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Oryen Network Starts Bullrun during ICO with 250% Price Spike – Can the staking platform compete with Shiba Inu and Axis Infinity?

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News just in: the bull run isn’t a thing of the past for some cryptos. Oryen Network recently entered an astounding growth period by surging 250% in price during its own pre-sale before ICO launch, making it the best performer in a crypto world that’s been much harder to make money in. But with ORY, you can leave bear-market worries behind you by strapping yourself in on a journey that’s set for the moon.

Some experts believe that ORY could be set to surpass other altcoin successes like Shiba Inu and Axis Infinity. And the good news? Pre-sale bonuses and reduced prices remain in place for just a short while longer, meaning now’s the perfect time to add bear-busting ORY to your investment portfolio. Here’s why:

Oryen Network continues to gain thanks to its revolutionary staking yields

The most revolutionary thing about ORY’s earning protocol is that all staking is taken care of for you. To start gaining remarkable 90% annual yields with ORY, you don’t even have to know what staking is. Fast rebase rewards are paid out at hourly intervals directly into your wallet—revolutionizing the passive income potential for millions of regular investors across the planet.

All pre-sale investors have the unique opportunity to buy ORY before it launches at $0.35, alongside additional purchase bonuses. With pre-sale six just about to launch, you’ll get to buy ORY for only $0.175 alongside a 5% bonus that will be auto-airdropped into your wallet on launch. It’s the perfect opportunity to make gains in a market where gains have been hard to find, so don’t miss your chance.

Can Shiba Inu (SHIB) evolve from its memecoin status?

While many consider SHIB just a memecoin, those who invested before it skyrocketed last year aren’t concerned—they’re currently enjoying time on their yachts. But what about those who missed SHIB’s early gains or new investors to the project? Recent improvements to SHIB’s burn mechanics and passive income opportunities have helped add new potential to the token, but prices remain volatile and extremely low compared to former highs. That’s why your money might be better placed into projects like ORY.

Axis Infinity (AXS) puts the fun back into crypto

With a unique collect, play, and earn model that aims to reward users for their enjoyment on their virtual entertainment platform, Axis Infinity has helped put the fun back into crypto. However, investors don’t just want fun: they want money. And AXS prices continue to stagnate at a level much lower than last year’s highs. That’s why some AXS investors are deciding gains are more important than entertainment and are moving their holdings into ORY.

The bottom line

AXS and SHIB could move to reclaim former highs, but why take the risk when ORY is already surging? With prices set to increase again in the next pre-sale phase, don’t miss your chance to grab ORY before the biggest ICO of the year.

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