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Bitcoin KPEX AI offers clients access automated trading for the most popular cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Cardano, among others. This trading platform uses algorithmic technology to enable automated trading for users and helps to find profitable trading opportunities in the markets. Our Bitcoin KPEX AI review will cover the platforms’ various features, need-to-know information, and provide details about the trading functionality and tools that the app presents to users.

Your money is at risk.

What is Bitcoin KPEX AI?

bitcoin kpex ai review

Bitcoin KPEX AI is a trading platform that enables customers to trade CFDs for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Although, the platform’s name contains a reference to artificial intelligence, there is no reference on the website that shows that their automated trading robot uses AI. However, the Bitcoin KPEX AI app does explain that they offer a dedicated account manager, and clients can utilize the platform’s algorithmic technology to automate trades.

Scam or Legit Legit
Supported Assets BTC, ETH, ADA, EOS, XRP, BNB
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees No Fees
Withdrawal Time 24 Hours
Customer Support  Email & Contact Form

How to Trade with Bitcoin KPEX AI

The Bitcoin KPEX AI platform claims to provide users with an easy-to-use interface, while also enabling customers to use a variety of trading tools for dedicated charting and analysis of market trends. In order to get started with the Bitcoin KPEX AI app users will have to activate their account, through making a minimum deposit of $250. Users can make their deposit through various payment methods.

bitcoin kpexai review

Like most AI trading platforms, Bitcoin KPEX AI states that users can either use their proprietary web trader, or alternatively can connect the app to use the MetaTrader 4 trading interface. The trading platform does not have access to a mobile trading app, however, the website states that they have a tailor-made web mobile interface. This is likely the same as their proprietary web trader which has been optimized for mobile phone devices.

Step 1: Register for an Account

To start using the Bitcoin KPEX AI trading app, users must first visit the website and fill in the details found on the registration form to create an account. The registration process is simplistic in that it only requires users to enter their full name, email address and a contact number.

Step 2: Make a Deposit

After registering, you will be able to access your Bitcoin Kpex AI account. In order to get started all new clients must activate their account by making the required deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $250 to get started, and users are able to initiate the deposit through debit/credit card or via PayPal.

Step 3: Start Trading

Once the deposit has been made, the amount will be displayed in the ‘My Account’ section under ‘Balance’. Users can then go ahead and use the web trader, explore the markets and start to trade. Alternatively, users can choose to explore the other asset classes on offer, from forex, stocks, indices and commodities.

Your money is at risk.

How Does Bitcoin KPEX AI Work?

The Bitcoin KPEX AI platform operates in similar fashion to the other algorithmic trading platforms on the market. The trading app uses set parameters within their algorithm to identify technical analysis in the charts that can give buy or sell signals through historical patterns in the data. The platform provides a dedicated account manager that likely places the trades on behalf of the user. Likewise, the account manager is most likely the person who sets the ordered parameters according to the client’s risk appetite.

bitcoin kpex ai review

Alternatively, users do not have to use the algo automation and can simply use the web trader to explore the markets and place trades on their own. This order process is quite easy to navigate and orders can be placed by clicking “new order”, setting the amount to purchase and a market order can be placed. Stop loss and take profit amounts can also be set in this window, which will allow users to close out their trade or reap the rewards automatically, if they are away from the platform. Users can also create pending orders, in case of identifying a possible upcoming opportunity.

The Bitcoin KPEX AI trading app also allows users to conduct charting analysis, and presents tools for predicting future trends and validating strategies. Alternatively, customers can use the demo account if they wish to test out the features and use the platform in real-time without risking own funds by using paper money.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin KPEX AI


  • Trade CFDs on wide range of crypto assets
  • MT4 compatibility with the user-friendly web trader
  • Trading tools for charting and analytics
  • Registration process is seamless


  • Requires minimum deposit of $250 to get started
  • There is no mention of the creators
  • No details about what educational resources they provide

Key Features of Bitcoin KPEX AI

Bitcoin KPEX AI does not give details about the key features it offers. By registering we could see the dashboard and access the web trader. On the web trader we then delved deeper into the features and instruments the app has to offer. The web trader displayed the following asset classes: stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency and indexes. Below, we delve further into our Bitcoin KPEX AI review and go into further details from our findings.

✔️ Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading

A primary feature highlighted by the platform is cryptocurrency trading. While on the web trader we could not find this function. It is likely managed by the dedicated account manager. Algorithmic trading is a function where specific parameters are set into an algorithm. The algo robot then searched for trading opportunities using the set conditions. The robot will then place trades on users' behalf.

✔️ Accurate Trading Signals for Manual Trading

The Bitcoin KPEX AI app web trader presents various tools for manual trading. We explored the various categories and saw that the web trader also offers a variety of indicators that can be used for analysis.

Users are able to use charting tools for categories such as: Trend, Oscillators, Volatility, Volume, Bill Williams, Alexander Elder and Larry Williams pre-sets. All of these categories have over 5 different chart signaling tools, inclusive of the most popular among traders. These include, Moving Average, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Money Flow Index, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Fractals, Relative Strength Index and Accumulation/Distribution, among many others. These various technical analysis tools can assist traders to make better informed decisions when manual trading.

bitcoin kpex ai

✔️ Demo Trading Account

The trading platform claims to offer a demo account to users to test the features in real-time but with paper trading. Paper trading involves using virtual funds to place realistic trades using data that is based off of historical chart patterns. Although Bitcoin Kpex AI does support paper trading, the feature is not easy to access. Upon registering we found that the account was immediately a live trading account, and we could not find any function on the interface to change it to a demo account. It is likely that users should reach out to customer support and request them to change the account type to a demo account in order to trial it with paper funds.

✔️ Customer Support

Many traders will require some form of customer support. Such as any queries, troubleshooting or simply wanting to know more about specific functionalities of the Bitcoin KPEX AI platform. The platform offers customer support through either filling out the form or by writing to the support email. In both cases, users will have to wait for the support agents to respond.

✔️ Educational Resources

Bitcoin KPEX AI states that they do offer educational resources, however, upon using the interface we could not find any area where those resources are located. It may be that once a user makes the minimum deposit and the account is activated, the dedicated advisor will be the mentor or may provide the links to external educational learning materials. In this case that we could not find the resources, we cannot explore the quality of the educational materials that Bitcoin KPEX AI claims to offer.

✔️ Trading Account Manager

Unlike many of the best trading platforms, Bitcoin KPEX AI states that they offer clients a dedicated trading account manager. While on the web trader we could see that functions were available to explore assets, conduct charting analysis and place orders, however, we could not find where to set up the automated trading bot. This may be where the trading account manager comes in to play. Our only conclusion would be that while users can place trades manually, the trading account manager would be the one to help clients to set up automated trading and set the parameters for users according to their risk appetite and desired strategy.

Is Bitcoin KPEX AI a Legitimate Trading Platform?

After taking time to carefully assess the platform's key features, it appears that Bitcoin Kpex AI is a legitimate trading platform. This review of Bitcoin KPEX AI highlights the platform's features, functionality and interface. It is clear that Bitcoin Kpex AI supports a range of features that could help users to improve their trading. The platform also offers a demo account so that users can test the legitimacy of the software before trading with real funds.

Many new automated trading apps come into the market on a regular basis. Thorough research and evidence are required when considering their legitimacy. While Bitcoin KPEX AI seems to be legit, the lack of information presented online makes it hard to determine how reliable it can be.

Bitcoin KPEX AI Fees Explained

Normally, trading platforms have fees involved when trading. These come in the form of flat trading fees, spreads between buy/sell prices, overnight fees and other commissions. Bitcoin KPEX AI does not highlight that it takes any fees, although in the web trader we could establish that a spread is present. The platform does claim that they do not have any withdrawal fees, and many free trading platforms have similar zero deposit and withdrawal fees as it can be attractive to clients to use their service.

Trading Platform Fees & Commissions

We could not establish if Bitcoin KPEX AI has any fees or commissions involved with trading. The only type of commission that could be seen is on the web trader, where assets have a spread. The platform has seemingly low spreads and have kept competitive on the rates. The price of assets is in real-time and is of market value so there is no internal increasing mark-up on assets that could be seen.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Bitcoin KPEX AI states that they do not charge any withdrawal fees to customers. However, the account currency shows it is in Euro, therefore, if withdrawing to an account of different currency, interbank rates and international transfer charges may occur. With regard to de posits, the same can be said. For instance, for users depositing USD to a Euro account, the bank will usually charge international transfer fees. Depending on a person's bank, the rate of exchange can either be the normal daily Visa/Mastercard rate, or the bank may set their own currency exchange rate which is usually substantially less.

Bitcoin KPEX AI Minimum Deposit

As established, the Bitcoin KPEX AI platform requires users to make a minimum deposit after registering. The minimum deposit is $250 and this is not a payment, but a deposit into the user trading account. While some trading platforms do not limit deposits, many do require minimum deposit amounts to get started. $250 seems a reasonable amount to get started on trading, however, it is not ideal for users that want to continuously deposit smaller amounts on a regular basis to build up a portfolio gradually.

What are the Risks of Using an AI Trading Tool?

AI trading tools have been promoted for a long time and new platforms pop up on a regular basis from automated trading bots to AI stock pickers. With the recent buzz around developments in AI, companies are leveraging new technology to facilitate trading. However, there can be a number of risks involved and it is good to be aware of these before risking large sums of money. Algorithms are programmed to react on certain market events and are set through condition parameters. Sometimes market sentiments can go the opposite way to the parameters resulting in negative outcomes. It is good practice to understand risk appetite and to ensure the parameters set accommodate to your desired risk level. AI can also sometimes be delayed and react late to market news, while sometimes reactionary events can already be priced in to an asset.

❌ No Risk Assessment Tools

Some trading platforms have dedicated risk assessment tools and give probabilities to the likelihood of an outcome. Bitcoin KPEX AI does not give any risk assessment tools which limits the positive outcome of decisions. It is always good to conduct thorough independent research on market assets to evaluate oncoming news and events which can influence prices.

❌ The Market Can Change Quickly

Trading financial assets is a time conscious endeavor. Markets react quickly to global economic events and geopolitics. In modern times a lot of worldwide geopolitical events are influencing financial markets very quickly. Circumstances can quickly change for companies, currencies and stock market indexes and traders need to stay ahead of the curve. For traders it is always key to stay ahead of the markets. Keep track of global news updates and consider what impacts those could have on financial instruments.

❌ It is Easy to Start Gambling Instead of Trading

Trading financial assets is not for the feint of hearted. CFDs and leverage trading involve high risks and without proper technical and fundamental analysis traders can get carried away with their emotions. A key rule for investors is never trade with emotions. Sometimes trades can go south, and it is important to always maintain good composure and follow a given strategy without emotional influence.

A simple rule to follow is not to revenge trade. There are countless stories where traders made a bad decision and lost substantial funds from their portfolio. This leads them to then go and revenge trade using high leverage to try and recoup their losses. The rule of thumb is to never chase a trade and never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

Best Alternatives to Bitcoin KPEX AI

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Our Verdict on Bitcoin Kpex AI

Our Bitcoin KPEX AI review has covered the trading app, evaluating the various features that are offered to clients. It was essential to access the web trader to see what trading tools and analytics features Bitcoin KPEX AI presents. The platform does offer access to a wide range of financial instruments and has a variety of indicators and pre-set technical analysis tools available for traders to use.

It was difficult to find evidence of the success rate that the platform has. It can be good practice to test out the platform on a demo account before risking any personal funds.

Overall, Bitcoin KPEX AI seems to offer a standardized set of features similar to other automated trading apps. We feel that the term AI in its name is contrary to what the platform offers. There was no AI trading robot available for client usage. However, this may be something which is handled by the personal account managers. The user interface is easy to use and there is the wide range of charting tools available.

As with any form of investing, research is key and realizing your risk appetite is a must. Investors should evaluate what their manageable risk level is and never invest money which you can't afford to lose. To delve into the Bitcoin KPEX AI platform users can follow the link below to register for an account.

Your money is at risk.


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Dimal Nathwani Finance and Crypto Writer

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