewards and other upgrades, the player’s objective is to defeat opponents using clever strategies and tactics. Each player can own the in-game resources as a result of the way the game is designed. They can acquire these either through participating in the game or investing money in the ecosystem. Blockchain technology, which provides users with actual digital ownership, enables all of this.

To cater to players with various interests and goals, the game will have a wide variety of game modes. Players can earn assets and compete with one another, finish the single-player game, get special cards and upgrades, and participate in seasonal tournaments. The $RIA token, which serves as the game’s main means of exchange, is the basis of the game’s whole economic structure.

calvaria homepage

The game will also include NFT collections, whose tokens will provide its owners with a competitive advantage in games, as another way to interact with the economy and game mechanics. Collectible NFT tokens will be entirely owned by their holders together with game resources, creating new options for third-party NFT platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, etc.

The Calaveras are NFTs made specifically for the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity video game. Owning one of the rare and limited Calaveras NFTs entitles you to membership in a closed community with perks exclusive to you. These perks include early access to all games in the Calvaria Universe, Airdrops only available to Calaveras NFT holders, access to special game tournaments, automatic whitelisting for any sale, drop or release, access to draws to win amazing prizes, and many more.

Your capital is at risk.

What are play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn (P2E) games are a new type of online game that rewards players with unique rewards like cryptocurrency for their in-game activities. These games have gained popularity in recent years, as they offer a fun and engaging way for players to earn real value from their gaming experiences. Calvaria plans to integrate Free-to-play games with play-to-earn games into its ecosystem, allowing players to earn RIA tokens and other prizes for their in-game actions as well as play for fun.

Why was Calvaria created?

Several crypto investors are interested in a Calvaria price prediction but only few know why the token was created.

Calvaria was created to address some of the limitations and challenges of existing crypto-gaming projects. The team behind Calvaria believes that the combination of the Free-to-play model with Play-to-earn will attract not just crypto enthusiasts but any card game lover. The failure to attract people outside the crypto world has been a major problem with previous crypto gaming projects. The advantages of the blockchain-integrated alternative will be highlighted in this free-to-play version, giving players a better understanding of it as well as the opportunity to be rewarded for their time and effort in playing the game.

Also, Calvaria was created to foster an economy beyond the game itself. Not only players will be able to invest in the project. Those with an interest in the project’s trading, investing and collections also have the opportunity to do so.

RIA tokenomics

Calvaria has a total supply of 1 billion RIA tokens allocated thus:

  • Staking pool- 250 million $RIA (25%)
  • Prize pool – 200 million $RIA (20%)
  • Presale – 150 million $RIA (15%)
  • Reserve & Burn – 150 million $RIA (15%)
  • Operations – 80 million $RIA (8%)
  • INO – 60 million $RIA (6%)
  • Team – 50 million $RIA (5%)
  • Liquidity – 40 million $RIA (4%)
  • Advisers – 20 million $RIA (2%)

The price of the token during presale has increased from $0.01 in the first stage to $0.0325 now. This price is expected to go up when the token is listed on exchanges.

Your capital is at risk.

What is eRIA?

eRIA is a special version of the RIA token that is used for in-game rewards. Unlike the RIA token that is being purchased during presale and will still be listed, the eRIA will solely be a reward token for players that win battles in the game. The eRIA token can be used in Calvaria’s peer-to-peer marketplace. Players can sell cards from their deck and “trade up” to stronger or more strategic cards by going to the market.

Calvaria NFTs

To play the video game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, the Calaveras were created as NFTs. You are entitled to membership in a closed community with benefits just for you if you own one of the rare and limited Calaveras NFTs. These benefits include early access to all Calvaria Universe games, exclusive Airdrops for Calaveras NFT owners, entry into tournaments for certain games, automatic whitelisting for any sales, drops, or releases, entry into draws for fantastic prizes, and many more.

Who is the team behind Calvaria?

Calvaria price prediction is hugely dependent on the team behind the project. The Calvaria team is made up of experienced professionals with a proven track record in the cryptocurrency and gaming industries. The team includes experts in blockchain technology, game development, marketing, and business strategy. The team is led by Paul Reed, who has over 5 years of experience in Web 3.0 development and over 11 years of web applications development.

Your capital is at risk.

RIA use cases

It is important to know the use cases of $RIA because utility plays a critical role in determining how Calvaria price prediction plays out. The ecosystem token for the project, $RIA, is used to maintain the system’s financial stability. The tokens are suitable for trade on exchanges and will belong to the project’s users. Additionally, individuals who want to be a part of the project but do not want to directly participate in gaming competitions may also get rewards in $RIA. They can participate in voting, use the staking system, and belong to the internal Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Your capital is at risk.

The Calvaria Presale

The Calvaria presale is currently underway, and it will run until February 2023 or once 150 million tokens have been sold. Currently, close to 130 million tokens have already been sold, which means it is very likely the presale comes to an end very soon. The presale offers investors the opportunity to purchase RIA tokens at a discounted price, with bonuses available for early investors.

Your capital is at risk.

Calvaria (RIA) Price History

Before we dissect Calvaria price prediction, it is important to know the history of the token. The Calvaria presale is in stages with 30 million $RIA tokens sold in each stage. In stage 1, the token price was $0.01. Stage 2 offering was $0.015 for each token. Stage 2 was sold out within 3 days. Each token was sold for $0.02 in the third stage and $0.025 in Stage 4. You would notice a $0.005 increase in each stage by now, but the fifth stage that is currently active is a bit different. Each token is sold for $0.0325 in Stage 5 of the presale, which already gives Stage 1 investors over 200% profit even before listing.

Has The Calvaria Presale Been Successful so Far?

The Calvaria presale has been successful so far, with a significant amount of money being raised and a significant portion of the token supply being purchased. So many people might want to use the IMPT presale as a standard ($18.5 million raised out of $25 million) of what a successful presale should look like in 2023, well, Calvaria has performed as well with 80% completion currently.

How much money has been raised through the presale?

With four stages of the Calvaria presale completed, almost 130 million $RIA tokens have been sold; which account for $2.4 million. The presale target is $3 million. It is very likely that the target is hit before the end of the year.

What percentage of the token supply has been purchased during the presale?

Over 12.9% of the total token supply has been purchased during the Calvaria presale, which is 86% of the tokens allocated to the presale event. This indicates that there is strong demand for the RIA token and that many investors are confident in the potential of the Calvaria project.

When will the Calvaria presale end?

Calvaria presale will end in February 2022 or immediately after 150 million $RIA tokens are sold. This means the investors that are interested in participating in the presale should be fast about it because the presale has reached 86% completion. After the presale, the RIA tokens will be available for trading on exchanges.

Your capital is at risk.

What exchanges will list Calvaria after the presale?

Calvaria (RIA) will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges after the presale has ended. This includes popular exchanges such as KuCoin,, and These exchanges will provide investors with a convenient and secure way to buy and sell RIA tokens.

What Is The Current Price of Calvaria (RIA)?

As of the fifth stage of the presale, the current price of Calvaria (RIA) is $0.0325. This price represents a significant discount to the expected market price of RIA once the presale has ended.

Calvaria Price Prediction 2023

Calvaria (RIA) is a new and exciting project that has the potential to become a major player in the cryptocurrency market. The project has a strong and experienced team and a solid roadmap that sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies. Based on these factors, it is reasonable to expect that Calvaria could experience significant adoption in the following months.

Calvaria Fundamental Analysis

This Calvaria price prediction Calvaria has several fundamental strengths that could drive its price upward after launch. First, the project has a strong and experienced team behind it, which adds credibility and increases the likelihood of success. Second, Calvaria has a solid roadmap and a clear vision for the future, which provides investors with a clear sense of direction. Third, the governance model of Calvaria could give it a competitive edge and help it stand out from the crowd.

Calvaria Social Media Community

One of major drivers of the Calvaria price prediction is its community. Calvaria has a strong social media presence, with active communities on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube and Reddit. This indicates that there is already a significant level of interest and support for the project within the cryptocurrency community. The growth of the Calvaria social media community could provide a tailwind for the project and help drive its price upward.

Calvaria Project Roadmap

Calvaria has a detailed and ambitious roadmap, with several key milestones and goals that the team plans to achieve over the coming months and year. Some of the key points in the Calvaria roadmap to consider include:

  • In the first quarter of 2023, an INO is expected on KuCoin, and An initial node offering (INO) is a more ethical funding alternative to develop a decentralized system to an initial coin offering (ICO) and its applications are specifically studied for peer-to-peer systems.
  • Also in the first quarter of 2023, the token is expected to be launched and listed on Centralized exchanges (CEX). The Calaveras NFTs will be released as well.
  • In the second quarter of 2023, The Alpha version of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, will be released.
  • Third quarter of 2023 would see partnerships with various Influencers, Gamers, and Streamers for the Duels of Eternity tournaments. After this, the Duels of Eternity will be officially launched.
  • The last quarter of 2023 is for the expansion of games, the creation of an in-house eSports team, and participation in offline events.

Your capital is at risk.

Calvaria Latest News

Calvaria has been in the news recently, with several articles and interviews discussing the potential of the project and the ongoing presale. One of the key pieces of Calvaria news to consider include:

Anonymous investment of $97,500

A mysterious crypto whale has made a large investment in the Calvaria token presale, purchasing RIA tokens for the play-to-earn (P2E) battle card game valued at $97,500. At 10:06 GMT on December 8th, the transaction was completed on the Ethereum blockchain for a low gas fee of $1.78.

Your capital is at risk.

Upcoming Events That Could Affect The Price of RIA?

Any Calvaria price prediction should analyze critical events and milestones that could shape the trajectory of the $RIA token. Several upcoming events could potentially affect the price of RIA in [cur-year]. Some of the key events to consider include:

  • The end of the Calvaria presale. This could lead to a significant increase in the price of RIA, as RIA tokens become available for trading on exchanges.
  • The launch of the Calvaria NFTs, which is expected to happen in the first quarter of 2023. This could lead to an increase in the demand for RIA, as users and developers begin to use the token for transactions on the NFT marketplace.
  • The partnership with Influencers, Gamers, and Streamers, which is expected to happen in Q3 of 2023. This could provide more buzz around RIA tokens, and it could increase the demand for RIA.

Your capital is at risk.

Will RIA Go Up in 2023?

One of the reasons why many people are interested in Calvaria price prediction is to know if the token will go up this year. We are already in the last stage of the presale, so the price is not expected to go up again until the token is listed on exchanges; which might not happen till 2023. Based on the fundamental strengths of the Calvaria project and the positive sentiment within a part of the cryptocurrency community, it is reasonable to expect that RIA could go up in 2023. However, the cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable and it is always important to conduct thorough research and invest carefully.

Why Might Some Investors Consider Investing in Calvaria Right Now?

There are several reasons why some investors might consider investing in Calvaria right now. Some of the key reasons to consider include:

  • The discounted price of RIA during the presale. Investors who participate in the presale can purchase RIA at a significant discount to the expected market price, which could provide a good opportunity for long-term gains.
  • The strong and experienced team behind Calvaria. The team has a proven track record in the cryptocurrency and gaming industries, which adds credibility and increases the likelihood of success.
  • The introduction of the Free-to-play version and it is mobile friendly. This could provide the project with a competitive edge and make it stand out from other cryptocurrencies.

Your capital is at risk.

Why Might Some Investors Avoid Calvaria Right Now?

While there are many reasons to consider investing in Calvaria, there are also some reasons why some investors might choose to avoid the project. Some of the key reasons to consider include:

  • The volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are highly unpredictable and can experience significant price fluctuations. This means that there is always a risk of loss, and investors should be prepared for the possibility of losing some or all of their investments.
  • The lack of adoption of Calvaria within the broader cryptocurrency community. While the project has a strong and active social media presence, it is still relatively unknown within the broader cryptocurrency community. This could limit the growth potential of RIA in the short term.

Your capital is at risk.

How To Invest in Calvaria Presale

After this Calvaria price prediction, you may want to get the token as soon as you can. If you are interested in investing in the Calvaria presale, there are several steps you can follow to participate. These steps include:

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Connect MetaMask wallet to Calvaria website

To purchase RIA tokens, you will first need to connect your MetaMask wallet. Click on the “BUY Now” button on the homepage. This will take you to the presale page where you will buy RIA tokens. Click on the “Connect wallet” yellow button and choose the wallet you want to connect. You will be asked to choose either WalletConnect or Metamask wallet. Click on Metamask wallet. The Metamask plugin on your browser would pop up for you to confirm the connection to the Calvaria website. Confirm the connection.

Swap ETH for RIA

The final step is to swap the ETH for RIA. After connecting your MetaMask wallet, the purchase page will be shown where you can input the amount of ETH you want to swap for RIA. After inputting the amount, click on the “BUY” yellow button and confirm the transaction. Make sure you have enough ETH for the transaction.

Claim tokens once presale has ended

After completing the whole presale process and confirming your transaction, you have to wait for the presale to end. After the presale has ended, head to the claim page to claim your purchased RIA tokens. The CLAIM button is directly beside the BUY button when you are swapping for RIA.

Your capital is at risk.

The Best Alternative Presales To Invest in 2023

Despite this Calvaria price prediction, you may want to explore other options and diversify your portfolio. If you are looking for alternative tokens to invest in 2023, there are several options worth considering. Some of the best alternative presales to invest in include:


Calvaria price prediction or not, D2T is one of the most promising tokens in the crypto right now. Dash2Trade is created to advance your cryptocurrency trading experience. Dash2Trade assists you in staying ahead of the market by giving you access to technical indicators and signals and strong on-chain data and trading strategies. You’ll get access to the most recent social data and on-chain analytics, as well as the most recent presale market data with a unique grading system.

Dash 2 Trade excels at revealing the data that impacts performance and provides you with a thorough grasp of the most important factors when making informed trading decisions.

More on D2T

Dash 2 Trade is owned and powered by Learn 2 Trade which is an education platform established in 2017, extremely popular for crypto traders, and has over 60,000 existing members. The project provides three membership levels:

  • Free: Users can examine basic on-chain statistics and use the Dash 2 Trade platform for free.
  • Starter (400 D2T per month) – Provides access to the majority of functions but has restricted access to analytics and insights.
  • Every Dash 2 Trade feature is available with Premium (1,000 D2T per month or 9,600 D2T annually), including the most advanced analytics.

The D2T token, which is required to access the full spectrum of features that the platform has to offer, powers the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The Dash 2 Presale’s first phase sold out in only three days, raising more than $1.6 million, indicating that the D2T token, which is based on the ERC-20 standard, could soar after its official release. The token has a total supply of 1 billion. 35 million tokens are allocated to the private sale while 665 million tokens are allocated to the public sale. In the current stage of presale 0.0533 USDT is getting exchanged for 1 D2T.

Your capital is at risk


TARO is the native token of the RobotEra ecosystem- an innovative play-to-earn crypto project that aims to revolutionize the crypto gaming space.

In RobotEra, players play as robot avatars who are tasks with developing the planet Tora. To do so, players must mine materials to build digital assets and complete various in-game tasks.

All digital assets, as well as Robot NFT avatars, are fully mintable NFTs that can be exchange for currency. Furthermore, players will receive TARO as a reward for playing the game. This will incentivize players to spend time on the game and complete tasks.

TORA is an ERC-20 token with a deflationary supply. The presale is on and the first phase is almost completed. Over 400,000 USDT has been raised so far. For those that missed out on the early stages of the RIA presale, the TARO presale provides a good alternative.

Your capital is at risk.


IMPT is a blockchain-based platform that helps each individual and business offset its carbon footprint easily and securely. Their objective is to provide everyone with the chance to improve the environment and bring about good change. links users to hundreds of significant environmental projects taking place all over the world to lower carbon emissions and help the environment. Additionally, collaborates with thousands of the biggest retail businesses that set aside a certain portion of their sale margin towards environmental programs. It builds up in the form of IMPT tokens in users’ accounts.

The platform allows customers to purchase carbon credits while conducting their normal business. As an alternative, people could just buy carbon credits from the platform. Carbon credits are tokenized, so users receive them as NFTs. Additionally, the NFTs are shown in a decentralized ledger that anyone can track, guaranteeing transparency and traceability. This prevents fraud and double counting because all platform users’ transactions are recorded on the distributed ledger, where they are virtually impossible to tamper with.

impt homepage


Burned NFTs are transferred to a null address when the user retires carbon credits, removing all of their NFTs from circulation in the process. This transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and the NFT is no longer functional. Additionally, when they retire their carbon credits, consumers receive one-of-a-kind NFTs made by artists. These NFTs are available for trading by users on the market.

The possibility for each person and organization to gauge their environmental impact is another standout aspect of A social platform that will enable everyone to have an score will be created, allowing them to track their level of impact. The platform will make use of impact points, which are rewards given to businesses and consumers for reducing climate change.

The platform will get 10% on all activities within it, including revenue from selling tokenized carbon credits, buying carbon credits, shopping on the site, and trading art NFTs.

IMPT coin has a total supply of 3 billion tokens with 1.8 billion tokens made available across the three presale phases.

The IMPT token presale has recently ended and the token will be listed on the UniSwap exchange on the 14th of December.

Your capital is at risk.

Calvaria Price Prediction 2023– Conclusion

Calvaria (RIA) is a promising new project with the potential to dominate the cryptocurrency market. With a capable team and a clear vision, Calvaria might see tremendous development after it is listed in 2023. Investors have the chance to acquire RIA during the ongoing presale at a reduced price, which may be an excellent opportunity for long-term returns. Our Calvaria suggests a bright future for the  Calvaria community.

Your capital is at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Calvaria an NFT game?

Yes, Calvaria is a competitive NFT game, where players can collect these Calaveras NFTs to gain access to some exclusive offerings.

Will RIA go up after the presale?

It is difficult to predict the future price of any cryptocurrency, and the price of RIA could go up or down after the presale. However, the price at launch is expected to go higher than its presale value.

When will the Calvaria presale end?

The Calvaria presale will end when the 15% total token supply (150,000,000 $RIA) has been sold or in February 2023.

Where to buy RIA?

RIA will be available for trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges after the presale has ended. This includes popular exchanges such as KuCoin,, and

What tokens can be swapped for RIA?

During the presale, Ethereum (ETH) tokens can be swapped for RIA tokens. After the presale has ended, RIA tokens will be available for trading on exchanges.

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About Maryam Jinadu

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