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Wall Street Memes is an excellent investment option if you are looking for a meme coin this year. The Wall Street Memes coin was launched on May 25, 2023, making it the most recent meme coin to emerge in the crypto sphere. The token has already generated a great deal of interest less than 24 hours after its launch.

Currently, the pre-sale appears to be very promising, and investors are eager to bet on the project’s success. It is unclear, however, if Wall Street Memes can take the number one spot in the meme coin category. Here’s what you need to know about Wall Street Memes ($WSM) price prediction, the new meme coin.

Your money is at risk.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Price Prediction 2024

The Wall Street Memes cryptocurrency, or $WSM, is one of the best meme coins to buy right now. The project is claimed to represent the essence of anti-capitalism in the Web3 sector on its official website. By looking at the figures achieved by $WSM so far, we can say that the coin has enough potential to surprise us in a big way in the future. As a matter of fact, Wall Street Memes reached $100,000 in investments on its first day of operation.

In the coming days and weeks, significant developments are expected. Wall Street Memes is off to a strong start in making a name for itself in the crypto universe, with the support of a large community and a total audience of 400,000 people on social media. There are several channels where Wall Street Memes may be found, including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, and Linktree. The participation of this significant community greatly aids pre-sale progress.

Crypto investors are highly optimistic about $WSM’s pre-sale. The concept of Wall Street Memes originated as a movement aimed at demonstrating the triumph of the Internet over capitalism. The token is sold at $0.025 per token in Phase 1 of its pre-sale. Tokens are expected to have a maximum supply of 2 billion, of which 50% will go to the pre-sale, 30% will be used for community rewards, and 20% for CEX/DEX liquidity.

Its future looks promising as Wall Street Memes is built on solid, reliable foundations. With $WSM, you are getting the same team behind the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection that had such success with the Wall Street Bulls meme coin.

After its launch, this NFT project generated significant attention and sold out within minutes. Investors are eager to support Wall Street Memes due to the buzz generated by this collection. There are currently 48 holders of $WSM, of which 38 are major holders, holding over 9.9 billion $WSM.

Your money is at risk.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Price Prediction 2025

The listing price for $WSM has not been confirmed. However, the Wall Street Memes market cap at launch will be just under $35 million based on its gradual price increases during the presale and its 2 billion supply – half of which will be allocated to the presale. After an ICO, new meme coins often reach a market cap of $100 million.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) Price Prediction 2030

In 2025, with Bitcoin halving, the next crypto bull run could see meme assets outperform BTC and ETH. In the coming years, as the blockchain gains mass adoption, new entrants may gravitate toward coin offerings such as Wall Street Memes, backed by a community that Elon Musk has interacted with at one time or another. Pepe reached a market capitalization of almost $2bn as a relatively unknown asset in 2023.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction Summary

As the presale sells out before the end of 2023, much of the early price action for Wall Street Memes may occur in 2024.

Inefficient markets make meme coins one of the easiest ways to make money with cryptocurrency, even though they are volatile and high-risk. This is because the protocol can make exponential gains, as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe (PEPE) most famously demonstrated, as well as Floki Inu, Wojak, $SPONGE, and many others. In the case of public sale meme tokens, investing early via a project ICO is the best bet, as they may retrace 90% or deeper.

In contrast to GameStop stocks, Pepe’s price corrected 80% following an explosive bull run, creating many millionaires. A 95% retracement of the Ethereum price (from $1,440 to $80) followed before the price reached its new high point.

Stick to well-established projects with a trusted team and follow the trading mantra of buy low, sell high.

Their NFT projects have proven successful and are still around today because Wall Street Memes uses their experience to create trending NFTs. According to OpenSea, there are 3,532 owners of Wall St Bulls NFTs. This proves that the community behind the project is strong, which puts $WSM in a good position to gain value over time.

Your money is at risk.

What is Wall Street Memes ($WSM)?

With 400,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter, Wall Street Memes is home to web2 internet culture. Currently, $WSM is one of the best meme coins to buy, capitalizing off of the movement’s popularity over the years.

In this project, followers are encouraged to take advantage of ‘useless’ meme tokens that have a track record of producing huge returns. Through the Wall Street Memes movement, followers can participate in crypto presales and invest in the next big meme token.

Currently, Wall Street Memes focuses on community- they have built a strong following and plan to expand this. Followers of WSM can share memes, receive information on trending meme tokens, find humor, and connect with others who share the same interests.

This project will use community power to drive the price of $WSM. As part of the team’s efforts to grow the community, the team will also hold regular airdrops. You can receive free crypto through an airdrop by connecting to the Wall Street Memes social channels.

What Is The Point of Wall Street Memes?

Wall Street Memes has harnessed the power of meme culture and community to provide early investors with generous returns. Using social media, FOMO, and humor to generate value, the project team aims to create a genuine meme project. With all tokens being distributed to the WSM community, the project is 100% community-focused.

Key Features of Wall Street Memes

Let’s take a look at some of the key features that make Wall Street Memes stand out from other projects.

✔️ The ‘King of Stonks’ of Wall Street Memes becomes the ‘King of Memes’

Wall Street Memes is set to become the ‘King of Memes’ and the ‘King of Stonks’, surpassing Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, or Pepecoin in popularity.

The Wall Street Memes brand is extremely popular among retail investors and the financial industry.

Considering the popularity of its first NFT launch and its proven ability to cross-sell between crypto and stock markets, now is the time to buy the $WSM token at its lowest price – $0.025.

Initially, $WSM tokens will be listed on decentralized exchanges before being listed on top-tier exchanges.

✔️ Wall St Bulls NFTs

Wall Street Memes has launched an NFT collection, Wall Street Bulls, as well as offering meme tokens to investors. In total, the NFT collection comprises 10k NFTs that are based on the Ethereum blockchain network, which was created in 2021. On OpenSea, you can find Wall St Bulls.

In honor of the sought-after ‘bull market,’ all NFTs depict cartoon bulls. In addition, the NFTs and the Wall Street Memes project will be marketed to bring awareness to the exclusive collection.

Aside from NFTs, Wall Street Memes has also introduced merch for community members. In addition to strengthening the community, the merch raises awareness of the project. There are T-shirts, mugs, caps, sweatshirts, and aprons inspired by Wall Street memes.

✔️ $WSM’s Democratized Mission Is To Legitimize Memcoins

The Wall Street Memes approach is firmly rooted in its avowed goal of bringing finance to the mainstream man and woman through its meme coin focus. Launching a meme coin, anyone can buy is ideal for achieving that goal. Furthermore, the act of purchasing alone will be a direct challenge to the institutions and governments that hold onto all the good stuff.

It is the objective of Wall Street Memes to democratize and legitimize the meme coin market as a crypto project you can trust.

Let’s take a look at what the team has to say on the Wall Street Memes website:

“The little guy challenged Wall Street in the infamous GameStop fiasco of 2021, and the legacy of those brave Wall Street Bets heroes endures until today.

“Born out of that movement is Wall Street Memes – the ultimate expression of the Internet’s triumph over rampant capitalism. “Greed is good,” said Gordon Gekko in the ’80s as he got rich off useless stocks. Around 30 years later, hundreds of arguably even more useless meme coins allow ordinary people to do the same.

“Wall Street Memes is tokenizing the movement. So join the $WSM army today and prove that greed is very good.”

Your money is at risk.

Wall Street Memes Project Roadmap

There is a fairly simple roadmap for Wall Street Memes’ crypto project. We are currently in the pre-sale stage of the project. Early investors will receive guaranteed rewards as the price of $WSM increases at each presale stage. The presale offers 50% of $WSM tokens.  The presale will end once these are sold out. Crypto presales such as Wall Street Memes can be profitable in 2023.

There will be an exclusive airdrop for existing Wall Street Memes token holders while the presale progresses. Follow the WSM discord channel to learn more about participating in the airdrop.

wsm meme

$WSM will be listed on exchanges after the presale event. Due to the community’s immense power, the project may be listed on major exchanges, such as Binance. By doing so, the project would gain excellent awareness and could cause a price spike.

$WSM will continue to grow in value and community over time as the team behind the project continues to develop and expand it. There will be regular airdrops to encourage investment, and further exchange listings will take place over time.

$WSM tokenomics

Additionally, $WSM’s tokenomics will determine the project’s potential growth.

Wall Street Memes has decided to fix the total token amount at two billion rather than following an inflationary model.

No private sale or team allocation will exist, so the project is 100% community driven. Half of the tokens will be used for the presale, open to all, and the other half will be used for community rewards and CEX/DEX liquidity.

The details of these community rewards are scarce at the moment. However, the Wall Street Memes website does reveal that $WSM holders can now participate in the project’s inaugural airdrop.

$WSM tokenomics

In order to earn additional $WSM, token holders must join the official Discord server and complete a number of simple, social media-related tasks.

Five lucky winners will receive $50,000 worth of Wall Street Memes – a giveaway that has already attracted the attention of early investors.

Investor optimism is further enhanced by the disclosure that Wall Street Memes’ development team is not hoarding tokens.

This way, the team eliminates the possibility of a dreaded rug pull and proves their commitment to the project in the long run.

Wall Street Memes will disrupt the meme coin niche with the support of a strong community and innovative tokenomics, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the crypto market.

Phase Token Price Percentage Amount of Tokens USD Value Price Step Raised Totals
Stage 1 Price $ 0.02500000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 500,000 $ 500,000
Stage 2 Price $ 0.02530000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 506,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 1,006,000
Stage 3 Price $ 0.02560000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 512,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 1,518,000
Stage 4 Price $ 0.02590000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 518,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 2,036,000
Stage 5 Price $ 0.02620000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 524,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 2,560,000
Stage 6 Price $ 0.02650000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 530,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 3,090,000
Stage 7 Price $ 0.02680000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 536,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 3,626,000
Stage 8 Price $ 0.02710000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 542,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 4,168,000
Stage 9 Price $ 0.02740000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 548,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 4,716,000
Stage 10 Price $ 0.02770000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 554,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 5,270,000
Stage 11 Price $ 0.02800000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 560,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 5,830,000
Stage 12 Price $ 0.02830000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 566,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 6,396,000
Stage 13 Price $ 0.02860000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 572,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 6,968,000
Stage 14 Price $ 0.02890000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 578,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 7,546,000
Stage 15 Price $ 0.02920000 2.0% 20,000,000 $ 584,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 8,130,000
Stage 16 Price $ 0.02950000 3.0% 30,000,000 $ 885,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 9,015,000
Stage 17 Price $ 0.02980000 3.0% 30,000,000 $ 894,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 9,909,000
Stage 18 Price $ 0.03010000 3.0% 30,000,000 $ 903,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 10,812,000
Stage 19 Price $ 0.03040000 3.0% 30,000,000 $ 912,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 11,724,000
Stage 20 Price $ 0.03070000 3.0% 30,000,000 $ 921,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 12,645,000
Stage 21 Price $ 0.03100000 4.0% 40,000,000 $ 1,240,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 13,885,000
Stage 22 Price $ 0.03130000 4.0% 40,000,000 $ 1,252,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 15,137,000
Stage 23 Price $ 0.03160000 4.0% 40,000,000 $ 1,264,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 16,401,000
Stage 24 Price $ 0.03190000 4.0% 40,000,000 $ 1,276,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 17,677,000
Stage 25 Price $ 0.03220000 4.0% 40,000,000 $ 1,288,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 18,965,000
Stage 26 Price $ 0.03250000 6.0% 60,000,000 $ 1,950,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 20,915,000
Stage 27 Price $ 0.03280000 6.0% 60,000,000 $ 1,968,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 22,883,000
Stage 28 Price $ 0.03310000 6.0% 60,000,000 $ 1,986,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 24,869,000
Stage 29 Price $ 0.03340000 7.0% 70,000,000 $ 2,338,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 27,207,000
Stage 30 Price $ 0.03370000 10.0% 100,000,000 $ 3,370,000 $ 0.00030000 $ 30,577,000

Your money is at risk.

Elon Musk’s Involvement with Wall Street Memes

Those on the Wall Street Memes team are confident that the token will not only be snapped up by the savvy traders and investors who are the project’s core members but will also be the type of plugged-in ambassadors that other projects can only dream of.

There is no doubt that Wall Street Memes’ organic growth and the strength of its community have contributed to its success in the meme coin market; however, it has even more ammunition at its disposal to fight for meme coin supremacy, including its interaction with Elon Musk, which was a topic of conversation on Wall Street Memes, along with other millionaires.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wall Street Memes, it originates in the 2021 meme stocks mania that rocked the stock market. As a result of the Wall Street Memes movement, retail traders were threatened with overthrowing institutional investors’ dominance via the Wall Street Bets subreddit, which had become the center of attention for the vortex. However, it was not the case, except for Melvin Capital, which was forced to close due to shorting meme stock favorite GameStop.

Pros and Cons of Investing In $WSM

As you may know, Wall Street Memes is a meme project striving to generate profits for its early investors. However, is $WSM a good token to invest in for 2024? In the following sections, we will look at a few of the main pros and cons of the project to help you make your decision.


  • Currently, $WSM has 400k followers supporting its development.
  • The community will receive 100% of the $WSM tokens.
  • Elon Musk has engaged in Wall Street Memes on social media, indicating that he supports the initiative.
  • Regular airdrops are a great way for investors to earn free crypto.
  • After the presale, $WSM is likely to be listed on major exchanges.
  • There will be an increase in the price of $WSM at every presale stage to guarantee returns.


  • It is well known that meme coins are known for their volatility.
  • It is difficult to predict the market sentiment for Wall Street Memes because it is a new crypto project.

Your money is at risk.

How To Buy Wall Street Memes Token 2024

Wall Street Memes recently launched its presale event, which means that you will need a crypto wallet to purchase the token while it is undervalued. Purchasing a new crypto via presale can be done in minutes by following the steps below.

Step 1: Buy ETH from eToroetoro logo

If you decide to invest in WSM, the first thing to do is to buy ETH from eToro, one of the most reputable online trading platforms on the market today. Using this platform can be beneficial in several ways, including acquiring digital assets like ETH safely and quickly.

The process of purchasing ETH on eToro requires you to sign up for an account using your Google or email account. As part of the registration process, you will have to provide proof of your identity and address.

For existing eToro customers, you can skip the registration process and go straight to the second step.

ETH can only be purchased from the platform if you have funds available in your wallet.

By searching for Ethereum on the eToro website and clicking on it, you can buy Ethereum. The amount you wish to spend can be entered into your wallet to purchase cryptocurrency. A USD value equivalent will be displayed. EWallets, debit/credit cards, and bank transfers are among the payment methods that can be used.

Your wallet will have ETH within a few seconds or minutes after you confirm your order.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Step 2: Move ETH into a crypto wallet

ETH can be transferred from eToro to a private crypto wallet such as MetaMask after purchasing it. Therefore, you must always maintain complete control and ownership of your cryptocurrency.

The following steps will guide you through the process of transferring Ethereum to MetaMask:

  • In MetaMask, open your wallet address and copy it. It usually begins with a “0x”.
  • Return to eToro and locate your Ethereum holdings.
  • Click “Send” or “Withdraw,” depending on the platform’s interface.
  • Your MetaMask wallet address should be entered in the designated recipient field.
  • Verifying the wallet address is correct by verifying it twice is important.
  • Upon confirmation of the transaction, initiate the transfer.

Once you complete the process, moving your ETH from eToro to MetaMask should take only a few minutes. Once the transfer has been completed, you will be able to access your MetaMask wallet as usual.

Step 3: Connect a crypto wallet to the presale website

As soon as you have funded your crypto wallet with Ethereum, make sure you connect it to the Wall Street Memes presale website.

You can find the official website here.

Click ‘Connect wallet’ and select the wallet you want to use to connect to the presale. For example, if your wallet is funded with ETH tokens, choose ETH as the crypto to swap for $WSM.

Step 4: Swap ETH for $WSM

It should now be possible for you to exchange your ETH for $WSM tokens. However, depending on your wallet provider, you may need to verify the transaction before proceeding.

If any network fees apply, ensure you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover them. It should take a few minutes for the transaction to be completed.

It will take until the presale ends before you can access your WSM tokens. After the event ends, you can claim your tokens by visiting the Wall Street Memes website. As a result, only the wallet from which you purchased the tokens will be able to claim the tokens.

Your money is at risk.

Wall Street Memes Price Prediction 2024– Conclusion

A promising future awaits Wall Street Memes after the first phase of its pre-sale. Positive growth is anticipated for the project based on its demonstrated strengths. We are also witnessing the peak of meme culture, indicating that cryptocurrency has arrived at the right time.

While it is a meme coin, which means it has no specific utility, $WSM is based on a wave of memes. The strength of the organization lies in its community as well. Its visibility was increased as a result of Elon Musk retweeting $WSM. The technical aspects of Wall Street Memes and the current market conditions suggest that it has the potential to explode this year.

A token price of $0.0337 has been established for the final phase of the pre-sale (Phase 30). Even before the cryptocurrency is available on DEX/CEX platforms, investors can make profits as the project progresses. Additionally, a token airdrop is planned. It is stated on the official website that participation requires registration on Discord, logging in and participating on social media, and holding $WSM tokens.

Your money is at risk.


Is Wall Street Memes the best crypto to buy?

Will $WSM reach $1?

What is the best presale to invest in 2023?

Jhonattan Jimenez Finance and Crypto Writer

Jhonattan Jimenez Finance and Crypto Writer

Before starting his career as a freelance writer, Jhonattan studied at the Universidad La Gran Columbia from which he graduated in 2019. Jhonattan describes himself as a crypto enthusiast and regularly writes price prediction articles for new projects. During his time as a writer, Jhonattan has gained great knowledge about the crypto space and has mastered technical analysis skills that he uses when writing token price predictions. As well as writing for Trading Platforms, Jhonattan has written for Stocksapps.com and Buyshares.co.uk.