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Bitcoin Minetrix is the newest cryptocurrency launched on the crypto market with real utility – the project aims to revolutionize the way investors mine cryptocurrencies. With an easy way to purchase the native token, $BTCMTX, even beginners can start Stake to Mine with minimal investment.

Considering the innovative concept that Bitcoin Minetrix proposes, it is not surprising that the project has attracted the attention of the crypto community. The project managed to raise over $100,000 on the very first day of the presale and is selling out quickly. In this article we provide you with a Bitcoin Minetrix price prediction so that you can decide whether or not $BTCMTX is worth buying in 2024.

Your money is at risk.

A Brief Summary of the Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction

bitcoin minetrix upcoming ido

  • End of 2023: This period is reserved for the launch of the Bitcoin Minetrix presale campaign, and for the first steps towards the adoption of the token by the community of crypto enthusiasts. Given the rapid pace of the presale, several experts are predicting a fairly quick and easy adaptation of the token. Price level of BTCMTX predicted for the end of 2023 – 0.05 USD .
  • End of 2025: Since the project has real utility, and several sources are predicting a price level of around $250,000 for BTC at the end of 2025, it is likely that the price of Bitcoin Minetrix will also increase. As a result, we forecast a price level of 0.10 USD .
  • End of 2030: BTCMTX will continue to grow beyond 2025, and this is one of the main factors driving our price forecast. Considering the mining capacity that Bitcoin Minetrix fund holders will get, our experts forecast a price level of 0.16 USD .

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Bitcoin Minetrix has already managed to become the most prominent crypto launch in recent months, raising over $100,000 in the first 24 hours of the presale. In this context, many investors are wondering how the price of cryptocurrency will evolve in the coming years. Let’s delve deeper into the price forecast by taking a look at predictions for 2023, 2025 and 2030.

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction 2024

bitcoin minetrix price prediction

If Bitcoin Minetrix succeeds in becoming the best alternative to traditional mining, it will surely attract the attention of many investors. Accordingly, we forecast a likely increase in rewards for crypto staking.

Continuing the topic of staking, the market has already given us real examples of projects built on Ethereum that have provided huge returns for investors. These projects are popular amongst long term investors who hold tokens for a long period of time to gain annual rewards. If Bitcoin Minetrix can deliver similar APY%, investors are likely to hold onto tokens which will prevent a sell-off after the presale. Considering that the team behind the project has invested a lot of attention in this direction, we forecast a price level of 0.5 USD by the end of 2023.

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction 2025

bitcoin minetrix prediction

An important crypto event associated with the year 2025 is the halving of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Halving is an event that happens once every four years, when the reward for mining Bitcoin transactions is halved. Halving reduces the rate at which new coins are created and thus decreases the supply of tokens.

Because of halving, BTC will become much rarer and harder to obtain. This will not only increase the value of “digital gold”, but will also increase the difficulty of mining. Our experts predict that these circumstances will contribute to a further increase in the Bitcoin Minetrix price level, up to $0.10.

Bitcoin Minetrix Price Prediction 2030

The forecast for the year 2030 will represent a totalization of the previous years, namely the moment of monetization of the goals achieved at the previous 2 milestones. Our experts believe that during this period marketing efforts will also be monetized (because a 35% share of the total issue of Bitcoin Minetrix is dedicated to these activities).

Furthermore, the wider adoption of cryptocurrency as a whole is predicted to increase by 2030. This means that more people will invest in tokens and participate in offerings, like mining, to earn from their investments. As more people turn to crypto as a viable investment, the Bitcoin Minetrix project will attract more investors. That is why we anticipate a price level of $0.16 of BTCMTX at the end of 2030.

Your money is at risk.

Potential Highs and Lows for Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Although there are several factors and arguments that speak about the reliability and long-term potential of this project, it is important to understand that no crypto forecast can be 100% accurate. Precisely for this reason, we have compiled a table below, which reflects the possible price fluctuations of Bitcoin Minetrix in the coming years.

Year Low potential Middle potential High potential
2023 $0.03 0.04 $0.05
2025 $0.07 $0.08 $0.1
2030 $0.012 $0.014 $0.16

What is Bitcoin Minetrix?

For some time now, traditional mining has been partially replaced by cloud mining to reduce the costs of mining BTC. However, cloud mining comes not only with opportunities, but also with challenges, especially related to high investments and scams. In an attmept to solve these problems, Bitcoin Minetrix enters the market – the project that aims to revolutionize the way investors mine cryptocurrencies.

bitcoin minetrix price prediction

What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining is an alternative to traditional mining, with the use of high-performance hardware. Users register on cloud mining platforms, make an initial deposit (usually quite large), and then start mining. The big problem here – it is difficult to find a reliable cloud mining platform because most of them are scams.

Bitcoin Minetrix will solve this issue by using blockchain technology to tokenize the process. Users will earn cloud mining credits through staking which can then be used to stake Bitcoin. Th credits are tokenized which provides users with full control.

$BTCMTX tokenomics

In itself, the native token of this project (BTCMTX) is an ERC-20 token with a very well thought out tokenomics. The total supply of BTCMTX will be 4 billion. 35% of the tokens will be used for marketing, 42.5% will be held for mining, 7.5% will be put towards community rewards and 15% wil be attributed to the community.

Over time, the circulation of $BTCMTX will decrease as people lock up their tokens for staking rewards. The deflationary design of the token will push the price upwards.

Your money is at risk.

Bitcoin Minetrix stake-to-mine

How does Bitcoin Minetrix manage to reduce the costs associated with mining? This is done through the innovative Stake-to-Mine mechanism.  Users buy BTCMTX tokens, lock them up in a staking pool and earn mining credits as a reward for doing so. The more that you stake, the more mining credits you will receive.

The mining credits can be used to participate in a third-party cloud mining operation from your laptop. This means no bulky hardware and low costs (as long as you purchase $BTCMTX when it is undervalued).

Factors That Could Affect the Price of Bitcoin Minetrix

The price fluctuations that we have mentioned above can be determined by several factors. In the following section, we reveal several factors that could influence the price of Bitcoin Minetrix over the next few years.

Social media hype and investor sentiment

Social media and investor sentiment play a huge role in the success of crypto presales. Investors are typically hesitant to invest in new projects and use social media to gauge whether or not a token is going to do well. If social media hype is strong, and investor sentiment is positive, the presale will sell quickly and the price of the token will rise.

On the other hand, if the project has a weak social media presence and the sentiment around the token is negative, investors may hold off from investing during the presale. In this scenario, it will take longer for the presale to end and the price of the token is less likely to increase afterwards.

Although the peak of Bitcoin mining in social media was reached a few years ago, it remains a topic discussed online. In the meantime, the crypto community understood that the crypto market has every chance to recover from the bear crash, and mining might become relevant and widely practiced again.

As the idea of mining becomes more popular online, investors will be attracted to Bitcoin Minetrix as the best alternative to traditional mining practices. The team will distribute 35% of the entire token supply towards marketing efforts, which should provide Bitcoin Minetrix with the groundworks for a great social media marketing campaign.

Upcoming BTC halving

Bitcoin halving will increase the costs of mining Bitcoin which will encourage miners to look for a cheaper alternative. That is probably why in the coming years, the use of hardware equipment for mining will not be relevant for novice miners.

In this context, the solution proposed by Bitcoin Minetrix solves a big problem. The solutions offered by the project are better than those offered by cloud mining platforms in several aspects: low maintenance costs, safety of funds, low risks, simplicity of starting mining.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

A successful presale could increase awareness of Bitcoin Minetrix and create a sense of FOMO around the project. It should be mentioned that the current pace is promising – more than 100,000 USD was raised in 24 hours after the launch of the pre-sale, and up to this moment a sum of more than 200,000 USD has already been collected.

The volume of tokens dedicated to the presale is limited to the amount of 3,080,000. This means that the token is deflationary and that once the presale is completed, its price will soon increase. For the convenience of our readers, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how you can buy Bitcoin Minetrix in the following section .

How To Buy Bitcoin Minetrix in May 2024 – Quick Steps

Bitcoin Minetrix is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you can buy it quickly and easily – follow the steps below to buy it at a low price today.

Step 1 – Set Up a Compatible Crypto Wallet

You must choose a crypto wallet, which you will use to invest in Bitcoin Minetrix. Any wallet compatible with Ethereum can be used, but our experts recommend MetaMask or Trust Wallet as the most convenient ethereum wallets.

MetaMask Wallet

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

Once you have a crypto wallet installed either in your browser extension or on your phone, you need to add ETH, USDT or BNB funds to this. Using MetaMask, you can do this by purchasing with your bank card.

Step 3 – Link Crypto Wallet to Bitcoin Minetrix

Go to the presale website and click on the Connect button. You will need to choose the wallet you installed in the first step.

Connet Wallet

Step 4 – Buy $BTCMTX tokens

Once you have connected your wallet to the presale site, indicate the number of tokens you want to purchase, as well as the cryptocurrency that will be used to buy the tokens.

Step 5 – Start staking for mining credits

Once the presale is completed, you will be able to access the Bitcoin Minetrix website to claim your purchased tokens or start mining BTC by staking $BTCMTX.


In this Bitcoin Minetrix price prediction, we analyzed the project in depth to take a look at how it could develop in the coming years. In the same way, we also analyzed the potential external factors that could influence the price of this new cryptocurrency. Since the Bitcoin Minetrix presale is going on right now, you can click the button below to go directly to the presale site and invest in this project in less than 5 minutes.

Your money is at risk.


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Antonio Bors Finance and Crypto Writer

Antonio Bors Finance and Crypto Writer

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Antonio is passionate about investments, blockchain and content marketing. As well as writing for Trading Platforms, Antonio has written content for Dad Accountant and the Jivvy Group. His studies and professional background in Finance and Marketing help him make reliable predictions and share them with the community of enthusiasts who share similar interests to his. Antonio actively invests in several fields, including crypto and stocks, which allows him to share his own investment experience as well.