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You Can’t Miss Oryen, As It Is Dubbed The Heir Of Aave, Maker, And Curve

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Leading DeFi giants such as Aave, Maker, and Curve have played a significant role in driving important innovations in the crypto space. With the aim to develop an unbiased financial system, these protocols lay a strong foundation to revolutionize traditional finances. They allow users to put their tokens to work and earn rewards much higher than those offered by centralized systems.

Despite unparalleled development in the DeFi space, there’s hardly any intuitive platform that guarantees fixed stable returns. An upcoming project, Oryen Network improves upon this existing mechanism to make staking frictionless and profitable for investors of all levels.

What makes Oryen a strong candidate in the DeFi space?

Most entry-level investors find it challenging to understand the mechanics behind various DeFi strategies. At the end of the day, everyone wants to make the best of their investments by generating passive returns. Oryen, with the help of its Autostaking feature, allows users to earn rewards for just holding $ORY tokens.

The minute you buy the token, you are eligible to receive rebase rewards every 60 minutes, with a daily ROI of 0.177%. This means an average token holder receives an annual compound interest of 90%. The Oryen Autostakin Technic employs a complex set of algorithms to support the underlying price and the rewards.

Oryen’s treasury plays a critical role in supporting the OAT system and the overall growth of the protocol. There’s a separate RFV (Risk-Free value) wallet that collects funds to support liquidity pools during extreme market conditions. The network applies a transaction tax on each trade to support high-yielding APY, while also strengthening the price floor for $ORY. This encourages the investors to hold their tokens, rather than trade.

While the smart contract audit is currently in progress, $ORY presale demand has gone through the roof within a week of inception. Smart investors see it as an excellent opportunity in current market conditions, where passive income is the need of the hour!

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