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Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) and NFT projects can be a worthy investment strategy for crypto investors to position themselves for more profit in the crypto markets. But with numerous new NFT projects springing up by the day, deciding the best upcoming NFT projects to invest in can be daunting. 

This guide explores 10 of the best new NFT projects India and why they stand out. Ultimately, investors will be able to make informed decisions and potentially make more profit. Let’s get into the details. 

10 Upcoming NFT Projects 2022–  List

The best NFT projects 2022 should not be challenging to identify or purchase. Here, we give a brief overview of the top 10 upcoming NFT projects for investors in 2022. 

1. – Overall best upcoming NFT project in India 2022

2. Calvaria – NFT project with unique gaming features

3. Tamadoge – Upcoming NFT project with potential on OpenSea

4. Battle Infinity – Immersive Metaverse battle game with utility NFT

5. Lucky Block – NFT project with a deflationary token and massive potential 

6. Silks – Progressive Web3 NFT game with exciting play-to-earn features

7. Decentraland – Blockchain NFT game with real estate investment opportunities 

8. Awesome Possums – Upcoming NFT project with charitable goals

9. The Sandbox – NFT gaming project with quests and earning features

10. Roblox – NFT project for interoperability in the Metaverse

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A Closer Look at Upcoming NFT Projects

To help you to understand each NFT project and the reasons we consider these 10 upcoming NFT projects investment-worthy, let’s take a more comprehensive look at the best NFT projects 2022 above.

impt logo

Impact Token (IMPT) takes the top spot among the best NFT projects 2022 for many reasons. The IMPT project has been able to show real world use case of blockchain technology, including how it can be used to support climate change initiatives.

The primary goal of the IMPT project is to streamline the carbon-credit industry and use blockchain technology to solve double counting and carbon credit fraud. The platform connects socially responsible investors and businesses and allows them to earn rewards by choosing sustainable alternatives or off setting their carbon credits.

impt homepage

The project has teamed up with global brands and businesses to encourage environmentally friendly shopping and reward users for their decisions. Through, users can track their impact on the environment and see, in real-time, what difference they are making. 

IMPT and Carbon Credit rewards users with native IMPT tokens, which users can convert into carbon credits or exchange of other currencies. Furthermore, every time users burn a carbon credit, the platform compensates them with an NFT that will be minted on exchanges.

Users can easily buy, sell, and exchange carbon credits by using Carbon Marketplace. The overall process is transparent, thanks to blockchain technology. This will reduce current issues that exist in the carbon credit industry.

After using their carbon credits, users are given a one-of-a-kind NFT collectible made by well-known artists, which would eventually become a new eco-friendly fashion trend.

The native IMPT token is built on the Ethereum blockchain network, and the project is in the second presale stage at the time of writing. The platform has released and sold out 600 million tokens, worth $0.018 each, during the first presale phase. At the moment, a further 1.2+ billion tokens have been released during the second presale stage, with the price rising to $0.023 per IMPT token. 

Interestingly, IMPT has sold a total of 641,449,518 tokens so far, raising $11,753,338.939 in the process. The progress shows that investors are going bullish on the coin, and it’s safe to say its value will go up after presale and early investors get their reward. 

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calvaria logo

Calvaria is another of the upcoming NFT projects that makes our list. Like, Calvaria developers understand that blockchain can solve real life problems, and the NFT project does exactly that. 

Calvaria is a new NFT gaming project with play-to-earn features. The game allows players to buy trading cards representing different characters in a virtual gaming world. Like other P2E games, players battle with the cards, level up and earn rewards on Calvaria. 

Calvaria homepage

Calvaria has an in-game marketplace and integrates with third-party NFT marketplaces like Rarible and OpenSea, where users can buy and sell all Calvaria NFTs.

On Calvaria, players can access different arenas and battlegrounds where they can combat for prizes. Players can also trade their NFTs for real money. Like other NFT blockchain games, Calvaria has its native token (RIA) that users earn as rewards when they win battles in the game’s virtual ecosystem.  

$RIA is a proof-of-stake coin that is built on the Ethereum network. Like other utility tokens, users can stake the gaming crypto for periodic rewards, use it for governance on the gaming platform, or for purchasing in-game items in the Calvaria marketplace.

The Calvaria presale is currently live, with the first and second phases recently concluded. The NFT project is now in its third presale stage, which is 75% in completion. In Stage 1, 1 USDT could purchase 100 $RIA tokens. In Stage 2, the purchasing power of 1 USDT dropped to 66.67 $RIA. And currently, I USDT only translates to 50 $RIA. 

At the time of writing, Calvaria has sold 73,677,365 $RIA out of 90,000,000 $RIA, raising a sum of $1,023,547. The presale is likely to end in a few days, so interested investors should hurry before the presale ends. 

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tamadoge logo

Meme coins were previously considered to be worthless, but Tamadoge (TAMA) has changed that narrative in recent times. The NFT game has shown massive potential since its presale, rewarding early investors with significant returns. 

Tamadoge is a P2E game inspired by meme coins like Dogecoin. In this game, players battle for wins and earn free rewards in the form of crypto. The game works by rewarding players to collect, breed, and nurture Tamadoge pets for in-game battles. 

Players buy and breed their NFT pets to increase their strength and fight other players in the Tamadoge battle arena and earn Dogepoints for their winnings. Players with the highest Dogepoints get rewarded in TAMA tokens (Tamadage’s utility token).

tamadoge homepage

TAMA powers the game’s Metaverse (Tamaverse). Without the TAMA coin, players cannot enter the Tamaverse to contest, breed virtual Tamadoge pets, battle, or earn rewards. 

Tamadoge tokenomics

Usually, rewards are deducted from the prize pool. 65% of the total TAMA goes to the player, 30% goes into the development of the Tamadoge ecosystem, and the remaining 5% goes to a burn address – to limit the original supply of Tama tokens. 

As stated earlier, Tamadoge has already showed signs of growth during its presale, where it sold out and raised $19 million. Unlike other meme coins like Dogecoin, TAMA is a deflationary token with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. The token has also been featured in several news outlets, where experts state that it can make up to 50x gains by 2023 because of its unique appeal.

TAMA is available on various exchanges and is valued at $0.034441 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $14,446,528. The coin has recorded a 20%+ growth in the last 24 hours, and since it’s deflationary, investors can position themselves for more potential profit as it becomes scarce and increases in value. 

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Battle Infinity

battle infinity logo

Battle Infinity is another of the upcoming NFT projects with P2E features that highlight how investors can make money from blockchain technology. The game utilizes NFTs to provide users with an intuitive and rewarding experience, by allowing users to connect and participate in battle games. 

And all the digital items in the Battle Arena are valuable NFT assets that investors can buy, sell, or trade. Players also get rewarded with IBAT tokens (the Battle Infinity utility token) when they contest. 

Battle infinity homepage

Battle Infinity lists many games that players can make money from. However, the IBAT Fantasy Premier League is the most popular. The IBAT premier league is the first decentralized blockchain game that adopts real-world fantasy sports gaming in its development. It offers players an immersive virtual gaming experience where they can build teams to compete and earn rewards from winnings.

IBAT’s staking program has been a huge success since it went live, with its yield attracting numerous gamers and crypto investors. Staking IBAT tokens on the platform can help investors earn passive income up to 25% annual percentage yield (APY) on their IBAT holdings. 

Battle Infnity has already attracted some investors with its large market share and a fully diluted market cap of $34m. However, experts believe that more investors will buy into IBAT staking. As the project continues to develop, its market cap will grow, and token will be more valuable. 

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Lucky Block

lucky block logo

Lucky Block is another NFT project with promising P2E features. The game offers lottery via NFT for a transparent and secure way to invest and make money from online gambling. 

The platform has an LBLOCK token that investors must use to enter draws, play games, and earn rewards. Another exciting thing about investing in LuckyBlock is that its holders get daily rewards in the form of crypto. 

Luckyblock homepage

At the time of writing, the token is worth $0.000229 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,769.55. It has recorded a 4.52% increase in the last 24 hours, and with further project developments to come, it’s safe to say LBLOCK will increase in value. 

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Silks is another upcoming NFT project with P2E features that make it attractive to both gamers and investors. The Silks ecosystem replicates the massive, real-world thoroughbred horseracing industry, that generates over $11 billion annually.

Silks is expected to be one of the best NFT projects 2022 and the game of the year in 2023 because of its unique NFT Silks Horses that are exact replicas of real-world thoroughbred horses. In other words, investors can back their favorite real-world horses with unique NFTs of the horses and when the horses win real-world races, its Silks investors get $SST- the Silks ecosystems’s utility token as reward.

Apart from competing in races, investors can also earn free $SST rewards from breeding and grooming horses till they become racehorses. Users can use $SST to purchase lands or horse farms on the platform. Investors can also sell their $SST tokens on exchanges or use them to buy items on popular NFT marketplaces.

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mana logo

Decentraland is one of the top upcoming NFT projects to consider today. The NFT project is a 3D virtual reality gaming platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and allows users to connect in its virtual ecosystem.

In this game, investors are represented by avatars and similar NFT objects in the simulated reality environment. But its real estate feature is why Decentraland stands out among the best NFT projects 2022.

decentraland homepage

Players can own virtual pieces of land that are unique and valuable. They can also make money from renting out the land, selling it, or using it for activities and events that users pay a fee to attend. The game also has a utility token, called MANA, that investors can exchange for other currencies or use for in-app purchases. 

MANA powers the Decentraland platform and is needed to buy plots of land and building materials. As a result, the token is sought after by those looking to build a unique space within the metaverse.

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Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums is another exciting NFT project that aims to solve real-life issues. The game has a collection of 12,000 possum-based NFTs with a positive message to address mental health issues and create awareness about them. In other words, community is priority to the Awesome Possums development team. 

awesome possums homepage

Awesome Possums has massive benefits investors can enjoy, including crypto lotteries, free Awesome Possums NFTs, vacations, tickets to live events, etc. Users are also part of a talented network that includes artists, businesspeople, and others trying to empower different people with mental health issues across the world. 

The project is built on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, you will need to hold ETH to buy an Awesome Possum NFT. As of now, the collection is sold out however, you may be able to swap NFTs for an Awesome Possum through an exchange.

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox is like an NFT-powered Minecraft that people can play while building games and digital assets. On the Sandbox, investors can create assets and convert them into NFTs. The NFTs can then be swapped for crypto on supported digital exchanges. 

sandbox homepage

SAND is the utility token for Sandbox, and the utility token also has various use cases that make it a promising investment. SAND is valued at $0.883050 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $415,838,236 at the time of writing. Investors can take advantage of its lower pricepoint, and hodl the token for long-term rewards.  

Similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox encourages users to build within the metaverse space. The Sandbox metaverse world is completely owned by players. This means that users get a say in what goes on and are able to contribute towards decision making.

Players are given ownership of spaces that they create within the world. These spaces are then given real-word value and can be sold and exchanged. As a result, The Sandbox can be used to generate rewards.

To access the platform, you will need to hold SAND. The token is available on most major exchanges and trading platforms.

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Roblox is a US-based video game company established in 2004. The company recently entered the Metaverse space and has now become one of the best upcoming NFT projects to consider in 2022 due to its Metaverse success. 

roblox homepage

Roblox has Metaverse stocks for sale on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Investors interested in owning a share of the company can go bullish on the Robox Metaverse stock (RBLX), which is currently valued at $44.74. 

Taking inspiration from Minecraft, Roblox encourages players to build and create. The game is popular with Minecraft fans and already has a large user base of 199 million monthly users. In Roblox, players are able to create their own mini games which they can then enjoy with other players.

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How To Invest in The Best Upcoming NFT Project

Investing in IMPT is pretty straightforward. The NFT project is currently on presale and investors can follow the step-by-step guide below to buy IMPT. 

Step 1: Launch website

The IMPT token presale is still ongoing, so it’s unavailable on centralized exchanges. To buy IMPT in India, visit the IMPT presale website to get started. However, you’ll need a self-custodial wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect installed on your browser to buy IMPT – because it’s an ERC-20 token. 

impt homepage

On the website home page, click on “Connect Wallet” to begin. 

Step 2: Connect wallet to presale

The next step is to connect your compatible crypto wallet to the IMPT presale platform. You will be able to do this on the next screen. After clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button, select your wallet type and follow the next instructions. 

how to begin impt presale

Step 3: Buy IMPT with ETH, USDT or Fiat

After successfully connecting your wallet, enter the amount of IMPT you want to purchase and pay directly from your connected crypto wallet. At the moment, you can buy IMPT using ETH, USDT or USD fiat. Since it’s in stage 2 of the presale 1 IMPT is now worth $0.023.

purchase impt with ETH, USDT or Card

After entering the amount of IMPT you want to buy, your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and will also show you the cost of gas needed to complete the order. Confirm the transaction and complete the order afterwards. This should take only a few minutes. 

Step 4: Wait for presale to end to claim tokens

After investing in IMPT during the presale, investors have to wait for the presale to end before claiming their tokens. According to the IMPT website, we expect that the IMPT team will inform investors when the presale is completed, and investors will be able claim their purchased IMPT from the claim page. 

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Where To Find Upcoming NFT Projects in 2022

The upcoming NFT projects highlighted in this guide are either on presale or already listed on exchanges and NFT marketplaces. To buy and invest in these projects, investors should visit their website and other information will be provided. 

For example, to buy IMPT, the overall best new NFT project, you should visit the website and make the purchase within minutes. 

If you are looking to find new projects to invest in, we recommend searching Google, keeping up-to-date with crypto news and following token announcement pages on social media. These are just a few ways that you can uncover new NFT projects before they are released.

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Are NFTs Good Investment in 2022?

NFTs provide alterative investment opportunities to crypto investors. They also require less trading and offer fun ways to earn passive income, especially through gaming. The best NFTs offer several benefits like value appreciation to investors, and they have a solid project team driving them. is our overall best NFT with utiltity. It has already made great strides during its presale, raising almost $12 million. However, you should still conduct your own research before adding IMPT to your investment portfolio. 

Note that, like every investment, the best upcoming NFT projects can be risky investments. Despite the potential and value realized, there are no guarantees that you’ll get returns on your investment (ROI). As usual, only invest what you can afford to lose. 

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How To Know if An NFT Project Will Be Successful

Several factors determine how an NFT project turns out. There are numerous NFT projects out there, but to know which ones will be successful, here are some things to look out for.

Token utility

NFTs are driven by utility or use cases. No matter how much money upcoming or existing NFT projects make during and after presale, they will fail if they don’t offer any form of value or solve real-world issues. 

In other words, before investing in an NFTs, investors should understand its tokenism and how it creates value. Ultimately, this will drive the project and its coin will be successful over time. 

The team behind the project

The team behind a project is also important to its development and overall success. Usually, NFT founders and developers are experienced personnel who come together to use blockchain technology to solve certain problems. 

Investors should research and find out the individuals behind upcoming NFT projects, their experience with blockchain technology, their antecedents, and other important information. If you’re unable to find a project founders, it’s very likely it’s a scam or it won’t be successful. 

Social media hype

Besides the team, another indicator that a project will be successful is how much hype it generates on social media. Usually, rewarding NFT projects will be talked about by investors, speculators, and experts. These conversations will provide more information on the project and its growth potential. 

However, this isn’t all black and white, as many upcoming NFT projects spend a ton of money on marketing. You should still do due diligence and be sure about the project’s viability. 

Strong fundamentals

As an investor, it only makes sense that you back projects with great purpose that resonates with you. Usually, NFT projects aim to solve fundamental issues, so investors need to thoroughly understand the ‘why of the project’. 

Upcoming NFT projects with great fundamentals – like IMPT that aims to solve global climate issues – are more likely to be successful than projects without core details. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What NFT projects will explode this year?

Many NFT projects will explode this year, but the top three upcoming NFT projects than can 10x or more are IMPT, Calvaria, and Tamadoge.

Are NFT projects a good buy right now?

NFT projects are great investment opportunities to consider right now. It’s currently a bear market, and these projects will explode as the market returns to its green days.

How to invest in new NFT projects in India?

New NFT projects like IMPT and Calvaria are currently on presale. Indian investors can invest in such projects via their presale websites.

What is the best NFT project to invest in right now?

The best NFT project to invest in right now is The projet has numerous use cases, including solving the world’s climate change problem. It’s also having a very successful ongoing presale.

How to find good NFT projects to invest in?

We’ve highlighted the best NFT projects to invest in 2022. However, investors can research and identify good NFT projects with utility and solid fundamentals.

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