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As more and more people are trading cryptocurrencies, numerous trading bots have been launched to optimize the investment procedure. There are many options, and it can be challenging to select one, but Bitcode AI stands out from the rest.

This Bitcode AI review discusses everything there is to know about the robot, talking about its most relevant rates and features.

Bitcode AI Summary

Rating 4.5/5
Robot Type Bitcoin Trading Robot
Claimed Win Rate 85%
Supported Assets BTC and several cryptocurrencies
Is It a Scam? No
Minimum Deposit $250
Withdrawal Timeframe 24 hours
Mobile App No

Your capital is at risk

What is Bitcode AI?

Bitcode AI review

Bitcode AI is one of the leading Bitcoin robots to automate investment procedures. Bitcoin AI is a software program developed for the robot to trade on behalf of people. In addition, the bot claims that it can identify trading opportunities using AI-powered software, which eliminates the possibility of prior research by investors.

The Bitcode AI platform has been designed especially for beginners, which means that the robot does not require any prior trading experience. Instead, the robot uses the company’s strategies from the Bitcode AI team. The robot employs proprietary strategies based on “Big Data” to provide high efficiency in its investment ideas. Only a minimum deposit of $250 is required because Bitcode AI is completely free.

Bitcode AI offers users the opportunity to use leverage. As stated on the Bitcode AI website, the robot can use the leverage of up to 5000:1, much higher than that of most cryptocurrency exchanges. However, while this can greatly increase profits, it can generate more significant losses, so it is only recommended for experienced traders.

Remember to do your research, as every investment has its own risk. If you are an inexperienced user, it is advisable to start with the minimum investment, as in this way, you can reduce the risks to a minimum.

How Does Bitcode AI Work?

Being an automated trading robot, Bitcode AI is capable of buying Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on your behalf. Bitcode AI’s advanced algorithms will scan the markets for feasible trading opportunities when you have prepared the robot. These opportunities are communicated by Bitcode AI’s built-in strategies, which are claimed to be highly successful.

Once a trading opportunity is detected, Bitcode AI ensures that it will immediately place a trade on your behalf. According to the Bitcode AI website, the robot is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, suggesting users always have the best entry price.

It is important to emphasize that the robot will always negotiate on your behalf so you do not need to be fully aware of the negotiations as the robot takes care of that.

Quantum AI trading platform

Your capital is at risk

Bitcode AI vs. Other Crypto Robots

Bitcode AI Review Other Trading Robots
Free to use Usually, charge an initial setup fee and additional fees
Provides regulated brokers Without using unlicensed or unregulated brokers
Easy and fast deposits and withdrawals Long processing times for deposits and withdrawals

Bitcode AI Key Features

When using Bitcode AI, you may wonder what the main features are. In this Bitcode AI US review, we list the main advantages behind the software:

AI-powered Strategies

Bitcode AI trading strategies are extremely efficient and can recognize markets much faster than humans. As a result, trading opportunities are identified at the optimal time.

The Registration Is Easy

Bitcode AI has a simple registration process. First, you have to fill out a short form with your minimum information. You can do this in less than 30 minutes. If you can, make sure this information is correct so that the validation is accurate.

Registration Is Free Of Charge

Bitcode AI does not charge its traders for opening an account. All you have to accomplish is deposit money into your account. Before you start, make sure you have your small deposit ready. It will be used as your initial capital investment.

Demo Trading

Bitcode AI has a demo trading account, and it is a good way to familiarize yourself with the trading system before you start investing real money. However, you can decide that you do not want to use a demo account at all times. For example, if you want to go immediately to the trading room, you can do so.

Easy To Use

People who are beginners and don’t understand much about trading can turn to Bitcode AI. This trading system is quite easy to use and even easier to understand.

Customer Support Service

Customer service is a key aspect of all robots. To assist new traders, Bitcode AI has a customer support service. The team has people who can assist with any questions about investing or how much money you need to start trading. The well-trained staff is available day and night and is ready to help you.

Trade Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Bitcode AI permits you to trade more than one cryptocurrency. Bitcode AI also allows you to trade with many other altcoins as well.

Reliable Brokers

Bitcode AI is an online cryptocurrency trading software that operates with online brokers. They are among the best in the industry. They ensure that users can get the most out of trading with the platform. In addition, the trading process is automated. The most beneficial thing is always to do it through a regulated platform.

Live Trading

This feature is most important to users. The user can immediately start live trading using the demo account and backstage features. Users can trade bitcoins on their trading dashboards by selecting brokers who deal in cryptocurrencies. To continue trading, the user must deposit a minimum of $250 into their trading account. Users can profit from this daily. An auto trade feature is also available.

Your capital is at risk


Bitcode AI claims to be able to use the leverage of up to 5000:1 while still implementing the same successful strategies. Of course, the human bias would naturally come into play when trading manually with this leverage, which is not a problem with Bitcode AI.

Bitcode AI Claimed Success Rate

The Bitcode AI crypto robot claims to have a success rate of 80%-90%. However, as with other applications like the Quantum AI trading platform, it is best to hedge your bets outside of these claims. For your safety, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your cryptocurrency portfolio for discrepancies that may require further analysis.

Bitcode AI Fees

If you want to invest with Bitcode AI, it is important to consider the robot’s commissions. In this circumstance, the robot does not have to pay any. The Bitcode AI website states that there are no hidden fees and that the platform is completely free.

This is one of the best features we observed during this Bitcode AI review, as it ensures that the trading process is as profitable as possible. The only thing to consider is that Bitcode AI employs brokers who may use their spread to facilitate trading; however, this will depend on the platform.

So before using Bitcode AI or any other robot you should check the whole issue of fees in order to calculate the maximum possible return and not be left empty-handed.

Account Opening Fee No
Commissions No
Inactivity Fee No
Monthly Account Fee No
Additional Charges No 

Is Bitcode AI Legit or a Scam?

First of all, a scam would be Bitcode AI stealing your money or providing you with a fake trading system in exchange for your money. Studies have been conducted that show this is not true. Bitcode AI is a first-class platform.

Bitcode AI only uses registered brokers. Bitcode AI has a state-of-the-art security system. This ensures that your data are kept safe while employing their software. With hackers on the rise, this is one of the vital features of a platform.

Bitcode AI has a real and well-trained support team. Bitcode AI offers 24/7 support via phone, platform chat, and email. Of course, this assumes that you have the support you need and that it is easily accessible to you.

Have Celebrities Endorsed Bitcode AI?

Since the launch of Bitcode AI, the platform has caused a sensation. Many experts from different industries have dubbed this trading system because it promises high profits.

In any case, as it is always known, it is always important to keep unbiased reviews. Also, you don’t want to be influenced by hype and rumors, so we decided to investigate further to see if there is any truth. The following is what we have been able to find regarding celebrity endorsements and Bitcode AI after careful research.

Elon Musk

Bitcode AI app

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is well-known across Silicon Valley. He is an entrepreneur with varied interests and was once the richest man.

Another characteristic that makes Musk so popular is his open-minded approach to innovation. For example, Elon Musk is known to be a forerunner in cryptocurrencies, where any publication about cryptocurrencies can raise or lower the value of the price of any cryptocurrency. Moreover, Elon Musk is said to be investing in the Bitcode AI app, but we could not locate any substantial proof substantiating these claims for our Bitcode AI US review.

Idris Elba

Bitcode AI US reviewIdris Elba is a multi-award-winning musician and actor whose face has graced our screens for decades. He is very famous because of his roles in many Hollywood blockbusters such as Fast and Furious.

Rumors about his affiliation with the AI trading system Bitcode are false, although he has been linked to many other brands and businesses.

Gordon Ramsay

Quantum AI crypto robot

Gordon Ramsay is very famous, thanks to his contribution to the food and entertainment industries. In addition, he has amassed an army of followers on social media because of his role on many cooking shows, such as Hell’s Kitchen.

Many businesses and brands have been linked to the king of food and entertainment, including the Bitcode AI platform.

After hours of research, we could not find any connection between Gordon Ramsay and Bitcode AI.

Kate Winslet

Bitcode AI review The Hollywood blockbuster Titanic catapulted Kate Winslet into the limelight. She has also starred in many blockbuster movies since Titanic.

Because she is always featured on the front pages of newspapers and tabloids, her fans are curious if there is any truth to the rumors about her involvement in Bitcode AI and other cryptocurrency projects. Based on extensive investigations by our team, we found the rumors to be false as the actress does not appear to have any known investments in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcode AI Customer Support

Bitcode AI has a lot in common with other platforms of this type, like Quantum AI trading robot, in that its customer service is extremely reliable and helpful, and it is because of this that it stands out. Within seconds, a qualified support team will be at your disposal to quickly and easily resolve any unforeseen or inconvenient issue within your operation. A telephone service line and an email address are among the methods of contacting Bitcode AI’s staff.

There is a customer service department at Bitcode AI staffed by real people. Traders can get all the help they need from this department, as it is open 24/7 to help them out whenever they need it. Additionally, Bitcode AI’s website includes a dedicated FAQ section to answer some of the more frequently asked questions from its visitors.

How to Use Bitcode AI

You can get started with Bitcode AI in a matter of minutes. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open an Account

Visit the website. Click on the ‘create an account button. To register, users must provide their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Users then need to submit the completed registration form to the website. Within seconds, you’ll have your Bitcoin Code account created. A confirmation email will then be sent to you for verification. After the verification process is completed, the user id or password is created, which allows you to access your account. There is no charge for this service. Registration is free.

Quantum AI trading platform

Your capital is at risk

Step 2: Fund Your Account

The second step is to access your Bitcoin Code account in the trading application. The preference of a broker is up to you. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to start trading. You cannot start trading without the minimum deposit. You can use your debit card and credit card, among other options, to transfer money. There are no taxes for this automated trading software.

Step 3: Start With The Demo Account

You can trade with Bitcode AI in demo mode or live trading mode. In demo mode, you can get an idea of how Bitcode AI trading works, familiarize yourself with the environment, and see, analyze, and know how it works. On the other hand, experienced traders will immediately enter a live trading room.

Step 4: Start Trading

Trades do not begin at the time of the initial deposit. This is totally up to you whether you use the manual or auto-trading feature. The platform allows you to select your best crypto exchange from a list when you choose one of them to start trading.

Bitcode AI app

Bitcode AI – Pros & Cons

In the next part of our article you will find the pros and cons that you should keep in mind when you are using the robot.


  • Works with over 20 cryptocurrencies
  • Employs the use of AI-powered strategies
  • No prior trading experience required
  • The minimum deposit is only $250


  • No mobile app
  • The success rate is unverified

Your capital is at risk.

The Verdict

There is no doubt that Bitcode AI is a reliable Bitcoin robot. Using its features, users can make profits by trading. Moreover, the application has received numerous positive reviews, which proves its reliability. Cryptocurrency trading can be profitable for traders who want to make money. Using a robot to trade today in the market brings many benefits such as saving time and money.

Always remember to make small investments as this way you reduce potential losses.

To get started with Bitcode AI, click on the link below. A minimum deposit of only $250 is required to register, and the process only takes a few minutes to complete through your browser.

Bitcode AI– Overall Best Free Crypto Trading Robot

Bitcode AI US review

Your capital is at risk


What is Bitcode AI?

Bitcode AI is an automated trading tool, which uses artificial intelligence to predict market movements and capitalize on them.

Is Bitcode AI genuine?

The platform has been reviewed and is authentic.

Is Bitcode AI safe?

Operating with Bitcode AI is safe. The platform uses top-notch security protocols against cyber-attacks. Its AI algorithm is also accurate, ensuring that users do not recklessly lose their funds.

How much money can I make with Bitcode AI?

How fast a user can earn money depends on the user's trading strategy and other market factors.

How does Bitcode AI work?

Bitcode's AI constantly monitors the price of major cryptocurrencies, and when it detects a rise (or fall) in a given coin, it makes sure to buy or sell accordingly to take advantage of the fluctuations. Bitcode's AI uses machine learning techniques to make decisions, making it extremely accurate, even without any input data.

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