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The growing popularity of algorithmic and cryptocurrency trading has driven today’s trading bots to be more and more competitive. The Bitcoin Era bot, a trendy and fast crypto trading platform, claims to be one of the quicker and high-performing bots out there.

So how does the Bitcoin Era app perform in reality? More importantly, is it the right platform for you? Let’s get a deep dive into what the platform has to offer in this Bitcoin Era review.

Bitcoin Era Summary

Rating 4.5/5
Trading Bot Type Algorithmic Trading Bot
Trading Accuracy Up to 99%
Minimum Deposit $250
Trade Fees None
Profitability Up to 60%
Mobile App None
Available Equities BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.

Your capital is at risk.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era Logo

$100 USD in Bitcoin in 2010 is now worth $630 million according to Bitcoin Era amazon. Often referred to as ‘crypto gold’, Bitcoin is the largest value cryptocurrency in the world with a trillion-dollar market cap and ever-expanding following.

Its storage of value makes it extremely attractive to investors wanting to buy-in. But there are many ways of buying and selling Bitcoin. One of them is by using a crypto bot like the Bitcoin Era app.

The Bitcoin Era platform claims to be hyper-accurate and ahead of markets by a fraction of a second. Allegedly, it gives users the potential to earn up to 60% daily profit under optimal market conditions.

Furthermore, we discovered in our Bitcoin Era app review that users can run the crypto robot 24/7. Traders can’t monitor the crypto markets all the time, meaning there will have to be inactive trading hours. However, the constant trading of the Bitcoin Era app can theoretically remove this problem.

How Does Bitcoin Era Work?

The Bitcoin Era app relies on algorithmic trading and machine learning when picking equities to trade. Note that the trading software needs a conduit to access the cryptocurrency market, so users will be redirected to a partner broker that connects to the bot via API.

With access to live market data from the broker, it can start identifying potential winning trades. It processes all this information and trading parameters through its system to identify the potential Bitcoin trading opportunities and trading signals.

Bitcoin Era How it Works

All of these executions claim to perform at a 99.4% level of accuracy that the Bitcoin Era app is able to reach. However, we have yet to find users that can confirm this level of precision. It is stated in the Bitcoin Era site that profit could be double, triple, or even quadruple of the initial capital, but so far, not even the testimonials indicate this clearly as well.

The end product is a Bitcoin Era app download that helps users find opportune trades. Note that having this trading system does not ensure profitable trades. In this Bitcoin Era review, we always highlight the need for proper market research and due diligence.

Your capital is at risk.

Bitcoin Era vs Other Crypto Robots

Bitcoin Era Robot Other Crypto Robots
Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning trading process for analysis and execution Uses other programs and algorithms for their trades
Multiple partner brokers Some are not affiliated with regulated brokers
No hidden fees Often require a fee to start or hidden additional charges to use or continue to use their software
Intuitive and user-friendly platform Depending on the robot, the interface could be harder to learn

Bitcoin Era Key Features

From our first Bitcoin Era app download, we found quite a number of features that should be highlighted. Below are the most pivotal functions of the platform in this Bitcoin Era app review.

Mobile app

The Bitcoin Era app download is available for Android devices. It is downloadable through the Google Play store and it allows for easy access to your trading account via mobile.

For iPhone users, the Bitcoin Era app is accessible through Chrome and Safari. Other secure browsers such as Firefox should be compatible as well. It is also possible to download the HTML5 version of the Bitcoin Era app directly on your mobile device.

Demo account

This next feature is very beneficial for new Bitcoin or crypto traders. The Bitcoin Era app has a demo trading feature, meaning users can start trading with actual market data through virtual capital. This enables beginners to start learning the volatility and fluctuations of crypto assets without an initial investment. Even if you’re an intermediate or veteran trader, the demo account helps those users get more accustomed to the platform.

Popular trading platforms such as the Etoro app have a similar feature where users have a separate account that trades with virtual currency and real-time market data.

Diversification of risk

Another important feature of the Bitcoin Era app is its trading diversity. In our Bitcoin Era app review, we’ve found XRP (Ripple), ETH (Ethereum), LTCUSD (Litecoin), and even EURUSD among the equities that are tradable in the platform.

More options in trading mean the possibility of diversifying risk. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you may opt to split your portfolio to hedge risk. Depending on your trading strategy, this allows more opportunities to earn with less downside. Do keep in mind that this does not remove all high risks involved in trading.

No trading fees

The last key feature for the Bitcoin Era app download is that it has no trading fees. Many brokers out there require a trade execution fee wherein there is a small cost for every trade. Eliminating this along with a low initial deposit means that the Bitcoin Era platform can be pretty cost-effective.

On a side note, having no trading fees is an almost ubiquitous feature for modern trading platforms such as the Robinhood app.

Bitcoin Era Claimed Success Rate

The Bitcoin Era app download’s official site indicates an accuracy rate nearing 99%. It should be noted however that there are a few problems with this claim. For one, it is not clear where this rate is directed at. Is this percentage referring to its winning accuracy? Or perhaps profitability? As of now, things remain unclear and unverifiable.

Coming from our Bitcoin Era app review, the trading platform also claims up to 60% potential to earn in daily profits given the right market conditions. The company mentions they do not promise this for all their assets, but at the very least it gives an idea of how much users can potentially earn.

One of the most important things to consider is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Even for platforms like in the Bitcoin Era app download which offers algo trading, varying degrees of volatility and risk still exist.

Overall, based on our Bitcoin Era app review, we can say that there are chances to profit, but it is not guaranteed. Even on the official Bitcoin Era app site, there is mention that traders must practice responsible trading.

Bitcoin Era Fees

Bitcoin Era Fees
Minimum deposit $250
Software $0 for members
Demo account Free
Trading fee 0%

Is Bitcoin Era Legit or a Scam?

Coming from different sources, there have been mentions of Bitcoin Era clones. In this portion of our Bitcoin Era review, we will try to verify the legitimacy of the platform as well as the company’s claims and goals.

Algorithmic trading bots have become more and more common, with the more powerful bots being used by large companies and institutions. Because the Bitcoin Era app requires users to link the platform with a partner broker, users should expect to use two completely different interfaces. This may cause confusion, so further research on multiple platforms and API is advised.

On the Bitcoin Era official website, live profit results, profiting testimonials from users, and highlights of quotes from reputable media companies are shown. Upon registration as well, the site says it prioritizes security as it is regulated by the state.

Taking all of this into consideration, it seems that the Bitcoin Era trading platform is legitimate. As always, proper due diligence is advised when trading – especially with high volatility equities such as cryptocurrency.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcoin Era?

From the 2017 and 2021 booms of Bitcoin, several tech giants and institutions have invested heavily in cryptocurrencies.

More often than not, cryptocurrency news is linked with billionaire space-enthusiast Elon Musk. His tweets have been the subject of massive crypto rallies, with the latest of his influence being toward the trendy Shiba (SHIB) coin.

Elon Musk

There have been several rumors indicating that Elon Musk has invested in the app. However, like most information circulating the web, this is all subject to validation. Some have catalogued the Bitcoin Era app as ‘Musk’s current trading app’ or ‘Elon’s next crypto system’. Based on our research, however, this appears to be pure speculation. We’ll have to wait and see until such reports can be validated in the future.

Bitcoin Era Customer Support

Several reviews have given positive feedback on the platform’s customer support, citing a friendly and helpful service for Bitcoin Era amazon. Supposedly, their customer support network is open 24 hours a day, so users can send their inquiries to the agents at any time.

Customer support for any trading platform must be quickly accessible and consistent. Upon signing into the Bitcoin Digital platform, users can expect an email from a customer service agent of the broker. From our experience, the email sent looked personal with the agent making sure to let us know their availability.

How to Use Bitcoin Era

Step 1: Sign up for a Bitcoin Era account

First, you’ll need to sign up for an account and become a member of the platform to get started. To sign up for Bitcoin Era, simply fill out the sign-up form with your name, contact information (e.g. phone number), and email address on the Bitcoin Era website.

Upon registration, you will receive an email from a customer service agent of an affiliate broker of the site. You should be able to view the customer portal wherein your username and password will be given.

Do not share the password given. It is common and good practice to change your password when you first enter the platform.

Your capital is at risk.

Step 2: Make your first deposit

Before you start trading, you’ll need to make an initial deposit of at least 250 dollars. In our Bitcoin Era review, the partner broker allowed payment options for deposit via Visa, MasterCard, and wire transfer. Remember, payment methods (including credit cards) may vary depending on the broker that you get.

Bitcoin Era Deposit Now

Step 3: Setup the demo account

For the third step, you’ll be trying out the demo account. The demo account lets you see different currencies, commodities, indices, and even stocks and gives you $10,000 worth of virtual currency to trade. Do note that this will be your virtual equity, meaning you cannot exchange whatever you earn while in the demo account for actual monetary value.

Step 4: Start live trading

For the final step, you should be able to see the entire platform itself and view live market data. Make sure to browse through the site. Sometimes, the partner broker gives a guide on how to use the platform. After a few minutes of getting accustomed, you can start analyzing the prices and executing trades.

Bitcoin Era Demo Account

Your capital is at risk.

If you are looking to implement the Bitcoin Digital system, make sure to connect the partner broker platform by using their API. You should be able to perform this with just a click of a button! Again, you may refer to customer support if you need further assistance.

Bitcoin Era Pros & Cons


  • Low minimum deposit required at just $250
  • Bitcoin Era crypto robot finds trades for you to pick
  • An algorithmic auto trading program
  • Positive reviews for customer support
  • Features multiple testimonials
  • Support with the crypto wallets


  • No information about the founders
  • Does not eliminate the risk involved in trading

The Verdict

If Bitcoin Era’s testimonials and reports are correct, many of its members are expected to have great and optimal trading experiences.

For our Bitcoin Era Review, it seems that the key features of the platform make it quite viable. It’s always a plus for a platform to be intuitive enough for novice traders and experienced ones alike. If their claims of a high calculation speed and accuracy are true, the platform could give an edge to its users whether beginner or advanced.

If you wish to begin using the Bitcoin Era app, a minimum deposit of $250 is needed. Remember to trade only with the amount you are willing to risk and that with any platform, success or profits are not guaranteed. Know your risk, do your due diligence, and trade responsibly.

Bitcoin Era – Best Crypto Robot to Trade Automatically

Bitcoin Era Logo

Your capital is at risk.


What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is a crypto trading robot that uses algorithmic trading and machine learning to analyze and execute trades. It claims to have a 99% trading accuracy and allegedly gives its users the opportunity to earn up to 60% in favorable conditions.

Is Bitcoin Era genuine?

Yes, Bitcoin Era is genuine. Based on our Bitcoin Era review, we found positive testimonials and multiple other online reviews.

Is Bitcoin Era safe?

The Bitcoin Era crypto robot is compatible with regulated brokers and has affiliated partner brokers that are legit.

How much money can I make by trading Bitcoin Era?

Allegedly, it is possible to earn thousands of U.S dollars in just a few days. This claim is more likely to occur for more risk-tolerant traders.

How does Bitcoin Era work?

Bitcoin Era uses algorithmic trading and machine learning technology to identify Bitcoin trading opportunities.'
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About Jose Rafael Aquino

Jose Rafael Aquino is a Filipino writer and entrepreneur that specializes in finance, technology, cryptocurrency, and sports. Versed in the startup tech space, he has written for websites such as The GUIDON, StockApps, and BuyShares.

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