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New Guide from Explores the Top 10 Best DeFi coins for 2021
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New Guide from Explores the Top 10 Best DeFi coins for 2021

The team at DeFi Coins released their eagerly-awaited ‘Top 10 Best DeFi Coins’ earlier this week, ensuring both new and experienced investors have all the information they need to invest in the growing DeFi sector profitably.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is one of the fastest-growing areas of finance and looks set to revolutionise the way business is conducted in 2021. Utilising innovative blockchain technology provided by platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, DeFi aims to remove the middleman from a whole host of financial transactions and reduce costs.

According to data from DeFi Pulse, DeFi protocols have already locked in over $66 billion worth of value in the past couple of years – and this trend looks set to continue as more and more DeFi-based platforms enter the market.

The Emergence of DeFi Coins

As DeFi projects have become more common, so too has the emergence of DeFi coins. These coins (also known as DeFi tokens) essentially enable DeFi projects to operate and are native to the platform they are used on. To provide an example, the UNI token is native to the Uniswap platform.

Much like how you would trade digital currencies with the best crypto trading platforms, so too can you trade these DeFi tokens. As a relatively new area of finance, these tokens do exhibit higher volatility than other asset classes. However, more and more investors have flocked to this area of the market due to the possibility of market-beating returns.

Through the launch of DeFi Coin’s comprehensive guide, they aim to explore the best DeFi coins available to investors in today’s market. The guide discusses ten of the best investment opportunities within the DeFi space, highlighting the practical uses of each token and providing insight into price history.

Unbounded Potential for DeFi

In addition to an in-depth look at the best DeFi tokens, the DeFi Coins guide also discusses other areas of the decentralised finance market, ensuring investors have a comprehensive overview of the state of play. The burgeoning area of crypto lending is paid special attention – this market is fast-growing due to the high returns lenders can generate on their capital.


Alongside crypto lending, the handy guide from DeFi Coins showcases some of the best DeFi trading platforms currently in operation. These platforms utilise blockchain technology and smart contracts to cut out the intermediaries in traditional financial transactions such as loans and bank accounts – allowing investors to save money and boost security levels.

The DeFi Coins guide also provides a walkthrough for readers on the exact process to follow to purchase one of the top DeFi tokens. In only five short steps, the guide shows investors how to invest using a top broker – all without paying any commissions.

Throughout the guide, helpful tips are provided, designed to make investing in the DeFi space easier and more secure. Combined with the impressive scale of the information supplied within the guide, these tips will ensure investors have all the tools they need to purchase DeFi coins in a safe and streamlined manner.

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Alan Lewis

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