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Best Penny Cryptocurrency To Watch 2023

The best penny crypto can deliver excellent ROI—Return on investment, and they require small capital to start. Investment per coin typically falls under $5; however, you can select the coins that sell under 5 cents to under 10 cents. The advantage the top penny cryptocurrency has is its ability to grow exponentially, especially when user adoption and acceptance increase, within a short period.

10 Best Penny Cryptocurrencies To Buy 2023

  1. $COPIUM (Copium Club)– Brand New Meme Token with Unique Roadmap
  2. SPONGE (Spongebob token)– The Best Meme Coin To Explode in 2023
  3. TAMADOGE (Tamadoge) Brand new crypto with fantastic potential in the metaverse space
  4. IBAT (Battle Infinity)– Gaming penny crypto with P2E features
  5. LBLOCK (Lucky Block)– Best lottery crypto to buy in 2023
  6. DEFI (DeFi Coin)– Promising penny crypto with excellent past performance and future offerings
  7. DOGE (Dogecoin)- One of the biggest penny cryptos on the market
  8. SHIB (Shiba Inu)- Ethereum-based alternative to DOGE
  9. AKITA (Akita Inu)- Meme coin with growing community and future potential
  10. Apecoin- A governance and utility token for the ApeCoin ecosystem
  11. SMI (Safemoon)- A growing crypto gaming platform with upcoming play-to-earn features
  12. Popular DeFi coin that allows users to earn from their crypto
  13. Samoyed Coin- A popular meme token on the Solana blockchain

Your money is at risk

Best Penny Cryptocurrency To Buy 2023– Reviewed

Many penny cryptos or meme coins are tied to pop culture like movies, memes, video games, comedy, and music. Dogecoin, the most popular memecoin in the crypto market, commands 35% of the memecoin or penny crypto market capitalization. Today, there are tons of these coins that fall in the best penny crypto category. These coins offer easy market entry and give excellent returns.

The list should not be taken as investment advice. Please conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is still volatile, so you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose.


Copium club

$COPIUM is the definition of a top penny crypto to buy right now! The coin has recently been launched on exchanges and is predicted to surge in the near future. $COPIUM has a strong backing and has already made headlines as a token to watch in 2023 therefore, many believe that $COPIUM is currently very undervalued.

$COPIUM is the native crypto of the Copium Club meme token platform- a place for investors to share memes, jokes and troll the crypto industry as a way of ‘coping’ with market volatility. The crypto markets are difficult to navigate and investors are regularly caught out by schemes. Copium Club was created to help investors cope with this through humor and community support.

copium club

It is this community support that will drive the value of $COPIUM upwards. The project will also rely on exclusive events to drive interest to the project and encourage existing investors to increase their stake. The most recent event was the exclusive presale that was available to just 200 people. Upcoming events include an NFT drop and a crypto airdrop that will also only be available to limited investors. To increase your chances of getting invited to events, it is a good idea to invest in as much $COPIUM as possible.

$COPIUM has already made headlines after less than 1 week of launching. It is predicted that the hype around this unique project will continue and early investors could see excellent gains. Invest now by swapping ETH for $COPIUM.

Your money is at risk


sponge logo

$SPONGE is the latest meme token to make headlines in the crypto space. Spongebob Token was created in May 2023 to recreate the success of Pepe coin which exploded after just days of launching on exchanges. Like it’s predecessor, Spongebob has already seen significant returns and is predicted to continue rising and the token becomes available on more crypto exchanges.

$SPONGE was launched directly onto exchanges and did not hold any presale event. The token also doesn’t have a roadmap and will rely entirely on investor support to drive value and awareness to the project. So far, this has been very successful and $SPONGE has been recognized by major new publications, social media channels and prominent crypto investors.

$SPONGE is an ERC20 crypto asset with a supply of 400,000,000. No new tokens will be minted once the total supply has been sold. Therefore, it is wise to invest early before the price goes up! The token was created to provide early investors with returns on their investment. The earliest investors have already seen gains but there is still time to profit from future price pumps as $SPONGE becomes available on more exchanges.

Your money is at risk


Tamadoge Picture

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the native token for the TamaDoge ecosystem, Tamaverse. Tamaverse is a play-to-earn game that allows users to mint, care for, and breed their TamaDoge pets. An adult pet can battle other pets, and users can climb the leaderboard and earn TAMA from the Dogepool.

TamaDoge is popular and has a strong community because of the aesthetics of the ecosystem. At the moment, the crypto is in its presale stage and can be bought using ETH or USDT in the metaverse. A TAMA costs $0.01.

TamaDoge has a lot of hype at the moment; the aesthetics of its NFTs and the fact that some analysts think it could be the next Dogecoin has given it a lot of public interest. Fortunately, the coin’s Centralized Exchange Listing isn’t until the fourth quarter of 2022, making it a decent investment option for early adopters.

If you plan to invest in TamaDoge, now is a perfect time before prices skyrocket after their CEX Listing.

Your money is at risk

IBAT – BattleInfinity

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is the in-game token for the fantasy sports ecosystem, Battle Infinity. Battle Infinity is a Metaverse where players can create and develop teams and battle against other teams. The P2E ecosystem allows players to combat in different sports, from tennis to boxing, basketball, and cricket. IBAT sits on the BNB blockchain, and there are 10 billion available tokens.

While the Battle Infinity ecosystem presale volume is sold out, the creators have set limits to sell when the token becomes listed on decentralized exchanges to ensure that the value of the coin remains strong and users don’t dump it. IBAT is one of the best crypto to buy under a penny, and early investors can still make great profits.

IBAT will be listed on the PancakeSwap exchange on August the 17th.

Your investment may go down as well as up in value. Cryptocurrency is not regulated in the UK.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

luckyblock logo

LBLOCK is the native currency of the decentralized lottery blockchain, Lucky Block. Lucky Block has a noble intention to solve some of the inherent problems of the traditional lottery system. The cryptocurrency, quite new, was launched in 2022, and has since paid out $1 million worth of jackpot wins to users.

The Lucky Block project is bold, and it’s a fair bet, especially if it can break into the gambling world as its vision promises. As of writing, an LBLOCK is worth $0.000508559379 and has drawn quite the attention amongst crypto investors. Serial crypto investor Scott Ryder is the CEO and the brain behind the Lucky Block. But LuckyBlock isn’t Ryder’s first Rodeo. Ryder is also the co-founder of Defi Coins and the CEO of Stakemoon. It’s an impressive feat for him, and if Defi’s success is anything to go by, LBLOCK might just be the penny cryptocurrency behind the new lottery industry.

You money is at risk.

DEFI (DeFi Coin)


At this point, if you are still looking for the best penny cryptos you can add to your portfolio, you can do thorough research on DeFi coin (DEFC). It is a community-driven coin run by selfless developers.

One of the things that made the project stand out from the other horde is that there is no developer wallet for their token. They burned all of their tokens, and this singular act gained them massive trust from their community.

DEFC uses case ranges, from having automatic liquidity, rewarding holders, and then staunch holders being able to exchange collectibles on the platform. Currently trading at $0.144 and with a Fully Diluted Valuation of $14,624,500, it is convenient to include DEFC as one of the top penny cryptocurrencies on your buy list.

Your money is at risk.

DOGE (Dogecoin)

dogecoin logo

Dogecoin was created as a joke in  2013 by software engineers Jack Palmer and Billy Marcus. It gained so much attention on the internet as a meme cryptocurrency, making many people buy into Dogecoin. This attention was primarily due to the Tesla CEO; now side named the Dogefather, Elon Musk.

Elon musk shilled Dogecoin through cryptic tweets, and this made it to be on every crypto investor’s lips. It raced past several other top penny cryptocurrencies during the 2021 bull market earning its rank as one of the best penny cryptocurrency to consider.

Dogecoin currently trades at a fair price of $0.06 and a market capitalization of $9 billion. With its dedicated fanbase, Dogecoin will most likely shoot higher in the event of a favorable news event.

Your money is at risk.

SHIB (Shiba Inu)

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu, one of the best cryptos (memecoin), was motivated by the success of Dogecoin. It was created in the Late quarters of 2020. Not long after its rise to fame, it was touted by its wild community as the Dogecoin killer, i.e., a cryptocurrency that will put Dogecoin to rest and become the new meme coin sensation.

Shiba Inu’s price soared tenfold in 2021, shortly after its creation. It is a speculative asset because of its extensive supply and high volatility.

But of this extensive supply, only 7% remains to be mined. It is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies with the potential for a massive return on investment.

Your money is at risk.

SMI (Safemoon)

Safemoon Picture

Safemoon, which is also a meme cryptocurrency, scored its name as a top penny cryptocurrency during the 2020 DeFi season. Its massive rise during this period birthed its community movement known as The SafeMoon Army.

Unlike Dogecoin, which is simply driven by its meme value, Safemoon has some utilities and functionalities on its smart contract.

Safemoon has witnessed the rise and fall of many other cryptocurrencies giving it a lot of market appeal to potential investors looking to invest in top penny cryptocurrencies.

Safemoon use cases now border around building blockchains, driving commerce, and finding better utilities of the Metaverse and NFTs. Although, Safe moon is not without its fair share of limitations, just like every other cryptocurrency.

To buy SMI, you will need to connect your wallet to a DEX and use BNB or ETH to make the swap. You can purchase BNB (Binance Coin)  from most reputable exchanges.

Your money is at risk.

Samoyed Coin

samoyed logo

Samoyed coin is a meme coin on the Solana blockchain. It has held it since it became a sensation during the DeFi summer, making it one of the best penny cryptocurrencies.

Samoyedcoin’s primary purpose is gearing crypto adoption on the Solana ecosystem. They are making this mission a reality by pushing the boundaries of web3.0 and providing crypto natives with the information they need to get onboarded into web3.0.

They use a token gating mechanism to allow only holders of their token to have exclusive access to some section of their communities, i.e., without the token, you won’t get access to VIP channels or events. Samoyed is certainly a top contender amongst the best shitcoins.

Much like SMI, you will need to already hold some crypto to purchase Samoyed coin from a decentralized exchange.

Your money is at risk

Yearn Finance

Yearn.Finance (YFI) doesn’t necessarily fit into the definition of a top penny cryptocurrency. Its meteoric rise to fame from a value of $3 is impressive; yet, it’s a part of this list because of its easy entry and the possibility for investors to earn a good fortune from trading its coin if it rallies from the new low.

Being one of the pioneers of DeFi, it has been used as an automated marketplace for crypto-bearing products, i.e., it helps investors to determine which pool has the highest yield farms for a trading pair and compare it to the interest offered by other protocols.

Perhaps the most selfless person in crypto and the founder of Yearn.Finance, Andre Cronje ensured that the token generated was equally distributed among deserving holders of the tokens.

Although currently trading at a distant low from its all-time high, market appeal is still very much alive.

Your money is at risk.


apeecoin logo

ApeCoin (APE) is the native cryptocurrency of the top 1 NFT project, the Bored Ape Yacht club. The popularity of the BAYC NFT has already set Apecoin as one of the best cryptos to buy in 2022.

APE token holders take governance decisions collectively, casting their votes and deciding on issues like allocation of funds, framing of rules, partnerships, project selection, and more. The ApeCoin Foundation implements the governance decisions taken by the community.

Built on the ERC-20 token network, the coin also have other uses, such as rewarding various holders of other NFT apart from their native NFT and can also be used for payments to merchants. Apecoin still trades at a value of $6 and is considered a top penny cryptocurrency.

Before buying APE, you will need to hold other crypto in your wallet. You can then swap this for Apecoin through a DEX such as PancakeSwap.

Your money is at risk.

AKITA (Akita Inu)

akita inu logo

The developers of the AKITA coin launched it anonymously on February 1, 2021. The community has taken charge of this cryptocurrency, led by many core team members and moderators.

The cryptocurrency Akita Inu (AKITA) first appeared as an internet joke. The team wants to transform the Akita Inu coin from a meme into a real, useful coin with a variety of uses. The Ethereum blockchain’s Akita Inu ERC20 token intends to increase the Ethereum blockchain’s ability to transfer information and exchange data with other blockchains. According to the website, with the help of the community, the Akita network has established a connection with Avalanche for project governance.

Your money is at risk.

Is Penny Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

The whole cryptocurrency market is pending regulations, and that extends to Penny cryptocurrencies. Investors that trade crypto must do good research should they want to buy crypto for its long-term investment returns.

The Top Pennystock cryptocurrencies mentioned above differ in design, but they all share similar investment value. They are micro-cap and have the potential to do a crazy return on investment if the founding team brings more utilities to them.

Before buying into your best penny cryptos, make sure they have a serious team focused on their project’s growth.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Penny Cryptocurrency

Some of the pros and cons of the best penny crypto are explained below:


  • They allow you have access to a community of believers at the infant stage of a project.
  • Although Penny cryptocurrencies can have explosive gains, it is crucial to understand that they can be very risky too. Some of the top penny cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments with low trading volume.
  • Since people often do not know the best crypto to buy under a penny, investors can spread their portfolios over multiple penny cryptocurrencies.


  • Some penny cryptos are not time-tested when compared to their bluechip alternative. This means there is no track record to base your trade on.
  • They can be subject to pumps and dumps easily, especially if the founding team holds the major part of these cryptocurrencies.
  • Penny cryptocurrencies are also subject to fraudulent activities like rug pull. A rug pull occurs when the founders or developers of a crypto platform disappear with investors’ money and completely de-liquefy the community’s assets.

Where to Buy Cryptocurrency

One of the most important decisions you can make when starting your cryptocurrency journey is to choose the best crypto exchange for the best penny crypto to buy. Before choosing a crypto exchange, you need to consider commission, fee, security, staking bonus, the simplicity of the user interface, and restrictions. You cannot trade on some exchanges in the United States, so a US trader should be up-to-date on any recent restrictions.

You should also consider the tradable tokens and cryptocurrencies in each exchange, ease of purchase, liquidity of assets, and recent breaches. You want a crypto exchange where you spend less on commission, and your assets are securely stored.


Bitsamp may support only 60 cryptocurrencies, but with low commissions and an easy-to-use interface, the platform is a great choice for beginner and expert investors. Bitsamp has a web and mobile interface that helps you monitor your investment on the go.

Bitstamp logo


  • Minimum trading fees
  • Mobile app option
  • Simple user interface


  • Doesn’t support some tokens and major cryptocurrencies

Your money is at risk


Coinbase is one of the most adopted crypto exchanges in the world today. From Bitcoin to penny tokens, Coinbase makes it easy to trade and store cryptocurrencies. Coinbase supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, especially the best penny crypto; however, you may have to pay high transaction fees when trading.

coinbase logo


  • Coinbase supports a large number of cryptocurrencies, so it’s an excellent option for those looking to invest in the top penny cryptocurrency.
  • Coinbase is beginner-friendly and has a seamless and friendly user interface.


  • Higher trading fees, especially when you are buying in bits.
  • Poor customer service

Your money is at risk.


Although launched in 2017, Webull has positioned itself in the market as the go-to platform for beginner traders. Webull offers excellent features, from zero account minimums to an array of best penny crypto that can be traded, competitive margin rate, zero commission on trading, and a host of helpful tools and resources. What’s better? Webull’s service features are premium-based, yet users can access them without spending a dime. Webull supports cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, bitcoin, Litecoin, XLM, and ZLM. You can also check out Webull’s full review here.

Webull logo


  • No fees and commissions for trading
  • Extensive tools and resources for beginner and expert traders
  • Easy to set up an account and start trading.
  • Zero commissions on crypto, options, and stock trading, making it easier to diversify your portfolio.


  • While Webull supports different wealth portfolios, it still does not give access to mutual funds, fixed income, or the futures market.
  • Pay for Order Flow (PFOF) may result in a delay in the execution of an order (either a buy or sell order).

Your money is at risk

Best Penny Cryptocurrency To Watch  2023– Conclusion

Tamadoge (TAMA) has to be our best penny crypto pick for 2023. At the moment, crypto has a lot of hype and adoption and is a part of the doge ecosystem. The Tamaverse, an NFT-based metaverse where people can mint and breed their Tamadoge pets, upon which the Tamadoge was created, has not yet entered its CE listing.

In 2023, Tamaverse may just be the smartest move for cryptocurrency investors, and if we are to go by the success of Dogecoin, investors can make excellent ROI in the short and long term.

Investing in Tamadoge is quite imminent. The coin is in its accumulation stage, and early adopters may enjoy unholy returns after the coin is launched on major centralized exchanges. At the moment, a TAMA costs $0.01 per coin, and with just $500, an investor would have 50,000 TAMA tokens at his disposal

Your money is at risk


What is the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in?

Our top 3 lists will be Tamadoge (TAMA), DEFC (Defi coin), and Battle Infinity (IBAT). IBAT and DEFC made the top penny cryptocurrency list because of the ecosystem within which they exist. Oftentimes, the best crypto to buy under a penny should have widespread user adoption (or a potential for widespread use), liquidity, and exist within a secure space.

Where can I buy penny cryptocurrency?

eToro remains one of the best trading platforms to buy the best penny crypto. With more than 25 million traders using their platform, the eToro app houses a wallet for each user and employs security protocols from DDOS to standardizing protocols and powerful signature system for users. You can use the eToro app or the web application. With the web app, you can log into your account without private keys and trade the best penny cryptocurrency. Other platforms you can use include BitsAmp, Webull, and Coinbase.

What Crypto is less than a penny?

There are many top penny cryptocurrency, and quite a few are under a penny. Atika Inu, Tamadoge, IBAT, Shiba Inu, Safemoon, cost $0.0000002071, $0.01, 0.0015, $0.00001235, 0.000000005732, respectively per coin. These tokens are some of the top penny cryptocurrency and avenues to diversify your portfolio.

Is penny cryptocurrency risky to invest in?

The cryptocurrency market is volatile. While there is a possibility of making tremendous returns, you can also lose all your money. When investing in penny cryptocurrency, you must consider the risk/reward ratio and never invest more than you are willing to lose.

How to invest in penny cryptocurrency?

Investing in a penny cryptocurrency is most profitable when you start in the accumulation phase. The accumulation phase is the stage where not many people know too much about the coin. Early adopters make the most money. Most people who invested in Bitcoin in its early stage made staggering profits when Bitcoin boomed. To know if a coin will boom, you need to study the market. Tokens that are ordinary assets (that is, they have no functionality) may not reach their value peak. Bitcoin is a widely accepted payment method; Ethereum is a blockchain; Dogecoin is a meme; SAND, MANA, and TAMA are native currencies of widely adopted Metaverses. When a coin is attached to a unique functionality and not just sentiment, it has a better probability of succeeding in the long run.


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