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The Metaverse has become a buzzword for the future of crypto and blockchain technology. Though it’s a relatively new technology to many crypto enthusiasts and has yet to go mainstream, it has attracted many investors. Today, almost everyone wants to invest in metaverse coins, and both institutional investors and individuals are splashing money on Metaverse investments to enter the much sought-after space. 

At the same time, several exciting Metaverse projects have been successful, and many others have been predicted to be rewarding to investors in the long run. These projects come with Metaverse coins that power their virtual ecosystems. This guide will discuss the top Metaverse coins that Indian crypto investors should consider in 2022. 

Top 10 Metaverse Crypto Coins – List 

There are many Metaverse coins in the Web3 ecosystem today. To help investors decide the best options for them, here is a list of the best Metaverse coins to use to diversify your portfolio:

  1. TamadogeOverall best Metaverse crypto coin in 2022
  2. Battle InfinityGaming Metaverse crypto coin with potential 
  3. Lucky Block – New Metaverse crypto coin to invest in 
  4. The Sandbox – Promising Metaverse coin 
  5. ApeCoin – Metaverse project on the Ethereum blockchain
  6. Decentraland – Top Metaverse crypto coin by market cap
  7. Silks – One of the best Metaverse coins to watch in 2022
  8. Roblox – Exciting Metaverse coin for the future 
  9. Axie Infinity – Interesting Metaverse crypto with P2E features
  10. Floki Inu – One of the underrated Metaverse coins

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A Closer Look At The Best Metaverse Crypto Coins To Buy 

Let’s dive into the full details of the top Metaverse coins listed above:



Tamadoge takes the top position on our best Metaverse coins list. The play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain game provides an investment opportunity for traders interested in budding Metaverse projects. Tamadoge was founded in 2022 by a team of experienced developers who believe investors can make money by combining gaming with blockchain technology. 

Tamadoge, a meme coin with utility, has a native crypto called TAMA that powers the Tamaverse (Tamadoge’s Metaverse). TAMA is the means of entry to the Tamaverse, and it allows users to develop or breed virtual Tamadoge pets and battle other players with them. 

The game works by rewarding investors with TAMA tokens for breeding and nurturing their Tamadoge pets and winning battles. However, while TAMA is a crypto coin, Tamadoge pets are NFTs. Interestingly, investors can mint, buy, sell, or trade the NFT on NFT marketplaces or swap TAMA tokens for real money on crypto exchanges. TAMA also has other use cases, including carrying out transactions in the Tamaverse, buying Tamadoge pets and trading assets on the platform. And this is one of the reasons why Tamadoge is one of the best utility NFT coins to invest in 2022.

TAMA tokenomics

Tamadoge completed its presale in September 2022, reportedly raising $10 million within the first four weeks alone. The developers offered 50% of the max supply to users, and 20% of the remaining supply will be listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges like OKX. At the time of writing, the TAMA token is valued at $0.1793, with a whopping 97.55% increase in the last 24 hours.

Tamadoge was valued at $0.03 when it started trading. With its current value, it is evident that investors are going bullish on the coin – thanks to its inherent value, solid development team, and numerous use cases.

The Tamadoge token is deflationary, with its total supply capped at 2 billion tokens. This means the coin will get more scarce and expensive over time, resulting in substantial profit for investors who back the Metaverse coin early. 

Investors who missed out on Tamadoge during its presale can buy Tama tokens on a centralized exchange like OKX and the OKX decentralized exchange (OKX DEX). Though it’s still the early days for TAMA, the coin has shown massive potential within a few months. So, it’s safe to say that investing in the coin is a potentially rewarding decision. 

Tamadoge NFTs launched on October the 6th. The NFTs are ultrarare and are predicated to gain significant value overtime. Currently, users can purchase NFTs via the NFT auction. After this, the assets will gain value and can be sold within the Tamaverse.

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Battle Infinity

battle infinity homepage

Battle Infinity is another coin worth watching this year. The gaming Metaverse crypto is notable for its combination of gaming P2E features and the Metaverse. This exciting innovation has a wide range of gaming options for players to earn passive rewards whilst having fun.

Like other blockchain games, the NFT game Battle Infinity has its own Metaverse, where various players connect and participate in in-game battles. Users who aren’t combating can also watch ongoing games in the Battle Arena. Interestingly, all the digital items in the Battle Arena, including players and their costumes, are valuable NFTs that investors can buy, sell, or trade on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea.

Battle Infinity also offers rewards to its players through its native token, called IBAT. IBAT has different use cases, including gaining entry into the game’s battle arena and combating other players for in-game rewards. The crypto also powers Battle Infinity’s built-in marketplace (the Battle Market), where users can create and swap the game’s NFT items and collectibles for real money. 

The platform also allows investors to earn passive income from monetizing their land, and you can stake IBAT tokens for a period to earn staking rewards in the form of crypto. 

Unlike many other Metaverse projects, Battle Infinity has gained credibility from the DeFi ecosystem. It was recently audited by, and CoinSniper tested its KYC verification. This provides investors with more security and a safe environment. 

IBAT is one for the future

IBAT ended its presale earlier than scheduled because of its massive attraction from crypto investors. At the time of writing, IBAT sells for $0.002876. With features like Battle Swap, PvP Battle Arena, and a combination of in-house and third-party games, Battle Infinity is set to become a massive metaverse project over the coming years. Investors can tap into its market now that it’s selling at a lower price and HODL for the future. 

Your capital is at risk. 

Lucky Block

lucky block website

Lucky Block is another upcoming Metaverse project that is slowly becoming one of the best Metaverse coins to invest in 2022. Though it was launched in January 2022, the decentralized blockchain lottery NFT project has recorded tremendous growth – thanks to its transparent and secure way of offering investors an avenue to participate in gaming and earn passive income from online gambling. 

The platform has an LBLOCK token that investors must use to enter draws, play games, and earn rewards. The LBLOCK token is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of 2022 in terms of price performance. Apart from investing in LBLOCK, you can also stake your tokens for prizes like a Lamborghini, a house worth $1 million, and $1 million worth of Bitcoin during the platform’s ongoing reward program. You also stand to earn daily rewards in the form of crypto when you stake your LBLOCK tokens on the Metaverse platform. 

Before players claim their winnings on Lucky Block, the platform removes 10% and distributes it to all LBLOCK holders. So, as an investor, even if you don’t win the major prizes, you earn daily rewards from Lucky Block as long as you have the platform’s token locked in your wallet. However, your prize depends on the number of tokens held in your wallet and the lock-in period.

LBLOCK Tokenomics

When LBLOCK started trading in 2021, it surged more than 1,100% and recorded a massive price increase at the beginning of 2022. The project recently released its LBLOCK V2 coin to eliminate the 12% transaction fee V1 coin investors pay during trades. The V2 token also allows for easier listings on centralized exchanges. LBLOCK V1coin currently sells for $0.000279, and V2 is valued at $0.0003136. But, with its price history, it’s easy to see why investors and experts believe LBLOCK may prove a worthy investment over the coming years.  

Your capital is at risk. 

The Sandbox

Sandbox homepage

The Sandbox is another notable P2E game in the Metaverse. It is built on the Ethereum network, and it has a SAND token used for its reward system. If you’re a Sandbox investor, you’ll receive rewards for playing the Metaverse-powered Minecraft-like game. 

The SAND token is one of the best Metaverse coins in 2022 because of its use cases. Sandbox players use it to buy and build virtual land or invest in Metaverse real estate. They can subsequently sell the land for money on the open market. In-game assets can also be converted into NFTs and exchanged for crypto on digital exchanges. 

You can purchase the SAND token from a number of exchanges, including Binance.

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Apecoin homepage

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token that is part of the ApeCoin DeFi game on the Ethereum blockchain. The governance and utility token makes our top Metaverse coins list because of its utility in the Ape ecosystem and beyond. 

APE is a coin for Otherside, a Metaverse game with commercial features created by Yuga Labs. Users can use the platform for P2E games, trade NFTs, invest in virtual land, etc. 

Currently, ApeCoin sells for $5.27, up 2.26% at the time of writing. Though it was launched in 2022, ApeCoin is one of the best Metaverse coins on the market today because of its price and potential future. 

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Mana Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the most popular Metaverse games today. It was one of the earliest and best blockchain crypto games that pioneered crypto investment gamification. Decentraland was launched in 2018 and has become one of the top Metaverse coins to buy in 2022. 

The 3D virtual reality game also runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows investors, represented by avatars and similar NFTs, to enter a simulated reality environment where they connect for real estate needs. 

Players can purchase unique and valuable virtual land on Decentraland. You can also make money from renting out the land, selling it, or using it for activities and events that users pay a fee to attend. The Decentraland utility token is called MANA, and it is available on exchanges like eToro.

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Silks is a representation of the horse racing industry in the Metaverse. The blockchain game runs using real-world thoroughbred horse racing features. So, if you enjoy horseracing, you’ll definitely love Silks for its P2E gaming feature. 

In the game of Silks, an NFT horse is connected to a real-life thoroughbred racehorse that investors can back during races and get rewards if it wins. They can also earn rewards from breeding and grooming horses till they become racehorses. 

$SST is the platform’s native crypto that winners get as rewards. You can also purchase lands or horse farms on the platform using this token. Interestingly, the token is listed on the OKX exchange for investors to buy and sell.

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Roblox is a US-based video game developer that was founded in 2004. In recent times, the company dived into the Metaverse, and its coin is now one of the top Metaverse coins to invest in 2022 – thanks to the company’s success in the Metaverse world. 

Roblox has Metaverse stocks for sale on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Investors interested in owning a share of the company can go bullish on the Robox  Metaverse stock (RBLX), currently valued at $35.84. 

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Axie Infinity

axie infinity

Launched in 2020, Axie Infinity is another notable coin on our Metaverse crypto coins list. Within its first two years, the Metaverse NFT game has surpassed $1 billion in sales, and it provides crypto investors with a great opportunity to diversify their investments. 

The P2E game allows users to mint and breed Axies (monsters) and use them for battles in the Axie Infinity Metaverse. Once minted, players can buy and sell Axies on any NFT marketplace or Axie Infinity’s in-game market for real money. 

The game has two cryptocurrencies: the Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP), that users can earn and then trade for real money. But AXS is the platform’s utility token for governance and other activities. 

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Floki Inu

Floki Inu homepage

Floki Inu is the last coin in our top Metaverse crypto coins review. The P2E Metaverse crypto coin runs the Valhalla economy. It’s used to create characters and NFT items in the Floki ecosystem, and you can also purchase in-game collectibles with the utility token. 

Whenever battles are won, you’ll be rewarded with $FLOKI, and the coin has inherent value within and beyond the Floki space. It currently sells at 0.000008043, 4.26% up in the last 24 hours. Its developers believe it will be an industry leader in the NFT space, so you can opt for the coin at a low price.

To buy Floki, you will need to swap tokens through a decentralized exchange. The best plac to by cryptos is Binance.

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How To Invest In Tamadoge – The Best Metaverse Coin

As stated earlier, the OKX exchange has Tamadoge as one of its listings. So, if you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest in TAMA in India, you can easily do so on OKX by following these easy steps:

Sign Up on OKX

okx signup

As a crypto investor in India, you must first sign up and create an OKX account to buy Tamadoge and other top Metaverse coins on the exchange. Head on to the OKX website or mobile app and tap on “Sign Up” to get started. You can also create an account using your email address or phone number. Enter the accurate information, create a new password, and click “Sign Up” to complete the registration process. The entire process takes just a few minutes. 

Deposit Funds 

okx deposit

After creating an OKX account, the next step is to fund your account and buy Tamadoge or other top Metaverse coins you want to buy. To deposit funds on OKX, log into your account and tap the “Assets” icon at the top of the home screen. Select “Deposit” from the dropdown menu.

OKX allows crypto deposits, including BTC, ETH, and stablecoins like USDT and USDC. Select your preferred payment method and generate a wallet address or QR code to pay into. We recommend you deposit USDT to buy TAMA on OKX.

Search for TAMA/USDT

TAMA on OKXTo buy TAMA, search for it on OKX using the “Discover” icon. Click on “Markets” and search for “Tamadoge” or “TAMA” to initiate a purchase order. You can purchase Tamadoge with USDT on OKX. To do this, search for the TAMA/USDT trading pair.

Step 4: Place an order 


To complete your order, click on the TAMA/USDT pair and tap “Trade Now”. Enter the quantity of Tamadoge to be purchased and select “ Buy” to complete the transaction. Bear in mind that OX has a minimum TAMA purchase of 100 TAMA.

Your money is at risk.


What Is A Metaverse Crypto?

A Metaverse crypto is the web 3.0 crypto utility token that powers a project’s virtual ecosystem. Typically, the cryptocurrency is used to enter the platform’s Metaverse and carry out activities like playing games, minting NFTs, buying and selling the game’s NFT collectibles, etc. 

These coins also have inherent value, and you can exchange them on digital exchanges for real money. Popular Metaverse cryptos include Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, Decentraland, etc. 

Which Metaverse Cryptocurrency Will Explode in 2022?

We’ve touched on the top Metaverse coins in this article. After hours of research, we’ve come to the conclusion that these Metaverse coins are valuable and will subsequently grow with their individual projects. 

However, Tamadoge is currently surpassing expectations amongst all these Metaverse coins. Its price has surged by about 100% in the last 24 hours (at time of writing). This is a promising development for a coin that was recently listed on exchanges, and it’s easy to see why Tamadoge is the best Metaverse coin to invest in 2022. 

Are Metaverse Coins A Good Buy In 2022?

The big question on many investors’ lips is, “Should I invest in Metaverse coins in 2022?” We believe we’ve been able to provide answers in this article. There are many Metaverse coins to invest in, including Tamadoge, which is the overall best. However, as an investor, we recommend you do your own research and determine which of the best Metaverse coins best suits your portfolio. You may also invest in more than one coin to diversify your investment. 

Top 10 Metaverse Crypto Coins – Our Conclusion 

The Metaverse combines real-world ideologies with simulated reality. The industry has grown over the recent years, particularly because of many Metaverse gaming projects being developed by the day. 

Investing in the Metaverse is the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), and one of the ways to be an early investor is to enter the Metaverse through Metaverse coins. You can access and invest in Tamadoge and other Metaverse coins in this article. By doing so, you’ll easily diversify your investment portfolio and position yourself for rewards now and in the future. 

tamadoge logo

Your money is at risk


What are the best upcoming Metaverse cryptos?

The best upcoming Metaverse cryptocurrencies are those with utility and a promising future. They are usually used for real-world activities in the Metaverse, including payments, buying and selling, in-game purchases, etc. If you’re looking to invest in the best upcoming Metaverse cryptos, you should consider the top Metaverse coins with potential, including Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, etc.

How to invest in Metaverse projects?

To inverse in a Metaverse project, you need to buy the platform’s utility token and gain partial ownership of the project’s governance and be part of other activities. Virtually all Metaverse projects in our top Metaverse coins review are still evolving, but early investors are in a pole position to enjoy massive rewards as the project develops.

What are the top Metaverse coins?

The top Metvaerse crypto coins are Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, and Lucky Block. However, there are other older Mateverse coins like Decentraland and Axie Infinity.

Can I buy Metaverse crypto in India?

Yes, it is possible to buy the top Metaverse coins in India. Crypto traders and investors in India looking to invest in Metaverse coins will find them on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges today. The overall best place to buy Metaverse crypto in India and invest in them is at the OKX centralized or decentralized platform.

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