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Oryen Network Already +200%, Still Another +20,000% To Reach Aave Market Cap

Disclosure Fact Checked

DeFi protocols have seen their user base grow substantially in recent years. One such protocol is Aave, one of the biggest crypto-lending protocols in the world.

Aave is a DeFi protocol where users can borrow and lend crypto. All transactions are decentralized, eliminating the need to use centralized financial systems. With the protocols, users can lend and earn interest. If they borrow, they have to pay interest.

Originally, Aave ran on Ethereum. However, it has since expanded to other blockchain ecosystems, including Harmony, Fantom, and Avalanche. A decentralized autonomous organization governs the protocol (DAO). That means people who hold AAVE tokens decide what happens to the protocol.

In the legacy financial world, you need to use a bank or related institution when you need a loan. The bank takes something from you as collateral and issues you a loan, which you must repay with interest each month.

With DeFi, the bank is not there. Smart contracts stand in for banks. It means you can access loans in crypto from people directly instead of going through banks. However, you still need collateral. The result is that you can benefit from your crypto assets without having to sell them outright.

Successful Protocol

Aave has grown to become the most successful DeFi lending protocol in the world. Soon after its release, the AAVE tokens grew in price by over 20,000%. Holders of the tokens became instant millionaires. The reason why this happened is that the fundamentals of Aave were solid. Investors saw an opportunity, examined the white paper, and bought their AAVE tokens.

Oryen Network Shows Signs of Success

A successful project will always show signs from early on. Even when the community is small, there will always be signs that a crypto project will be awesome. The Oryen Network is one such good example. Thus far, the native ORY tokens have increased by 200%. That is a clear sign that these tokens are destined for greatness, especially with Youtubers picking up on the project.

Anyone who misses the giant neon sign of the Oryen Network protocol will have themselves to blame. Thus far, early investors have been making huge gains from their small ORY token investments. All of these gains have been made during the presale phase.

Without a project to examine, its whitepaper is the best indicator of how well a project could do. Thus far, investors like what they see in the Oryen Network whitepaper. One of the planned features is a fixed APY of 90%. All that ORY holders will have to do is stake their tokens and earn this massive APY.

The attractive APY, coupled with the high security of the protocol, has convinced investors this project is worth their time. Two audits conducted on the code have concluded that it is secure and ready to go. Within a short while, the platform will go live, and just like Aave, it could shoot to the moon. Those who get in early will reap the most benefits.

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