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The concept of what is called the “metaverse” is continuing to gain popularity. The famous TIME magazine even featured this exciting idea on the cover of its August 2022 issue to promote its use. Furthermore, since Facebook rebranded itself to ‘Meta’, a variety of new projects are emerging regularly that offer innovative and rewarding ways to use the Metaverse.

In this guide, we explore the top metaverse games available today, explaining what they are, why they are so popular, and what you can expect from investing in them.

Best Metaverse Games 2022 List:

The following is a list of the top metaverse games. To provide consumers with value, these games use a variety of concepts that have great potential utility and could blow up in the near future.

1. Tamadoge– Exciting P2E Metaverse Game in The Doge Ecosystem

2. Battle Infinity– The Best Battle Game with Real-World Value

3. Calvaria– Unique NFT Card Game With Great Reward System

4. Axie Infinity- One Of The Most Well-Known Crypto Games On The Market

5. Silks- Horse Racing Crypto Game 

6. The Sandbox- Revolutionary Game With Great Metaverse Offerings

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A Closer Look At The Best Metaverse Games

The top metaverse apps listed above have not only been commended for their innovative approaches to social interaction but also for the immense community support they have already gained. As a result, many apps represent a viable investment opportunity for those wondering how to invest in Metaverse.

To get a better understanding of these different metaverse apps, let’s dive in:

Tamadoge – Play to Earn Game with Utility Token and Broad NFT Collection

You may assume that TAMA is yet another meme coin. However, that’s not the case. Instead, Tamadoge is an innovative crypto game that is supported by the TAMA token and offers players the opportunity to earn real-world rewards as they play.

Tamadoge involves breeding virtual NFT pets that can then be battled to move up the leaderboard and win valuable rewards.

In the game, players are ranked according to how well they can raise their pets into adulthood. After the pets have gained strength, they can compete against other pets to win prizes. Just recently, Tamadoge released their common NFTs, which are 20,000 digital assets that allow players to customize their pets.

The project also plans to launch arcade P2E games and an augmented reality app that will enable users to interact with their pets in a real-life setting.

Apart from offering a great gaming experience, Tamadoge also adds value to investors through its native token, TAMA. TAMA was listed on OKX following a successful presale that sold out quickly. However, the price of TAMA surged shortly after its listing, providing early investors with a return of 1,800%.

Since 5% of all tokens used for pet store purchases are burned, TAMA is deflationary. Investors interested in learning more about this game and the coin can subscribe to the Tamadoge Telegram channel for more information. You can buy TAMA on OKX to avoid missing out on potential returns.

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Battle Infinity – Building a Multiverse for Play-to-earn Game Enthusiasts

Players and developers alike are excited about Battle Infinity, another great metaverse game. In Battle Infinity, players will find a multitude of metaverses to explore, where they will be able to discover a multitude of different experiences.

Besides Battle Infinity games, this metaverse platform will feature mini-games developed by independent developers.

IBAT Premier League is Battle Infinity’s first game in the Metaverse. The tournament is unique in its concept and will allow players to win excellent rewards by building a winning team and creating a good strategy.

The game allows players to create their ow sports team with characters that represent real-world sporting heroes. The value of the characters in the game with reflect the real-world performance of the sports players. Gamers who invest in the best players will be rewarded with value and have a better chance at winning tournaments.

Battle infinity homepage

One of the best metaverse coins on the market, IBAT, is awarded to the top players at the end of each season.

The IBAT token has various uses, including upgrading IBAT Premier League, buying NFTs at the Battle Infinity marketplace, and paying for entry to other crypto games.

Players can also stake IBAT using Battle Infinity’s built-in staking platform, launched on September 24 with $3 million already locked in.

PancakeSwap and LBank currently offer IBAT for purchase. Other exchanges are in the process of listing IBAT.

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Calvaria – Overall Best Metaverse Game with Two Modes and Reward Tokens

calvaria logo

In Calvaria, players use NFT cards to represent characters with unique qualities to play a play-to-earn game. By winning tournaments, players can obtain more resources and tokens that can be exchange for real-world value. Players win by investing in the best cards and building strategies accordingly.

The game emphasizes card collection, with players combining cards of the same strength to buy higher-level cards. To do that, investors must own the platform’s native tokens: $eRIA and $RIA.

Different modes of play are available in Calvaria, enabling players to customize their settings.

Single-player and player-versus-player modes are available. In the single-player mode, the player progresses through introductory levels and receives cards and power-ups for winning. In player vs. player mode, these rewards are the most beneficial.

Calvaria homepage

A best-of-three-round match requires players to defeat an army with their unique cards, collectible NFT tokens, and power-ups. Resources can be collected throughout the game and sold to other players and investors on secondary markets. Players who win tournaments are rewarded with tokens and have true asset ownership.

According to the whitepaper, players can trade Calvaria tokens on exchanges or stake them to earn rewards.

Staking coins earn investors daily rewards by locking them away for a prolonged period of time. In addition, investors can participate in crucial decision-making by holding the RIA token.

The Calvaria Telegram channel sends all information about the game and tokens.

Early-round funding is the best time to buy assets. Calvaria is offering its native token as part of its first presale stage. Coins are available for $0.01, but their value will increase during the second stage of the presale. Investors who invest now will benefit from an asset that automatically appreciates.

Your money is at risk. Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products.

Axie Infinity – Popular Metaverse Game for Pokemon Lovers

Among gamers, Axie Infinity is still one of the most popular NFT projects in the Metaverse today. There are more than 2.8 million daily players in Axie Infinity.

The game environment in Axie Infinity will be relatively familiar to anyone who has played Pokemon. During this game, players explore a virtual world and collect creatures known as Axies, which they can then use to battle against each other in a battle royale style.

SLP tokens, the game’s native cryptocurrency, are awarded to players who win battles in Axie Infinity. In addition, players can use SLP to purchase in-game upgrades for their Axies on most major exchanges.

Further to that, every Axie in this Metaverse is an NFT as well. As a result, Axie Infinity’s marketplace is bustling with valuable creatures. Over $820,000 was paid for the most expensive Axie ever sold!

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Silks – Exciting Crypto Game with P2E Elements

Silks is another top crypto game at the moment. It creates a parallel universe to reality by crossing horse racing and cryptocurrencies. In the Silks metaverse, digital assets can be used to purchase horses.

These are NFTs that represent thoroughbred horses. Horses in the game can be tracked as they breed, race, and develop, just like their real-life counterparts. Racing silks, stables, and land are also available on the Silks metaverse.

As more NFTs are purchased, Silks’ economy will expand. Horse owners and land speculators collaborate in this blockchain game to maximize rewards.

Horse racing enthusiasts created the project with extensive experience and passion. Troy Levy, CEO of Tropical Racing and one of the Silks’ cofounders, is a Silks strategic partner. He also owns Circle 8 Farms in Lexington, Kentucky.

Silks has announced that the first Silks Horses NFT mint took place on September 29, 2022. Racing Avatar NFT holders can mint their first NFT horses during this mint. In addition, Racing Avatar NFT holders can mint Silks Horses NFTs for $500 between September 29 and October 2.

Silks will release Silks Horses NFT mint in September, making it one of the best NFT game of 2022. As the game advances, players should also be able to earn higher rewards through the platform.

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The Sandbox – Metaverse App with Limitless Customization

The Sandbox is a major player amongst crypto games and is one to keep an eye on in the foreseeable future. This is because sandbox allows users worldwide to express their creativity and build objects that can be used in the metaverse.

Players can create in-game structures within The Sandbox platform using the ‘VoxEdit’ feature. As with Minecraft, these structures are made using voxels, similar to 3D cubes. A structure can be assembled as an NFT and sold to others once it has been built.

The native currency, SAND, is used to facilitate transactions on The Sandbox marketplace. Users can also create 3D games without any programming experience. The popularity of The Sandbox, along with its promising use cases, have made it a good option amongst investors.

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What Are Metaverse Games?

Game platforms that incorporate the Metaverse are known as metaverse games. Metaverses are created in these games, allowing players to immerse themselves in the gaming experience and receive valuable rewards. The Metaverse is integrated into the core gameplay and functionality of these games.

Although it is easy to think that the best metaverse games are related to crypto, this isn’t the case. Instead, a metaverse game consists of a dedicated and unique universe where players can converge and enjoy gaming experiences.

Players can escape the current reality to an idyllic environment, which can be a post-apocalyptic world, a medieval universe, or an empty landscape that allows them to rebuild. A significant advantage of these games is that they weave unique stories.

How To Invest In Metaverse Games

The Metaverse has grown over the past year, with many projects helping to bring it into the mainstream for those who buy cryptocurrency regularly. There are a number of ways that you can gain exposure and invest in metaverse games in 2022.

  • Metaverse game crypto tokenss
  • Metaverse game stocks
  • Metaverse game NFTs

Metaverse Crypto Tokens

Metaverse crypto is a popular way to invest in the Metaverse. In a nutshell, a metaverse crypto token is the native token of a metaverse-based project. These tokens can accomplish various tasks, including transactions, staking, and even governance. Here are a few details to consider:

  • In-world transactions: It is usually possible to purchase items from the in-world marketplace using the native tokens of each Metaverse. For example, a user may buy Axie Infinity and then use tokens to purchase additional ‘Axies’ in the game. As a result, sellers are also compensated in the form of metaverse cryptos – which can then be exchanged for other digital currencies within the Metaverse.
  • Staking: Crypto staking is a process in which tokens are locked up for a certain period of time, generally to help boost the security of a platform. Metaverse platforms often offer their staking mechanism, through which token holders can generate a yield on their holdings while benefiting the ecosystem as a whole.
  • Governance: Furthermore, many of the metaverse projects are structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which means that the holders of the tokens are in control of the organization.    Token holders are allowed to vote on governance proposals in most of the best crypto DAO projects; the proposals with the most votes take action.

This list is not exhaustive, as metaverse crypto coins have many uses. Listed on the best crypto exchanges, they provide an easy way to invest in Metaverse. In addition, investing in tokens allows investors who aren’t active in a particular metaverse to gain exposure to its growth.

Metaverse Game Stocks

Metaverse game stocks will appeal to investors who prefer to invest in the equity market rather than the crypto market.

Stocks in the Metaverse may not show ‘direct’ growth in a particular platform but rather the industry’s overall growth. The virtual reality (VR) and metaverse concepts of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) are great examples.

Diversifying a portfolio is easy by investing in metaverse companies and avoiding overexposure to any project. The company’s chips are now powering various metaverse projects, making Nvidia a popular option. A growing metaverse and more projects requiring Nvidia’s chips will naturally benefit the company’s bottom line and share price.

Furthermore, many established companies are also looking for ways to use virtual worlds to experiment with ideas to gain access to some of the most undervalued stocks in today’s market as they look to take advantage of them. There is no doubt that Nike has become a leader in terms of investing in metaverse stocks, as the company has partnered with the likes of Decentraland and Roblox to increase its presence in this field.

A metaverse stock investment gives you indirect exposure to a specific project and direct exposure to the entire industry’s growth. In addition, buying stocks is often much more beginner-friendly than purchasing crypto, making it a better option for newcomers.

Metaverse Game NFTs

The use of NFTs is another popular way to invest in the Metaverse. Due to their valuable characteristics, some of the best NFTs have been part of metaverse-based projects over the past year. NFTs are attractive from a metaverse standpoint because they provide ‘true’ ownership of in-game assets.

NFTs are used in the Tamadoge metaverse game, for instance. Players must purchase a dog NFT to enter the game and start earning rewards. The NFTs gain value when pets are bred with unique features of strong capabilities. These NFTs can also be battled against each other to win prizes.

In-game items can also be traded easily if they are structured as NFTs. Battle Infinity, which we also mentioned in the section above, is one of the coolest NFT projects now that also offers this feature. Players can buy, sell, and trade in-game items via Battle Market, a dedicated NFT marketplace within Battle Infinity’s ecosystem.

Battle Infinity’s native token, IBAT, can be used to purchase new outfits for in-world avatars using the Battle Market. Since supply and demand tend to dictate the price of each NFT, this is another option for investing in Metaverse. Consequently, NFTs will become rarer and more valuable as the platform’s user base grows.

Players can also purchase virtual plots of land within the world of many NFT games (including Battle Infinity). Purchasing a metaverse game NFT is a great way to invest in an asset that has great potential for growth.

Your money is at risk.

What is The Best Free Metaverse Game in 2022?

tamadoge logo

There are a number of exciting metaverse games available in 2022 however, Tamadoge stands out as the best to play right now! The Doge-inspired P2E game is free to download and is compatible with most PC devices.

To start earning through the game, players must hold TAMA tokens and use them to buy a Tamadoge pet. At the moment, Tamadoge tokens are undervalued and can be bought for a low price through the OKX exchange.

It is worth noting that these tokens are deflationary so will increase in value over time. Investing early is the best way to get good value for your NFT.

Tamadoge is the best metaverse game because it has excellent reward potential and appeals to a wide audience of players. The presale sold out quickly and the project has built up significant support across social media channels.

Your money is at risk.

Can You Earn Money Playing Metaverse Games?

It is no secret that many metaverse games offer players a way to earn crypto by playing them. There are several ways to accomplish this.

The first option is to reward players with crypto tokens after completing various game actions. For example, in the Metaverse, players can earn crypto tokens by defeating other players in battle, completing quests, or discovering treasure chests.

Players can either trade these tokens for Bitcoin or use them to purchase in-game upgrades that will make earning more crypto easier in the future.

The creation or collection of NFTs is another way for players to make money from metaverse games. Players can find and keep hidden NFTs in Metaverse NFT games. Then, trading or selling these NFTs in the metaverse game’s marketplace is possible for a profit.

Lastly, in metaverses, in which players can create their own games, they may charge other players for access to these games. For example, a player may host a mini-game in Battle Infinity and require participants to purchase NFTs or pay IBAT tokens.

Many of the most popular metaverse games have multiple ways to earn cryptocurrency.

Your money is at risk.

Are Metaverse Games A Good Investment in India?

The Metaverse isn’t for everyone, so before you decide to invest in it, you should consider several things, just as you would when making any other investment decision. First, investing in anything related to the Metaverse is still highly speculative, so investing money you cannot afford to lose is never a good idea. In contrast, there is still a chance that investors will make a lot of money with any one of the options on this list or even with all of them.

Consider speaking with a financial advisor who knows about metaverse investments and can help you determine if they are right for your portfolio.

Best Metaverse Games 2022 – Our Conclusion

The focus of this guide has been to provide a comprehensive overview of the best metaverse games of 2022, covering how they work and what makes them so highly regarded. In addition to offering a new way of socializing, these apps also offer ways to earn regular rewards from some of the coolest NFT projects – so they’ll remain popular for years to come.

As of right now, our pick for the best metaverse app right now is Tamadoge – a new crypto gaming platform that features a P2E mechanic that is truly innovative. The token has attracted significant attention and has secured a strong community of supporters across social media who believe that the project will explode.

Your money is at risk.


Will metaverse games blow up?

Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Decentraland are some of the largest metaverses available today. In addition, the Battle Infinity metaverse is currently in the process of becoming one of the largest in the future.

How to play metaverse games in 2022?

You can play crypto games in India by entering the listed games and following the steps. For most of them, you'll need crypto. You can purchase it on Binance.

What are the best metaverse games to play?

Tamadoge is, without a doubt, our top recommendation. Please review our review above for more information about this exciting doge game.

Is the Metaverse free?

Using advanced options in some metaverses requires payment, while in others, it is free.

What is play-to-earn gaming?

Essentially, play-to-earn games are based on blockchain technology and require players to collect cryptocurrencies or NFTs. The player can then generate income by selling in-game NFTs or earning cryptocurrency rewards, both of which can be exchanged for fiat currency.

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