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Trading bots are constantly making headlines across various media platforms for a number of reasons. More often than not, the headlines point to these tools being unreliable or even fraudulent. However, that isn’t true for all crypto trading tools.

Immediate GP is a brand new trading bot that could make cryptocurrency trading a lot easier for people. In this Immediate GP review, we will take a closer look at the tools main features, security protocols and registration process to determine whether or not it is worth using in 2023.

Keep reading our full review to find out more about this exciting new platform.

Immediate GP Platform Overview

Below is a general overview of the Immediate GP news platform and bot.

Platform type: Crypto news platform and trading bot.
Cost: Zero cost
Markets available: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.
Minimum Deposit: $250
Main pros:
  • Powerful intuitive platform with excellent design for trading
  • Mobile accessibility, i.e., via desktop and smartphone
  • Timely financial news and analysis of crypto markets
  • Automated transactions available 24/7
  • Demo account access
Main cons:
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $250
  • Limited research material available online

Your capital is at risk

Full Review 2024

Immediate GP offers investors an innovative automated trading platform and the power to harness the financial markets through effective tips and strategies. It is one-of-a-kind and will be of great use to many amateur and expert investors. Read this full review to find out what to expect from the Immediate GP news and trading platform.

What Is Immediate GP?

Immediate GP is a trading bot and a crypto news platform that provides investors with a automated way to trade CFDs. This tool was designed by developers who wanted to improve the trading experience for both beginner and advanced traders, especially as tracking market movements is consequential. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies has aided the effectiveness of this software and has helped many users to make profitable trades. Additionally, that platform uses advanced analytical tools or algorithms to detect crypto movements such as Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and altcoins (Ripple and Cardano).

Generally, it can be difficult trying to track crypto movements manually – a lot of effort goes into monitoring stats and researching performance. However, trading bots can greatly reduce the amount of work that needs to be done. The bots will do the research in seconds and apply advanced strategies that should hypothetically work based on previous performance data. The Immediate GP platform also provides up-to-date news and market insight whilst it is making trades so that users can better understand the trades that are being placed.

The information available is up-to-date courtesy of the hard work of experienced journalists who source correct and unbiased information about finance. They hope that with the information, new and expert investors can make good decisions regarding their finances.

Your capital is at risk

Immediate GP Key Features

Below, we have taken a closer look at key features that are offered by the Immediate GP trading tool.

Market news and updates

Immediate GP crypto news is a platform that promises to keep users informed on the most recent market trends and developments, helping them take strategic steps and make brilliant decisions. The unrivaled market or finance news and updates is a major highlight and it is all thanks to the concerted efforts of the platform’s finance experts and journalists.

The high quality of this platform’s news has launched it to become a go-to source for several investors. Joining Immediate GP to get informed on business, personal finance, and crypto markets is definitely a brilliant idea.

Users can access the market news whilst the tool makes trades in the background. This makes it easy to keep on top of what is going on and make informed decisions around your trading.

Research and analysis tools 

Immediate GP platform also has numerous research and analysis tools available for traders to use when making decisions about potential trades. Amongst the tools available includes historical data on crypto performance which is useful to make high-quality technical analyses that will help you to make informed decisions. These tools are interactive, making it possible to navigate seamlessly through different conditions and be updated. More so, the platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and algorithms to help traders find suitable investment opportunities as specified on various individual trading goals.

Personal finance tips and strategies 

Most beginners are often advised to research thoroughly before investing in any cryptocurrency and should only consider proven or recommended tips and strategies. Some experts still stick to this rule because of how effective it has been over the years. Finding a website like Immediate GP that provides personal finance tips and expert strategies is bliss. It leads anyone interested in financial success in the right direction while allowing them to gain experiences along the way. It is also a customized platform that allows users to adjust the system to their preferences.

User interface 

Immediate GP has an incredibly user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to understand. The developers spent time creating a website that not only provides traders with good information but also the ability to navigate through different pages. Traders can also use the built-in tools or features perfectly to improve their experience.

In the same vein, Immediate GP has a powerful, innovative, and intuitive design. It is easy to use on a wide range of devices – ranging from desktop computers to smartphones. It is also developed to support Web Trader, Meta Trader 4 (MT4), and Tailor-made Web Mobile software.

Registration process 

Finding the best finance news platform is a difficult task. Several things are there to consider, especially when it comes to the registration process. Luckily, Immediate GP offers a seamless sign up process that can be completed in minutes.

While a potential user cannot gain access to the site without registering, the developers ensured that the process is straightforward. The registration process only requires you to provide basic details and a mobile phone number to get started. A registered user gets to choose the option to receive daily alerts via email. To use the trading platform, you have to deposit $250 and work with an account manager that is provided by the tool.

Platform fees

Platform fees are the next best thing about the Immediate GP trading tool. First, you can create an account without paying any fees or depositing any funds. Secondly, users can sign-up for news and updates at zero cost. Additionally, there is a demo account readily available for potential users to understand how the platform works before depositing funds for trades. This demo account also gives users an opportunity to use some expert strategies or develop new ones.

The only fee to pay on this platform is the minimum deposit that is required to start live trading.

Customer support services

CFD trading come with significant risk. Luckily, traders are able to contact Immediate GP about any issues through multiple platforms. The developers understand that there might be issues with accounts, payments, and information dissemination, so they reach out to or accept complaints from users in various ways such as by phone, email, livechat, and FAQ. The customer support service is outstanding but you must be a registered member of the Immediate GP software to access these channels.

Payment and withdrawal methods

Considering that this Immediate GP news platform is also a trading bot and transactions take place, it is also important to consider payment (deposit) and withdrawal methods. The popular payment methods available are credit/debit cards, eWallets, and bank transfers. The minimum deposit at this site is $250.

Your capital is at risk

Immediate GP Pros and Cons

To summarize the strong and not-so-strong points of this Immediate GP review, we have listed the main pros and cons below.

✅ Pros

Best Crypto Finance News

Everyone loves to be informed, especially regarding their finances. People always want to know what and when it is right to invest in a business. Cryptocurrency investment is a high-risk business and you need all the help possible from online sources and materials. Immediate GP tool is a reliable site that provides this opportunity by delivering updated news with accurate information and analytical tools to aid trading.

Automated Transactions 

One of the best things about trading platforms like Immediate GP is the ability to perform automated transactions. There is nothing pleasing to knowing that there is a bot handling your trades while you are involved in other things (or businesses). However, it sometimes requires human supervision – so that trades aren’t only run by complete logic. Asides from that, the software saves you from investing based on emotions.

Worldwide License 

The operability of any business depends on its license. Apart from the fact that it displays the business’s legitimacy (giving customers the confidence they need), it also allows people from various jurisdictions to be interested. This trading and news platform has a worldwide license which means it can accept as many people as possible from different countries.

Demo Option 

You don’t have to go all in at once.” That is what a demo account tells you. It helps users gain good ground before investing real money into any business like cryptocurrency. The Immediate GP demo account is a lifesaver, as it allows users to try out the platform and use expert strategies to determine whether to continue or not.

User-Friendly Software Design

One more advantage this software has that will be beneficial to users is its user-friendly design. Immediate GP allows for customized control while ensuring easy navigation and compatibility with various devices. It supports other trading applications for the ultimate experience.

❌ Cons

High Deposit Requirement

The only con about this platform is its high deposit requirement. Registered users interested in getting updated news and trading on the platform have to pay an initial minimum deposit of $250.

Your capital is at risk

How Much Does It Cost To Use Immediate GP?

Choosing a trading platform means good consideration to a number of factors – one of them is the platform’s fees. There seems to be a cost to using trading bots for their services and while some offer a zero-cost policy. Immediate GP trading platform is one of the few sites with zero fees and commissions – users don’t have to pay for creating an account or maintaining an account annually. There are also no hidden fees. In short, it runs using a standard blockchain cost.

However, it will be a good financial decision to only deposit capital that an investor isn’t afraid to lose while trading.

How To Use Market News For Crypto Trading 

The influence of market news headlines in the cryptocurrency market cannot be overemphasized. Successful investors often decide on what to trade based on sentiments derived from news headlines. It definitely does have a huge impact on crypto returns.

Additionally, it is no surprise that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price is strongly affected by media and news coverage. That means positive news typically sees the Bitcoin price going up while negative news sends it down. And with these headlines, investors can decide what trading strategy to use.

Below are major cryptocurrency trading strategies to adopt based on market news.

Day Trading

Day Trading is one of the most popular trading strategies for cryptocurrencies. It works mostly for people interested in short trades and FOMO-induced traders who want to profit based on news headlines. When day trading, investors buy and sell cryptocurrencies within a day – in a matter of hours, minutes, or seconds. The essence of this technique is to maximize the fluctuating movement of Bitcoin or another crypto price during a session and make profits. And apart from news updates, Day Trading relies on technical indicators to determine points of entry and exit during a trading session.


Scalping is another short-term trading technique. The only difference between this crypto trading strategy and the day trading method is the multiple entries into markets within a short period. An investor will have to hold the trade for a limited time – mostly seconds or minutes and sell within the next to maximize profits.

Scalping takes advantage of small price movements throughout the day. A volatile market always supports scalping. However, news can also be an influencing factor, as the latest updates can help investors decide whether to use this strategy or not.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging is a popular strategy amongst longer term investors who want to build a diverse portfolio that takes advantage of multiple assets. The strategy is executed by investing small amounts of capital into multiple assets regularly. For example, you may invest $1 into 10 different tokens every single day. It is a common concept among new and professional investors because it helps them create a more diversified portfolio with minimal risk. Traders can invest in minimum amounts on cryptocurrencies over a specific time – usually days or weeks.

Dollar Cost Averaging, like other strategies, also uses market news. Investors will place money into assets that are predicted to increase in value, according to media outlets.

High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading is appealing to advanced traders who know how to use trading bots to their advantage. The strategy uses algorithmic tools to passively place numerous trades at one time, based on pre-determined market conditions. These bots are designed to enter and exit crypto trading sessions while ensuring minimal risk. Many bots use market news to predict future price movement. When used safely, the strategy can be profitable. However, it can be difficult to manage a high volume of trades at one time. That is why High Frequency Trading is only recommended for expert traders.

Range Trading

Range Trading is one more popular crypto trade strategy but often relies on the opinions of experts based on the information provided on the news. It is a strategic method of pulling resistance and support levels at different points depending on crypto markets. For instance, if the news tells that there is a possibility for cryptocurrency prices to increase, a resistance level (price higher than the current market price) is called. On the contrary, if the prices are expected to fall, a support level (a price lower than the current market price) is called.

Your capital is at risk

Is Immediate GP Legit or A Scam?

The legitimacy and safety of Immediate GP is subjective and depends on several factors.

First, the Immediate GP crypto trading platform has a worldwide license which proves that it is legitimate and suitable for investors to use. It is also a news site with accurate and timely information provided by crypto experts and journalists.

Regarding safety and security, there is only limited information about what the software tool provides to maintain them. However, the only thing developers hope that users could trust is its partnership with popular brokers to perform safe transactions. These brokers include Meta Trader 4 and Web Trader.

Additionally, Immediate GP is not regulated or monitored by any financial agency or US agency. The reason is solely that Option Trading is not supported within the United States.

Your capital is at risk

Who Created the Immediate GP Platform?

There is no information on the creators of the crypto news trading platform. For this reason, users are advised to proceed with caution. The limited information could be a sign that the tool lacks transparency which could indicate that it is unreliable.

How To Use Immediate GP in 2024

Are you a beginner or expert investor interested in using Immediate GP to guide your crypto trading? Here is a breakdown of the steps involved to use the tool in 2024 – you can create an account in a few minutes!

Step 1: Fill out the online registration form

The first stage to using the best finance news platform and trade bot is to create an account. There are a few steps involved to register an account. They are;

#1 Visit the Immediate GP crypto trading and news platform website.

#2 On the homepage, enter your full name (first and last), email address, and mobile number. Ensure to enter your correct details because a verification process takes place almost immediately.

#3 Read the Immediate GP terms and conditions and privacy policy. Confirm that you have read these clauses by accepting them.

#4 Finally, Click ‘Submit’.

Step 2: Complete email verification

The next stage is to complete an email verification process. This procedure is important for safety. A prompt link will be sent to your provided email address. You will have to check your email app and click on this link to complete verification. Your account remains inactive if you don’t click this link within the specific timeframe.

Step 3: Start using market news to guide your trading

Once you’ve confirmed your registered email address, you have successfully become a part of the Immediate GP platform. You can start using the information provided on the market news page for your trading. The information in the market news is basically observations or reports from expert analysts and crypto journalists who have studied market trends closely to predict what may become of cryptocurrencies within a short or long time.

To start trading using the bot, you can do the following:

Step 4: Open a Demo Account

For anyone new to crypto trading or trading tools, opening a demo account seems like a reasonable idea. It will help you discover what you really need to know about the software. You get an understanding of various trading strategies and will be able to read charts successfully. You will be doing all these at no cost.

Step 5: Deposit Minimum Funds

Once you’ve equipped yourself with solid knowledge of Immediate GP using the demo account, you can proceed to deposit the minimum funds for trading $250. You can pay on this platform using methods such as bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and eWallets. However, you should confirm that the funds reflect in your account balance before trading.

Step 6: Invest in Cryptos

Lastly, you can start investing in cryptos through ‘live trading’. When you switch to this account, you will be using real money to place trades instead of paper money. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you’re ready for live trading before you place any tards. Practice as much as you need to with the demo account before moving on to this stage.

Is Immediate GP A Reliable Source of Market News? 

Immediate GP is regarded as a reliable source of market news. However, it is important to note that the site is very new and there is a chance that it may come under scrutiny in the future.

The site’s homepage has a list of reasons to invest in Bitcoins. It also has a series of information put together by supposed experts.

Immediate GP also lists several terms and conditions which suggest that the platform is transparent. First, it advises users that CFDs are high-risk complex assets and they could possibly lose money in the process. Also, it mentions that the software’s past performance doesn’t always guarantee correct future predictions.

Our Final Thoughts on Immediate GP

Every amateur and professional investor needs help when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies on the market. Immediate GP provides users with in-depth market new and algorithmic trading strategies for investing in CFDs (or volatile markets) with thoroughly researched information, reports, and analytical tools. It also has a trading bot that gives customers a competitive advantage, allowing you to trade without the interference of human emotions. Overall, this Immediate GP review reveals the news and trading software is a good option to consider but you must understand that cryptos are high-risk investments and profit can never be guaranteed.

Your capital is at risk

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