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For anyone surveying the crypto markets, 2023 is the year of investments! Following a year of high, it’s a year offering an excellent entry point for long-term investors! 

Besides, if you’ve already missed your train to the BTC rush, there’s still a chance to enjoy such great returns. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are several new entrants in the crypto market having similar potential.

To help you better understand, we’ve listed some of the best long-term crypto investments for 2023. Let’s find it out more in the blog below.

Best Long-Term Crypto Investment 2023 – List

To save you from the struggle, we’ve curated this list of the best crypto for long-term investments below. 

  1. IBAT (Battle Infinity) – Overall best long-term crypto for long-term crypto investments.
  2. TAMADOGE (Tamadoge) – New token worth the hype for long-term crypto investments.
  3. LBLOCK (Lucky Block) – Long-term project with regular competitors. 
  4. DEFI (DeFi Coin) – Token that introduced a revolution.
  5. BTC (Bitcoin) – Long-term Crypto Investment That Hedges Against Inflation
  6. ETH (Ethereum) – Blue chip smart contract crypto, making it one of the best long-term cryptocurrency

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Now that you have an idea of the different tokens, let’s have a better look at the best long-term investments in the next section.

Best Long-Term Crypto Investment 2023 – Reviewed

IBAT (Battle Infinity)- Overall best long-term crypto for long-term crypto investments.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

First on our list of long-term crypto investments is the IBAT token! A native currency under the brand new DeFi project ‘Battle Infinity’ ecosystem is the key to unlocking all the features and abilities inside the gaming platform. 

In addition, the IBAT token also bridges the gap between the Battle Infinity gaming platform and its Metaverse, creating a smoother, more efficient ecosystem in the process. Gamers can also use the IBAT token to purchase NFTs, gaming products, and artwork, among other products. In addition, the IBAT token will also be used by players participating in the IBAT Premier League tournament.

This BEP-20 token developed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain is unique for being the first ever NFT-based metaverse gaming platform. Interestingly, while these were the basics of the token, it has made it to the investors’ portfolio for all the right reasons.  

Thanks to its functionality, IBAT has been able to appeal to a large number of investors, collecting over 1.2 million USD since its pre-sales launch. Moreover, considering the rate at which the token exceeded its soft cap sooner than projected, many analysts consider it to be the ‘Axis’ of the gaming space. 

If you are interested in a long-term crypto buy of IBAT, you can purchase the token currently in its ongoing pre-sale. Simply visit ‘Battle Swap’ (the platform’s native exchange) and purchase the token using a range of currencies, including USD, BNB, and BTC. 

IBAT will be launched on the PancakeSwap exchange on August 17th. This is a great time to buy into the token before prices rise.

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TAMADOGE (Tamadoge)- New token worth the hype for long-term crypto investments.


If you were a part of the Dogecoin bandwagon, chances are that you’ve followed this second best long-term cryptocurrency option on our list! Yes, we’re talking of the TAMADOGE, a brand new meme coin that also happens to be a part of the Doge ecosystem. 

This utility-backed metaverse meme coin is a deflationary crypto token that is the in-game currency for Tamaverse – the TAMA ecosystem. Like the concept of Cryptokitties, players of the Tamaverse can use these tokens to raise, feed, and mint the NFT Tamaverse Pets that are the heart of this metaverse. 

Additionally, once their pets have reached a certain level, gamers can engage in battles to win dogepoints. But if you don’t care enough for your Tamadoge, chances are that it turns into a Tamaghost!

TAMADOGE’s deflationary nature makes it reliable for long-term crypto buys. What’s more? Investors of the token will be split into three pools, resulting in an upward price pressure for the token. Additionally, 10% of tokens are burned immediately, consistently reducing the supply and increasing the token’s price.

TAMADOGE has a limited supply of 2 billion tokens, of which 1 billion coins are up for sale in its ongoing pre-sale event. Once the pre-sale event is concluded, an additional 400 million TAMADOGE tokens will be reserved for exchanges. A further 600 million will be available over the next decade on this project.

Because the public presale is live, this might be your best opportunity to buy the TAMA tokens at a lower price. Pirces are expected to rise by 25% during this stage of the presale. 

Your money is at risk

LBLOCK (Lucky Block)- Long-term project with regular competitors.

Lucky Block

Next up, we have the LBLOCK, another latest entrant into the crypto industry that has  the potential to become one of the best long-term crypto investments. This time, the idea behind the coin revolves around decentralizing lottery and gaming. The LBLOCK token was made to support a crypto lottery platform where every participant is the winner. 

By implementing Blockchain’s fundamentals, Lucky Block aims to introduce fairness and transparency in the infamous online gambling. With its unique strategy, the company behind the token aims to eliminate the general notion of ‘predictable’ or ‘favored results’ in the gambling industry.

Overall, Lucky Block is working on creating an ecosystem that offers better winning odds for players while providing a sound strategy to the community’s investors (token holders). The result would be a neutral, fair, and transparent crypto lottery platform. 

From an investment approach, LBLOCK comes with a circulating supply of 40 million tokens and has a very active trading chart. If you want to invest in these tokens, you must purchase the BNB (Binance) coins first. 

Once done, you’ll have to transfer your BNB holdings to your crypto wallet. Next, connect your BNB wallets (Trust Wallet and Metamask) to PancakeSwap DEX.

Besides, with the LBLOCK token holders getting 10% of every jackpot, it could be one of the best cryptos for long-term holding.

Your money is at risk

DEFI (DeFi Coin)- Token that introduced a revolution.

Defi Coin

Fourth on our list of the best long-term crypto is the DEFI token, another digital coin that revolves around a unique concept. Developed with a similar approach as cryptos to fiat, DeFi was an alternative to standard financial services. 

To give you a better insight into the fundamentals of the DeFi Coin, it is a class of financial products (like ‘protocols’ or ‘apps’) that are autonomous computer programs developed on Blockchain. In addition, the products in this ecosystem are governed by smart contracts. 

P2P (Peer-to-peer) financial transactions are the core premises behind the DeFi ecosystem. A P2P DeFi transaction happens when two parties agree on goods or services without involving any third party.

This way, the P2P DeFi model reduces the cost of transactions, attracting more investors to its strong fundamentals. Perhaps, this is one of the primary reasons why the DEFI token hit the $0.3396 mark, despite starting at a mere $0.035 mark in a few days. 

In addition, the strong optimistic approach to the token makes DeFi a reliable long-term crypto buy. Investors and analysts expect the token to hit the $1 mark soon. DeFi also has a burning program that reduces the supply effectively, manipulating the price upwards due to decreased supply. 

You can start investing in the token by purchasing DeFi on PancakeSwap for just $1. You can also exchange the token at DeFi Swap. Lastly, with the dividend system in place, it stands out as the best long-term crypto investment for many users! 

Your money is at risk

Bitcoin- Long-term Crypto Investment That Hedges Against Inflation


Next up, we have the token that started the crypto revolution; yes, we’re talking about Bitcoin! The largest crypto token by market capitalization, you can’t go wrong by choosing BTC as one of your long-term crypto investments.

BTC is considered to be the ‘gold’ of crypto investments, primarily for its nature as a ‘buy-and-hold investment.’ However, over the years, the token has increased dramatically, primarily for its function of leveraging peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. 

Since its availability in the market in 2009, the token has made the list of best investments with over 121.91% compounded annual returns over time. 

Today, the token has multiple functionalities, thanks to its real-world applications that allow you to purchase goods and services, making it an investment beyond payment, investment, or staking. 

Considering its all-time high value exceeding 65+ million (late in 2021), BTC is one of the best long-term investments. Especially now, after its price has fallen to the $23,000 mark, it could be the best possible re-entry for you. 

If you’re interested in choosing BTC as a long-term crypto investment, you can quickly sign up with a crypto exchange and choose among the multiple payment options. Once selected, place your order and store the BTC in a  hot or cold wallet.

Your money is at risk.

ETH (Ethereum)- Blue chip smart contract crypto, making it one of the best long-term cryptocurrency


Last on our list of suggestions for long-term crypto buys is Ethereum, the silver to crypto’s gold (BTC). Interestingly, Ethereum also stands second on the list of largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. The token’s name describes its Blockchain platform and the native currency used to run operations over it. 

In terms of fundamentals, ETH has ranked up as a store of value. In addition, the Ethereum blockchain has also developed itself as one of the best platforms for developing decentralized apps or dApps. Over the years, ETH has also become a favorite option for developers as it supports smart contracts, allowing applications to function under specific conditions.

What’s more? The token is about to enter its second-generational upgrade. Initially called Eth2 and currently referred to as ‘The Merge,’ the result of this upgrade would be improved security, scalability, and sustainability of the network, making it a strong contender in the list of long-term crypto buys.

You can easily invest in ETH directly from exchange or wallets by making a direct purchase or exchanging tokens. 

Lastly, many analysts have their approaches to the upgrade. On the contrary, many expect the ETH to double its value within a year after the success of The Merge, scheduled for September.

Your money is at risk.

What Is A Long-term Investment?

As the name suggests, long-term investing is a process in which you invest money into assets for a long period of time (generally over ten years)! This method is prevalent among investors as it is believed that the market moves in an upward trend over time. In addition, this format of investing has the potential to maximize your investment’s growth potential in the crypto market. 

Guess what? That’s not all! There’s more to long-term crypto investments than meets the eye. Let’s find out more about it in the following section.   

What Are The Benefits Of Long-Term Investments?

Listed below are the top benefits of entering a long-term investment. 

It helps you ride the bump!

When you first experience a market decline as a beginner investor, it may be quite stressful, and your initial inclination could be to liquidate your investments. But if you abandon ship, your losses will become actual.

Consider this: if you stay invested during a downturn, all you’ll see on your monitor is a decreasing number, and this number may quickly increase later when the markets recover. However, you would lose money if you took your cash out.

Gives you the power of compounding

The longer you keep your money invested in an asset class, the more time it may have to grow. You’ll achieve this by utilizing compound returns. Wondering how compound returns are calculated?

You may visualize compound returns by picturing a snowball sliding down a hill that becomes bigger and bigger as more snow falls on it. Similarly, any investment returns are reinvested yearly, which means that your money might increase even more over time.

Lower trading fees

Trading costs must be paid each time you purchase or sell an investment; thus, the more frequently you enter and exit the market, the greater your trading fees may be. Over time, these trading fees tend to eat up half your investment. The more trading commissions an investor spends, the less profit they will keep. 

But when you invest in long-term investments, you might be able to minimize these costs and maximize your rewards by staying invested for a while.

However, it’s easier said than done! Finding the best long-term cryptocurrency to get started with can be a challenging task! There are multiple aspects to the screening process. First, you’ll have to analyze its fundamentals, past performance, and the token’s future.

Where to Invest in Long-Term Crypto?

Today, thousands of exchanges market themselves as the ‘best.’ However, in reality, not every exchange is safe and secure. Therefore, to give you a better idea, we’ve curated a list of the top platforms to help you get started. 

Check out our top picks for long-term crypto investment trading platforms listed below. 



Bitstamp is our top pick for long-term crypto investments. Headquartered in Luxembourg, this exchange has been active since 2011 and allows users to trade in over 20+ crypto tokens and 50+ trading pairs. Furthermore, the easy modifications and the clean UI over this platform make it a reliable exchange for both beginner and advanced users. 

While you can easily find all the listed tokens on the Bitstamp exchange, the platform updates its exchange with new tokens regularly. In addition, the multiple payment and withdrawal methods make Bitstamp a flexible option to get started with.

In addition, the platform is backed by stringent security measures as Bitstamp stores over 98% of its assets in cold crypto storage. Lastly, you could get started over the platform without attracting additional charges to your transactions. 


  • Competitive trading commissions
  • Offers a powerful platform
  • Excellent smartphone app
  • Simple to use


  • Several prominent crypto coins are missing
  • Rigid staking program
Fee Amount
Crypto Trading Fee 0.25%
Inactivity Fee Free
Withdrawal Fee 0.90 Euros (SEPA transfer) 

0.09 % of the transaction amount (Wire Transfer)

Your money is at risk.



Next on our list of the best long-term crypto exchanges is Webull, one of the most affordable exchange options for your investments. Once signed up, you can access a broad range of free services, including commission-free trading of ETFs, stock, and options, zero account minimum, and trading or investing in multiple cryptocurrencies. 

Users of all expertise can get started with this crypto exchange, primarily due to the user-friendly platform. In addition, the platform also allows beginner investors to educate themselves about the industry with educational resources. 

Lastly, Webull's customer service and security are vouched for. In addition, the platform provides real-time solutions to your situation over the phone and online chat support, making it easier for you to find and invest in the best crypto for long-term investment. 


  • Ease of account setup
  • Free real-time streaming quotes
  • Access to pre-market trading and extended hours
  • Easy account setup with no minimum fees


  • Limited range of tools for managing portfolios
  • No access to mutual funds, foreign exchange, or future markets


Fee Amount
Crypto Trading Fee 0
Inactivity Fee Free
Withdrawal Fee $25 /per (US Domestic Wire) 

$45/per (International Wire)

Your money is at risk. 



eToro is our next pick on the best exchange platforms for long-term crypto buys. This exchange is very versatile in terms of its offerings and allows users to get started with cryptos, ETFs, stocks, crypto, commodities, and indices, among others. Furthermore, the simplicity of this platform and the clean UI make it a compatible option for both advanced and beginner traders. 

The platform allows users to start their trading or investing journey with investments as low as $10. In addition, you can fund your wallet using all the latest tools like cards and e-wallets. 

Lastly, eToro also makes it to the list of reliable exchanges with its stringent security measures that it keeps updating yearly.


  • Free BTC purchase
  • $25 deposit required
  • SEC and FINRA approved
  • Allows traders to leverage copy-trading


  • Comes with a $5 withdrawal fee
  • High non-trading fees
Fee Amount
Crypto Trading Fee Spread, 0.75% for Bitcoin
Inactivity Fee $10 per month after a year
Withdrawal Fee $5

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. Therefore, you must plan long-term crypto investments smartly and be sure if you can afford to take such a high risk and lose your investment.



Last on our list of the best long-term cryptocurrency exchanges is PancakeSwap. Developed over the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), this platform is loaded with features, allowing traders and investors to get started with investments as low as $1.Furthermore, users can easily fund their wallets by exchanging their fiat tokens for other cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, PancakeSwap is known for its significant liquidity and yield farming option that users can leverage for easy cashout and earning additional investment returns. 

PancakeSwap is also a reliable option to link your savings with multiple wallet applications, providing great flexibility.


  • High APR/APY returns
  • Wide range of products offered
  • Low costs of transactions
  • Clean, simple UI


  • Network can get congested
  • Potential for scams


Fee Amount
Crypto Trading Fee 0.25%
Inactivity Fee Free
Withdrawal Fee Charges some part of the transaction. 


Your money is at risk.

Best Long-Term Crypto Investment 2023 - Conclusion

Since the last hype around cryptocurrencies in 2021, crypto tokens have been a hot topic among potential and seasoned investors. However, while most of these tokens on our list have given remarkable returns, we request you to hold back the temptation to jump into crypto investments without proper knowledge. 

Given its core fundamentals, market movement, and sentiments around the token, we think the TAMADOGE token would be your best long-term crypto option. However, given the nature of the industry, it's always wise to first understand and then invest in any token. All the best!

How to invest in crypto for the long term?

Investing in crypto for the long term is simple. All you need to do is create an account on any listed exchanges and start your trade with the best long-term cryptocurrency.

What is the best long-term-crypto to buy?

There are multiple crypto tokens that you could get started with right now. However, to help you save the efforts, check out our list of the top long-term crypto investments to get started.

Is cryptocurrency a good long-term investment?

Yes/No! Given the nature of the industry, it can be hard to understand which crypto token would be the best crypto for long-term. However, when you invest in long-term tokens like BTC, there are better chances of fixed returns.

Is a long-term investment strategy safe?

Yes, a long-term investment strategy is proven safe. When investing over the long term, you have better chances of compounding your returns over the investment period.

Are long-term investments good for beginners?

Yes, investing over the long term is the safest option to start in the industry as a beginner. Besides, always rely on your research as this is the most subtle way to find the best long-term cryptocurrency.

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