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$TGC is one of the newest cryptocurrencies launched on the crypto market. This is the native cryptocurrency of the TG.Casino crypto casino – a Telegram-based casino that aims to offer players the most comfortable and reliable gaming experience.

The token presale was launched a week ago, and has already raised more than 200,000 USD. The first 100,000 USD was collected within minutes of the presale being announced.

As one of the hottest new crypto projects on the market, we decided to delve deeper into the price forecast for $TGC. This TG.Casino price prediction represents our price forecast for the period 2024 – 2030, taking into account tokenomics, utility, market trends and more. However, the token may have a completely different trajectory given the unpredictability specific to this market. We recommend that you do your own research before investing in any crypto project.

Your capital is at risk.

TG.Casino Price Prediction Summary

  • End of 2024: Some experts predict that this period will be associated with the appearance FOMO among those investors who will not be able to buy $TGC at a reduced price. Forecast price level – above 0.5 USD
  • End of 2025: Taking into account the halving of bitcoin and TG.Casino’s current low capitalisation, the project has significant growth potential for 2025. Considering the growing popularity of crypto casinos, the forecasted price level at this milestone – above 0.9 USD.
  • End 2030: The expected growth of cryptocurrencies, combined with TG.Casino’s strong tokenomic design, determines long-term growth potential of $TGC, making it a solid long-term crypto investment. We predict that $TGC’s price will continue to grow, exceeding 1.5 USD per token at the end of 2030.

tg casino price prediction

TG.Casino: From Launch to Today

Although it has a rather short history up to this point, TG Casino has already managed to position itself as an exclusive casino on Telegram, that offers gambling enthusiasts an anonymous and convenient way to access hundreds of games and sportsbooks.

The project attracted the attention not only of those passionate about gambling, but also of the crypto community. The crypto pre-sale started at a one-off price of $0.125 per token, with a strict limit of just $1 million. In this industry, this level represents an extremely low supply, especially considering that the token comes with a clear utility.

Another interesting thing about the TG.Casino project, besides its robust tokenomics, is that its platform generates real revenue. This puts the token in a very advantageous position, which can translate into higher demand.

It is important to understand that TG Casino is not just another online casino. Besides the fact that it runs exclusively on Telegram, it accepts deposits and withdrawals in crypto, which means faster speed and much friendlier deposit and withdrawal limits. So, the project behind the $TGC token is more than capable of offering players a different experience than traditional online casinos, and thus, to be appreciated by the gambling community.

TG.Casino Price Prediction 2024

The online casino industry is developing rapidly, but not all new casinos are able to offer an absolutely anonymous experience. In these circumstances, the appearance of TG.Casino – a crypto casino that does not require players to verify their identity in order to start the game, is highly appreciated.

TG.Casino Tokenomics

Those who participate in the pre-sale not only get the advantage of being an early holder of the token, but can also get remuneration in the casino. For example, those players who spend more than $5,000 on $TGC tokens will be classified as high rollers and will receive an exclusive NFT and other rewards upon launch.

TG.Casino offers a staking that is not only lucrative, but also profitable, with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 2.126%. This is another factor, which leads experts to believe that the project will be popular among investors who do staking.

TG.Casino Price Prediction for 2025

There is an important factor that could influence the evolution of all new cryptocurrencies in 2025. The halving of Bitcoin – an event that cannot be ignored. Bitcoin halving is set to take place in 2024 and is expected to increase invetsor interest in the crypto space. When the supply of Bitcoin halves, the value of BTC will go up and other crypto tokens could follow suit. 

Another important factor to consider here is the evolution of the crypto casino industry. According to data provided by Statista, crypto gamblers placed just about three billion crypto-based bets in the first quarter of 2022, which is a 116% increase from the same period in 2021. The total value of these bets was over $1.5 billion, which is a 162% increase from the previous year. This shows that crypto gambling is becoming more popular and profitable for both players and operators.

All the factors we mentioned above determine our positive $TGC price forecast of 0.9 USD by the end of the year (a x7.2 times increase).

TG Casino Price Prediction for 2030

When we talk about new tokens, the most difficult forecasts are long-term price predictions. In order to make such predictions, it is necessary to analyze the specifics of the market relevant to the crypto project. According to research by Olymp Trade, the crypto casino market could reach $5 billion by 2030, which is a trebling from the market’s current worth.

Most likely, the crypto casino market will continue to grow, the competition will increase, and the Ethereum casinos that offer a different experience will be truly appreciated. Thanks to security, anonymity and the ease of withdrawing winnings, TG.Casino will appeal to many players.

Let’s not forget here about the deflationary character of $TGC. First of all, the total issue of tokens is limited. Secondly, 60% of the tokens will be burned, which will increase the rarity of the tokens and, respectively, their value. All these factors have led to a predicted price level of 1.5 USD.

Your capital is at risk.

Potential Highs and Lows for $TGC’s Price Prediction

It is important to understand that the price of a new crypto token could go up or down. For this reason, below we offer predictions about the possible fluctuation levels of the $TGC price.

Year Minimum Potential  Maximum Potential
2023 $0.35 $0.5
2025 $0.8 $0.9
2030 $1.3 $1.5

What is TG.Casino?

TG.Casino is a recently launched crypto casino that exploits the full potential of the Telegram messenger (which has over 800 million users at the time of writing this price review). TG.Casino offers players the luxury of playing directly from the messenger, processing quick withdrawals and, of course, remaining anonymous.

TG.Casino is built on the Ethereum blockchain and will support ERC-20 tokens. Players can use tokens to take part in a variety of online casino games to earn rewards. Unlike fiat casinos, the sign-up process for TG.Casino is quick and easy. Players can use the platform anonymously, reducing the need to enter any personal details upon registration.

TG.Casino Presale

$TGC tokenomics

All of the above is possible thanks to the platform’s native token – $TGC. This token has both utilitarian value (it can be used in the casino) and investment value (like any other token). Those who will manage to become early holders of this token, will also get the opportunity to stake at a high APY (which we mentioned in one of the previous sections).

TG Casino games

TG.Casino offers its players access to all categories of popular casino games – from online slots to table games, card games and games with live dealers.

Casino Staking

Those who manage to invest in $TGC even in the pre-sale, will be able to stake at an APY of over 4000% – a competitive APY level compared to other projects recently launched on the crypto market. Plus, by staking, holders of $TGC tokens can also obtain in-game rewards, which are quite generous.

Pros and cons of Buying TG.Casino in 2024


  • Well-thought-out Tokenomics
  • Crypto casino with fast payments
  • Possibility of crypto staking with an APY 4000%+
  • Deflationary token


  • Difficult to make long-term predictions about this new token

What Influences the Price of TG.Casino Tokens?

Summarizing everything mentioned in this TG.Casino price prediction, let’s take a look at (briefly) the main factors that could influence the TG.Casino price.

Cryptocurrency with well-thought-out tokenonomy

The native token of TG.Casino ($TGC) was created in order to offer this project long-term potential. This is due to the well-thought-out tokenonomy – the token is deflationary, and part of the total issue will be burned through burning.

Current market conditions

The popularity of crypto casinos is on the rise thanks to the ability to play anonymously and withdraw funds instantly. TG.Casino has launched in the midst of this hype, which puts the project in a good position. It is likely that the team plan to take advantage of the current positive sentiment as people jump on the crypto casino band wagon.

Casino Regulation

The regulation of online and crypto casinos is becoming increasingly liberal in several countries. Governments all over the world understand that casinos can contribute significantly to the improvement of societies (through tax contributions). This is a factor that can increase the pace of gambling industry development.

How To Buy TG Casino in May 2024 – Quick Steps

As I mentioned throughout the article, investors who invest during the presale stage will be rewarded the most. Considering that the pace of the pre-sale is quite fast, below we offer you a step-by-step instruction on how to buy $TGC in less than 5 minutes. Likewise, you can consult the detailed Guide on How to Buy TG.Casino.

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet

In order to invest in TG.Casino you need a crypto wallet. MetaMask or Trust Wallet are suitable options even for beginners. Since it can be easily used directly from the Google Chrome browser, as well as from the phone, we have included the MetaMask wallet in our guide.

MetaMask Mobile App

Step 2: Purchase ETH, USDT or BNB

Another advantage of MetaMask – you can quickly buy crypto with a bank card. So, at this stage you have to buy ETH, USDT or BNB from the MetaMask app using a bank card.

Step 3: Access the TG.Casino presale

bitcoin minetrix presale

Now, when the funds are already in the wallet, access the TG.Casino presale. You will have to make the connection between your wallet and the site. The good part here – connecting your wallet to the TG.Casino presale takes just a few clicks. Simply click ‘connect wallet’ and then choose which wallet you would like to connect to. All you will need to do after this is to enter your wallet address.

Step 4: Buy $TGC

Indicate which cryptocurrency will be used to purchase $TGC funds and which volume of tokens you wish to purchase. Confirm the transaction.

Connect Wallet to TG .Casino

Step 5: Claim your $TGC funds

You will be able to claim the tokens purchased in the presale as soon as the presale is completed. From the moment of the claim, you will be able to use the tokens anything you want. To claim the tokens, you must use the same wallet that you purchase $TGC with.


$TGC is a recently launched cryptocurrency with good growth potential for the period 2023-2030. This potential is determined both by the value of the project itself and by the favorable circumstances in which this new crypto casino was launched (the moment when the number of players at crypto casinos is growing rapidly).

According to our TG.Casino price prediction, the TG.Casino token is not a cryptocurrency that will disappear overnight. The deflationary character and the gradual burning of tokens offer this new project every chance to reach a price level of 1.5 USD by the end of 2023. For your convenience, below we have inserted the button through which you can access the $TGC presale.

Your capital is at risk.

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Antonio Bors Finance and Crypto Writer

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