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Green crypto projects are an attractive investment opportunity in 2024 because they provide exposure to both decentralized finance and sustainable initiatives. In this guide, we take a look at how to buy eTukTuk tokens- one of the newest sustainable crypto projects to appear on the market.

eTukTuk tokens will play a pivotal role in the implementation of new electric vehicle charging stations in developing countries around the world. The project aims to increase accessibility to EVs in third-world countries to reduce carbon emissions that are currently emitted by traditional TukTuk vehicles.

The TUK utility token will be used as payment within the ecosystem. By becoming an early investor, you could help to drive the project forward and benefit from long-term returns.

How To Buy eTukTuk Overview

  • The eTukTuk token is a BEP20 cryptocurrency that will be used to support the eTukTuk EV initiative. The project will supply electric vehicle charging stations to developing countries to facilitate the use of electric TukTuk vehicles.
  • The tokenization of the project will make it accessible to people who may not be able to access traditional financial systems.
  • TUK tokens can be staked for passive rewards or used to play the eTukTuk crypto game. This increases the utility of the token as well as its potential to reward early investors.
  • TUK tokens can be bought for a low price during the presale. To take part in the presale, you will need a BEP20-compatible wallet that is funded with either BNB or USDT.
  • It is possible to start staking tokens as soon as you buy them.

Your money is at risk.

electric vehicle how to buy etuktuk

What Is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is a blockchain-based electric vehicle initiative that aims to reduce the number of carbon-heavy TukTuks on the roads in developing countries by replacing them with electric alternatives.

As it stands, air pollution in South-Asia reduces life expectancy by 1.5-3 years and affects 3.4 billion people. eTukTuk hopes to offer an affordable solution that will help to cut carbon emissions that are emitted by petrol TukTuk cars. By providing a scalable infrastructure and accessible charging system, eTukTuk aims to improve access to electric cars.

The eTukTuk project will provide developing countries with electric vehicle charging stations to encourage the use of EVs. These stations will be more affordable than existing EV charging systems because they will utilize the TUK token and low-cost blockchain technology. Drivers who pay for their fuel in TUK tokens will receive a discount.

Furthermore, the use of TUK tokens to pay for fuel will make the system accessible for drivers who may not be able to access traditional payment methods. Drivers can pay for fuel through the eTukTuk mobile app using their TUK tokens.

As well as providing countries with EV charging stations, the eTukTuk project will use AI to pioneer an intelligent driving system. The technology will be used to optimize the use of eTukTuk vehicles and to maintain that TukTuks for prolonged vehicle life. The end goal is to make eTukTuk a self-sufficient system that paves the way for a more sustainable future in developing countries.

TUK Tokenomics

etuktuk logo

The eTukTuk ecosystem will be supported by the TUK utility token – a BEP-20 token that is built on the BNB Smart Chain. TUK stands as one of the best new cryptos to buy in 2024 due to its robust tokenomic design, strong use cases, and fast-selling presale event.

The total supply of TUK is 2 billion. Deflationary pressure will be placed on the supply by the token’s staking mechanism, which will take tokens out of circulation. 21.5% of tokens will be locked by the project for staking rewards. However, the amount of staked TUK tokens is likely to increase as investors lock up their tokens to receive passive rewards over time. 7% of tokens will be held for liquidity and 9% of tokens have been allocated to the project team.

The eTukTuk token presale

15% of eTukTuk tokens are available to buy via presale. The project has already managed to raise over $500,000 out of its $680,000 target. The presale will go through several stages, with the price of TUK increasing at each stage. This guarantees returns for early investors which makes eTukTuk one of the most attractive crypto presales to consider.

Investors who buy tokens from the presale will be able to start staking straight away. However, presale tokens will be locked for 2 months after the event ends. The tokens will then be vested over 4 months to prevent sell-offs.

The presale is the best time to buy TUK for a low price. After this, the token will be launched on major exchanges and the roll-out of eTukTuk charging stations will begin. This could push the price of tokens upwards, rewarding presale investors. However, there is no guarantee that the price of TUK will go up after the presale event.

TUK staking

To encourage long-term holding, eTukTuk offers a lucrative staking feature. Investors can stake their tokens in the staking pool and receive passive rewards. At the time of writing, the staking APY is 385%.

Staking contributes to verifying transactions on the blockchain. Currently, the rewards per BSC block are 4.75 TUK tokens. These will be payable over 3 years and distributed amongst the staking pool. The more tokens you stake, the more TUK you can earn.

Your money is at risk.

eTukTuk staking rewards

The Crazy TukTuk Game

One of the most appealing features of the project is the eTukTuk P2E game that will allow players to earn TUK tokens. The game is a crazy taxi-style single-player in which you must drive as fast as possible in a TukTu to complete drop-offs.

Players can earn tokens for driving quickly and completing in-game missions. Rewards can be used to upgrade their vehicles or swapped for TUK tokens and cashed out. Within the game, TUK tokens can be used to unlock new cities and features, enhancing the gameplay and providing further utility to the tokens.

The eTukTuk roadmap does not provide any information about when the game will be available. However, the project aims to launch the token on centralized exchanges in phase 3 which could be a convenient time to launch the P2E game.

What Are The Benefits of Buying eTukTuk in 2024?

eTukTuk is positioned as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024. In the following section, we will take a look at why the token has attracted such positive predictions to further understand why it might be a good investment opportunity this year.

The demand for electric TukTuks is on the rise

First and foremost, the demand for electric TukTuks has seen a sharp increase over the last few years. This comes are carbon emissions in South Asia are at an all-time high and petrol-powered TukTuks are one of the main contributors to this.

For many people in developing countries, traditional electric cars are too expensive. This means that traditional TukTuk vehicles have maintained their popularity. There are currently over 1.2 million TukTuks in Sri Lanka alone and thousands more operating in other South Asian countries. eTukTuks are the cost-effective alternative to electric cars that could make electric vehicles more accessible to TukTuk drivers.

TUK tokens will be at their lowest price during the presale

The eTukTuk presale is predicted to end in 2024. This means that now could be the last time to invest in TUK at a low price.

After the presale event, eTukTuk tokens will be made available on centralized exchanges, which could increase the value of the coins. Furthermore, the price of TUK increases at each stage of the presale which means that early investors are guaranteed to see returns. The earlier you invest, the more profit you could potentially make.

eTukTuk is the first project of its kind

Another major benefit of investing in eTukTuk during the presale is the ability to gain exposure to a brand-new project that is the first of its kind. eTukTuk is the world’s first electronic TukTuk charging system that will pave the way for future projects in the industry.

As the first project of its kind, eTukTuk will be able to take advantage of the growing EV industry, with no direct competitors. Eventually, the project hopes to be the go-to- option for TukTuk drivers who want a more sustainable vehicle option

Your money is at risk.

etuktuk vehicle how to buy etuktuk tokens

The Potential Risks of Investing in eTukTuk

Before you proceed with how to buy eTukTuk tokens, it is important to be aware of the potential risks of the investment.

Although eTukTuk is positioned as a strong green crypto project to consider, investing during the presale comes with several risks.

Firstly, there is no guarantee that the price of TUK tokens will increase after the presale. Success largely depends on adoption, project development, and market interest. If the team behind the project fails to generate enough hype or reach the presale target, the token may struggle to get listed on major exchanges. This could cause concern amongst investors which could lead to sell-offs once presale tokens are available. If this were to happen, the price of TUK could drop.

Furthermore, as a first-mover project, there is no evidence that electronic TukTuks will be widely adopted in developing countries. The EV industry has struggled to make waves in this part of the world for years and there is no way of knowing whether eTukTuk will be able to break this mold. If the project fails to see mass adoption, investors could lose interest which would cause the value of TUK tokens to drop.

How To Buy eTukTuk (TUK) Tokens – Presale Guide

Investing in a cryptocurrency presale comes with numerous risks. Therefore, it is important to follow a thorough guide to ensure that you purchase the tokens correctly. Our team spent time researching the eTukTuk presale to familiarize ourselves with the buying process. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to buy TUK tokens from the presale in 2024.

buy etuktuk tokens in 2024

Step 1: Set Up a BSC Wallet

TUK is a BEP20 token which means that investors will need to use a wallet that is compatible with the BSC blockchain network. You can view the different wallets by heading to the presale site, selecting ‘connect wallet’, and then choosing ‘wallet connect’.

The most popular option for desktop users is MetaMask, which can be downloaded as a browser extension.

Download the MetaMask extension to proceed with the wallet setup.

metamask wallet extension buy etuktuk

The first extension in the above image is the correct option. Install the extension on your PC and wait for it to download.

You can also install MetaMask as a mobile app or use the desktop version if you are unable to download extensions on your device.

Once the extension has finished downloading, open up the wallet to create an account.

create a metamask wallet buy tuk tokens

You can choose to either create a new wallet or import an existing wallet.

To create a wallet, you will be asked to enter a password. This password cannot be recovered by MetaMask and will only be able to unlock your wallet on the device that the password is set up on.

To access the wallet on any other device, you will need to use the secret recovery phrase. This is a string of 12 randomly generated words that provide access to your wallet. Write these down and store them somewhere safe.

Create BSC Wallet

Once you have created a MetaMask wallet, you will be able to create accounts for different blockchain networks. The default account is an Ethereum wallet however, you can switch to a BSC wallet by clicking ‘accounts’ and then ‘add new’. Here, select the BSC wallet option.

Step 2: Fund your wallet with BNB or USDT

The next step involves sending BNB or USDT tokens to your MetaMask wallet so that you can buy eTukTuk from the presale.

The easiest way to do this is to click ‘buy’ within the MetaMask wallet. You will then be asked to select your country and region as well as selecting a payment method. MetaMask supports payments with debit card, credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer.

metamask payment methods buy etuktuk tokens

After selecting a payment method and providing the necessary details, Metamask will transfer you to a secure crypto exchange provider. You will not need to create an account with the provider to buy tokens. Instead, the transaction will be carried out within your MetaMask wallet.

Select the number of tokens that you would like to buy and then click ‘Buy’. It will take a few minutes for the tokens to appear in your MetaMask wallet.

Step 3: Connect your wallet to the eTukTuk presale

Head to the official eTukTuk presale website and click ‘connect wallet’.

connect wallet to etuktuk presale

Select the crypto wallet that you would like to connect to and then confirm the connection with your wallet provider. This step is fairly simple. However, you must use a secure and private internet connection when connecting your wallet to a crypto presale.

Step 4: Swap BNB or USDT for eTukTuk tokens

Once you have successfully connected your wallet to the presale, you will be able to buy TUK with BNB or USDT. The minimum deposit is $1, with which you can receive around 38 TUK tokens at the time of writing (last updated 25/01/2024).

Buying crypto through a presale can come with relatively high network fees. You will need to take these into account when deciding how much TUK to buy.

Verify the transaction and then wait a few minutes for it to complete. You will be able to start staking your TUK tokens as soon as you buy them.

To do this, visit the website’s staking portal and select ‘buy and stake’.

etuktuk staking buy etuktuk crypto

Step 5: Claim tokens after lockup period

After the presale event, TUK tokens will be locked for a 2-month period. Investors will not be able to claim their tokens until this two-month period is over.

When it is over, investors will be able to claim their tokens and use them to access the Crazy TukTuk play-to-earn game.

Your money is at risk.

The Verdict

eTukTuk is a promising new sustainable crypto project that will support the adoption of EVs in developing countries. The project is the first of its kind which means that investors have the opportunity to become part of a pioneering project that could pave the way for similar initiatives.

eTukTuk is powered by the TUK utility token, which is currently available to buy for a low price via presale. TUK is a BEP20 token that will be used for fuel payments and to power AI systems that will enable the eTukTuk network to be self-sufficient. TUK can also be used to access the exclusive play-to-earn eTukTuk game, that will reward players with crypto.

To take part in the eTukTuk presale, you will need to connect a BSC wallet to the website and swap BNB or USDT for TUK tokens. It is possible to stake TUK immediately and start earning rewards today.


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