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Oryen Network Presale Phase Five Kicks Off With Huge Influx Of Capital Bridged In From Polygon Network

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You’ve certainly heard about Oryen Network if you’ve been following the cryptocurrency market.

Everyone who bought ORY, the native token of the staking platform Oryen, has already received 200% returns on their investment. As a result, investors from throughout the cryptocurrency sector are showing interest in this project’s ongoing ICO.

Oryen Network (ORY)

A new protocol called Oryen seeks to provide a new, decentralized DeFi paradigm. The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) uses the wealth the project creates to support the ORY token while simultaneously delivering yield to holders. With this strategy, token holders receive value right away, and a committed community develops that wants to see the project succeed.

The objective of ORY is to use the community as a single, focused entity to generate money and power for the community. This is a novel idea for DeFi, and it will raise the bar for the sector.

Right now, it has elevated Oryen to the top of the list of initiatives in the DeFi industry. Oryen has established itself as a dominant player in the DeFi industry for passive income. The staking platform provides a fixed 90% APY and the most reliable returns. 

With Oryen Network, you receive daily earnings of 0.177% ROI on your ORY with auto-compounding as you’ve never experienced before. In addition, a community-owned, censorship-resistant reserve currency is being built by the Oryen team, aiming to pay all ORY stakeholders every 60 minutes and 24 times a day! Jim Crypto, the well-known Youtuber, is fully on-board for this!

Polygon Network

MATIC is an ERC-20 token and serves as Polygon’s native cryptocurrency. The blockchain’s token manages transaction fees, staking, and governance on the Polygon Network.

Investors can stake MATIC with the Polygon Foundation. Those locked to support the block confirmations are paid in additional MATIC for assisting the system.

Users of the Polygon Network have been spotted bridging into BNB Chain and buying Oryen Network presale. This is incredibly bullish as it shows the interest has reached cross-chain.


Time is running out for Oryen Network’s ICO, which is presently in phase five! However, given the results of its initial coin offering (ICO), it can develop and outperform its rivals in the DeFi market.

The concept produced by the Oryen Network team will permanently alter how passive income tokenomics are perceived.

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