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To participate in the NFT craze, you will need to find NFT trading platforms. You can purchase and sell digital assets with these marketplaces, from art to music to entire virtual worlds. The NFT trading platform is like the digital world’s Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

Numerous NFT trading platforms exist, as is well known, each of which has a unique focus. So when selecting an NFT trading platform, what are the factors you should consider? And what are the top NFT trading platforms? Read on to learn more about NFT trading.

Best NFT Trading Platforms List 2021

1. Binance – One of the Best NFT Marketplaces

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In a move to enter the crypto art market, Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, has entered that market by enetering in the dynamic of the nft platforms. A digital artwork auction with works by Andy Warhol, the American artist who inspired pop art, and Salvador Dali, the Spanish artist famous for “The Persistence of Memory,” was the first to be held on Binance’s NFT trading platforms on 24 June 2021.

Among the marketplace, categories are gaming (sports and esports), collectibles, entertainment, and art.

Binance is launching its NFT platforms with two auction events: “Genesis” and “Mystery Box Series 1”. Until 29 June 2021, the Genesis exhibition will feature works by Warhol and Dali.

Binance Smart Chain will be used along with BEP-721 tokens (Binance’s NFT token standard) for the majority of this marketplace’s functionality. Additionally, the platform will support the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain tokens.

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Gas fees are an integral component when buying or selling an NFT trading card since both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum charge network fees for executing transactions. Therefore, to mint NFTs on Binance’s marketplace, the artist must pay Binance Coin (BNB) in exchange for the respective fees.

We could not identify the precise fees associated with each transaction on the Binance NFT marketplace (whether that is a buy or sell transaction).

Nevertheless, the Binance NFT trading platform announced in April 2021 that posting artwork would incur a processing fee of 1.00%.

Some NFT trading platforms accept credit or debit card deposits and payments, and others accept PayPal deposits. Our decision to mark Binance NFT as accepting debit card deposits is because its NFT trading platform is connected to its exchange. Therefore, you can deposit fiat currency to the exchange by wire transfer and debit card. However, PayPal deposits cannot be made. So, if you are wondering where to buy NFTs, Binance NFT platforms is the right place.

Your money is at risk.

2. OpenSea – One of The Best Options To Start In NFT Marketplaces

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With OpenSea, non-fungible tokens can be bought and sold on a decentralized platform. This exchange was created in 2017 as a market for CryptoKitties but now offers much more by entering in the NFT platforms trend. A diverse portfolio of digital assets is currently available, including art, domain names, game items, music, and more.

To buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea, you need an Ethereum wallet. OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain. As well as Polygon (MATIC) and Klatyn (KLAY), OpenSea supports several other blockchains. You can buy and sell items on the platform using 241 different payment options, including stablecoins.

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Using smart contracts, OpenSea allows users to buy and sell unique digital assets in a decentralized marketplace. A smart contract protects the custody of NFT collectibles in the platform and thus ensures that the creator’s work is protected. In addition, since MetaMask is a web3 wallet, there is no need to open an account.

To confirm that NFT trading cards collectors own the assets they’re listing on OpenSea, OpenSea uses the open-source blockchain Ethereum as well as ERC721 and ERC1155. Also, polygon blockchains allow the company to facilitate fast, low-cost trading. So, if you are wondering where to buy NFTs, OpenSea NFT platforms is a superb option to consider.

3. Axie Marketplace – Among The Most Revolutionary NFT Platforms

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The game Axie Infinity is based on the fantasy creatures Axie. Vietnam is where the game originated. AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) tokens are used to reward players in Axie Infinity. It was claimed that the website had more than 19,000 monthly active users when writing this review (30 March 2021).

Earlier this year (9 February 2021), an NFT from Axie Infinity Marketplace – an in-game virtual land – was reportedly sold for 888 ETH at CoinDesk (roughly $1.5 million at the time). It’s amazing!

Each player owns an entire piece of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. They can exchange digital currencies for their in-game assets and NFTs. This game is like an imaginary pet universe since it revolves around imaginary creatures. At least three axes are required for each player to start.

The Axie Infinity Marketplace does not offer anything other than characters and items of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. So you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’d like to use your iPad to display a digital art motif on your living room wall.

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The seller pays 4.25% of the transaction price to the marketplace (but not the buyer). Therefore, you will only receive USD 95.75 if you sell an Axie Infinity NFT for 100 USD. As a commission, we pay the remaining portion of the sale price to Sky Mavis, the developer of Axie Infinity. In addition, AXS token holders will receive rewards from The Community Treasury starting in 2021.

Gas fees are the only fees that a buyer needs to consider. Fees are divided into four categories depending on the vehicle’s speed – Slow, Standard, Fast, and Rapid. Various fees are charged for different categories and types of transactions. The following is a snapshot. So, if you are wondering where to buy NFTs of Axie Infinity, Axie Marketplace is the most efficient of the NFT Marketplaces to check.

What is an NFT?

A new trend in cryptocurrencies is the non-fungible token, also known as NFT. NFTs have suddenly captured the world’s attention since Christie’s auction house sold the first-ever NFT artwork – a collage of images by digital artist Beeple for $69.3 million.

By converting digital artworks and other collectibles into unique, verifiable assets and making them easy to trade on the blockchain, NFTs simplify the process of collecting and preserving artworks.

Even though the concept is complex for the uninitiated, the payoff has been enormous for artists, musicians, influencers, and investors, who have spent top dollar to own digital versions of the originals. Some of the most famous tweets in history have sold for millions, including Jack Dorsey’s first tweet sold for $2.9 million, a LeBron James slam dunk video clip sold for over $200,000, and a decade-old “Nyan Cat” GIF sold for $610,000.NFTs, however, is not exactly a new technology. As one of the original NFTs, CryptoKitties was a digital trading game hosted on the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. It allowed users to purchase and sell virtual cats that are unique and saved on the blockchain.

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Blockchain is the database that backs non-fungible tokens, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, it is true that those assets, unlike NFTs, are fungible, which means they can be exchanged or replaced with another identical one of the same value.

In contrast, NFT trading cards are unique and cannot be interchanged, so no two NFTs are the same.

NFTs make assets scarce among otherwise infinitely available assets – and there’s even a certificate of authenticity to prove it. Try to imagine Pokémon cards, rare coins, or a limited-edition pair of Jordans. Digital artwork can take the form of a GIF, tweet, virtual trading card, image of a physical object, video game skin, virtual real estate, and more when purchased and sold through NFTs.

How Can I Trade NFT?

Purchase Ethereum

To start in this world, before looking for NFT marketplaces, you must know that NFTs are Ethereum-based, so Eth tokens are the only payment method in many markets for these collectibles. If you already have a cryptocurrency account, you can purchase Ethereum there, send your crypto to MetaMask and invest in NFTs.

Beginners may want to consider Coinbase and eToro if they don’t already have an account on a crypto exchange.

Where to buy NFTs is an important question, that’s why you must be aware that NFTs can be bought and sold on many online marketplaces. Your marketplace choices will determine the type of art or collectible you can purchase. In addition, many of these websites offer secondary markets that include a variety of new financial transactions, but each platform has slightly different features.

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A mobile app and Chrome extension for MetaMask, an Ethereum wallet. You will need an Ethereum wallet to join OpenSea (and other NFT trading platforms). Install MetaMask, create a wallet, and transfer the ETH you purchased from Coinbase. You can find an in-depth video walkthrough of crypto wallets in the free Crypto & DeFi 101 guide if you’ve never used them before.

An Ethereum-based NFT trading platform, OpenSea, operates on NFTs. Tokens are nonfungible, so the network allows users to exchange them for cryptocurrency. From video game items to digital artwork, it hosts a variety of digital collectibles. MetaMask, for example, is an online wallet that allows you to store cryptocurrencies. You can interact with certain platforms like OpenSea using your Ethereum wallet address as a username and password. As soon as your wallet is connected, you need to start your research of where to buy NFTs!

Buy Your NFT Trading Card

Once you have funded your account, purchasing an NFT is easy. First, you’ll need to place a bid for the NFT trading cards you want to purchase in most marketplaces since they are auction-based. Markets that combine the highest bid and the lowest ask for NFTs with several prints function more like exchanges.

In addition to resale value after the product goes on sale, one of the benefits of purchasing an NFT directly from the primary marketplace is its potential resale value. The initial price of high-demand NFTs can be up to 10 times larger after they are released. However, NFTs bought on the primary market have the disadvantage of underestimating their value. If you purchase on the secondary market, you can compare the purchase to previous sales.

Your money is at risk

Risks of Trading NFTs

Since sales of $69.3 million NFTs in March, NFTs have created quite a splash in 2021. However, the NFT trading trend is causing controversy over how long it will last. NFTs presents several risks and challenges. These are non-fungible tokens that are part of the digital currency industry. Their properties distinguish them from other assets, making them more difficult to exchange.

Many applications for non-fungible tokens, such as music, domain names, artwork, and real estate. NFTs show good potential for future growth, but potential risks must also be considered. To help you better understand the risks and challenges associated with NFT trading, the following discussion provides a detailed overview

Challenges and Risks with NFTs

As a new class of digital assets, non-fungible tokens bring radical changes in value and uncertainty for the NFT trading ecosystem. Some of the challenges that NFTs face are as follows,

  • Regulations and legal challenges
  • Evaluation challenges
  • Intellectual Property rights, also known as IP rights
  • Risks associated with cyber security and fraud
  • The challenge of anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CFT)
  • Risks and maintenance of smart contracts
  • Consideration of NFTs as securities
  • Challenges of Social and Environmental Governance (SEG)

Legal and Regulatory Challenges

There is no established definition for NFT trading platforms, which uses specific traits to describe a wide range of assets. For example, NFTs have distinctive properties, cannot be interchanged, and are non-fungible. Yet, some regulatory approaches have been implemented specifically for NFTs. For example, for Europe, the European Commission proposed the Markets in Crypto-assets (MICA) Regulation could provide a regulatory framework for NFTs.

Regulations in the EU and UK may result in differing management of NFTs in the future. The European Union’s proposal for regulating markets in crypto assets, published in September 2020, may be used for regulating specific NFT trading site activities. NFTs are most likely to be excluded from the UK’s existing regulatory precedents, however. In the meantime, a case-by-case analysis of the methods of selling or marketing NFTs and determining whether NFTs are regulated may help determine whether regulatory precedents would apply to them. It’s interesting to note that MICA includes NFTs in its definition of crypto assets. Furthermore, the draft of MICA’s ‘crypto-assets definition does not specify whether or not trading NFT issuers should publish white papers.

According to FCA guidelines, NFTs may be exempt from the UK promotion regime under the concept of qualifying crypto assets in the UK. When these regulatory circumstances apply, NFTs may qualify as e-money, security, or unregulated tokens, depending on their characteristics.

A technology-based currency (NFT) is classified as a financial instrument in Japan if it can be used as a means of payment or exchangeable for cryptocurrencies, in which case it would fall under the Payment Services Act of Japan. However, the Payment Services Act does not apply to non-financial products with limited purposes, such as in-game items or trading cards, that do not involve economic functions. Therefore, a detailed examination and evaluation of these kinds of NFTs should be conducted according to their functions and specifications. In addition, it is also important to analyze the structure of the platform or application used for NFT and how it is used.

Technological advancement in NFTs clarifies how important it is to reflect on legal and regulatory risks. Adaptability will be crucial to the continued growth and expansion of NFTs. In most cases, NFT relates to the definition of NFT, which is currently a problem. In addition, NFTs are becoming more diverse, and there are a growing number of them, making it hard to find a solid basis for compliance.

Evaluation Challenges

Uncertainty regarding the value of non-fungible tokens is another significant risk and challenges associated with NFTs. In addition to scarcity, NFT valuation is influenced by perceptions of owners and buyers and distribution channels. An NFT buyer’s identity and the factors driving their purchase are extremely difficult to predict. NFTs would be priced based on how buyers perceive their value; therefore, they fluctuate.

Intellectual Property Rights

NFT’s intellectual property issues form the next critical entry on the risk and challenges list. An individual’s ownership rights over an NFT are important to consider. Finding out whether the seller owns the NFT is important when purchasing one. Some people have taken photographs of NFTs or replicas of NFTs. An NFT does not grant you any rights to intellectual property. The own terms and conditions are clearly outlined in the metadata of a smart contract underlying an NFT.

NFT risks and challenges involving intellectual property rights suggest that buyers are the only owners of NFTs and are only entitled to display them. Using NFT marketplaces has its limitations due to the service users must follow. Decentralized blockchain technology is not subject to traditional law, but it is necessary to dispel misconceptions about that. The right to publicity is one important IP right that must be considered, including copyright, trademarks, and patents.

Cyber Security and Fraud Risks

Cybersecurity and fraud risks have increased significantly due to the growth of the digital world and the popularity of NFTs. There is the same level of risk associated with replicas of NFT stores with identical logos and content. The issue of fake NFT stores is also noteworthy regarding risks and challenges associated with NFTs in cybersecurity. There is the possibility that these fake NFT stores would sell NFTs that aren’t present. Moreover, consumers must be aware of concerns related to the imitation of artists or the counterfeiting of NFTs.

False NFTs can be sold in the name of NFT artists who can impersonate them. In addition to copyright theft, replication of popular NFTs or fake airdrops, and NFT giveaways, other prominent risks, and challenges related to non-fungible tokens include cybersecurity and fraud. Additionally, keep an eye out for scams aimed at promoting NFTs on social media sites.

Smart Contract Risks and NFT Maintenance

One of the prominent concerns in the developing NFT landscape is smart contract risk and challenges associated with NFT maintenance. For example, a recent attack by hackers targeted Poly Network, a renowned DeFi protocol offering cross-chain interoperability. As a result of the NFT theft, almost $600 million was stolen, bringing the limelight to profound security issues with smart contracts.

Hackers exploited smart contract vulnerabilities in Poly Network to perpetrate such large-scale attacks. By using the poly network, users can swap tokens among different blockchain networks while supporting their collaboration. Almost $300 million had been returned to Poly Network as of the time of writing.

NFT Trading Strategy

Making huge returns has always been the goal of trading NFTs. While there are several options you can choose from to achieve your goal, and we’ve put together the following five strategies to help you make smart investment decisions:

Buy the Floor

There is still huge interest in non-fungible tokens, and there is a good chance they will endure for some time. Therefore, considering purchasing NFTs at their floor price may be a good idea in this case. The floor price of a non-fungible token on the NFT market denotes the lowest price and category within a given token.

However, you should select an NFT only if it is within a category of interest to you and not just because of its low price. In one example, you might choose rare NFTs over others and select the tokens within that category with a floor price.

If the token becomes more popular in the future, buying the floor will position you for great growth.

Simply put, you buy the floors to take a seat at the front of the queue as the token grows.

Your money is at risk

Search for NFT’s Google Trends

No matter your experience with NFTs, you can quickly determine if the niche is still a hot one by checking its Google trends.

A scale of 0 to 100 represents the number of searches for the word. The Google trend shows how public opinion toward a topic has evolved. A high rating indicates that NFT collectibles attract many collectors, which signals a good time to buy.

However, a few searches for NFT-related keywords mean you need to tread carefully since fewer people are interested in the market.

Buy NFT Collectibles With Few Sellers

NFT collectibles are always tough to sell if multiple people are selling them simultaneously unless you are willing to sell your holdings for a relatively low price. Profits could be significantly reduced if this happens.

Consider whether the prices that sellers have already listed for their NFT are higher than recently completed sales if you plan to sell such an NFT.

If the seller is not impatient to sell at any particular price, check the gaps between the listed sale prices. As a result of close prices, the sellers may respond quickly by lowering their price if you lower your purchase price. That could result in even further depreciation of the asset

Value Strategy

NFTs seen as highly valuable should be considered for purchase. It is necessary to use an online tool like Rarity. Tool to identify valuable NFTs since these projects are compared based on how rare they are.

Even though 10,000 CryptoPunks are being sold at high prices, the ones in the image below are considered more valuable because they share features with other punks in the collection.

The value of a rare NFT collectible increases since its demand always exceeds its supply.

Buy the Ceiling

Ceiling NFTs are extremely rare, expensive, and in high demand. These are usually investments for traders with a lot of cash to spare. In addition to the potential for growth of these NFTs, many popular figures, such as celebrities or influencers, are getting involved in them.

Due to their high price, ceiling NFTs can only be afforded by a small number of people. As a result, traders who have fallen out of favor may suffer huge losses since they will opt to sell for low prices when their popularity diminishes.

Are NFTs Regulated in the US?

The federal government does not regulate NFTs directly, but some states have passed laws that apply to NFTs. NFTs are not specifically addressed in FinCEN’s guidance, but it published guidance generally regarding the relation between virtual currencies and FinCEN regulations that may apply to NFTs.

How to Get Started with an NFT Trading Platform – Binance NFT

Step 1: Open an Account

How to create a Binance account?

  1. Please click on the [Register] button that appears on the Binance home page.
  2. Choose a secure password and enter your email address. Now is the time to enter any referral codes a friend may have given you.
  3. Your account will need to be verified by inputting the verification code you receive via your email or mobile phone number.

nft trading card games

Your money is at risk

Step 2: Complete Verification Process

Once you’ve verified your identity, you’re ready to proceed.

Identity Verification (IDV) or Know Your Customer (KYC) standards aim to prevent identity fraud, money laundering, and terrorism financing. For improved account security, you may need to increase your Level of Identity Verification depending on your region or payment channel. For more information, please see “How to Complete Identity Verification.”

digital trading cards nft

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Your Binance account is now set up; let’s purchase some cryptocurrency. When purchasing cryptocurrency, you have two options:

  • Credit/Debit card: this is the easiest option for beginners.

Click on [Buy crypto with a credit card] if you are still on the Binance welcome page. If you prefer, you can select [Credit/Debit Card] from Binance’s homepage by hovering over [Buy Crypto].

Your [Fiat and Spot] wallet will be credited with the purchased crypto to complete the process. Most of the time, opening an account and getting to this point takes less than a minute.

  • Transfer fiat currency from your bank account to your Fiat and Spot wallet and use it on the exchange.
  • Peer-to-peer trading is the third method of buying crypto from other users. You will need to transfer funds into your [Fiat and Spot] wallet if you are purchasing crypto via P2P trading.

buy nft trading cards

Step 4: Trade Altcoins

You can trade NFTs on with BNB, BUSD, or ETH you have in your spot wallet.

eToro – Acquire NFTs By Buying Cryptocurrencies

nft trading site

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


Which are the best NFTs to trade?

The most valuable ones are listed first and then in descending order based on their market capitalization. Theta, Decentraland, Enjin, Chiliz, Cryptokitties or Cryptopunks

What are the best NFTs trading platforms in the US?

Binance, OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, Larva Labs/CryptoPunks or SuperRare

Do I need a crypto wallet to trade NFTs?

The NFT marketplace requires you to fund a crypto wallet to bid on these digital assets. Crypto wallets store cryptocurrencies, similar to digital wallets on e-commerce platforms, and purchase NFTs. To purchase a targeted NFT, you will need to fund your wallet with the crypto required.

Are NFTs legal in the United States?

The federal government does not regulate NFTs directly, but some states have passed laws that apply to NFTs. NFTs are not specifically addressed in FinCEN's guidance, but it published guidance generally regarding the relation between virtual currencies and FinCEN regulations that may apply to NFTs.

How much money do I need to trade NFTs?

Depending on the NFY you want to own. Buy Ethereum first before making your investment. It is important to know that all NFTs will be priced differently.

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