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JPMorgan YTD Revenue As Of May 2021 At $4.7B – 47% Higher Than Same Period in 2020
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JPMorgan YTD Revenue As Of May 2021 At $4.7B – 47% Higher Than Same Period in 2020

JPMorgan has so far recovered well in 2021 after a pandemic ravaged 2020. According to data presented by Trading Platforms, as of May 2021, JPMorgan has generated $4.7B in revenue – a 47% YoY increase from the same period in 2020.

JPMorgan YTD Revenue Almost 50% Higher Than 2020 – Largest Share of Total YTD Revenue

JPMorgan is one of the largest and most well-known investment banks in the world but even they were not immune to the negative effects of the pandemic. As of May 25, 2021, JPMorgan has generated $4.7B in year-to-date (YTD) revenue compared to just $3.2B at the same period in 2020 – a 47% increase.This also gives JPMorgan chase the highest YTD revenue generated among investment banks and a 9.4% market share of total YTD revenue.

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One of JPMorgan’s rivals, Goldman Sachs, is showing even greater signs of recovery, and actually held the top spot for YTD revenue in April 2021. As of May 2021, Goldman Sachs has generated $4.5B – a staggering 75.3% increase from the same period in 2020. This gives Goldman Sachs the second-largest share of total YTD revenue at 9.1%.

Top 10 Investment Banks Account For More Than Half of Total YTD Revenue

The top 10 investment banks with the highest YTD revenue as of May 2021 combined for more than 53% of total YTD revenue among all investment banks, amounting to $26.8B. This YTD revenue is $10B more compared to 2020’s YTD revenue from the same period – an almost 62% increase.

In terms of YTD revenue by sector, investment banks generated the most from financial institutions at $14.11B. This is $5B more than the next largest source of revenue, the technology sector, which generated an estimated $9B in YTD revenue.

Rex Pascual, editor at Trading Platform

“JPMorgan along with the rest of the investment banking industry, look poised to bounce back after a difficult 2020. As of writing, JPMorgan was the leading revenue generator in 6 of the 10 most lucrative sectors for investment banks in a clear sign of recovery for the investment banking giants.”

Rex Pascual

Rex Pascual

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