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Best Crypto trading platforms Best Cryptos under $1 to Buy in September 2023
Jhonattan Jimenez
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In recent years, a veritable flood of new cryptocurrencies has left many investors scratching their heads as to how they should distinguish which ones are genuine from the rest. In today’s world, where there are so many cryptocurrencies to choose from, it can be very easy to make a mistake and buy something worthless, especially if you venture off the beaten path.

Cryptocurrencies under $1 can offer excellent investment opportunities, but determining which ones are best to invest in can be a difficult task for some people. This guide aims to help you make an informed decision regarding the best cryptos under $1 to buy in 2023 that you should consider purchasing.

List of Best Cryptos Under $1 in 2023

The following is a quick-view list of the top 10 best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2023 – all of which are trading at less than $1 per coin.

  1. Wall Street Memes | $WSM – Best Crypto Under $1 With 100x Potential
  2. Meme Kombat |$MK– Presale that reached $40,000 in 24 hours
  3. Bitcoin BSC | $BTCBSC– One of the best cryptocurrencies under $1
  4. TG.Casino | $TGC – the token under $1 associated with an online casino exclusively on Telegram
  5. AiDoge | $Ai – Best AI Crypto Under 1 Dollar
  6. Love Hate Inu | $LHINU – Vote-to-Earn Crypto Under 1 Dollar
  7. Lucky Block |$LBLOCK – One of the Best Crypto Under $1 Within the Crypto Lottery Market
  8. DeFi Coin | $DEFC – Cryptocurrency Under $1 with a Strong Link to DeFi
  9. Ripple | $XRP – Undervalued Crypto to Buy Under 1$
  10. Doge | $DOGE – 2023 Best Meme Currency Under $1
  11. Basic Attenton Token – The Best Ethical Cryptocurrency Under $1 Dollar

Here are the best cryptos under $1 you should know about.

Best Cryptos under $1 to Buy in 2023

In the world of cryptocurrency investing, choosing from the thousands of active digital currencies available could prove to be a challenging task.

Due to this, we’ve saved you some time by putting together a list of the best crypto under $1 that you can buy right now.

1. Wall Street Memes ($WSM) – Best Crypto Under $1 With 100x Potential

best crypto under $1

Wall Street Memes presents a compelling investment opportunity for several reasons. Firstly, the project has gained significant traction and attention within the crypto community, thanks to its association with the popular Wall Street Memes social media page and the endorsement of influential figures like Elon Musk. This heightened visibility has the potential to attract a large user base, leading to increased demand for the $WSM token and potential price appreciation. Additionally, the meme token space has demonstrated remarkable growth and investor interest in recent years, with notable success stories like Dogecoin.

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As a meme-based cryptocurrency, Wall Street Memes taps into the trend of combining humor and digital assets, which resonates with a wide audience and could drive further adoption. Moreover, Wall Street Memes aims to engage its community through airdrops, exclusive events, and other incentives, fostering a sense of loyalty among token holders. However, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, assess market conditions, and evaluate personal risk tolerance before making any investment decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Meme Kombat – Presale that reached $40,000 in 24 hours

Meme Kombat is a crypto project that is catching the attention of the industry with an exceptional presale. Within just 24 hours of launch, the pre-sale campaign raised an impressive $40,000. Why is this project so attractive to investors and what can we expect next?

Meme Kombat is not just another name in the meme cryptocurrency world. It is a platform that brings an innovative concept to the equation of meme coins, allowing them to duel in an AI-generated arena. This brings a dose of excitement and unpredictability to the market, making it particularly attractive to those looking for something different.

Meme Kombat Presale

With pre-sales already at $40,000, it’s safe to say that Meme Kombat has captured the attention of investors. This high demand is fueled in part by the growth potential of its native token, $MK. This is not just a token; is the key to all fights and bets on the platform. With a limited supply and ever-growing utility, $MK has the potential to become a focal point in the meme cryptocurrency market.

The affordable price of $1.667 per $MK token makes the investment more than attractive and accessible. With its presale campaign in full swing, Meme Kombat is a project to watch closely for those looking to tap into its potential in the meme cryptocurrency market.

Your money is at risk.

3. Bitcoin BSC – One of the best cryptos under $1 to buy right now

Investors love sub-$1 cryptocurrencies because it gives them more room to maneuver in the future when they resell the cryptocurrency. The logic here is simple – the lower the current price of the cryptocurrency, the higher the profit the investor will be able to make even when the price of the cryptocurrency increases insignificantly. Bitcoin BSC is the freshest cryptocurrency launched, perfect for investors looking for tokens up to $1.

crypto under 1 dollar

The project aims to give a second chance to those who missed out on investing in Bitcoin. At the same time, it is important to note that this cryptocurrency has nothing in common with “digital gold” – it is not a fork of BTC. With a deflationary supply limited to 21 million tokens, BTCBSC also has speculative potential as community interest is quite high and there is a real chance that the price of the cryptocurrency will rise in the future.

Are you soon wondering how much you can buy a BTCBSC token right now? The price is $0.99 per token – a good price for a cryptocurrency that offers so many features. First of all, know that you can do staking, staking Bitcoin BSC funds and generate passive profits that way. You can access the presale page right now, and because it runs on the Binance blockchain – it’s very simple and fast to buy Bitcoin BSC.

Your money is at risk.

4. $TGC – the token under $1 associated with an online casino exclusively on Telegram

The success of newly launched tokens directly depends on the utility they have and the platform they are associated with. $TGC is a new ERC-20 token, associated with TG.Casino – the first casino that runs exclusively on Telegram. The token presale was launched recently, but it has already managed to raise an impressive amount of over $170,000.

TG.Casino Presale

The interest of the community is determined both by the unique specificity of the casino and by the well-thought-out tokenomy of the cryptocurrency. Since the issue is limited, $TGC is a deflationary token, and this increases the likelihood that the price of the token will increase in the future. In addition to this, 20% of the total emission is intended for staking – a good opportunity for players to get additional daily rewards.

TG.Casino’s native token presale is in full swing, and given the speed at which funds are being raised, it looks like the soft cap will be reached fairly quickly. To succeed in buying this token at an attractive price of 0.125 USD. To access the presale, click the button below.

Your money is at risk.

5. AiDoge ($Ai) – Best AI Crypto Under 1 Dollar

best cryptos under 1 cent

AiDoge is a new platform that aims to revolutionize the world of memes and social media by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by its native ERC-20 token, $Ai.

The platform’s main goal is to make meme creation more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Using AI, the platform optimizes the content of memes to make them more engaging and shareable. The platform also allows users to curate and vote on the best memes, creating a community-driven experience.

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One of the unique features of AiDoge is its deflationary mechanism. As more users transact on the platform, a percentage of the transaction fees are burned, reducing the overall supply of $Ai tokens over time. This creates scarcity and may increase the value of the token in the long run, incentivizing early adopters and long-term holders to continue holding onto their tokens.

cryptocurrencies under $1

The $Ai token has multiple use cases within the AiDoge ecosystem. It serves as the primary means of exchange for transactions within the platform, and is also used for governance and decision-making. Token holders are able to vote on proposals and changes to the platform’s operations, creating a more democratic and community-driven experience.

AiDoge is a unique platform that combines AI technology with social media and blockchain to create a new experience for meme enthusiasts and social media users. With its community-driven and decentralized approach, coupled with its deflationary tokenomics, AiDoge has the potential to disrupt the meme creation and social media industry.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

6. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Vote-to-Earn Crypto Under 1 Dollar

undervalued cryptos

Love Hate Inu is a new meme token that has quickly gained popularity in the crypto space. Launched in 2023, it uses blockchain technology and metaverse offerings to provide users with an innovative voting platform. Through this platform, users can share their opinions on trending issues and topics and earn rewards for doing so.

The Love Hate Inu platform uses a vote-to-earn mechanism as well as a stake-to-earn concept. To gain access to the voting platform, users must stake LHINU tokens. The more tokens they stake, the higher their voting power will be. This incentivizes users to hold onto their LHINU tokens and invest in the platform, as their voting power will increase accordingly.

Furthermore, Love Hate Inu allows users to dictate which polls are created, ensuring that the platform provides exactly what its users want. This approach promotes a sense of community and engagement within the platform and can lead to the creation of content that is more relevant and interesting to users.

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To ensure transparency and fast execution speeds, the staking mechanism is supported by smart contracts. These contracts also prevent spam manipulation, making the voting reliable. As a reward for participating in polls, users receive LHINU tokens, which can be used to access premium features on the platform or traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

crypto under $1

The team behind Love Hate Inu has also implemented a unique tokenomics model that helps to keep the token’s value stable. This is achieved through a dynamic sell limit, which adjusts automatically based on the current price of the token. This helps to prevent sudden price crashes and ensures that the token’s value remains steady over time.

In addition to the voting platform, Love Hate Inu has also launched an NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs featuring Love Hate Inu’s signature dog mascot. These NFTs have proven to be popular among collectors, and their value has increased significantly since their launch.

Overall, Love Hate Inu offers a unique and engaging platform that encourages community participation and offers rewards to its users. With its innovative voting mechanism, stake-to-earn concept, and NFT marketplace, Love Hate Inu is quickly becoming a popular choice among crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

7. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – One of the Best Crypto Under $1 Within the Crypto Lottery Market

cryptocurrency under $1

Lucky Block is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now, which was launched in early 2022 and is one of the best cryptos under $1. In other words, this project is building a crypto-lottery platform. The lottery will be housed on the Binance Smart Chain and is designed to improve traditional lottery draws. Moreover, it is also one of the best places where you can find the top crypto giveaways that will be taking place in 2022.

Lucky Block intends to use blockchain technology to conduct these draws instead of the traditional ‘offline’ methods in order to boost transparency and fairness dramatically. This cheap cryptocurrency is also notable to point out due to the fact that since the daily lottery is open to anyone in the world, Lucky Block will be able to provide a higher payout rate and more frequent payouts in the future.

crypto under 1 dollar

There is no doubt that Lucky Block’s price point will appeal to you if you are looking for the best crypto under $1 with potential. Besides that, Lucky Block’s creators have included a number of features that make owning this token an excellent long-term investment. Check our guide about how to buy Lucky Block for further information.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

8. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Cryptocurrency Under $1 with a Strong Link to DeFi

under $1 cryptos

DeFi Coin is another undervalued cryptocurrency priced under $1. DeFi Coin was launched in May 2021 but has gained prominence recently after the long-awaited launch of DeFi Swap, a new decentralized exchange. Besides being inextricably linked to this exchange, DeFi Coin is also provided with a lot of opportunities for speculation in addition to generating income from it.

With the Launch of DeFi Swap in early May, DEFC has already produced triple-digit returns for token holders since its launch, making it one of the best altcoins on the market for its potential value. Moreover, with DEFC as the native token of DeFi Swap, investors can be exposed to the growth of the exchange.

cheap cryptos under $1

Additionally, DeFi Coin’s developers have also implemented a 10% transactional tax on buy and sell orders as a way of incentivizing investors to hold the token long-term. As a reward, a total of 50% of the accumulated amount is transferred back to holders of DEFC tokens as a reward. In turn, this provides them with a steady stream of income for the rest of their lives. As for the other half is placed in one of DeFi Swap’s liquidity pools, where it helps facilitate token swaps and yield farming.

The supply of DeFi Coin is fixed at 100 million tokens, with a ‘manual burn’ mechanism built into the system to reduce the total supply over time. Due to this, DEFC becomes a deflationary asset and promotes bullish momentum in the market since the remaining tokens are considered ‘scarce.’ This feature, along with the fact that DeFi Coin is used within the DeFi Swap ecosystem, makes DeFi Coin one of the best cryptos under $1 that you can invest in.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

9. Ripple (XRP) – Undervaluated Crypto to Buy Under 1$

best cryptos under 1 dollar

The XRP cryptocurrency is another cheap, undervalued crypto to buy for under $1. The Ripple cryptocurrency and its blockchain seek to disrupt the global banking industry. By replacing SWIFT, they plan to provide cross-border payment and messaging services that are faster, more secure, and more affordable. More than dozens of leading banks around the world have already adopted Ripple’s payment system as a means of sending payments.

With XRP being launched in 2014, the crypto market was able to understand XRP’s massive potential early on, and by 2018, the coin was selling for over $3.50. However, as a result of a lawsuit filed by the SEC against Ripple Labs in the US, the XRP token prices swiftly crashed and eventually broke parity with the dollar. As a result, banks and other financial institutions reluctantly joined the ripple network, key Ripple ecosystem developments stalled, and investors lost faith in XRP. Therefore, we included Ripple among the best cryptocurrencies under $1 to buy today because of the ongoing SEC case.

crypto under 1 cent

Aside from that, the altcoin has shown its resilience during the past crypto rallies and has shown that it is capable of breaking through $1 at any time. A mini-rally in late 2021 preceded it, breaking the $1 mark in early 2021. Based on this, XRP is probably just one rally away from breaking above $1 and from exploding as a result of the SEC’s verdict.

For further information. Check our guide about how to buy XRP.

10. Dogecoin (DOGE) – 2023 Best Meme Currency Under $1

Dogecoin is arguably the most valuable and popular meme currency that exists today. As well as being backed by the celebrity entrepreneur Elon Musk, the project is supported by a large horde of crypto influencers and investors. In addition, Dogecoin is also supported by a large and vibrant community of supporters, especially on Twitter and Reddit. Due to its ability to earn significant returns for investors in a relatively short amount of time, it makes our list of best crypto under $1 to buy in 2022.

According to the Dogecoin team, in the first five months of 2021, Dogecoin helped its holders grow their investments by close to 2000%.

tokens under $1

In contrast to the majority of the other cryptocurrencies in this guide, Dogecoin is unlikely to surpass $1 anytime soon. However, it is expected that Elon Musk’s support, a revived meme coin craze, the recovery of the crypto market, and the sustained hype from the crypto community will all contribute to sustaining DOGE’s value gain and exploding investor portfolios of DOGE. As a result, this confirms the fact that it is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies to buy at the moment. If you want further information about how to buy DOGE, check our Dogecoin review.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

11. Basic Attention Token (BAT) – Best Crypto Under 1$ for Long-Term Investment

best cryptos under $1

Brave Software has created a token economy cryptocurrency known as Basic Attention Token, a cryptocurrency distributed to users of the Brave browser. A cryptocurrency like this is very promising and targets the multi-billion dollar online advertising industry. In addition, the service rides the online privacy wave, giving you more control over the type of personal information that advertisers collect from you, the ads you see, and even the payments you receive for viewing them.

best crypto under $1

The Brave browser was launched in 2017, and its adoption has been steadily on the rise as it currently has over 50 million active users every month. The potential future of BAT and its appeal to users are not the only factors that make it one of the best crypto assets under $1 to invest in. It is also included here because its prices have already been massively discounted. Currently, BAT is trading at a price more than 85% below its all-time high at the time of writing. The BAT price is expected to reach $2 and $20 by 2025 and 2030, respectively, resulting in gains of more than 650% and 6500%.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

12. VeChain (VET) – The Best Ethical Cryptocurrency Under $1 Dollar

cryptocurrency under $1

The VeChain project was originally launched on the Ethereum blockchain in 2015, but in 2018, the VeChain platform was rebranded as part of its blockchain ecosystem. By ensuring the ethical supervision of the entire manufacturing process, VeChain aims to ensure that the movement of physical goods is tracked at every stage of the supply chain, providing much-needed transparency and assurance of the integrity of the whole manufacturing process.

crypto under 1 dollar

In April 2021, VeChain reached an all-time high of $0.2782. Currently, it trades at $0.050, but as the global supply chain situation improves, it will regain some of its value.

Are Cryptos Under 1$ A Good Investment?


  • High growth potential
  • You can buy a large amount of tokens even with a small investment
  • Afterwards, you can resell the tokens at a higher price
  • Most often, these tokens are available in the presale, at a reduced price


  • High level of volatility
  • Some projects can be scams

Most of the best crypto under $1 we have discussed here are quite similar to penny stocks. The value of these investments can blow up if you choose wisely, effectively recouping your investment.

An equal chance of your cheap crypto investment tanking exists since it is impossible to identify the best crypto under $1 to buy.

Even so, a few things make these cheap cryptocurrencies worth considering right now. Below are the top 3:

1. You can earn passive income by staking and lending

The DeFi niche is booming, and some of these platforms accept even the newest and cheapest cryptocurrencies. Consequently, you might want to consider investing in crypto under $1 and using them to earn passive income on platforms that allow you to stake your crypto for a return.

2. The cheapest way to diversify your portfolio

Due to the fact that most of these cryptocurrencies are selling for pennies, you will be able to diversify your portfolio at a very affordable price. On the other hand, it is possible to blow your portfolio by buying a lot of penny cryptos when some of these low-value cryptos eventually explode.

3. It is possible to buy in large quantities

As most of these cryptos are low in price, you can also go large scale if you believe that the crypto you are going to buy has the highest potential to blow up in the future.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

How to invest in the best crypto under $1 – Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes is currently the best crypto under 1 dollar to buy. Here is an overview of how to invest in the new crypto token while prices are low.

Step 1: Open the pre-sale website

The first step for crypto investors is to visit the official presale website. Here you will be able to find information about which wallets ca be used to purchase the tokens and which cryptos can be swapped for $WSM.

buy crypto under $1

Step 2: Buy Ethereum

The Wall Street Memes is built on the ethereum blockchain which means that you can purchase the token with ETH or USDT. We will use ETH in this guide as an example. The best place to buy ETH if you don’t already own any is eToro.

Purchase ETH from eToro and then transfer the tokens to a crypto wallet that is compatible with the Wall Street presale. We recommend MetaMask for desktop users.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Step 3: Connect wallet to presale

It is now time to connect your wallet to the Wall Street Memes presale. This process is fairly simple. Click on ‘connect wallet’ and then select the wallet that you would like to use. You will then need to verify the connection by entering your wallet password.

Step 4: Select the desired amount of $WSM and complete the purchase

It is now time for you to swap ETH for $WSM. Click ‘buy $WSM’ and then choose the amount that you would like to purchase. You will then be able to swap ETH for $WSM. Ensure that you have enough funds in your wallet to cover any network fees.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

Where to Buy Cryptos Under 1$?where to buy crypto under $1

The best place to buy crypto under $1 will provide you with an easy-to-use broker account and offer you the lowest trading fees you can find.

We believe that eToro is the best place to buy penny cryptocurrencies on the market today. eToro gives you access to the crypto market in a simple and transparent manner that makes it easy to use. It also supports over 70 cryptocurrencies and some of them are under $1 so that you can add them to your portfolio with low fees.

Step 1: Open an eToro Account

In order to buy crypto on eToro, look for the button marked ‘Join Now’ and click it to be taken to the online form in which you will be asked to create a broker account. The next step is to enter your username, password, cell phone number, email address, and full name.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

The payment methods offered by eToro include e-wallets, credit/debit cards, wire transfers, and ACH transfers, in addition to a wide range of other payment methods. The next step is to choose one of these options, enter your details, and make a deposit of $10 or more.

Step 3: Search for Crypto Under $1

Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can find more information about your chosen cryptocurrency by either clicking on the button marked ‘Discover’ or you can click on the button marked ‘Invest.’ A good example would be to type in ‘Basic Attention Token’ or ‘’ into the box.

Step 4: Buy Crypto Under $1

Click the ‘Trade’ button beside your chosen asset to place an order to buy it. In the next step, you will need to enter your stake and confirm the trade.

In your investment portfolio, you will find the cryptocurrency tokens after completing the final step in the process.

If you wish, you can also download the eToro cell phone app, which allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies on the go.


The best cryptos under $1 to buy in 2023 are presale tokens such as Wall Street Memes and Bitcoin BSC. Here, we have reviewed the best cryptos to buy and have also demonstrated how to invest in Wall Street Memes before the presale ends.

best crypto under $1 to buy

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


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