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Meme Kombat is a new GameFi project which comprises of all the most popular meme characters in the web3 space and puts them head-to-head in a battle ground. This competitive game incorporates a play-2-earn model bringing utility to the project’s native $MK token, with added staking features. Meme Kombat is an exciting investment opportunity that brings collective interest from all degen meme communities within the cryptocurrency space. Here’s what you need to know about the Meme Kombat price prediction with further details about the project and its features.

Your money is at risk.

Meme Kombat Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

The Meme Kombat presale is currently live and web3 meme communities are anticipating the project’s release which seems to be bringing promising hype. Seeing past performances of meme cryptocurrencies such as Shiba InuPePe and Doge, Meme Kombat is poised to see exponential growth in the sector. In the following section, we will discuss token price predictions that have been made about this upcoming ICO. We will also discuss why Meme Kombat is poised to be so successful in June 2024.

meme kombat price prediction

Meme Kombat Price Prediction 2023

$MK is the native token of the Meme Kombat project and is currently one of the best meme coins to buy. This new project has built an innovative model which brings a competitive frenzy between meme communities in the space. Meme coin enthusiasts are usually very proud to support their favorite meme characters and flock in high numbers when it comes to advocating.

Being that Meme Kombat is creating an ecosystem where meme characters will be battling it out in a Pokémon style game, the project is setting the stage to become the ultimate meme coin, hosting various communities all in one arena. The price prediction for Meme Kombat in 2023 is very positive. The value of the token is expected to hit $4 by the end of this year, which would be a 140% increase from the presale price. 

Meme Kombat Price Prediction 2025

Meme Kombat is set to create significant buzz across the web3 social landscape and all the most popular meme coin enthusiasts historically stay loyal to their favorite memes. With the Bitcoin halving set to occur in early 2024, looking historically at the crypto market a bull run could be ignited similarly to the past. In previous bull runs, meme assets have outperformed other major cryptocurrencies and see unprecedented growth when Bitcoin makes a run.

Back in the 2021 bull run, one of the oldest meme coins – DOGE, saw price increases from under 1 cent all the way up to 60 cents within 6 months. When making a price prediction we could see Meme Kombat seeing similar exponential growth providing its longevity and project development.

Meme Kombat Price Prediction 2030

By 2030, blockchain can see mass adoption and long standing meme coins tend to keep loyal supporters while further growing their communities. $MK tokens are also stakeable and the 30% allocated to staking rewards will reduce significantly, with APY% also reducing, meaning it will be harder to earn $MK tokens. For users wishing to participate in the game they will likely need to acquire tokens from the open market which will push the price of Meme Kombat upwards.

With Meme Kombat developing its product, other meme characters could be incorporated into the game as the years go on and those newer communities can be expected to join the Meme Kombat battles. As technology becomes more advanced, Meme Kombat has potential to become an interactive metaverse game where users will be able to directly interact in the battle arena which further brings the collective community together. By 2030, the cryptocurrency market cap will have grown significantly and a large proportion of this is expected to still support the meme coin culture.

Potential Highs and Lows for Meme Kombat Token ($MK)

With all types of meme coins there is still significant risks involved. It is evident that meme coins can see explosive growth in short time periods, but it is always good to be aware that they are highly volatile assets. While shitcoins such Doge and Shiba Inu have survived with thriving communities during bear markets, other meme coins have not survived and become illiquid with no significant support.

Community participation, development of the game and growth of the ecosystem will directly influence the Meme Kombat price forecast.

With that being said, it is important to understand the potential highs and lows of a project before investing. Here is an overview of the predicted highs and lows of Meme Kombat. 

Year Predicted low Average price Predicted high
2023 $1.667 $3 $4
2025 $5 $7.25 $9
2030 $10 $13 $16

Credit: Techopedia

According to the Meme Kombat price forecast, early investors will see guaranteed returns by 2025.

It is always best to get in early to see positive gains as a project’s marketing and community efforts usually kick off after a presale ends. Once a token is listed on DEX exchanges, other communities who catch on to the project must buy in the open market and this creates price action. Nevertheless, meme coins are highly volatile and price action can quickly become negative due to some actors having no interest in the project itself, but merely trading for positive returns.

What is Meme Kombat?

meme kombat price prediction

Meme Kombat is a battle arena crypto game that puts meme coin characters head-to-head in a Pokémon style battle. Meme characters have specific traits and fighting moves which are used in battles to try and beat their opponents. The meme battle outcomes are randomized using the power of artificial intelligence and players are able to wager in an inventive bet-2-earn web3 model.

In order to bet in the game players must stake $MK tokens and will be able to allocate a portion for wagering. Participants in the presale qualify for immediate staking and will automatically be earning more $MK tokens until the game launch. In-game betting comes in various forms from Player vs Player betting, Player vs Game betting, Direct Betting, and Side Action Betting. The game creates an interactive and competitive environment for meme coin enthusiasts to compete, bet and support their favorite characters.

$MK tokenomics

The Meme Kombat tokenomics are designed to reward participation and contributions from loyal community members. A large portion of the total supply is allocated to battle rewards and for staking earnings. The project has also set aside a community reward fund which will encourage community members to create content and participate in initiatives which drive growth of the platform. Below, find details of the $MK tokenomics.

Meme Kombat Tokenomics

The total supply of $MK is 12 million tokens.

6 million tokens are allocated to the presale which represents 50% of the total supply. The presale tokens are issued to early supporters and avid meme coin enthusiasts to purchase at the pre-launch price of $1.667. The presale allows Meme Kombat to raise initial funds to build the community, develop the ecosystem and establish the project within the meme coin sector.

3.6 million tokens are allocated for staking and battle rewards representing 30% of the total supply. This portion of tokens will be used to reward battle winners and compensate participants that stake $MK tokens. The large sum of 30% means a large portion is being allocated to be awarded to the community displaying Meme Kombat’s commitment to community growth.

1.2 million tokens will be used to provide decentralized exchange liquidity representing 10% of the total supply. These tokens will be allocated to DEX exchange provision to ensure $MK token liquidity when it becomes tradeable on DEX exchanges. The liquidity provision will ensure price stability and allow users to buy and trade $MK tokens without restrictions. Liquidity also ensures that new users will be able to purchase tokens smoothly on the open market after launch.

1.2 million tokens allocated to community rewards representing 10% of the total supply. The remaining 10% will be used by the project to incentivize the Meme Kombat community to collaborate and contribute to the project growth. Loyal community advocates will be rewarded for participating in community initiatives, social media actions, content creation driving engagement and referring other members. This reward pot has been allocated by Meme Kombat to stimulate positive expansion and spreading awareness of the project ecosystem.

Meme Kombat Stake-to-Earn

Meme Kombat provides utility for its $MK token with a stake-to-earn feature. Users who lock tokens will benefit from positive APY% and earn passive rewards through crypto staking. A unique feature of Meme Kombat is that participants in the presale will have their tokens automatically staked meaning they will immediately start earning staking rewards while waiting for the project launch. This means early supporters will be able to stack up on $MK tokens ready to wager their earned tokens in battles. Staking allows users to see positive returns for supporting the Meme Kombat ecosystem.

Meme Kombat Betting

Meme Kombat’s gaming functionality comprises of a new bet-2-earn model which enables users to wager their stake in meme battles. Players wishing to bet must stake their $MK tokens and allocate a portion for wagering. The are various ways to bet bringing a new competitive dynamic to the battle arena frenzy.

Player vs Player (PvP): PvP betting allows users to challenge their friends or rival meme community members to wager against one an other in a competitive manner. Player vs Player betting creates engagement between community members, with the most advocating meme degens putting their $MK tokens on the line against one and other. This creates competition within the community and encourages rivalling members to support their favourite characters.

Player vs Game (PvG): PvG betting is similar to that of sportsbook betting. Winning odds will be set in the arena and players will be able to wager on events or outcomes of battles. This is a more traditional form of betting where players will need to statistically analyze past performances, strengths & attributes of meme characters, historical results and occurrences and wager on probable outcomes.

Direct Betting: Direct betting is a more straightforward mechanic which allows users to simply choose a character to win or bet on a specific occurrence in the battle.

Side Action Betting: Side action betting allows users to bet on specific dynamics of a battle such as first move made, amount of defence blocks or specific battle move used. This requires users to analyze past occurrences of matches, character move preferences and attributes of opponents to wager on the probable occurrences based on historical statistics.

Pros and Cons of Meme Kombat in 2023


  • Presale staking allows immediate $MK rewards.
  • Wager $MK in battles to support your favorite meme.
  • Become a part of the ultimate meme community collective.
  • Experience a new bet-to-earn crypto game project.
  • Earn $MK rewards through community participation.


  • Meme coins are a volatile asset class.
  • Market sentiment is difficult to assess.
  • Less flowing capital due to bear market.

Your money is at risk.

Factors That Could Affect The Price of Meme Kombat

Meme coins rely on external facets which can affect the price action. External factors such as hype on social media, investor sentiment, market conditions and community participation all can influence the Meme Kombat price forecast. New crypto projects rely on community support and the sentiment from the web3 community must be positive in order for a project to be successful.

Social Media Hype and Investor Sentiment

Many web3 cryptos rely on organic growth from social media hype. Popular projects usually spread around quickly on CryptoTwitter and posts start floating around on Telegram groups and Reddit forums. The crypto community is well-known to be present on X (Twitter), Telegram and Reddit and news spreads relatively quickly between community chats and forums. Positive word-spread creates a good investor sentiment and similar to other meme coins, Meme Kombat will require social media hype to create confident investor sentiment.

You can join Meme Kombat socials at the links below:

Meme Kombat Twitter

Telegram Community

Current Market Conditions

Market conditions directly influence the performance of new projects, whereby in a bull run there is a lot of liquid capital in the market and people are most risk tolerant. Due to there being more capital in the markets people have a larger appetite for risk and specifically crypto degens ape in to projects which don't even have a use case or utility.

During a bear market money tends to dry up and crypto investors are more risk averse with their funds. This is because large price action is a less common occurrence and traders have either lost funds or are preserving their capital. Nevertheless, bear markets still see new coins seeing enormous price increases as investors seek to diversify with new projects.

Staking Mechanism

The staking mechanism will directly affect the Meme Kombat price forecast. A large sum of 30% is allocated to battle and staking rewards meaning there are still quite a lot of tokens which can enter the market. Depending on user sentiment, people who earn substantial rewards may wish to sell their tokens, and if so the Meme Kombat token price can decrease.

Providing that the community is strong and users play the game, tokens will constantly need to be staked in order to place bets. This will result in a lower number of tokens being available to be sold on the open market. The staking feature allows users to earn passive rewards of $MK tokens which will ultimately increase their holdings. Should the game be successful and popular among the meme community the price should increase as more people adopt and stake $MK tokens.

Meme Kombat Staking

How To Buy Meme Kombat in September 2023- Quick Steps

Meme Kombat has recently launched its presale event, meaning you will need a crypto wallet to purchase $MK tokens while they are at pre-launch price. Participating in a crypto presale event is seamless and can be done in minutes by following the simple steps below:

Step 1 – Set Up a Compatible Crypto Wallet

  • In order to participate in a presale, you will need to set up a non-custodial wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • These wallets are decentralized and when starting a new wallet users will be given a 12 or 24 word private seed phrase.
  • This seed phrase should be written down, kept safely and not given to anyone as it is your private master key code to access the wallet.
  • You will then be required to set a password or code which will allow you to unlock the wallet.

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

  • Participating in the presale will require you to own some ETH or USDT and we recommend using eToro for a secure and easy way to purchase crypto.
  • Head to eToro, sign up and verify your account.
  • Now go to the cryptocurrency section and purchase your desired crypto. For beginners we suggest using ETH as it is simple and cheap to transfer.
  • Once you have purchased ETH you will need to transfer the ETH from the eToro platform to the eToro Money wallet in order to transfer funds out to MetaMask.
  • When you see your ETH holdings in the eToro Money wallet, click withdraw, and copy paste the wallet address from your MetaMask into the withdrawal address bar.
  • Your ETH should appear in your MetaMask wallet after some minutes.

Meme Kombat Presale

Step 3 – Link Crypto Wallet to Meme Kombat

  • Now head over to the official Meme Kombat presale page at www.memekombat.io.
  • At the top of the page under the logo you will see the exchange window. Click connect wallet and choose the desired wallet, in this case MetaMask.
  • A confirmation window will pop up in MetaMask asking you to give permission for the connection which you can accept.
  • Your wallet should now be connected to the Meme Kombat presale.

Step 4 – Buy Meme Kombat Tokens

  • At the exchange window you will have to option to choose your desired currency to purchase $MK tokens with.
  • Select ETH and enter the amount of ETH you wish to use to make the purchase.
  • The exchange window will automatically display the amount of $MK tokens according to the amount of ETH used.
  • Remember to leave a small amount of ETH in your MetaMask wallet for the transaction charge, referred to as gas fee.
  • When clicking swap, another confirmation window will pop up in your MetaMask showing details of the swap and the associated fees.
  • Once confirmed the swap will be completed.
  • Tokens purchased in the presale will automatically be staked and users will be able to claim once presale ends.

Step 5 – Claim Meme Kombat Tokens After Presale

  • After the presale you will be able to claim your tokens.
  • Head over to the website and the claim function will be present. You can click claim tokens and MetaMask will ask you to confirm the transaction.
  • Please note that only wallets used to initially purchase $MK tokens in the presale will be authorized to claim tokens.
  • Your tokens will now be in your wallet.
  • If you cannot see them then click add tokens and enter the smart contract details of Meme Kombat in the fillable fields. This will add the $MK token contract to your wallet making tokens visible.

Your money is at risk.

Meme Kombat Price Prediction June 2024 - Conclusion

Meme Kombat is expected to see prosperous growth within the meme coin community which we covered in this Meme Kombat price prediction. Blue tick Twitter influencers are already taking notice, while meme enthusiasts from various communities are anticipating to see their favourite characters battle it out. The fact that Meme Kombat hosts a competitive battle environment makes it all the more poised for success. The game can be compared to the likes of Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh, which were majorly popular battle card games in the 2000's. With a modern touch, web3 compatibility, staking rewards and betting utility, Meme Kombat is setting the stage to be the latest meme success.

The initial token price is set at $1.667, and it is expected that community members will be rushing to participate in the growth expansion initiatives to start gaining some of the community reward funds. With all meme communities coming under one umbrella, we can expect a mass influx of crypto meme degens joining in on the frenzy.

Your money is at risk.


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