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Bitcoin Minetrix is a new innovative project that allows users to mine Bitcoin in a fair and efficient manner without the use of complicated technical hardware. The Bitcoin network runs on a proof-of-work consensus, whereby miners validate transactions in order to add new blocks to the blockchain that store historical data.

Mining Bitcoin involves acquiring expensive hardware, which requires in-depth technical knowledge to set up. Bitcoin Minetrix aims to disrupt and transform the cloud mining landscape by introducing a stake-to-mine consensus mechanism, reducing the barrier to entry for crypto enthusiasts wishing to mine Bitcoin. In this guide, we will cover how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix during the presale.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.

How to buy Bitcoin Minetrix step-by-step

The BTCMTX presale is currently live, and participating is very easy. Here we cover the four simple steps of how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix.

Step 1: Create a cryptocurrency wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
Step 2: Fund your crypto wallet with ETH or USDT.
Step 3: Connect your wallet to the Bitcoin Minetrix presale.
Step 4: Swap ETH or USDT for BTCMTX. You can also use BNB or USDT on the BSC20 network.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.

What is Bitcoin Minetrix?

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new crypto project that lowers the barrier to entry for crypto enthusiasts who wish to mine bitcoin in an easy, non-technical way. The project is disrupting the cloud mining landscape by introducing a stake-to-earn mechanic that allows users to mine BTC seamlessly on a dApp.

Users can stake their tokens and begin mining Bitcoin (BTC) on desktop or on mobile without the hassle of managing and maintaining technical hardware. Bitcoin Minetrix tokenizes cloud mining, providing a decentralized, secure, and transparent solution that removes the risk of questionable third-party providers.

BTCMTX tokenomics

Another appealing component of the Bitcoin Minetrix project is it’s strong tokenomic design. Here is an overview of the BTCMTX tokenomics.

Total supply: 4 billion BTCMTX tokens

42.5% for Bitcoin mining:
Mining operations are a primary function of Bitcoin Minetrix, and 42.5% (1.7 billion tokens) of BTCMTX will be used to fund mining operations.

35% for marketing:
The marketing efforts of the BTCMTX ecosystem are crucial to the growth of the project. 35% of BTCMTX (1.4 billion tokens) will be allocated to the expansion of the platform.

15% for community:
Rewards are available for active participation in the Bitcoin Minetrix ecosystem, and 15% (600 million) of tokens are allocated to incentivize the community.

7.5% for staking:
Presale participants will immediately qualify for staking, and 7.5% (300 million) of tokens will be allocated to staking rewards until the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform is developed.

Bitcoin Minetrix staking and mining

bitcoin minetrix staking

The key platform feature of Bitcoin Minetrix is the capability to stake BTCMTX tokens to participate in Bitcoin mining and earn passive rewards. In the early days, Bitcoin mining could simply be conducted through a laptop; however, as the blockchain became more popular, it required more hash power to run the algorithm to validate transactions. The surge in transactions meant Bitcoin mining now required high-powered machinery to process blocks, which not only requires technical application but is also costly to acquire.

This gave rise to the cloud mining industry, where centralized actors would run thousands of miners in mining factories and rent hash power to customers. This eliminated the high cost of hardware while offering crypto enthusiasts an easy way to access mining and earn consistent rewards passively, without the workload of machinery operations. According to the source, the average income earned by bitcoin miners has improved this year to hit an 18-month average of $32.46 million.

Fast-forward, and the industry became flooded with skeptical actors that claimed to have legitimate cloud mining operations that promised high returns. Many people found the potential for lucrative returns enticing but eventually did not earn back their investment amount, if any at all.

Bitcoin Minetrix is tackling this issue with an innovative stake-to-earn platform, promoting transparency and on-chain traceability for their mining operations. Users must stake their BTCMTX tokens in order to earn cloud mining credits. One can then exchange these credits  for participation in the cloud mining operations.

bitcoin minetrix

How does Bitcoin Minetrix work?

Bitcoin Minetrix promotes transparency and accessibility in mining, eliminating the need to purchase cash contracts from mining companies. Users who purchase BTCMTX will be able to stake tokens in order to earn cloud mining credits. The token acts as an access card to earn cloud mining credits, which can then be redeemed and exchanged for hash power.

The platform uses the power of Ethereum smart contracts to secure users’ share of mining operations. Once a user has earned cloud mining credits, these non-transferrable secondary tokens are burned in exchange for cloud mining time or a percentage of mining yields. This tokenizes the way that users earn hash power and ensures that users have full control of funds while providing the trust of on-chain access to data.


  • Stake tokens immediately until the presale ends.
  • Ease of access to Bitcoin mining.
  • There is no need for technical knowledge.
  • Mine Bitcoin with no operation workload.
  • No large set-up costs of mining farm.


  • The Bitcoin Minetrix facility will take time to develop.
  • Mining difficulty will increase at Bitcoin halving.
  • It is unknown how much hash power it takes for a return on investment.

What makes Bitcoin Minetrix a good investment right now?bitcoin minetrix mining

Bitcoin mining is a costly endeavor, requiring not only significant investment but extensive mining time in order to see a good rate of return. This positions Bitcoin Minetrix as a valid solution for users wishing to get involved in mining Bitcoin.

Users who invest in Bitcoin Minetrix will benefit from a hassle-free method of mining Bitcoin without the need for advanced knowledge or the operation of technical machinery. Users also benefit from not having to invest significant amounts of money into machinery and equipment, topped with the high costs of operating and securing a suitable location for a mining factory.

Crypto enthusiasts can buy Bitcoin Minetrix to facilitate a cost-efficient method of mining Bitcoin and earn passive rewards. Also, the Bitcoin halving will take place in 2024, and this will make it even more difficult to mine Bitcoin due to the need for hardware upgrades and more power requirements, making the barrier to entry even higher. Historically Bitcoin halving created significant price spikes, and under current market conditions, there has never been a better time to start accumulating Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Minetrix vs other Bitcoin derivatives

Bitcoin Minetrix stands out from other Bitcoin derivatives in many ways. Firstly, tokens such as BTCBSC and BTC20 merely aim to emulate Bitcoin on other blockchains, such as the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum network. Although these tokens present a stake-to-earn feature, they do not directly relate to the underlying value of Bitcoin itself. These Bitcoin derivatives aim to create a more efficient Bitcoin and offer users the opportunity to own the token at a low price, as if it were when Bitcoin was first released. This means that tokens such as BTCBSC and BTC20 rely on mass adoption from the crypto community to see significant price increases.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Minetrix allows users to contribute to mining Bitcoin itself. With other derivatives such as BTCBSC and BTC20, they incorporate a staking model that enables users to earn more of the relative native tokens. Staking on Bitcoin Minetrix allows users to earn cloud mining credits that one can exchange for mining power for the original Bitcoin.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.

How to buy Bitcoin Minetrix in May 2024

The Bitcoin Minetrix presale is currently live, and users can purchase BTCMTX tokens at the prelaunch price of $0.011. Bitcoin Minetrix allows users to purchase BTCMTX in the presale using either ETH or USDT on the Ethereum network, or alternatively using BNB or USDT on the Binance Smart Chain. Below, we will cover the steps on how to buy Bitcoin Minetrix using Ethereum on the ERC20 blockchain.

Step 1: Buy ETH or USDT from eToro

Logo eToro

In order to invest in Bitcoin Minetrix, users will first need to own some cryptocurrency. You can participate in the Bitcoin Minetrix presale using ETH or USDT. If you do not have any cryptocurrency in your Ethereum wallet, use a secure, reputable broker to purchase some ETH. Our experts recommend using eToro as a secure, user-friendly, and efficient way to purchase your crypto.

Head over to eToro and purchase some Ethereum. You will need to verify your account first in order to make a purchase, and eToro offers several payment methods, with the easiest being most major credit and debit cards. Once purchased, you will see the amount displayed in the eToro account balance holdings.

buy ethereum from eToro

Step 2: Move crypto tokens from eToro to MetaMask

To participate in the Bitcoin Minetrix presale, you will need to use a non-custodial Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask. If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, create one, write down the private seed phrase in a secure place, and set a password. For further help, here’s everything you need to know about the MetaMask wallet.

To transfer your Ethereum to MetaMask, you will need to move your tokens from the eToro trading platform to the eToro Money wallet. Once your ETH has appeared in your eToro Money wallet, you will be able to withdraw it to your MetaMask. Simply use the withdraw function in the eToro Money wallet and copy and paste the MetaMask wallet address as the address to receive ETH. A window will pop up asking you to confirm the transaction, confirming will charge you a small transaction fee, which is the gas fee.

If you need further help, you can check out our helpful guide on how to buy cryptos in 2024.

Step 3: Connect MetaMask wallet to Bitcoin Minetrix presale

bitcoin minetrix presale

After processing you transaction, your ETH will appear in your crypto wallet. Now head over to the Bitcoin Minetrix website and connect your MetaMask wallet.

A prompt window will pop up asking you to select the desired wallet when connecting to the presale. A connection authorization will pop up in MetaMask, requesting that you confirm the connection. Once connected, select the desired cryptocurrency you wish to use to purchase BTCMTX in the presale. If using Ethereum, then select ETH and enter the amount you would like to use in the swap. It is essential to leave a small amount of Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet to cover the gas fee.

buy bitcoin minetrix

Step 4: Swap tokens for BTCMTX

When you have entered the desired amount, click on swap to initiate the transaction. A transaction verification window will pop up in the MetaMask wallet, and you will need to confirm this in order to complete the purchase.

Within this pop-up window, you will be able to view details of the gas rate and the required amount of ETH being used for the gas fee to complete the transaction. For users wishing to stake immediately, you can use the ‘buy and stake’ function, which will immediately stake your purchased BTCMTX to start earning cloud mining credits.

Step 5: Claim Bitcoin Minetrix after presale

Once the presale has ended, you will be able to claim your BTCMTX tokens. All participants will be able to claim their tokens from the official Bitcoin Minetrix website. Please note that when claiming tokens, you should use the same wallet as the one used when participating in the presale. This is due to the secure nature of smart contracts, which will only issue tokens to wallets recognized as presale buyers.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.

Why invest in Bitcoin Minetrix during the presale?

Bitcoin Minetrix has become one of the most hyped crypto projects in a short period of time. This relatively new platform is already one of the best crypto presales out there. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the staking rewards.

Bitcoin Minetrix can be stacked to earn high rewards of over 138%, along with the possibility of earning mining power. During the presale, investors can benefit from a low entry deposit and enter the ecosystem of Bitcoin mining with a $10 investment. It seems like a great deal, considering that Bitcoin mining is quite expensive and requires a huge amount of energy consumption and overall high costs.

Bitcoin Minetrix also allows BTCMTX holders to withdraw their tokens at any time and to stake as many of them as they want for mining power. The whole process is secured, as Bitcoin Minetrix operates on a unique, highly secured stake-to-mine system that allows investors to earn Bitcoin and stake rewards through cloud mining without having to worry about the safety of their assets.

Bitcoin mining with Bitcoin Minetrix

There are many benefits to cloud mining Bitcoin as opposed to setting up independent mining facilities, and our experts listed below the main criteria by which they ranked Bitcoin Minetrix as one of the most suitable apps for that. Users who wish to mine Bitcoin have an easy, cost-efficient way to participate in mining Bitcoin and earn passive income. Bitcoin Minetrix offers this opportunity to not only the crypto community but even the most novice investor types who are curious about getting into Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Beginner-friendly mining solution

Bitcoin Minetrix is suitable for people who do not have any experience in cryptocurrency. Even the most novice investor will be able to mine Bitcoin in a simple, hassle-free way. For people who are curious about cryptocurrency but skeptical about getting into the web3 world due to technical difficulty, Bitcoin Minetrix provides a beginner-friendly mining solution that is suitable for people of all disciplines. As long as you know how to use a web or mobile application, you will easily be able to start mining bitcoin and earn passive rewards from the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

How to buy Bitcoin Minetrix

Low setup costs

One key barrier to entry for mining is the high cost of setting up. Firstly, Bitcoin mining hardware is very expensive, and for up-to-date miners, the price starts at around $10,000 each. This is quite a large sum, and in order to mine a significant amount of Bitcoin, it is necessary to have hundreds of these miners. Secondly, in order to create a mining farm, it is vital to secure a warehouse unit or some sort of factory location. This is another significant cost, with the price of rentals ever-increasing in a world of inflation. Other equipment, such as high-speed internet connectivity, server management hardware, and suitable ventilation equipment, is another added cost to starting a mining facility.

Bitcoin Minetrix eliminates these set-up costs and gives users a stress-free, no hardware, no maintenance, no excess cost method to start mining Bitcoin. Another key benefit is that the token price is only $0.011 in the presale. This allows people with low disposable income to have an opportunity to mine Bitcoin.

User-controlled approach

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a user-controlled approach to cloud mining. Users are able to retain full control of their funds through the tokenization of the process of acquiring hash power. Ultimately, the user can withdraw their stake or sell their tokens at any time if they wish to stop mining or participating in the Bitcoin Minetrix ecosystem. This leaves flexibility and control in the users' hands without the need to physically send funds anywhere to purchase mining contracts.

Bitcoin Minetrix price prediction: What does the future hold?

Bitcoin Minetrix is gaining strength in the cryptocurrency market, and the future looks promising. BTCMTX's current token price is $0.011, but the potential for growth is attracting investors. By 2024, according to the source, the platform could see a 25-35% increase in the number of users, strengthening it and increasing the value of the BTCMTX token.

ARK Investment Funds CEO Cathie Wood predicts that the price of Bitcoin will reach $1 million by 2030. If the price of Bitcoin rises and the Bitcoin Minetrix project raises funds to mine it, the price of BTCMTX could rise due to the link between the two cryptocurrencies.

If Bitcoin Minetrix continues to build an advanced mining infrastructure, trust in the platform will grow. This will lead to a continued increase in the token's price. By 2030, growth figures could be moderate due to the maturity of the cryptocurrency market. However, Bitcoin Minetrix remains a solution of the future, with a steady annual growth rate of 5-10% in the user area.

Assuming the platform remains a reliable and profitable investment, the price of BTCMTX tokens could range between $0.05 and $0.07. Therefore, Bitcoin Minetrix remains an attractive option for long-term investors in the cryptocurrency space.


Bitcoin Minetrix is an innovative platform that brings a whole new concept to cloud mining. It provides easy accessibility with a low barrier to entry for users wishing to participate in cloud mining.

With the upcoming Bitcoin halving, it seems like the optimum time to start accumulating Bitcoin, and mining is a way that allows consistent passive earnings, even during bear markets. Once the Bitcoin Minetrix platform is developed, users will be able to mine Bitcoin on-the-go through their mobile phones, removing the extra work of operating a mining farm and maintaining hardware and equipment.

Bitcoin Minetrix is a feasible project pioneering a new methodology for mining by incorporating a stake-to-earn model that offers plenty of earning potential. The best time to invest in the project is now during the ongoing presale event.

The price or value of cryptocurrencies can rapidly increase or decrease at any time. You must be satisfied that this crypto offering is suitable for you in light of your financial circumstances and attitude towards risk.


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