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Blockchain-based games are gaining popularity. Add in the possibility of earning money while playing, and you’ve got a winning combination. P2e games allow you to make a modest fortune while having fun in one of the most interesting NFT ventures. In this guide, we will analyze the most promising P2E games in the market.

Best P2E Games – List

  1. Tamadoge: Exciting play-to-earn game
  2. Lucky Block: Popular play-to-earn crypto game
  3. Battle Infinity: Overall most promising P2E game
  4. The Sandbox: Creative P2E game
  5. Decentraland – Great NFT metaverse P2E game
  6. Axie Infinity: Top NFT P2E game for virtual pets
  7. CryptoKitties: Top authentic cat-inspired game to play and in
  8. Gods Unchained: Best play-to-earn tactical card game
  9. Pirates of The Arrland: Exciting new P2E strategy-based game
  10. Chainmonsters: Great P2E role-playing game

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A Close Look At 10 Best P2E Games

When searching for the most promising P2E games available, it is always a good idea to make sure you will enjoy the game itself before investing any money. After that, you can examine the game’s rewards and the types of tokens you can acquire.

The following section of our guide examines the best P2E games to play this year.


tamadoge home screen

Tamadoge is another promising P2E game to keep an eye on this year. Just like Battle Infinity, Tamadoge makes our list due to its P2E gaming platform and intriguing project. Tamadoge is a brand-new cryptocurrency game project, inspired by meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu but with more use cases.

The Tamaverse, a DeFi gaming project where players may play games for rewards while caring for, breeding, and engaging in combat with their virtual pets, is powered by the Tamadoge (TAMA) token. Every participant within the Tamaverse needs TAMA to enter the site and challenge other players for free crypto.

The Tamadoge NFT game is perfect for doge collectors because it allows them to play with their doges and awards its players for their dedication to caring for their pets. Dogepoints are earned by taking your pet for walks, feeding it, dressing it, and training it for battles with other pets. Dogepoints can be converted into TAMA coins, making their worth transferrable across the crypto world. Each pet purchased in-game will be a fully mintable NFT.

The project aims to release an augmented reality Tamadoge app that will allow players’ pets to interact with others in the metaverse. This will fundamentally alter how players of P2E crypto games interact with NFTs and the metaverse.

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Lucky Block

lucky block website

Lucky Block is a unique twist on the P2E gaming concept, offering holders of its crypto token and NFT a free jackpot mechanism. Instead of creating a metaverse or adopting a video game framework (although incorporating virtual world gaming is part of phase four of its roadmap), Lucky Block functions in a sweepstakes jackpot prize pool.

Lucky Block has a promising future as one of the best P2E crypto games in the industry. It is one of the only decentralized crypto lottery platforms that uses a play-to-earn model, where investors may earn passive cryptocurrency income while playing for free.

As this P2E gaming project is still in its early stages of development, the Lucky Block P2E crypto game works by implementing daily jackpots, competitions, and other crypto giveaways. The goal of Lucky Block is to create a completely decentralized crypto gaming platform where “everyone wins.” This is accomplished by offering opportunities for earning passive revenue even when not actively participating.

In addition to its regular competitions, holders of the platform’s native token LBLOCK or one of its NFTs also earn a portion of each jackpot win as a perk for investing and having a part in the enterprise. 10% of each jackpot win is redistributed back to their investor base as profit, and an additional 2% goes to the prize pool for the NFT, another set of daily drawings. Lucky Block also organizes a Platinum Competition for Platinum Rollers Club NFT holders. Prizes range, but one of them is a real-life Lamborghini. Jackpot winners take home 70% of the total prize money. Holders of tokens and NFTs also get a free entry ticket for a chance to win that jackpot without having to pay for it.

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Battle Infinity

battle infinity homepage

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that includes several P2E battle games within ‘The Battle Arena’ in the metaverse reality. Gamers in the realm of Battle Infinity can not only participate and battle but also enjoy and experience the immersive Metaverse universe, where they can engage, perform, observe, and explore the virtual world of Battle Arena all at the same time.

The variety of games available on the platform is one of the reasons Battle Infinity is ranked first among the most promising P2E crypto games.

The IBAT Premier League is one of the main products offered by the platform. This is the first decentralized blockchain-based metaverse-integrated fantasy sports game ever. Players can earn points and compete against players from all over the world in the game’s tournament, but they must hold the IBAT token to participate. Battle Infinity provides a range of multiplayer NFT-based sports games in addition to the IBAT Premier League. Players can also acquire and sell NFTs through the P2E gaming system.

The game’s mission is to bring a new revolution to the traditional gaming world by merging gaming with the metaverse and blockchain, making it entirely decentralized, giving players and creators actual ownership, and providing a secure and endless immersive experience.

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The Sandbox

the sandbox logo

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based P2E crypto game that lets participants own, develop, and profit from various virtual experiences through NFTs. Players can develop a digital asset using all the tools and services The Sandbox offers. And while The Sandbox is still in its alpha testing phase, it is a gaming metaverse that everyone interested in P2E games should know.

The Sandbox seeks to give users ownership over their NFT digital assets while rewarding them with SAND, the platform’s native coin. Vox edit, marketplace, and game maker are among the Sandbox platforms. On The Sandbox, users can create assets that can later be converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are then exchangeable for cryptocurrencies on the market. The Sandbox is one of the best P2E crypto games that has effectively incorporated the play-to-earn strategy since 2011.

The Sandbox provides a variety of techniques for generating income. The currently viable strategy is to seize the still-free land plots and prepare to construct a portion of the metaverse. Land plots are assets that continually increase in value and can be sold in the future.

Another way to generate income is through the P2E crypto marketplace, once it allows more listings from a larger pool of NFT creators. The SAND token is The Sandbox’s most direct winning strategy. SAND is accessible via the Ethereum blockchain and can be used with the MetaMask wallet. Signing up for The Sandbox game also necessitates using MetaMask and an Ethereum address.


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mana logo

Decentraland is another great game that ranks amongst the best P2E crypto games on our list. It is a platform that combines the best elements of the NFT with the metaverse; Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality P2E gaming platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Through the game, users can interact with virtual places, avatars, identities, and objects in the real world while living in a simulated environment. Players can start by making a new avatar and afterward jump for pleasure in dressing up and moving about freely to earn money across platforms.

Land ownership is the main reason players in the Decentraland Metaverse pay for their time on the platform, especially because there are only 90,000 unique parcels of land on the planet. Players are certified to own lands by utilizing smart contract technology. Players will have exclusive rights to establish their empire once they buy land, including the ability to build a dream house. Decentraland players can also use the land to create music festivals and pubs to make ticket fees, show art galleries for selling NFT art, and otherwise generate cash.

Note that any in-game transaction requires using a MANA coin as a utility token. You can also use the token to trade in-game assets and, as a governance token, to file a proposal for any platform-related request, such as policy updates, land auctions, and subsidiaries for in-game initiatives.


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Axie Infinity

axie infinity logo

Axie Infinity is one of the most rewarding P2E crypto games. It is one of the most well-known P2E games in the market; according to Axie Infinity, over 2.8 million active players currently use its metaverse ecosystem. The fundamental idea behind this P2E crypto game is that players must create an NFT that symbolizes a virtual monster known as an Axie. Axie Infinity players can employ Axies for battle, breeding, and navigation.

Players can obtain prizes in the form of cryptographic tokens by fulfilling important tasks, like eliminating other Axies. Players can choose whether they want to fight against other players or bots, with the latter option backed by smart contract technology.

The game has two cryptocurrencies: the Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Users can earn AXS by climbing the PVP leaderboard in the game, while SLP is gained by completing the levels in adventure mode and triumphing in arena battles. Both tokens are necessary to breed an Axie, and the process can only be completed if you already have two Axies. While Axie Infinity is one of the best P2E games, it still attracts NFT collectors due to the high value of Axies. According to DappRadar, Axie Infinity is the second-largest MFT marketplace.

Axie Infinity was created as a fun, colorful, instructive game to increase access to blockchain technology and provide a new source of income for many gamers, as the majority of players are from developing nations that the Covid-19 pandemic has severely impacted. To begin playing Axie infinite, users must first purchase three Axies from the marketplace. However, it is worthwhile to start playing because the game does genuinely pay well in various ways.


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Cryptokitties logo

When thinking of the most promising P2E games to keep an eye on in 2023, CryptoKitties is a notable mention. CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based blockchain game created by Canadian firm Dapper Labs that allows users to buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats.

CryptoKitties P2E gaming system is one of the first initiatives to use blockchain technology for entertainment and leisure. The Ethereum network was clogged by the game’s popularity in December 2017, which led to an all-time high in the number of transactions and a considerable slowdown. With an estimated 1.5 million users, the blockchain game CryptoKitties has garnered attention and established precedents, and it’s still going strong to date.

CryptoKitties are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) developed on the Ethereum network using the ERC721 token standard. ERC721 made it possible to create non-fungible, unique tokens. The digital genome of every CryptoKitty is stored in a smart contract. Any two CryptoKitties can mate, and a kitten is created with its unique traits via a genetic algorithm (also known as “cattributes”). The smart contract’s phenotype, or outer manifestation, is determined by its unchangeable genotype.

The main ways to earn with CryptoKitties are by breeding and selling cats. Players have two options: either selling kitties or becoming a kitty breeder by mating Sire (male) cats with cats owned by other players. In this P2E crypto game, there are two types of kittens: Dame (female) and Sire (male). To sell or breed your kitties, go to their listings and click the ‘Sell’ or ‘Breed’ buttons. The “Sell” button would lead to an auction page, while the “Breed” button will lead to a siring market, where other players can select your cat for breeding.

Gods Unchained

God's unchained logoGods Unchained is a play-to-earn tactical card game that enables players to possess their in-game objects, giving them the flexibility to exchange, sell, and utilize their items in NFT form. Amongst the top-ranked P2E crypto games, Gods Unchained is the only card-based game. As the game emphasizes competitive play, players must compete by assembling card decks using fantasy cards to oppose each other. Each card contains strengths and weaknesses that will influence the result of the most significant fights.

Gods Unchained is a P2E crypto game developed by the same team that created Immutable X, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. This indicates that the game utilizes Immutable X and runs on Ethereum. Gods Unchained offers an excellent user experience, low-cost in-game assets, and Immutable X, making it a quick, secure, and cost-effective option for users.

The game was developed to revolutionize the P2E gaming industry by giving players true digital ownership and the ability to acquire meaningful items. Gods Unchained is intended to use the GODS token as its primary medium of exchange, enabling participants to acquire and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

There are a few plays to earn mechanics in Gods Unchained. The most typical method comes from merely participating in the game. Players get “experience” that contributes to their account level with each Ranked match. Players are rewarded with a Core card pack for each level up. While playing, players also acquire Flux. To create a Meteorite level Core card that can be traded or sold to other players, players have to combine Duplicate Core cards with Flux and $GODs. Other P2E games opportunity includes in-game tournaments and daily quests.

Pirates of The Arrland

Pirates of The Arrland logo

Pirates of The Arrland is another P2E gaming platform that makes our most promising P2E crypto games list. It is the first game to integrate multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) competition with economic and strategy gameplay. It is set in a pirate world, and one of its unique features is the ability to customize the space around the player.

The project features as one of the best P2E games with deep gameplay and quality graphics. Thanks to blockchain technology, Pirates of The Arrland allows players to own the characters, ships, items, and territories they acquire via the game. In this way, players contribute to the ongoing evolution of the P2E crypto game’s metaverse. Players with various tastes can interact with one another, establish alliances, exert influence over one another, and engage in trade. The ecosystem’s norms establish the worth of tradable items, and the price is governed by supply and demand. The player’s wallet houses the game’s most important components, including the pirate, ship, lands, and equipment, as NFT tokens.

As one of the top-rated P2E games, Pirates of The Arrland has an ambitious roadmap for the coming months and years. The game promises major developments such as a multiplayer option, and a mobile app version. They intend to launch the initial playable version of their MOBA game mode available to all owners of Pirate NFT for no charge.


chainmonsters logo

Chainmonsters is the last notable mention on our most promising P2E games list. It is a play-to-earn, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) scheduled to make its formal debut later this year. The game will also support cross-platform play and will be available on PC, mobile devices, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The P2E crypto game was originally constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. However, it is now on Dapper Labs’ blockchain Flow.

The Chainmons, which are block and monster references, are the focus of the gameplay. Players can catch, train, breed, battle, buy, and sell these creatures. There are currently 161 NFT monsters, and the number will only increase. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) power the P2E gaming mechanics in Chainmonsters.

Nearly every in-game item will be included in NFTs, from the Chainmon and character cosmetics to the beach pebbles players need to gather to finish a mission. You can trade all these in-game items on the Chainmonsters marketplace.

The Chainmons come in 161 different varieties. Each is a distinct NFT with distinctive characteristics, attributes, and mutations that specify its fighting prowess. Due to the random number generator (RNG) mechanic, Chainmon of the same type will have different stats, even if you catch two of them.

What Is a P2E Game?

Play-to-earn games, commonly known as P2E games or just crypto games, are games that incorporate cryptocurrency and NFTs into the gameplay. These P2E crypto games integrate blockchain technology, and their players enjoy payment in cryptocurrencies while playing.

They appeal to game players since they can be compensated in cryptos and NFTs, which can be exchanged for real money. The P2E model, on the other hand, is appealing to gaming studios since it benefits from each transaction conducted using its tokens and NFTS – all without any intermediary receiving a part of the revenues. Furthermore, P2E games are available globally and anyone can play.

Why are P2E Games a Good Investment in 2023?

Many P2E games are NFT-based and may include financial models that allow players to earn money while playing. As the popularity of NFT gaming grows, so may the economic possibilities. Several games are emerging as potential moneymakers for players, making them exciting to watch and making P2E crypto games a worthwhile investment.

What Is The Best Play-to-Earn Game?

The best play-to-earn game is, without a doubt, Tamadoge, and that’s why it ranks as our overall most promising P2E game. The game creates a unique ecosystem by fusing NFTs and P2E gaming.

One of the reasons why we consider Tamadoge the next big thing in the P2E gaming universe is the change it’s experiencing in the immersive metaverse world. The players will be able to interact with one another while also performing and watching the game in the game’s virtual space.

How To Invest In TAMA – Our Top P2E Game

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help you invest in Battle Infinity.

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

The initial requirement for investors is a crypto wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the blockchain that hosts the Battle Infinity platform. Many of the finest cryptocurrency wallets have this functionality, with Metamask being one of the most user-friendly.

Step 2: Buy BNB from Bitstamp

The next step is to purchase BNB from Bitstamp. You must first sign up for a Bitstamp account and select your chosen payment method. Thereafter, you can deposit funds into your Bitstamp account and choose your favorite trading pair. The last action of this step is to enter the desired amount of currency, and then place an order to purchase Binance Coin (BNB).

Bitstamp logo

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Step 3: Swap BNB for IBAT on PancakeSwap

Compared to most exchanges, trading on PancakeSwap is quite simple. Users will first require a BNB Smart Chain compliant wallet, such as Bitstamp, to conduct transactions. Users must first link the BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking “Unlock Wallet” or “Connect” in the top right corner to trade BNB for IBAT on the PancakeSwap exchange. The next step is to choose IBAT from the dropdown menu in the “From” section. The default setting is BNB.

Click the “Swap” button after reviewing the details. There will be a window with more information. Verify the accuracy of the details. Click the “Confirm Swap” button when you’re ready. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the action before finalizing the trade.

Promising P2E Games To Invest In – Our Conclusion

In conclusion, this article has addressed every facet of promising P2E games. It has also covered the numerous benefits P2E crypto games might offer, focusing on in-game digital currencies and distinctive NFTs.

If you’re looking for one of the best P2E games to invest in 2023, keep an eye on Tamadoe. The new project is a smart way to make money while playing a game. It is also a metaverse where you can travel, explore, and create long-lasting communities and relationships.

Your capital is at risk. 


Can I earn crypto by playing games?

Yes. You can frequently earn crypto by playing P2E games if you obtain the gaming token from the platform. You can also earn cryptocurrency in-game.

What games can I play to earn cryptocurrency?

Find the top play-to-earn games on the market to earn cryptocurrencies. To accomplish this, you must be successful at acquiring virtual goods within the game and reselling them on an online market. NFTs can be created to represent a wide range of objects, including tools, avatars, buildings, and spacecraft.

What is the most profitable P2E crypto game?

Battle Infinity is the most profitable P2E crypto game. Battle Infinity is a massively multiplayer online game with over 2.5 million players. The game is free to play, but users can spend real money to buy in-game currency or items.

Are P2E games regulated?

P2E games come in various forms, and the approach applies to both skill-based and chance-based games. While you can play some games for free at first, others demand a purchase, which impacts whether or not they are legal. Whether or not they need participants to buy in, games of skill are unlikely to fall under the purview of gaming authorities. However, it depends on various elements regarding games of chance. If there isn't buy-in, it depends on local laws and how authorities interpret them.

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