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DeeLance  is a brand-new crypto project that aims to improve the current freelancing space. The project is in a good position for success as it is the first of its kind. What small investors can purchase the taken phone under valued price during the current presale event. In this article, we explore how to buy DeeLance for beginners. We explain every step of the process so that you can invest in less than 30 minutes. 

Keep reading to find out how to invest in the next crypto token to explode in 2023. Here’s how to buy DeeLance for beginner’s.

How To Buy Deelance (DLANCE) In 2023

 Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy the token. You can purchase DeeLance with USDT using a number of available crypto wallets. 

Below, we cover how to buy DeeLance with all payment methods. It is important to note here that fees involved with investing in the presale will differ depending on which wallet you choose to use.

Step 1: Choose a wallet payment method 

Before moving forward with the investment, you will need to decide which payment method to use. DLANCE can be purchased USDT only but it is possible to use a number of different wallets to take part in the presale.

We recommend using a pre-existing wallet. However, if you are new to DeFi and do not have a wallet it is possible to create one in just a few minutes. MetaMask is a good option for desktop users and Trust Wallet is a good option for mobile users.

How To Buy DLANCE with USDT

If you have chosen to buy DLANCE, you will need to store those crypto tokens in a decentralized wallet. Below is a brief overview of how to buy crypto tokens and then transfer them into either MetaMask or Trust Wallet (or any wallet that is compatible with the website).

Your money is at risk.

Purchase USDT from eToro

etoro logo

There are a number of trading platforms available for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Our recommended broker is eToro because it is regulated in several jurisdictions around the globe. The platform is appealing to both beginners and advanced investors and is used by millions worldwide. .

What’s more, you can invest a minimum of just $20 into the eToro platform, which makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies 

To buy crypto from the eToro, you’ll need to first set up an account. 

To do this head to the official eToro website and open the registration form. Here you will be asked to fill-in some personal details, including your name. Email address, mobile number and residential address. 

ID verification

Once you have completed the form, you will be asked, upload two forms of ID. This is done as part of the platform’s KYC process which is a requirement of all regulated brokers. The two forms of ID will need to prove your identity and address. You’ll be asked to upload to clear pictures that visibly show your identity.

The ID verification process is usually completed within 20 minutes, but can take up to 48 hours. If the documents you upload are not successfully verified, you will be given the option to try again.

Deposit funds

After uploading and verifying your ID, you will be able to access the eToro trading platform. It is possible to explore the platform without depositing any funds. Furthermore users can access the demo trading account without paying any fees or funds platform. If you have already decided to purchase USDT, you can skip the demo trading step. 

It is helpful to know that the demo trading account can be accessed by traders at any time. This means that you are welcome to go back to the account in the future if you would like to practice and improve your trading skills. 

After accessing the platform navigate to the deposit section. Here you will be able to fund your eToro trading account.

There are a number of payment methods to choose from including credit card, debit card, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. You can also fund your account through bank transfer. 

The minimum deposit amount for eToro is $20. You should find your account with the amount that you would like to purchase crypto with. If you are a beginner investor, it is important not to invest any more than you can afford to lose. The DeeLance presale event is predicted to be successful. However, profits can never be guaranteed.

Once you have funded your account, you will be able to purchase crypto tokens. You can find a range of currencies in the eToro explore feature. 

The process of executing an order is easy. Simply select the crypto assets that you would like to buy, decide how much you would like to purchase and then confirm. It will take a few minutes for the assets to appear in your portfolio. 

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Move crypto to MetaMask or Trust Wallet

You will now need to move the crypto assets to a decentralized wallet that can be connected to the DeeLance presale. For desktop users, we recommend MetaMask, and for mobile users we recommend Trust Wallet. 

To move tokens over to a decentralized Wallet, you will need to first put them into the eToro Money app. Simply download the app from the App Store and move the crypto from your eToro trading account to the wallet.

From here, you will be able to transfer crypto assets over to a decentralized wallet. Make sure that you type in the correct address and wait a few minutes for the transaction to go through.

Step 2: Connect crypto wallet to DeeLance presale 

The next step is to connect your crypto wallet to the DeeLance presale. This can be done easily on the website. To connect your wallet, simply enter your password.

Step 3: Purchase DLANCE

Once your crypto wallet has been connected to the presale, you will be able to buy DLANCE with either fiat currency or crypto tokens.

We recommended starting small and only investing funds that you can afford to lose. Profits aren’t guaranteed and new tokens can be highly volatile.

Step 4: Claim tokens after presale 

The tokens will not appear in your wallet until the presale has ended. There are 3 stages to the presale and a good way to keep on top of them is to follow the Telegram channel. 

Once the presale has ended, head back to the DeeLance website and click ‘claim’. You can then send the tokens to your crypto wallet. 

Your money is at risk.

What Is Deelance? 

DeeLance is a cryptocurrency project that uses web three technology to improve the freelancing space. The project aims to help both of Freelancer’s and employers to efficiently execute projects by creating a platform that is blockchain-based. 

Blockchain technology is known for its fast execution speeds, transparency and autonomy. It is hoped that using this technology to revolutionize the freelance base would encourage more employers and talented individuals to partake in freelancing. 

There are many benefits to the DeeLance platform for both freelancers and employers. The web3 element of the ecosystem means that all transactions will be supported by smart contracts- this will eliminate cases of missed payments or incomplete work. To receive payment, freelancers must complete all parts of the agreement. To receive work, contractors must fund their connected escrow account. 

When contractors do receive work from freelancers, the work will be represented as an NFT. This will provide paying customers full ownership over any work that they pay for and prevent freelancers from reusing completed work. 

Furthermore, utilizing blockchain technology will reduce the need for any third-party intervention which will speed up transactions and make the entire process of hiring freelancers much easier! 

Your money is at risk.

How Does DeeLance Work?

As well as understanding how to buy DeeLance, it is helpful to understand how the platform works. As mentioned above, DeeLance will use smart contracts to efficiently enable contractors to hire freelancers. The platform will also make use of NFTs to ensure that contractors have entire ownership of the work that they pay for. 

To sign up to the platform users will only need a name and password. Because the platform is built on blockchain technology, there is no need to provide any other personal details, including credit card or bank information. This makes the platform appealing to Freelancers and contractors, who want to complete the process in good time, without having to worry about minor details. It is also helpful for freelancers who do not have a bank account credit card. 

As a crypto project, freelancers can receive payment in crypto tokens. Similarly, contractors can pay freelancers with crypto. This increases the appeal of the platform to individuals who do not want to use their personal bank account. 

The platform will act as a marketplace of freelance opportunities. Freelancers are free to apply to any opportunities that they wish and contractors can quickly find the correct person for the job. The platform will make it quick and easy to post a job on the dashboard. Furthermore, the fees charged by the platform are very low compared to other freelancing websites. 

Your money is at risk.

DLANCE Tokenomics

The DeeLance platform is supported by DLANCE- an Ethereum-based token with utility. DLANCE will be used by contractors to access the platform and unlock advanced features. It will also be used as payment within the platform. When freelancers receive DLANCE, they can cash the token out by swapping it for other tokens such as USDT. 

DLANCE has a total supply of 1 billion tokens. 30% of these tokens will be distributed to the presale, 10% will be kept for liquidity, 10% will be given to the team, 2% will be put towards rewards and airdrops, 16% will be listed on exchanges, 18% will be reserved for the ecosystem, and 14% will be put towards partnerships. 

DeeLance Project Roadmap

The DeeLance project was launched in March 2023. In Q2 2023, the tokens will be listed on exchanges and users will be able to access the NFT marketplace. At this point, the project will also launch its own metaverse and freelancers will be able to access the platform. The project will be further developed in Q3 2023, at this point the mobile app will be launched and the team will work on further expansion. 

Your money is at risk.

Why Is Deelance A Good Investment Right Now? 

DeeLance is an excellent project to consider in 2023 for several reasons. First, the project is the first of its kind and there is a big market for new freelance platforms. The rising costs of living mean that more people than ever are searching for extra ways to earn money and freelancing is one of the most popular methods used for this. DeeLance makes freelancing even easier which will appeal to users who want a straightforward and simple process. 

In terms of fundamentals, DeeLance is also very strong. The platform has been developed by a team of industry experts. The combined knowledge of the team is one of the most attractive aspects of this new project.  The project also has good utility and solves many existing problems. 

What’s more, the token presale event means that early investors are guaranteed returns. This is due to the fact that the price of the tokens will increase throughout the three stages of the presale. Investors who buy during stage 1 will make the most profit. 

DeeLance is a good investment to consider adding to your portfolio in 2023. Diversifying with new tokens is a great way to minimize risk and take advantage of future growth

Pros and Cons of Investing In DeeLance


  •  DeeLance is supported by a strong team of industry experts. 
  • The platform uses advanced blockchain technology to solve common problems. 
  • There are numerous use cases for DeeLance. 
  • DeeLance is the first platform of its kind.
  • Early investors will be rewarded when the price of DLANCE increases. 


  • DeeLance is a new project and success is not guaranteed. 
  • New tokens can be very volatile. 

Your money is at risk.

How To Buy DeeLance on Mobile in 2023

If you aren’t able to invest in the DeeLance presale on a desktop, it is possible to take part on a mobile phone. To do this, we recommend using Trust wallet. This is because the MetaMask mobile app is not always reliable and investors have had difficulties with it in the past. 

To invest via mobile, simply head to the official DeeLance website:, and then connect your crypto wallet to the presale event. You will need to login to your wallet to verify the connection. Then simply swap USDT for DLANCE as you would on the desktop site. 

If you are using a mobile device to invest, make sure that the internet connection is secure. 

When Will The DeeLance Presale End?

The DeeLance presale will go through 3 stages before ending. According to the roadmap, the presale is on track to end in Q3 2023. However, it could end sooner if the tokens sell out. 300 million tokens are available to purchase through the presale event. 

What Exchanges Will List DLANCE After The Presale?

The project is yet to confirm which exchanges will list DLANCE after the presale. However, the token is expected to be listed on some major exchanges. Initial Exchange listings can have a positive impact on the price of a token, which would reward early presale investors. 

However, it is worth noting that price is never guaranteed and pre-sales are risky. Nevertheless, the project has been mentioned in some big publications including Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Coin Telegraph and CryptoNews. This offers some reassurance to investors and will also help to generate hype for the project. 

Your money is at risk.

How Much Money Can You Make By Investing In The DeeLance Presale?

The amount of money that you could make by investing in this presale depends on the amount of tokens that you buy. Generally speaking, the more you buy the more room you will have to make profit. However, there is no guarantee that the price will rise! 

Here are some tips for maximizing your profits and staying safe whilst investing in presales: 

✅ Invest early

To maximize profits and take advantage of price increases, it is always a good idea to invest as early as possible. DeeLance only just launched their presale event which means that there is still plenty of time to be an early investor. 

✅ Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose in any cryptocurrency project. As we have mentioned, presales are risky and your money could be lost. If you are a beginner, it may be a good idea to start small by investing the minimum possible. Once you gain more market experience you could potentially increase your investment. 

✅ Use official websites only

Unfortunately, presale events are a hub for criminals and online fraudsters. Sometimes, these criminals will create fake presale websites in an attempt to steal tokens. Therefore, double check the website that you are using before investing any money or connecting your wallet.

The official DeeLance website is:

✅ Use a secure internet connection

You should never complete any financial transactions over an unsecure internet connection. When investing in the DeeLance presale, ensure that the WiFi network you are using is private and that the URL is encrypted. Criminals could use unsafe internet connections to steal your passwords and other personal details. 

How To Buy DeeLance 2023– Conclusion 

DeeLance is an exciting new project to get behind if you are looking to be an early investor in a revolutionary new platform. The ecosystem is set to transform the freelance space and become a go-to- for web3 freelancers and contractors. The best way to maximize your investment is to invest early while the token is still undervalued. 

Your money is at risk.


Is the DeeLance presale safe?

Yes, it is safe to invest in the DeeLance presale event. However, profits are not guaranteed and you should take the steps necessary to keep yourself safe when investing.

What is the best presale to invest in right now?

DeeLance is one of the best crypto presales to invest in 2023. This is because the project is backed by a team of experts and offers generous rewards to early investors.

How to invest in crypto presales?

To invest in crypto presales, you will need to hold a crypto wallet that is funded with tokens. You will then need to connect the wallet to the presale website and complete a token swap. When the presale has ended, you will be able to claim the tokens and store them in your crypto wallet.

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