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In a rapidly growing market such as that represented by cryptocurrencies, innovative ways of trading have emerged in response to the demand for this type of instrument and revolutionary platforms. As a result, there is an enormous universe of alternatives proposed to satisfy the needs of investors. Still, robots have emerged as one of the most efficient methods to generate profits without requiring increased human input behind.

Our intention is to explore various options available to discover the best Bitcoin robot in the course of this guide. Additionally, we will discuss step by step with you how you can create an account and start taking advantage of the features and benefits provided by this type of commercial software.

Best Bitcoin Robot List

On this specific topic, you will be able to access a list of the best Bitcoin robots out there today, which we have compiled based on our extensive research into this type of platform. Later on, you can find a breakdown of the main characteristics that define the main benefits offered by each of the robots mentioned below.

  1. Bitcoin Up – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot Australia
  2. Bitcoin Evolution – Best Bitcoin Robot with Fast Execution Speeds
  3. BitQL – Best Bitcoin Robot with AI-Technology
  4. Brexit Millionaire – Best Bitcoin Robot For Consistent Performance
  5. Immediate Edge – Best Bitcoin Trading Robot For Advanced Traders

Best Bitcoin Robots Reviewed

It cannot be easy to manage a cryptocurrency investment on your own if you don’t have the knowledge or time to do so. Robots can save you time and simplify cryptocurrency operations on your account. However, when choosing a platform that best suits your needs and goals, all factors involved in its operation must be considered.

Afterward, we will provide you with an in-depth review of the five best Bitcoin robots for Australian customers, providing you with the vital information you need to make an informed decision.

1. Bitcoin Up – Overall Best Bitcoin Robot Australia

Bitcoin robotOur first step in this list will be our review of Bitcoin Up, according to our criteria, the best bitcoin robot in general. Using cutting-edge technology and tested trading algorithms, this robot predicts price moves on the bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. The advanced software uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms and can operate without human intervention by increasing its capacity to place thousands of orders at once.

With a partnership with more than 200 regulated brokers worldwide, Bitcoin Up helps you take advantage of every chance of profit. Considering existing market conditions, trends, and historical data, the software allows you to decide which conditions are most appropriate for entering or exiting a position according to trends, historical data, and patterns.

Best bitcoin robot

While the platform does not require any payment to be made to use the service, a minimum deposit of $250 is needed for trading. However, we are confident that this amount is not unreasonable for the returns that this robot promises, with an accuracy of around 90%. Meanwhile, depositing and withdrawing earnings is a very simple matter since most well-known methods for doing so are available, such as credit cards, virtual wallets, or direct bank transfers.

Your capital is at risk.

2. Bitcoin Evolution – Best Bitcoin Robot with Fast Execution Speeds

Best bitcoin robot australiaBitcoin Evolution proves to be an excellent alternative, particularly for those interested in making the most of the trading opportunities at hand. With fast execution and a 99.4% efficiency rate of open operations, Bitcoin Evolution utilizes the power of artificial learning and powerful computers to find the right trading options amid the market turmoil.

With the assistance of the high-frequency trading (HFT) system, the robot can outperform the market in a matter of approximately 0.01 seconds because the software is always one step ahead of the market.

Bitcoin trading robot

Compared to its counterparts, it also requires a minimum deposit of $250 that will serve as a key to unlock the lock that will allow the application to operate. Then, within just a few minutes of the deposit being received, the robot automatically places thousands of orders to buy and sell bitcoins on behalf of the client. A withdrawal request can then be initiated at any time by your designated broker, who will deliver the funds within a maximum of 3-5 business days.

Your capital is at risk.

3. BitQL – Best Bitcoin Robot with AI Technology

With the rise in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various tasks that are being replaced by the mathematical reasoning of computers, it has become increasingly relevant to seek out the attributes of machine learning, especially in the field of trading. Knowing this, BitQL‘s automated Bitcoin trading robot has realized that it is crucial to understand this factor to design a product that reaches beyond figures to predict the outcome of events.

Automated bitcoin trading robot

The robot uses a subset of artificial intelligence called Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what people say. This method is used to identify which news is affecting the price of a particular crypto asset by crawling through billions of pages at a microsecond to determine which news potentially changes its price. As far as news sources are concerned, BitQL will likely distinguish between legit and fake sources. Additionally, the robot looks for posts on social media platforms that could negatively alter a cryptocurrency’s price.

The fruits of this mechanism are reflected in anticipation of 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets, which translates into a 93.8 percentage of success.

Your capital is at risk.

4. Brexit Millionaire – Best Bitcoin Robot For Consistent Performance and Diversified Investments

Bitcoin trading robot reviewBrexit Millionaire appears as an interesting choice within the varied offer from the market that could interest traders who are not willing to place all of their investments solely in cryptocurrencies. Besides working with digital assets, the robot can also handle several popular financial instruments with investors. There are different instruments such as contracts for difference (CFD), exchange-traded funds (ETF), or even raw materials or stocks, which can also be accessed at the click of a button.


Bitcoin robot

The fact that Brexit Millionaire has a demo account available to its users makes it attractive to those who wish to try out the operation of each robot before entrusting their money to it is worth noting. The same goes for people who are just beginning to use this type of software, as it is useful. As you learn about the methodology behind it while experiencing its operation, it helps you experience its operation without worrying about making mistakes. Moreover, this account is also especially recommended to gain the relevant experience required so that you will be able to fully understand the optimal way of handling each of the tools available at your disposal.

Your capital is at risk.

5. Immediate Edge – Best Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot For Advanced Traders

Best bitcoin robotFor experienced traders, there is no better-automated bitcoin robot than Immediate Edge. This robot formulates trading ideas that have a high chance of being profitable based on a combination of technical, fundamental, and news analysis. Immediate Edge executes these trade ideas instantly and ensures that the best pricing is obtained once generated. With this software, profits can be generated automatically throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about putting in any manual input.

Best bitcoin robot australia

Within less than 24 hours, active traders can get their hands on profits made by the robot. Signing up is very easy and takes just a few minutes. You will need only to provide your name, email address, and phone number to sign up. The security of Immediate Edge investing is further enhanced by SSL encryption, which adds an extra layer of protection to the investment process. Even experienced traders who wish to have more involvement in their market activities can do so with the help of Immediate Edge’s manual trading features.

Your capital is at risk.

Best Bitcoin Robots Australia Comparison

Robot Fee Success Rate
Bitcoin Up Free – $250 Min. Deposit 99.4%
Bitcoin Evolution Free – $250 Min. Deposit 98%
BitQL Free – $250 Min. Deposit 90%
Brexit Millionaire Free – $250 Min. Deposit 90%
Immediate Edge Free – $250 Min. Deposit Not specified

What Are Crypto Robots?

In order to automate your cryptocurrency trading on your behalf, an automated Bitcoin trading robot is a piece of software that does not rely on the use of hardware components, but rather on artificial intelligence.

Robots are able to handle a wide range of tasks, many of which can be carried out by themselves, such as self-optimizing operations, preventing losses, gaining profits, and presenting limit orders. For example, in a matter of seconds, the platform scans the global cryptocurrency markets and then uses artificial intelligence to compute the best buy or sell signals. This means that no human intervention is required.

How do Bitcoin Robots Australia Work?

Using advanced technology, automated Bitcoin trading robots can analyze the markets and devise trade ideas using market data collected. In terms of the technologies to be incorporated into robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be the most common ones utilized. This ensures that robots can determine what constitutes an effective trading idea by comparing it to what does not. In addition to the fact that the technology cannot be affected by human biases, the findings derived through this technology lead to better trades and higher profits since these ideas can be acted upon instantly and without delay.

Due to the fact that bitcoin robots are fully automated, the platforms they run on have a tendency to be simple to use and do not feature plenty of superior functionalities. However, the good news is that many bitcoin robots let you adjust some additional settings if you have prior experience in the trading field so that you can optimize your trading experience accordingly.

For robots to complete their work, they usually connect to the best crypto exchanges through which they can exchange Bitcoin. Trading platforms are a crucial point to consider because it is a requirement that traders use them to open trades. This means that despite the bitcoin robot identifying and placing trades on your behalf, these trades still need to be opened through the trading platform. As far as bitcoin robots are concerned, all the top bitcoin robots will have a brokerage component as part of their offerings, which means you do not have to have a broker account to use them. Instead, the bitcoin robot can have a broker as a partner who takes care of all your work.

Are Crypto Robots Actually Profitable?

Bitcoin robots have the potential to be very profitable for several reasons. The most important one, of course, is the fact that these robots are completely objective. This aspect is crucial to trading success, as emotion must be avoided. In contrast to humans, bitcoin robots do not fall victim to the same biases we have when making bitcoin trades, so bitcoin trades are much more optimal since they do not have human emotions to influence them.

On the other hand, they can keep an eye on the market throughout the day and the night to ensure that there are no missed opportunities to earn profits. Bitcoin robots are also profitable since they can use multiple strategies simultaneously, which means they can maximize them. Our brains are generally unable to focus on more than one or two things at a time as we normally can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, and robots arrive like a lifeboat in this regard.

Benefits of Crypto Robots

When you use automated Bitcoin trading robots, the chances of making a return on investment are much higher than they would be if you trade yourself.

Furthermore, one of the most notable benefits they provide their users is the hands-off approach to management they undertake for them. With these systems being completely automated, transactions can be executed and managed at a breakneck pace with minimal human intervention. Some of them do not require you to do anything except leave them to run and generate profits in the background for you, and some only require you to spend ten minutes on them.

In addition to beginners, this cryptocurrency robot is ideal for new investors. There are a few straightforward ways to start trading, and they have low minimum deposit requirements and promise automatic trades.

How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Robot in Australia

Among so many options, it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate Bitcoin robot. However, we have elaborated on our Bitcoin trading robot review some aspects that can help you to choose the best decision for your investment.

Bitcoin trading robot


When deciding which platform to use to execute your trading strategies, one of the factors that they worry about most is the fees you will have to pay. This is why it is imperative to choose a robot that offers affordable fees. There are many services out there promising you great things. But they can turn out to be disappointing, so we recommend conducting a proper investigation before hiring their services.

This guide contains information on a few completely free trading robots that can be considered to begin trading almost immediately.

Success Rate

When you want to achieve the best results from Bitcoin trading, you should focus on choosing a robot that has a proven track record and a high success rate.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of several options for your consideration with a high success rate. Considering all of the data we have collected for this Bitcoin trading robot review, our research shows that Bitcoin Up has excellent performance and a favorable profit margin.

Minimum Deposit

Another aspect of measuring up is the minimum amount that each Bitcoin robot requires to start operating on their platforms. Fortunately, most of them require an initial deposit of more than $ 200 USD, as with the various options we have listed in our Bitcoin trading robot review.

Being the pocket, a crucial element when investing should consider selecting an option that allows you to access your operation with reasonable amounts.

How to Use a Bitcoin Robot

Step 1: Create a Bitcoin Up Account

Before you do anything else, you need to create a Bitcoin Up account. Then, go to Bitcoin Up’s official website. To ensure you are registered, you must fill out the registration form on the robot’s website, including your first and last name, email address, and telephone number.

Automated bitcoin trading robot

Your capital is at risk.

Step 2: Fund your Account

Once you fund your Bitcoin Up account, the robot will connect you with a partner broker of your choice. A $250 deposit is the minimum amount that the company can require to utilize the Bitcoin Up software. Payments can be made by credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and digital wallets.

Step 3: Use a Demo Account

The Bitcoin Up app works with CFD platforms that offer demo accounts to users. Demo accounts are trading accounts that allow users to evaluate a trading platform’s features and test out a variety of trading strategies before deciding to open a real account. For example, a demo account can be used to determine whether Bitcoin Up has an automated trading software that suits your needs so that you can see whether it meets your requirements.

Step 4: Start Trading

Upon using the demo account, you will discover that it has a successful trading algorithm, and once you discover that it can work, you will only be required to activate the Bitcoin Up software. Once the software has been downloaded, click on the Run button on the broker’s dashboard so that the software can start trading immediately.

Having your automated Bitcoin trading robot working for you will be every bit as beneficial for you as making sure to find out how your trading account is doing at least a couple of times a day.

Bitcoin trading robot review

Bitcoin Robots Fees

The main advantage of investing in trading robots over other systems is their low price when it comes to managing your investments. Generally speaking, most robot providers offer free platforms through which you can manage your money. Because of this, you will never have to pay a cent for maintenance or access to their system.

There is, however, a requirement that you deposit at least $250 USD into your account prior to beginning trading with the broker that you select from the list of brokers associated with the robot that you choose to use.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Robots?

Elon Musk

Bitcoin robot

Many rumors have emerged pointing out that Elon Musk has endorsed various Bitcoin robots. However, it is not possible to verify these assertions in the absence of evidence.

Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk is very famous in Silicon Valley. He is responsible for leading Tesla’s electric car division and operating SpaceX’s space logistics division.

Holly Willoughby

Best bitcoin robot

Known for being a famous UK presenter, Holly Willoughby is a star of ITV’s This Morning Show.

Thanks to its popularity, many people took advantage of it to ensure that it has endorsed various Bitcoin robots. In front of our investigation, we have concluded no elements to corroborate this information. The English television celebrity has shown no public interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Gordon Ramsey

Best bitcoin robot australia

Ramsey, who is a British actor and eccentric chef, is a star on the big screen. In recognition of his achievements as a successful entrepreneur, the multimillionaire has been granted 17 times with Michelin stars as an honor for his career in the field of the restaurant industry.

Since he is a well-known public figure, he has been singled out on several occasions as a cryptocurrency enthusiast due to the nature of his character. As of the date of writing this Bitcoin trading robot review, we did not find any evidence confirming that such claims were in fact true.

Bill Gates

Bitcoin trading robot

Microsoft is one of the world’s top technology companies founded by Bill Gates.

Among his many accolades is his status as a billionaire investor, author, and businessman. In addition, it has been repeatedly mentioned that the creator of the Windows operating system is heavily associated with trading robots as he has been listed around the Internet as one of their biggest backers. However, there is a caveat to this in that it is worth pointing out that these remarks do not ring true when one considers that the American has launched sharp criticism against such assets.

Gene Simmons

Automated bitcoin trading robotThere is no doubt that Gene Simmons is a major figure in the world of rock music who continues to be valid in the scene today. Simmons is best known as the lead bassist and founder of the legendary band Kiss.

The fact that he shows support for the Cardano project through his Twitter account has connected him to the world of cryptocurrency. Many website owners have taken advantage of the activity by ensuring that the musician endorses all sorts of crypto bots on their website to take advantage of this. However, there are several reasons why you should take these assertions with caution due to the insufficiency of evidence to back them up.

Bitcoin Robots Pros & Cons:


  • Robot platforms are available for free
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Free demo accounts
  • Take advantage of artificial intelligence to achieve the best potential trading results
  • Easy-friendly
  • Offers a number of ways to generate profits


  • In some cases, results may not be as accurate as claimed


Throughout this Bitcoin trading robot review, you have seen that there are interesting options to choose from when it comes to bitcoin robots. With crypto robots, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrency instantly - without relying on manual human intervention - by scanning the market for potential profits on a free platform with a small deposit amount requirement on a low-cost platform.

If you are eager to start enjoying the advantages of trading robots, Bitcoin Up is our recommended platform. In a couple of clicks, you can access a wide range of cryptocurrencies and advanced software ready to take advantage of market movements in your favor.

Bitcoin Up - Free Crypto Trading Robot

Bitcoin trading robot review

Your capital is at risk.


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