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Bitcoin Urex GPT is the latest autonomous trading app that gives users access to the world of cryptocurrencies and provides a hands-free automatic trading experience. This Bitcoin Urex GPT review will cover the various features that the platform offers and delve into the functionality of the trading software. This aims to give users an unbiased in-depth analysis on the trading software, the tools, assets offered and an easy to comprehend guide on how to get started. Bitcoin Urex GPT is the latest automated trading application that uses the power of AI to potentially enable traders with a positive investment experience.

Your money is at risk.

What is Bitcoin UREX GPT?

Bitcoin Urex GPT is an automated trading platform that claims to provide clients with an autonomous trading experience and uses the power of artificial intelligence to have an edge on the markets. The platform offers access to a variety of cryptocurrencies. According to the dashboard, the Bitcoin UREX GPT trading platform also gives clients the opportunity to have exposure to forex and index funds such as the S&P500.

Scam or Legit Legit
Supported Assets Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Fantom, Ripple Among 9000 other cryptocurrencies.
Minimum Deposit $250
Trading Fees No Mention of Trading Fees
Withdrawal Time Free Withdrawals Within 24 Hours
Customer Support  Email & Contact Form

How To Use Bitcoin Urex GPT – Beginner’s Guide

Registering to the Bitcoin Urex GPT platform is seamless and is not an overly complicated process. Below are the steps outlined in order to get started. It should be noted that in order to get started users need to register and then fulfil the minimum deposit amount to activate the account.

1. Register for An Account

Signing up to the platform is simple. In order to register for an account, users should visit the Bitcoin Urex GPT website and fill in the details in the create an account window. Registering is seamless in that it only requires users to fill in the full name, email address and contact number.

bitcoin urex gpt

2. Fund Your Account

Once registered, users can go ahead and fund their account. In order to activate the trading account to start using the platform, users must make a minimum deposit of $250. Payment can be made via credit/debit card and the platform supports deposits in USD, EUR and GBP. The initial deposit is not a fee but merely tops up the user’s account with funds to trade with.

3. Use the Demo Trader to Practice Trading

Like many of the popular trading platforms, Bitcoin Urex GPT gives traders the possibility to practice with paper funds on a demo account. This allows clients to test out the platform and trial strategies in real-time using virtual funds. The demo account will help novice traders to get the hang of the web trader functions and trade without risking their own funds. While for more experienced traders, paper trading can be used to experiment with advanced strategies and test market reactions under desired conditions.

4. Start Live Trading

The Bitcoin Urex GPT software provides a user-friendly trading interface. Once the initial deposit is confirmed, users should see the updated amount funded to their balances. Users can then search their favorite cryptocurrencies and other assets offered using the finder and start to trade.

How To Close a Bitcoin Urex GPT Account

The platform does not display any option to close an account. In this instance, users should contact customer support and request them to close the account.

How Does Bitcoin Urex GPT Work?

bitcoin urex review

Further to knowing how to get started, it is important for users to grasp how the Bitcoin Urex GPT platform works. Bitcoin Urex GPT aggregates market insights in real time and this data analysis function assists algorithmic trading. The core characteristics that the platform uses are highlighted below.

✔️ Algorithmic Trading

A number of automated trading platforms promote the use of algorithmic trading. Algo trading is when an algorithm is programmed to follow set parameters. The robot then places trades on the user’s behalf when the markets present certain conditions. Bitcoin Urex GPT claims to facilitate algorithmic trading, which allows a hands-free experience when investing in the financial markets.

✔️ Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation is something that artificial intelligence has made more time efficient. Through developments in technology, AI is able to collect and analyze data quicker as it avoids time consuming research by humans. Bitcoin Urex GPT claims to aggregate market data so that it’s algorithm can identify opportunities through quick summary of the latest market insights and events.

✔️ Real-time Market Insights

Financial assets react to news and events that occur in daily financial, geopolitical and economic affairs. The Bitcoin Urex AI app claims that its algorithm scans various data sources to monitor the financial markets. This enables the platform to keep users updated about the latest trends. Market insights provide real-time information on price movements in assets, trading volumes and indications in the charts which assist traders with their investment decisions.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Urex GPT


  • CFDs for over 9000 crypto assets
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 interface
  • Wide variety of trading and charting tools
  • Demo trading account feature


  • $250 minimum deposit
  • Lack of financial oversight
  • No details about creators

Your money is at risk.

Bitcoin Urex GPT Key Features

The trading app offers a flexible user experience, compatibility with the most popular trading interface, and a handful of trading and chart analytics tools. Below are the key features which Bitcoin Urex GPT offers to clients.

Automated Trading Tools

Bitcoin Urex GPT offers automated trading to its clients. This is assisted through their real-time market insights and data aggregation functionality. Automated trading is facilitated by algorithmic technology. The platform claims that users can set their own parameters to cater to their desired risk appetite, which allows users to customise the automated trading experience.

MetaTrader 4 Charting Tools

One of the most popular trading interfaces is MetaTrader. MetaTrader is a free trading platform that is compatible with most of the leading investment brokerages. Bitcoin Urex GPT is compatible with MetaTrader 4 which gives users access to a wide variety of charting indicator tools. Charting tools are used in assisting technical analysis to identify various pattern signals in asset movements.

MetaTrader 4 uses a wide variety of these tools such as Fibonacci and Gann indicators for drawing line patterns. MT4 also provides users with the most popular technical analysis trend indicators and oscillators from moving average, MACD, RSI, volume tracking, volatility index, Bollinger bands, among many others. Many brokers are compatible with MetaTrader 4 which can also be used alongside TradingView.

bitcoin urex gpt

Demo Trading Account

Bitcoin Urex GPT allows users to test out the trading app using a demo account. The demo account enables clients to trial trading and experiment strategies using paper funds. Paper funds are in essence virtual money that is loaded into the demo account which allows users to trade without risking their own funds. Bitcoin Urex GPT provides this service to new users in order for them to get familiar with the platform, test out the various features and to mimic realistic trade strategies.

Although Bitcoin Urex GPT allows demo account trading, we could not find how to switch the account type to the demo version. Users should contact customer support and ask them to switch the account type to a demo account to enable this feature.

User-Friendly Interface

One key feature that is essential for trading platforms to focus on is a user friendly interface. This ensures a seamless and easy-to-use platform, which allows users to have a positive trading experience. It is crucial to make sure that features are easy to access and traders do not need to spend hours learning about the platform to navigate the trading interface.

Bitcoin Urex GPT has a user-friendly interface that ensures that users can navigate through the various instruments, the charting tools are easy to setup, and placing trades through the bid/ask windows is simple giving all the options for leverage and unit amounts. Users are able to see their balances, amount of free capital and the amount of funds allocated in trades.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of trading platforms service to assist their clients. Traders may encounter issues when trading or need assistance with some functions which are not understood. For this, Bitcoin Urex AI offers dedicated multilingual customer support.

The platform has a type form allowing users to directly contact an agent. Alternatively, users can find contact emails on the Urex GPT website.

While we couldn't find any live chat agent contact option ourselves, the platform likely can call clients back if they provide a number in the type form.

Bitcoin Urex GPT Success Rate

The Bitcoin Urex GPT trading platform claims a success rate of 98.4%. This stated rate is quite high and could be attributed to the algorithmic trading parameters. While a trading platforms' success rate can vary depending on market conditions, we could not find any evidence or user reviews that support this claim.

Real-time Market Data and Analysis

It is essential for traders to keep up to date on industry news and reactionary events in the financial markets. In order to stay ahead of the curve Bitcoin Urex GPT conducts market analysis to provide users with real time market data. Events that effect financial instruments can range from interest rate hikes, company quarterly reports, geopolitical issues and economic changes in global current affairs. Bitcoin Urex GPT uses their GPT technology to consolidate market data in real time.

bitcoin urex gpt trading platform

Bitcoin Urex GPT Trading Platform Fees

Trading platforms usually charge traders fees to use the platform. These fees can be in the form of commissions, account management fees and/or spreads incorporated into the buy/sell side of the financial instruments offered. Below we will review which fees Bitcoin Urex GPT charges to traders.

Trading Fees and Commissions

There was no information available about trading commissions that are charged or any platform fees. However, we could see that there are low spreads on assets in the trading interface. Some free trading platforms do not charge commissions or account handling fees and make their revenues from incorporating a markup in the asset spreads.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Bitcoin Urex GPT states that they do not charge users any deposit or withdrawal fees. It should be noted that banks may charge international transfer fees when depositing funds in a different currency to the primary currency of the clients account.

Also, with deposits and withdrawals banks can usually use their own baseline rate for currency exchange, when withdrawing in a different currency. These internal bank currency rate can be very low compared to the daily average, meaning that clients may not get the optimum exchange rate when withdrawing foreign currency.

Account Management Fees

Some trading platforms charge clients account management fees as this becomes a form of their revenue stream. Account management fees are charged by brokerage firms for fulfilling the buy and sell side of asset lots with other brokers and exchanges. In order for platforms to provide investment assets to clients, they must source the access to the stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and the various other instruments they offer. Sometimes brokers will need to go to other intermediaries in order to source a given basket of assets to provide on their platform or fulfil orders. Therefore, they charge account management fees.

In our review of the Bitcoin Urex GPT website, it doesn't state anywhere that they charge clients with account management fees.

Bitcoin Urex GPT Payment Methods

Upon reviewing the payment methods, Bitcoin Urex GPT allows clients to deposit to their accounts using credit/debit card and via PayPal. For the credit/debit card method, the platform shows on the deposit page that they accept both Visa and Mastercard.

Alternatively, users can contact customer support if they wish to make a payment through bank wire transfer. It is unknown whether the platform supports alternative payment methods such as Skrill, Neteller, Union Pay and Yandex, therefore, it is best to contact customer support if wishing to deposit using one of those.

Is Bitcoin Urex GPT a Legitimate Trading Platform?

Many automated trading platforms and AI stock pickers are present on the market. Some AI platforms also have in-house devs who program their own algorithms and offer bots for rental. Algorithmic trading is legitimate and many hedge funds have been trading using algorithms for quite some time.

We gained access to the platform when registering and based on this our review concludes that Bitcoin Urex GPT seems like a real trading platform. However, because it is relatively new, we could not fully establish its legitimacy in the sense if the success rate is true and their trading fulfilment is up to standard. It is always good to conduct thorough research online and check blog forums to confirm that the platform is legit.

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Bitcoin Urex GPT Regulation and Security

Many trading apps have some form of licenses to operate and are regulated under international financial bodies. These include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to give some examples.

Bitcoin Urex GPT does state that it is not supervised or regulated by any financial agencies. It can be that they are licensed via the various partner brokerages they use, for providing the financial instruments they offer.

Is Bitcoin Urex GPT a Scam or Legit?

With the limited information available on the platform, it is hard to factually determine and review whether Bitcoin Urex GPT is a scam or legit. Although, from our perspective we have been able to register and access the interface which ultimately shows that the platform is real and that its functions are operational.

What Countries is Bitcoin Urex GPT Available In?

Upon our review of Bitcoin Urex GPT, the platform is available to users globally. However, on the home page in the disclaimers it does state that options trading is not regulated in the USA. The platform clearly explains that it is not regulated or under supervision by any financial agencies, including those in the U.S. and that Bitcoin Urex GPT does not accept customers who hold American citizenship or that are located in the USA.

Based in the US? Check out our list of the best day trading platforms that could be a good alternative to Bitcoin Urex GPT.

Potential Risks of Using Bitcoin Urex GPT

It is important to identify the risks associated with automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Urex GPT in this review. There are specifics that we go into further detail about below surrounding market volatilities, lack of financial oversight and the risks of novice traders using high leverages without experience.

Market Volatility

Trading in the financial markets, especially cryptocurrencies can be very risky. Cryptocurrency markets tend to make sharp movements and while positive news can result in upside movements, sudden negative news can create very steep downturns. It is always a good idea to conduct thorough research on assets and self-assess the market sentiments at a given time period. Trading without knowledge and solely relying on algorithmic parameters can backfire.

Although conditional parameters are set up within the algorithm and stop losses should be incorporated, sudden events such as "Black Swan" can literally wipe out traders' portfolios including any previous profits made. It is always good practice to use technology as an assistant while also having soundproof knowledge about what is going on in the markets being traded and how future sentiment looks.

Unregulated Platform

Within the disclaimers on Bitcoin Urex GPT website the platform clearly states that it is not under any financial supervision and is not regulated by any oversight bodies in the USA. This can be a cause for concern as the lack of oversight from financial regulatory bodies means that users will not have the same security of their funds as regulated trading platforms provide. It is always good to understand that money is at risk and never invest more than can be afforded to be lost. Traders should always take precautionary measures and protect trading capital through risk management and monitoring of capital allocation.

Risk of Gambling

For traders, the desire and potential for profits can be addictive. Some traders do not know when to simply stop trading and take a break. Paired with leverage and multiplying of potential profits on successful trades, psychological factors can come into play. A rule of thumb for trading is never trade with emotions, and always aim to preserve capital in your portfolio.

Stop losses are crucial in this as traders can often tie emotions to a trade in hopes that an asset can go back up if it's in a losing position. Cutting losses and not revenge trading, but waiting patiently for opportunities that follow patterns in technical analysis and market fundamentals is a good strategy.

Our Verdict on Bitcoin Urex GPT

To conclude the Bitcoin Urex GPT review, the platform does offer users the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. The trading interface has sleek functionality and is compatible with the widely used MetaTrader 4 trading interface. With a claimed success rate of 98.4% it seems like an attractive passive income stream. However, there is no information about the creators of the platform, and the lack of regulatory oversight gives a cause for concern. Although, the trading features provided and friendly user interface are all signs of a good product which can provide a positive trading experience.

It is always good practice to conduct your own research and thoroughly evaluate if Bitcoin Urex GPT is better than other platforms on the market. Trying with small funds, or using the demo account can be a way to test out the features, and see if the platform provides positive outcomes as the claimed successes. To register and explore the Bitcoin Urex GPT app users can follow the link below.

Your money is at risk.

Bitcoin Urex GPT FAQs

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