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If you are planning to use an automated trading robot to place trades in the crypto markets on your behalf, you might want to consider Immediate Edge. This cryptocurrency auto-trading system is one of the most well-known and successful trading bots in the market.

But, if you have concerns about using the Immediate Edge automated system, this review will help you get answers to most of your questions. In our Immediate Edge review 2022, we are going to cover the robot’s accuracy rate, cost, regulation, etc. We’ll also show the full process of how to start using this trading robot.

Immediate Edge at a Glance

Rating 4.5/5
Robot Type Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Robot
Claimed Win Rate Unspecified
Supported Assets Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, etc
Is It a Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Timeframe Instant
Mobile App Yes (via partner broker)

Your capital is at risk.

How Immediate Edge Works?

Immediate Edge logo Immediate Edge is one of the first and most popular cryptocurrencies automated trading platforms that uses advanced trading algorithms and strong computers to scan the crypto markets and find successful trades. But unlike many other bitcoin robots in the market, Immediate Edge is able to not only automatically trade Bitcoin but also other popular digital assets such as Ethereum, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, and many more.

Immediate Edge cryptos

Another thing to take into consideration is that Immediate Edge partners with many regulated and licensed CFD brokers. As such, the company has the technology to detect the location of the users and accordingly match the right broker for the client.

Immediate Edge vs Other Platforms

Immediate Edge Other Trading Robots
Free to use Some trading robots charge a fixed fee for using the software
Accurate and Successful Trading Robot Cannot provide the same results
There’s no need for previous trading skills or knowledge Requires prior trading knowledge to use
Partners with regulated brokers around the world Other robots use brokers that are unregulated
Instant deposits and withdrawals Takes 3-5 for the funds to arrive in your account

Is Immediate Edge a Scam or Legit?

Generally, the crypto market is full of promising projects, but also there are lots of scams and fake operations that are crypto-related. As such, it is crucial to check if the robot company is legit and can be trusted. For example, you need to ensure that your funds are safe and secure, that your data will not be shared with third-party companies, and that you’ll be able to withdraw your funds anytime you want.

From our Immediate Edge review, we can confirm that this trading robot is not a scam. Vice versa, it seems like it is completely legit and safe. First, the robot partners with regulated CFD brokers around the world that provide a legal framework to guarantee users’ safety of funds and data protection. Secondly, even though the robot’s website is not very extensive, it does provide crucial information such as privacy policy, terms, and conditions, etc.

Finally, one of the findings of our review was that Immediate Edge has lots of positive reviews online. Even though it is not clear whether these reviews are authentic, it seems that the robot has a real trading algorithm that can predict price movements in the cryptocurrency market and that you’ll be able to withdraw funds anytime you want.

Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Edge Key Benefits

Because there are lots of bitcoin trading robots operating in the market, it is important to know the benefits of using Immediate Edge before you sign up and add funds to your new account.

Easy Registration Process

Clearly, one of the benefits of using Immediate Edge is the quick and simple registration process. Usually, you can open an account with the partner broker in a few hours and if everything goes well, you can activate the robot immediately after you have made a deposit.

24/7 Customers Support Service

Although Immediate Edge does not provide a contact us page on its website, our review confirms that you’ll get access to customer support service that is available 24/7 via Immediate Edge or the partner broker. This is a major benefit for using this robot given the fact that the vast majority of other automated trading robots typically do not provide direct customer support.

Instant Withdrawals

One of the key factors to decide whether you should use an automated trading robot is the speed of withdrawing funds. In some cases, you might have to wait for 3-5 days until the funds reach your account, however, we found that Immediate Edge enables instant withdrawals regardless of the payment method you decide to use.

How do I Begin Trading at Immediate Edge?

In this section of our guide, we will show you the process of opening a live account with Immediate Edge and activating the trading robot via the partner broker.

Step 1: Create an Immediate Edge Account

The first step you need to take is to visit the official website of Immediate Edge and submit your personal details in the registration form. This includes your first and last name, email address, and phone number.

Create an Immediate Edge Account

Your capital is at risk.

Step 2: Fund your Brokerage Account

Once you have submitted your personal details in the registration form, you’ll be immediately channeled to a regulated broker in your country. You are then required to open an account with the assigned broker and make a deposit of at least $250. Immediate Edge does not mention what are the payment methods available for funding your account, however, the vast majority of brokers allow users to make deposits and withdrawals with a bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Skrill, etc.

Step 3: Test Immediate Edge on a Demo Account

Once you have an account with the assigned broker, you can immediately activate the robot and start trading with real money. However, before you risk real money it’s best to check the robot’s performance on a demo account. This will enable you to adjust the settings, choose the best cryptos you want to robot to trade on, and find out if Immediate Edge indeed has an accurate trading algorithm.

Step 4: Activate the Robot and Start Trading

At this point, you have a trading account with the assigned and a connection to the Immediate Edge system. You also tested the software on a demo account and learned how to use the Immediate Edge software. So, once you are ready, you can activate the robot and let it start scanning the crypto market.

Features of Immediate Edge

In this section below, we are going to mention some of the main features of Immediate Edge that make this robot a great choice to start trading cryptocurrencies.

A Wide Range of Cryptos

Unlike many automated trading robots like Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Evolution that focus on Bitcoin, Immediate Edge has an automated trading system that can trade a wide range of digital assets. This obviously increases the scope of the trading bot and will help Immediate Edge software to find many trading opportunities in the markets.

Partners with MT4 Brokers

One of the main attractions of Immediate Edge in comparison to other trading bots is that it partners with MT4 brokers only. For those unaware, the MetaTrader4 is an online trading platform that is exceptionally popular among forex and CFD traders.

Immediate Edge MT4

Tips for Trading on Immediate Edge

If you are a newbie that makes the first step in your trading world, below you can find some basic and useful tools to start trading with Immediate Edge.

Start with the Minimum Deposit Requirement

First, Immediate Edge maintains a fairly low minimum deposit requirement of just $250, so there’s no need to make a higher initial deposit. After all, there’s no guarantee that you will make with this robot and therefore, it’s best to start with the minimum and increase your investment once the robot generates profits for you.

Adjust the Settings

Once you have opened a trading account with the assigned broker, you’ll get access to Immediate Edge’s software on the broker’s trading platform. Then, you can adjust the setting based on your preference including the risk, the coins you want the software to focus on, the minimum amount you are willing to risk per day, etc.

Monitor the Account and Follow Markets News

At last, once the robot scans the market and places orders in the market, all that is left for you to do is to monitor your trading account for at least 1 hour per day. It is also advisable that you follow crypto-related news to know the market sentiment. Then, if necessary, you can adjust the settings and make changes.

Pros and Cons

Immediate Edge Pros

  • There’s no cost to use the software
  • Uses sophisticated trading algorithms to detect successful bitcoin trades
  • A low minimum deposit of just $250
  • Partners with regulated and licensed brokers in the user’s country
  • A demo account is available
  • Lots of positive reviews online
  • Safe and secure
  • Customer support is available

Immediate Edge Cons

  • No live results
  • Does not provide its win rate

Your capital is at risk.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Immediate Edge?

According to some websites, many celebrities tend to promote bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general. Some of these sites also claim that celebrities use automated trading robots like Immediate Edge. For instance, some websites posts fake statements that Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsey, and Richard Branson have endorsed Immediate Edge. However, during this review, we could not find any claims from the Immediate Edge group that any celebrity has endorsed its software.

Immediate Edge Review: Our Conclusions

To sum up, Immediate Edge is certainly one of the best crypto and bitcoin trading robots out there, as evident from the reviews online and testimonials from people who have used this robot. For those who are interested to enter the exciting crypto market with an automated trading robot, Immediate Edge has the tools and the technology to help you do that.

To get started, simply click on the link below and submit your details in the registration form.

Immediate Edge – Top Automated Crypto System

Immediate Edge logo

Your capital is at risk.


What sort of returns can I make with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge does not state its software win percentage nor the returns you can make when using this robot. Nonetheless, during this review, we found testimonials from users who already used this robot saying that it is possible to make high and consistent returns.

Is Immediate Edge legit?

Yes, Immediate Edge appears to be legit and trustworthy. The company discloses all the crucial information on the site, and partners with licensed and regulated brokers.

How much does Immediate Edge cost?

Upon using the Immediate Edge system, we found out that it is free to use the software. There's no upfront cost and there are no hidden fees to this software.

How much do I need to start trading with Immediate Edge?

The only payment to make in order to be able to use Immediate Edge is a deposit of $250 for the partner brokerage firm.

Is it risky to use Immediate Edge?

Basically, in every trade there's always a risk of losing money, including Immediate Edge. However, if Immediate Edge has an accurate trading algorithm that can generate consistent profits, then it might be one of the best investments you can make.

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