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Back in March 2020, Tesla was a big hit among stock investors. While it did drop in price like the rest of the stock market, it has largely been on a steady upward trend since then. It did suffer two additional dips in 2021, but even so, it’s still very profitable, and now, it’s at an all-time high.

Here’s why every investor is looking to buy Tesla stock, and if you want to do the same, but aren’t sure where and how, here’s your guide.

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How to Buy Tesla Stock – Quick Steps

Etoro logoIf you have some experience in stock trading and investing and you just want to know where to get your stocks, we can recommend you to use eToro stockbroker, one of the best stockbrokers in the world, if not the best if. As for how to buy a stake in Tesla, here’s what you should do:

  • Create your account. The first step is to create an account on the eToro platform, you can start from scratch, or just log in with Facebook or Google.
  • Verify your identity. After creating an account, you will need to verify it by providing an official government-issued document such as an ID, driver’s license, or passport.
  • 存入资金。为了开始交易,您必须先存入用于购买特斯拉股票的初始存款。 eToro 允许您以 50 美元的最低存款开始。
  • 买股票。最后,您可以在eToro平台上搜索特斯拉的股票并开始购买。。

67% 的散户投资者账户在与该提供商交易差价合约时亏损。您应该考虑您是否有能力承担损失资金的高风险。

第 1 步——选择股票经纪商


1. eToro——整体上购买特斯拉股票的最佳经纪商


当然,这并非偶然,因为 eToro 为新手和知识渊博的交易者提供最好的服务。它可能不是专家的最佳选择,但如果您是新手或对专业工具仍然不太熟悉,那么 eToro 就是您的最佳选择。它提供进入数千个全球市场的通道,让您可以利用杠杆进行交易。您还可以交易差价合约、 加密货币等。

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交易者经常问你是否可以购买特斯拉 (TSLA) 股票的部分股份,答案是肯定的,在 eToro 上,这是允许的。这对于希望投资昂贵股票但不想购买完整股票的零售交易者特别有用。毕竟,TSLA 的股票非常昂贵,而且大多数人买不起。

使 eToro 脱颖而出的另一件事是,它受到世界上一些最严格、最可靠和最受信任的监管机构的严格监管。一些示例包括 CySEC、FCA、ASIC 和 FINRA。此外,平台上的所有交易都是完全免佣金的。需要支付点差,但它们非常低且负担得起。

除此之外,eToro 对每个新用户还有另一个非常重要的功能,那就是它的社交交易。社交交易是指利用交易社区的其他成员来帮助您进行交易,其最受欢迎的功能是跟单交易。 跟单交易让您可以找到一位交易您感兴趣的资产的专家交易员,然后实时复制他们的动作。这样,您将获得相同的结果,即使您没有自己做的知识,也有可能获利。


  • 无需佣金即可购买特斯拉股票
  • 交易差价合约即使在看跌市场中获利
  • 可以访问超过 2,500 多股全球股票
  • 接受多种付款方式
  • 严格监管
  • 用户友好
  • 提供部分投资和跟单交易

  • 技术分析工具有限,不是专家交易者的最佳选择

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2. — the top broker that lets you buy Tesla stock

If for some reason you want to try a different broker, we can recommend is a UK-based platform focused on offering spread betting and CFD trading. It has a large number of available global markets – over 3,000 of them. homepage

The platform has attracted over 360,000 users and is strictly regulated by CySEC and FCA, so it is safe from a regulatory perspective. Another feature the platform offers is leveraged trading, which allows you to borrow money from a broker and use less of your own funds. In the end, the final reason this brokerage is so popular with users around the world is that it has an extremely low minimum deposit of just £20, which beats almost all of its competitors.


  • strictly regulated
  • CFDs on over 3,000 markets worldwide
  • friendly user
  • Commission-free trading
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • low spread
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Spread Betting


  • Lack of investment accounts

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Step 2 – Research Tesla Stock

Of course, just because you’ve probably seen information that Tesla shares are surging, or you’ve given a recommendation to buy them, doesn’t mean you should. Yes, many people will recommend buying Tesla stock right now, but you could easily receive recommendations to buy other underperforming companies.

In other words, knowing how to buy Tesla stock isn’t enough. Never invest blindly without knowing what you are investing in. Research the stocks you’re interested in using the examples below that we’ve applied on Tesla.

What is Tesla?Tesla stock price historyTesla FundamentalsTesla DividendsTesla ESG Decomposition特斯拉股票预测埃隆·马斯克的传记特斯拉股票值得买入吗?

What is Tesla?

teslaObviously, the first thing you need to know is what stakes in companies you plan to invest in and what it’s all about. Tesla is so famous right now that you’ve probably heard of it, but even then we treat it like any other company.

That being said, Tesla is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, but plans to relocate its headquarters to Austin, Texas. The company has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles, solar panels and solar roof tiles, battery energy storage, everything from anything you can use in your home to massive grid-scale things and more.

The company has made headlines multiple times in 2021, first because it accepted BTC payments, then disabled bitcoin because they were not environmentally friendly, and now because its massive inventory surge has allowed it to hit a new ATH.

Tesla stock price history

Tesla forecasts are important for knowing when to invest, when to buy, and when to sell. However, in order to make a forecast for Tesla stock in 2022, you also need to know its past. Past price performance is critical to understanding price action and making correct Tesla predictions.

tesla shares

The Tesla Nasdaq price has come a long way in a short period of time. The stock has been rising for the entire past decade, starting in 2010, but very slowly. It took 10 years to reach a value of $70, and Tesla stock price initially started at $3 in 2010. However, at the end of 2019, it started to grow, and this growth has continued into 2020 and beyond. In 2021, it reached an ATH of $880 in January, but was rejected by resistance to $600.

Afterwards, it attempted to surge again in April, but failed as prices fell sharply again. However, starting May 14, 2021, TSLA stock prices continued to soar, especially in October. From October 1st to the time of writing (November 3rd), the price rose from $775 to $1,208, breaking the previous high and making a new high on November 1st.

Tesla Fundamentals

Fundamental analysis of the company is also very important in making Tesla forecasts. According to reports from the summer of 2021, Tesla’s fundamentals have been improving strongly over the past year and a half. The second quarter of this year gave investors plenty of reasons to be very happy. The company’s quarterly net income hit a record $1.1 billion, beating expectations by a wide margin. Compared to the second quarter of 2020, there was also an increase of 813%.

The company has been moving fast towards its goal of increasing production by 50% annually. So far, it’s on track for 2021, with even a new factory coming online.

In other words, as interest in electric vehicles and green energy continues to explode, Tesla is booming, and it is now one of the most successful companies in the world, as well as the largest and best-performing automaker in the world.

Tesla Dividend

According to Tesla’s own website, Tesla has never declared a dividend on its common stock. It does intend to retain all future earnings to fund future growth, and as such, it does not expect to pay any cash dividends to its shareholders for the foreseeable future.

Tesla ESG Breakdown

ESG is another thing that many investors, especially institutional investors, have been looking at when evaluating stocks and trying to decide whether to invest. Knowing the ESG ratios and knowing what to expect certainly helps with their Tesla predictions. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance, and Tesla has an Environmental Risk Score of 3, its Social Risk Score of 17, and a Governance Risk Score of 10.

This shows that Tesla still has social and governance issues, which are still major roadblocks and have been for Tesla for some time. The company is far from an ESG leader, although that doesn’t seem to stop it from succeeding.


股票价格预测也是每位分析师需要研究的最重要的事情之一。关于特斯拉 2022 年的股票预测,分析师将目标中值定为 776 美元,最高估计为 1,591 美元,最低估计为 67 美元。这三个目标价格之间的差距相当大,表明特斯拉价格不稳定,分析师认为任何事情都有可能发生。

tesla shares


Elon Musk埃隆·马斯克是南非出生的美国企业家,以创立特斯拉汽车公司和 SpaceX 公司而闻名。在此之前,马斯克还创立了,也就是今天的 PayPal。在将另一家名为 Zip2 的初创公司卖给康柏电脑的一个部门后,他在 20 多岁时成为了千万富翁。

今年 1 月,他还短暂超越杰夫·贝索斯成为世界首富,不过贝索斯此后重新夺回了头衔。

在他的一生中,马斯克一直在做各种发明的白日梦,有时会沉迷于这些想法,以至于他的父母决定在某个时间点进行一项测试来检查他的听力。他在 10 岁左右就对计算机产生了兴趣,并在 12 岁时卖出了他的第一个软件。那是一款名为 Blastar 的游戏。

从那时起,这位天才发明家就想出了各种想法和解决方案,目前他领导着多家公司,包括SpaceX、特斯拉和The Boring Company。他也对未来有着强烈的担忧,尤其是在人类生活质量方面,这就是他致力于涉及清洁能源的项目的原因。然而,他最大的目标可能是让人们登上火星并在那里建立定居点,确保人类正式成为行星际物种,这一直是众多采访和播客的话题。

在过去的几年里,马斯克也开始越来越多地提及加密货币,直到他最终宣称自己是比特币爱好者和狗狗币粉丝。今年早些时候,他甚至为将 DOGE 推向 ATH 做出了贡献,尽管他对代币价格的确切影响一直是许多争论的话题。





tesla shares

67% 的散户投资者账户在与该提供商交易差价合约时亏损。您应该考虑您是否有能力承担损失资金的高风险。

第 3 步:在 eToro 开户和投资

现在您已经了解了有关 特斯拉 及其股票的所有信息,让我们看看如何在上实际购买其股票 eToro。该过程非常简单,只需要您通过 4 个简短的步骤即可完成。如果您已准备好开始,请执行以下操作。

1. 创建您的帐户

首先要做的是创建您的帐户。这是一个简单的步骤,如果您曾经在任何地方创建过帐户,您就会知道如何完成它。 eToro 甚至不会强迫您从头开始开设新帐户,因为它允许您使用 Google 和 Facebook 帐户登录。

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67% 的散户投资者账户在与该提供商交易差价合约时亏损。

2. 验证您的身份

您的下一步将是身份验证。作为一家受监管的公司,eToro 必须遵守其服务的每个国家/地区的法律。这也意味着在让用户交易之前执行 KYC 程序并确定其用户的身份。这样做是为了保护用户,因为它确认使用姓名的人实际上是帐户背后的人。



第三步是在您的帐户验证之后,它涉及存入资金。 eToro 提供多种支付方式,包括信用卡和借记卡、PayPal、Skrill、银行转账等。单击仪表板左下角的存款资金,您将看到一个新的存款窗口打开。

选择您希望存入的金额(最低 50 美元)、付款方式,然后输入您的付款详细信息。根据您选择的方法,资金可能需要不同的时间才能到达,银行转账最多需要几个工作日,这是最便宜的,但也是最慢的。

etoro Deposit Funds

4. 购买股票!

最后,剩下的就是转到仪表板顶部并使用搜索功能查找 eToro 股票,然后单击它们旁边的交易按钮。您将再次看到一个新窗口打开,只是这一次,该窗口不是用于存款而是用于交易。填写必要的详细信息,然后开始您的第一笔交易。

tesla shares

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Tesla stock to buy or sell?

So, no matter what you say and do, should you buy Tesla shares, or if you already own some, should you sell them? As always, the decision rests with each investor/trader. However, based on the stock’s historical performance, TSLA is a quality stock that has been growing faster or slower since the company’s launch.

While the price drops only happen during times when the entire market suffers a similar fate, there have also been some dips along the way.

in conclusion

Tesla logoShares in Tesla, one of the most successful companies in the world this year, hit record highs in the first few days of November 2021. The company does have certain issues, especially with ESG, but other than that, given its popularity and the impact on its share, it appears to be doing most things right.

If you want to buy Tesla stock, the best place to be is eToro – the world’s most popular brokerage service that lets you buy commission-free and invest only a fraction of the stock, which is a great deal for any retailer Too expensive for traders to buy in bulk.

eToro – Overall Best Stock Broker and Trading Platform to Buy Tesla Stock

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67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tesla?

Tesla is a US-based electric vehicle and clean energy company focused on designing and manufacturing what it believes to be The car of the future.

Who owns Tesla?

Tesla is a public company and therefore owned by shareholders.

Where is Tesla headquartered?

Tesla is an American company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

What is the Tesla stock price?

At the time of writing (November 3, 2021), the price of each Tesla stock $1,172.

Is Tesla stock a good buy?

Tesla stock has been on the rise for a year and a half Soaring, two small dips present a huge opportunity for investors. Right now, it's at ATH and most analysts agree it's definitely a buy.

How do I buy Tesla stock?

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