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The best penny crypto can deliver excellent ROI—return on investment—and they require small capital to start. Investment per coin typically falls under $5; however, you can select the coins that sell under 5 cents to under 10 cents. The advantage the top penny cryptocurrency has is its ability to grow exponentially, especially when user adoption and acceptance increase, within a short period of time.

15 Best Penny Cryptocurrencies To Buy 2023

  1. Bitcoin ETF | BTCETF – A penny cryptocurrency that speculates the success of Bitcoin spot ETFs. The token is predicted to increase when it is listed on exchanges and when Bitcoin spot ETFs are approved. Investors can benefit from appreciation and staking rewards.
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix | BTCMTX – Bitcoin Minetrix is a pioneer stake-to-mine project, democratizing Bitcoin mining by offering users the ability to stake their BTCMTX tokens for cloud mining credits with minimal barriers to entry, zero upfront costs, and investor control.
  3. Meme Kombat | $MK – Meme Kombat is a GameFi crypto that offers staking and bet-2-earn features in meme character battles. It uses artificial intelligence to randomize battle outcomes, allowing users to passively earn positive APY returns. With a total supply of 12 million tokens, the presale allows early supporters to earn passive rewards immediately upon purchase.
  4. TG Casino | $TGC – TG Casino is a new casino and sportsbook on the Telegram application, leveraging the Web3 communication app and GameFi. It uses the native $TGC token for gaming and betting, offering over 2300% APY and a buy-back and burn model. The presale has raised $200,000 of its $1 million hard cap.
  5. Launchpad XYZ | $LPX – Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is a promising Web3 platform offering a wide range of features and opportunities for users. LPX is currently holding a presale event, offering 50% of its 1 billion tokens at an attractive price point.
  6. yPredict | $YPRED – YPRED, an AI-backed cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity in the 2023 cryptocurrency industry. It offers a marketplace for AI trading models, enabling developers to sell their models to subscribers. YPRED’s limited supply of 100 million tokens provides investors with an advantage.
  7. Wall Street Memes | $WSM – Wall Street Memes is a new meme coin created by Wall Street Bulls NFT collection developers, combining humor and finance. With over a million followers, it has a solid team, a clear roadmap, and a strong community. With a unique concept, it could compete for the best ICO in 2023.
  8. Chimpzee | $CHMPZ – Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a cryptocurrency project that rewards individuals for conservation contributions. It operates on the ERC20 standard and offers three earning methods: shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn. CHMPZ tokens are used to purchase NFT passports, providing passive income and potential rewards.
  9. Lucky Block | LBLOCK Lucky Block, a decentralized lottery blockchain launched in 2022, has paid out $1 million in jackpot wins. CEO Scott Ryder, co-founder of Defi Coins and Stakemoon, is aiming to revolutionize the lottery industry.
  10. DeFi Coin | DEFI DeFi Coin (DEFC) is a community-driven, selfless penny crypto with no developer wallet, automatic liquidity, and reward systems. It is currently trading at $0.144 with a fully diluted valuation of $14,624,500.
  11. Dogecoin | DOGE – Dogecoin, created in 2013 as a joke, gained popularity due to Elon Musk’s cryptic tweets and is now considered one of the best penny cryptocurrencies, trading at $0.06.
  12. Shiba Inu | HIB – Shiba Inu, a memecoin inspired by Dogecoin’s success, experienced a tenfold price surge in 2021, offering massive returns on investment due to its extensive supply.
  13. Safemoon | SMI – Safemoon, a meme cryptocurrency, gained popularity during the 2020 DeFi season due to its smart contract utility and potential for building blockchains, commerce, and Metaverse utilities. It requires a BNB or ETH exchange.
  14. Akita Inu | AKITA – AKITA coin, launched anonymously in February 2021, aims to transform a meme into a useful Ethereum ERC20 token, enhancing data transfer and establishing a connection with Avalanche for project governance.
  15. Chiliz – Chiliz, an entertainment and sports-oriented cryptocurrency, was launched in 2018 on the Socios platform. It allows fans to buy tokens and vote for their favorite teams, making it a promising investment.
  16. REN – REN is an Ethereum token launched in 2017 that offers secure, fast, and private payments through blockchains. With a market cap of $480 million, Ren has fluctuated between $0.25 and $1, with potential gains of over 200% by 2025.

Your money is at risk.

The Best Penny Cryptocurrency To Buy in 2023 Reviewed

Many penny cryptos or meme coins are tied to pop culture like movies, memes, video games, comedy, and music. Dogecoin, the most popular meme coin in the crypto market, commands 35% of the meme coin or penny crypto market capitalization. Today, there are tons of these coins that fall into the best penny crypto category. These coins offer easy market entry and give excellent returns.

The list should not be taken as investment advice. Please conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency market is still volatile, so you should only invest an amount you can afford to lose.

1. Bitcoin ETF Token ($BTCETF) – A penny crypto that speculates the performance of Bitcoin spot ETFs

Bitcoin ETF is a new penny cryptocurrency that speculates the success of Bitcoin spot ETFs. These new assets will track the value of Bitcoin and allow investors to buy Bitcoin products on traditional exchanges. This will make Bitcoin more accessible, which will encourage new investors and increase investor interest in the crypto coin.

Bitcoin ETF tokens provide investors with a way to profit from the success of spot ETFs early. $BTCETF is an erc20 asset that will speculate the success of spot ETFs. This means that the token is predicted to do well when spot Bitcoin ETFs are launched an experience an initial bull run.

Bitcoin ETF Token best penny cryptocurrency

Bitcoin ETF token has a similar tokenomic structure to the original Bitcoin. The maximum supply is 2,100,000,000 and 40% of these tokens are available to buy during the presale. $BTCETF can be staked for passive rewards with 25% of the supply being held for staking rewards. The project will use a burning mechanism to gradually decrease the supply of tokens over time, putting upwards price pressure on the asset.

Presale investors will profit from lower prices and higher staking rewards. The Bitcoin ETF presale is selling quickly so investors do not have long left to get involved. To buy from the presale, connect your Metamask wallet to the official BTCETF token website.

Your money is at risk.

2. $BTCMTX (Bitcoin Minetrix) – Revolutionizing Crypto Mining for Everyone

Bitcoin Minetrix is leading the charge as the pioneer stake-to-mine project, offering users the ability to stake their BTCMTX tokens to generate credits for cloud mining.

best penny crypto bitcoin minetrix

This innovative approach democratizes Bitcoin mining, typically the domain of multi-million-dollar corporations due to the high costs of mining rigs and energy consumption. According to the source, Bitcoin, also started as a penny crypto, with a value less than a penny and hit more than $68.000 at its historical high.

Bitcoin Minetrix stands as a unique cloud mining project with a pivotal difference—minimal barriers to entry, zero upfront costs, fixed contracts, and complete investor control over their tokens. Additionally, token holders can reap substantial staking rewards, currently exceeding an impressive 60,000%.

The project’s presale commenced on September 26, 2023, featuring purchase options in ETH, USDT, and BNB on the Ethereum blockchain. With a total supply of 4 billion tokens and a minimum investment requirement of just $10, this presale allocates 70% of the maximum supply.

bitcoin minetrix best penny cryptocurrency

The tokenization of hash power offers significant benefits, empowering users with full control over their funds. An upcoming mobile app, currently in development, will enable users to buy BTCMTX and tailor their staking preferences, including the number of BTCMTX tokens and duration.

Your money is at risk.

3. $MK (Meme Kombat) – Innovative Meme Crypto with Competitive BettingMeme Kombat best penny cryptocurrency

Meme Kombat is an innovative new GameFi crypto that hosts staking with bet-2-earn features in meme character battles. Meme Kombat takes the meme community to the next level and brings together all the top meme characters to battle it out. This new model uses artificial intelligence to randomize battle outcomes and puts meme characters head-to-head in an all-out frenzy on the blockchain.

$MK, the native token of Meme Kombat, allows staking, meaning users can lock tokens to passively earn positive APY% returns. Meme Kombat brings a fun-filled experience to meme degens within the Web3 world through a bet-2-earn model. Users need to stake $MK tokens and can allocate a portion to use in wagering on meme battles. Betting comes in various forms, including being able to directly bet against other players, standard sportsbook-style odds betting against the game, direct betting on characters or outcomes, or side action betting, whereby users place wagers on specific occurrences or events that happen in battles.

Meme Kombat Tokenomics Penny Cryptocurrency

Meme Kombat has a total supply of 12 million tokens, with 50% allocated to the presale. 30% is allocated to staking and battle rewards, and users who participate in the presale qualify for automatic staking until launch. This means that early supporters will be able to earn passive rewards immediately upon purchasing $MK tokens in the presale.

The presale is currently live and various meme communities from all the most popular meme coins are anticipating the launch. Analysing previous meme coin performances, with the most avid supporters of memes coming together in one battle arena, the project is set to take off.

The presale enables early supporters to purchase $MK at a discounted rate and benefit from immediate staking rewards. Participating in the presale is seamless and $MK can be purchased using ETH or USDT on the Ethereum blockchain, or alternatively BNB or USDT on the Binance Smart Chain.

Your money is at risk.

4. $TGC (TG Casino) – New Telegram Crypto Casino & SportsbookTG.Casino logo

TG Casino is a new casino & sportsbook on the Telegram application. Telegram crypto projects are seeing immense popularity and growth and TG Casino is leveraging the Web3 communication app and incorporating GameFi. The recent boom in Telegram projects primes $TGC to see major popularity among Web3 enthusiasts.

TG Casino builds out its Telegram dApp with utility of its native $TGC token. $TGC tokens function as the currency used for playing games and betting in the casino. $TGC tokens also have a staking feature offering over 2300% APY and early supporters can benefit from immediate staking of $TGC tokens upon purchase in the presale. TG Casino also incorporates a buy-back and burn model where a percentage of daily profits will be bought back by the platform. From the buy-back 60% will be distributed as extra rewards for users staking $TGC. The other 40% will be burned creating a deflationary model, creating scarcity and price increases of $TGC.

The Telegram Casino presale is currently live and the total supply is 100 million $TGC. 40 million $TGC (40%) is available to purchase in the presale, 20 million tokens (20%) allocated to staking rewards, 20 millions (20%) used to provide dex liquidity and the remaining 20% split for player rewards (10%), affiliates and marketing (10%).

At the current time the project has raised $200,000 of its $1 million hard cap and web3 enthusiasts have been flocking to the presale. Seeing recent performances of web3 projects launched on Telegram makes TG Casino a token that can quite quickly increase in value.

A unique selling point of the project is that it is a fully licenced casino and sportsbook, and its proprietary features and rewards system sets it apart from its competitors. Paired with immediate staking rewards with high APY% and a deflationary model, TG Casino is set to be a high roller and definitely a cryptocurrency to watch.

Your money is at risk.

5. $LPX (Launchpad XYZ) – The Best Web3 Penny Crypto to Buy Now

best penny cryptocurrency to invest in 2023

This year is a time to consider diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio by exploring web3 projects. One promising option to keep an eye on is Launchpad XYZ (LPX). This innovative web3 platform has the potential to become a player in the industry by 2025, offering users a solution for accessing various web3 offerings.

At its core, Launchpad XYZ functions as a web3 platform, providing users access to a wide range of features and opportunities. From experiences and play-to-earn opportunities to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and DeFi wallets, Launchpad XYZ aims to cater to all the needs of the web3 community. The main hub of the platform is its web3 portal, which allows users to explore and utilize web3 products based on their preferences.

penny cryptocurrency to buy now

The team behind Launchpad XYZ has envisioned a platform that serves as a one-stop solution for users. Through this platform, individuals can browse through NFTs and crypto tokens, engage in crypto games, earn income by staking tokens, perform swaps, and securely store their crypto assets and NFTs in reliable wallets while gaining access to educational resources that can enhance their trading skills. Additionally, valuable insights into the evolving market are also provided.

If you’re interested in investing in this project, now is a time as they are currently holding a presale event where investors can acquire LPX tokens at an advantageous price point. LPX functions, as the currency on the Launchpad XYZ platform providing users with access, to a wide range of features. It offers flexibility regarding staking, buying NFTs, and participating in cryptocurrency games, making it a valuable cryptocurrency worth considering.

LPX has a supply of 1 billion tokens. During the presale, 50% of these tokens can be purchased. This limited availability, combined with the platform’s usefulness, makes LPX an appealing investment opportunity. Participating in the presale is easy—just connect your web3 wallet and trade ETH or USDT for LPX tokens.

Your capital is at risk.

6. $YPRED (yPredict) – The Best AI Penny Cryptocurrency to Purchase in 2023

penny cryptos yPredict

YPRED has been gaining much traction in the cryptocurrency industry as the AI-backed cryptocurrency to consider investing in for 2023. This platform, called yPredict, empowers developers and traders, providing a space for knowledge exchange income generation and enhanced trading strategies.

YPredict is a marketplace for AI trading models where skilled developers can sell their trading models to subscribers. These advanced AI and ML-driven models empower subscribers to improve their trading skills and navigate the markets, influenced by algorithmic technology that impacts prices.

best penny cryptocurrency to buy now

The platform stands out because it utilizes real-time data and state-of-the-art financial prediction methods. This ensures that traders have access to cutting-edge tools for making decisions. Users will access the models and subscriptions using YPRED tokens, the platform’s utility token.

YPRED is built on the Polygon chain. Has a limited supply of 100 million tokens, with 80 million available for purchase in the ongoing presale. The remaining 20 million tokens are reserved for exchange listings and liquidity purposes. After the presale event, it is expected that the limited supply and strong utility of YPRED will drive its value higher.

Investing in YPRED during the presale gives investors an advantage as the token price increases at each presale stage. By participating in this phase, investors can secure access to the platform at a cost, positioning themselves for potential growth as the project gains traction.

Your capital is at risk

7. $WSM (Wall Street Memes) – The Best Penny Crypto on the Market

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)best penny cryptocurrency is a meme coin that has recently emerged in crypto. As a creation of the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection developers who saw an opportunity to merge humor and finance, $WSM has been in the news for all the right reasons, gathering over a million followers across all social media platforms.

Since its inception in May 2023, Wallet Street Memes has recorded notable feats. One such remarkable feat is its presale, which saw significant interest as it hit 17 million. Additionally, $WSM has been listed on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, further expanding its accessibility and reach.

Although $WSM shares some similarities with other meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, it stands out in different areas. Some include having a solid team of developers with a clear roadmap for the project and a track record in crypto. It also distinguishes itself by focusing on the fusion of memes and Wall Street, appealing to a community of traders and meme enthusiasts.

Since Wall Street Memes Coin is a relatively new project, it may be difficult to predict its future. However, with its dedicated community, unique concept, and team, $WSM will likely continue to gain traction. Also, if the project can deliver on its roadmap, which is focused on enriching the community, the Wall Street Memes coin could be a very successful project.

wall street memes crypto penny

As a coin with an already established online brand, Wall Street Memes has wasted no time in earning a unique spot in the financial world, which puts it in talks to be in a position to compete for the best ICO for 2023. Thus, traders and meme enthusiasts should be on the lookout for this coin.

Your money is at risk.

8. $CHMPZ (Chimpzee) – Promising Eco-friendly Penny Cryptocurrency

best penny crypto currency

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is an innovative cryptocurrency project that aims to reward individuals for their contributions to conservation. This eco-conscious digital currency employs three methods of generating income while also promoting sustainability.

At the core of this platform lies the CHMPZ token, which operates on the ERC20 standard and has a supply of 200,000,000,000. What distinguishes CHMPZ is its user approach; there are no charges associated with purchasing or selling the token. Remarkably, 50% of the supply will be distributed to the community through sales and rewards, with an additional 10% allocated to support environmental charities.

Chimpzee provides users with three avenues for earning CHMPZ tokens. The first option is Shop to Earn, where users can acquire merchandise from the Chimpanzee shop. The platform’s second earning mechanism is Trade to Earn; a portion of trading fees on the Chimpzees NFT marketplace is returned to users as income. Lastly, Play to Earn has gained popularity as a means to earn cryptocurrency on the Chimpzee platform.

top penny cryptos

CHMPZ tokens are pivotal in Chimpzee’s ecosystem, as users use them to purchase NFT passports. Owning these passports grants users access to higher passive income and more lucrative rewards. Consequently, demand for CHMPZ is expected to rise over time due to increased passport adoption.

Investing in CHMPZ during the presale presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking passive income while supporting a good cause. The Chimpzee presale is highly regarded in the crypto community, as the token is currently undervalued. Early investors in the presale will also receive a 100% bonus, further incentivizing participation. When CHMPZ tokens are used to purchase NFT passports, they are burned, reducing the token’s circulating supply and potentially increasing its value.

Your capital is at risk.

9. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Best lottery penny crypto to buy in 2023

best penny crypto

LBLOCK is the native currency of the decentralized lottery blockchain, Lucky Block. Lucky Block has a noble intention to solve some of the inherent problems of the traditional lottery system. The cryptocurrency, which is quite new, was launched in 2022 and has since paid out $1 million worth of jackpot wins to users.

The Lucky Block project is bold, and it’s a fair bet, especially if it can break into the gambling world as its vision promises. As of writing, an LBLOCK is worth $0.000508559379 and has drawn quite a bit of attention amongst crypto investors. Serial crypto investor Scott Ryder is the CEO and the brain behind Lucky Block. But LuckyBlock isn’t Ryder’s first rodeo. Ryder is also the co-founder of Defi Coins and the CEO of Stakemoon. It’s an impressive feat for him, and if Defi’s success is anything to go by, LBLOCK might just be the penny cryptocurrency behind the new lottery industry.

You money is at risk.

10. DEFI (DeFi Coin) – Promising penny crypto with excellent past performance and future offerings

At this point, if you are still looking for the best penny cryptos you can add to your portfolio, you can do thorough research on DeFi Coin (DEFC). It is a community-driven coin run by selfless developers.

One of the things that made the project stand out from the others is that there is no developer wallet for their token. They burned all of their tokens, and this singular act gained them massive trust from their community.

best penny cryptocurrencies

DEFC uses case ranges, from having automatic liquidity, rewarding holders, and then staunch holders being able to exchange collectibles on the platform. Currently trading at $0.144 and with a Fully Diluted Valuation of $14,624,500, it is convenient to include DEFC as one of the top penny cryptocurrencies on your buy list.

Your money is at risk.

11. DOGE (Dogecoin) – One of the biggest penny cryptos on the market

best penny cryptos to invest in

Dogecoin was created as a joke in  2013 by software engineers Jack Palmer and Billy Marcus. It gained so much attention on the internet as a meme cryptocurrency, making many people buy into Dogecoin. This attention was primarily due to the Tesla CEO; now side named the Dogefather, Elon Musk.

Elon musk shilled Dogecoin through cryptic tweets, and this made it to be on every crypto investor’s lips. It raced past several other top penny cryptocurrencies during the 2021 bull market earning its rank as one of the best penny cryptocurrency to consider.

Dogecoin currently trades at a fair price of $0.06 and a market capitalization of $9 billion. With its dedicated fanbase, Dogecoin will most likely shoot higher in the event of a favorable news event.

Your money is at risk.

12. SHIB (Shiba Inu) – Ethereum-based penny cryptocurrency alternative to DOGE

top penny cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu, one of the best crypto meme coins, was motivated by the success of Dogecoin. It was created in the late quarters of 2020. Not long after its rise to fame, it was touted as the Dogecoin killer by its wild community, i.e., a cryptocurrency that will put Dogecoin to rest and become the new meme coin sensation.

Shiba Inu’s price soared tenfold in 2021, shortly after its creation. It is a speculative asset because of its extensive supply and high volatility.

But of this extensive supply, only 7% remains to be mined. It is one of the best penny cryptocurrencies, with the potential for a massive return on investment.

Your money is at risk.

13. SMI (Safemoon) – Meme penny crypto with growing community and future potential

Safemoon, which is also a meme cryptocurrency, scored its name as a top penny cryptocurrency during the 2020 DeFi season. Its massive rise during this period birthed a community movement known as The SafeMoon Army.

Unlike Dogecoin, which is simply driven by its meme value, Safemoon has some utilities and functionalities on its smart contract.

Safemoon has witnessed the rise and fall of many other cryptocurrencies giving it a lot of market appeal to potential investors looking to invest in top penny cryptocurrencies.

penny cryptocurrency to buy now

Safemoon use cases now border around building blockchains, driving commerce, and finding better utilities of the Metaverse and NFTs. Although Safe Moon is not without its fair share of limitations, just like every other cryptocurrency.

To buy SMI, you will need to connect your wallet to a DEX and use BNB or ETH to make the swap. You can purchase BNB (Binance Coin)  from most reputable exchanges.

Your money is at risk.

14. AKITA (Akita Inu) – Best penny crypto alternative to SHIB

best penny crypto

AKITA coin was launched anonymously on February 1, 2021 by the developers. The community has taken charge of this cryptocurrency, led by many core team members and moderators.

The cryptocurrency Akita Inu (AKITA) first appeared as an internet joke. The team wants to transform the Akita Inu coin from a meme into a real, useful coin with a variety of uses. The Ethereum blockchain’s Akita Inu ERC20 token intends to increase the Ethereum blockchain’s ability to transfer information and exchange data with other blockchains. According to the website, with the help of the community, the Akita network has established a connection with Avalanche for project governance.

Your money is at risk.

15. Chiliz – One of the best penny cryptos in the sports industry

Chiliz is an entertainment and sports-oriented cryptocurrency project. Its token was launched in 2018 and is the official cryptocurrency of the Socios platform. Socios is a platform that brings fans together and works in partnership with some of the biggest sports teams in the world.Best penny crypto Chiliz

As a result, fans can buy tokens and voting rights for their favorite teams on Socios. Furthermore, fans who buy these tokens can influence the sports teams they follow. A team can, for example, allow token holders to vote on the design of the jerseys they wear. This kind of blockchain-based sports fan engagement makes Chiliz one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the market.

The current market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is over 1.8 billion dollars. Chiliz is currently trading between $0.10 and $0.50 on the open market, making it a good investment for those looking for the best penny crypto.

Your money is at risk.

16. REN – One of the best penny crypto under $1 with high potential

REN was launched in 2017 as an open-protocol Ethereum token that allows the transfer of any cryptocurrency token through blockchains, giving users freedom in the transaction. This allows developers to integrate tokens created on other blockchains into their applications.

The team’s goal is to enable people around the world to make secure, fast, and private payments. Ren’s key distinguishing feature from other digital currencies is the Ryo Currency algorithm, a powerful encryption software. Ren has gone through several changes and integrations since its launch in 2017.Ren Logo Best Penny Crypto

In addition, network participants pay the token as a repayable bond. This crypto asset fell to an all-time low of $0.01 in November 2018. Ren then rose to a high of $1.84 in February 2021.

As such, this token appears to be a good investment option for anyone looking for the most promising cryptocurrency worth buying in 2023. With a market cap of $480 million, Ren predicts great growth potential. Ren has fluctuated between $0.25 and $1 in recent months. However, some market analysts are predicting a price of $1.46 by 2025, which would mean potential gains of over 200% for investors looking to buy Ren today.

Your money is at risk.

What is a penny crypto?

Penny cryptocurrencies refer to all cryptocurrencies that are priced at less than one dollar and are much cheaper than well-known digital currencies. There are several categories of penny cryptocurrencies, such as: newly launched cryptocurrencies that are characterized by much higher volatility, cryptocurrencies with a much larger supply on the market making them more affordable options compared to major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and LTC. There are also declining cryptocurrencies, which have experienced a significant increase in value, but then suffered a sharp drop in price, causing them to lose a large portion of their value.

Usually, penny cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile. If you’re an enthusiastic investor looking for investment opportunities in the new pre-sales, it’s important to know that investing in new cryptocurrencies can offer the potential for increased returns, but also comes with a significant risk of loss. In order to invest in penny cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to research and analyze both the technical project document and other details related to the organization and distribution of the pre-sale offering.

Is Penny Cryptocurrency A Good Investment?

The whole cryptocurrency market is pending regulations, and that extends to penny cryptocurrencies. Investors that trade crypto must do good research should they want to buy crypto for its long-term investment returns.

The Top Penny stock cryptocurrencies mentioned above differ in design, but they all share similar investment value. They are micro-cap and have the potential to do a crazy return on investment if the founding team brings more utilities to them.

Before investing into penny cryptos, make sure they have a serious team focused on their project’s growth.

Penny cryptocurrencies are much cheaper than those known on the market, giving investors the opportunity to invest in promising new projects that fit their financial budget. One of the main advantages of penny cryptocurrencies is their potential for significant growth compared to more mature and stable cryptocurrencies.

With the recent development of the crypto market, more and more modern projects are being launched using advanced technologies that offer investors the chance to invest in a cheaper token but with the potential to make a profit.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Penny Cryptocurrency

Some of the pros and cons of the best penny crypto are explained below:


  • They allow you have access to a community of believers at the infant stage of a project.
  • Although Penny cryptocurrencies can have explosive gains, it is crucial to understand that they can be very risky too. Some of the top penny cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments with low trading volume.
  • Since people often do not know the best crypto to buy under a penny, investors can spread their portfolios over multiple penny cryptocurrencies.


  • Some penny cryptos are not time-tested when compared to their bluechip alternative. This means there is no track record to base your trade on.
  • They can be subject to pumps and dumps easily, especially if the founding team holds the major part of these cryptocurrencies.
  • Penny cryptocurrencies are also subject to fraudulent activities like rug pull. A rug pull occurs when the founders or developers of a crypto platform disappear with investors’ money and completely de-liquefy the community’s assets.

What to look at when investing in penny crypto: Ranking Criteria

Our experts determined the main criteria to look for when choosing to invest in a penny cryptocurrency.

Price volatility

Penny cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility. You may be exposed to rapid and unpredictable price movements that may result in substantial gains or losses.

Technological risks

Cheaper cryptocurrencies may not benefit from the same level of development and security as known, more established cryptocurrencies. This disadvantage may expose these cryptocurrencies to vulnerabilities and potential technical problems.

The possibility of fraud

Fraud and deceptive schemes are common in the crypto space. Low-capitalization cryptocurrencies are often targeted by individuals with bad intentions who create fictitious projects to attract inexperienced investors.

The amount of information available

Penny cryptocurrencies don’t always provide the same amount of information as other well-known digital assets, and the lack of a solid track record and key details can be a red flag for investors.

Where to Buy Penny Cryptocurrency

One of the most important decisions you can make when starting your cryptocurrency journey is to choose the best crypto exchange for the best penny crypto to buy. Before choosing a crypto exchange, you need to consider commission, fee, security, staking bonus, the simplicity of the user interface, and restrictions. You cannot trade on some exchanges in the United States, so a US trader should be up-to-date on any recent restrictions.

You should also consider the tradable tokens and cryptocurrencies on each exchange, ease of purchase, liquidity of assets, and recent breaches. You want a crypto exchange where you spend less on commission and your assets are securely stored.

The Verdict

Bitcoin ETF is the best penny cryptocurrency to consider in 2023 due to the current hype around Bitcoin spot ETFs. The penny crypto provides investors with a chance to profit from the ETFs before they are officially launched on exchanges. Each of the cryptos mentioned in this article is suitable for different types of investors, and you should conduct further research before making any investment decisions.

The best way to buy penny cryptos is to use an exchange such as eToro. However, many penny cryptocurrencies must be purchased via presale or decentralized exchange, which will involve swapping tokens for penny cryptos through a crypto wallet.

bitcoin etf best penny cryptocurrency to buy

Your money is at risk


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