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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a major part of the web 3 world. Today, many NFT projects are going on across different platforms. However, one prominent NFT feature that’s gaining ground right now is NFT gaming. 

Usually, NFT games allow players to compete and earn free crypto rewards. But some of these play-to-earn NFT games also give out valuable in-game digital assets like clothing, animal characters, plots of land, etc., to their players.

As Web3 is constantly evolving, new NFT games are added to the ecosystem from time to time. But the top NFT games to buy and up-and-coming NFT games have their own native cryptocurrencies that power their blockchains.

There are many NFT games to buy and play, so in this guide, we’ll highlight the best NFT games UK to back in 2023. We’ll also touch on the best up-and-coming NFT games in the UK. 

What Are NFT Games?

What are nft games?

To get started with NFTs games in the UK, you may need to know “what are NFTs?” NFTs are unique digital assets or collectibles on a blockchain, and they also double as in-game characters, consumables, and other items.

So, NFT games are play-to-earn games that allow users to enter their gaming world, compete for rewards in the form of crypto, and sell in-game NFTs to collectors and players for money. NFT games are more prominent on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). And top NFT games to buy are exciting because of their battling experience and various collectible characters.

NFT games go beyond holding crypto assets in your digital wallet. An NFT game uses NFTs for governing activities and player interactions on the gaming network. But there are also up-and-coming NFT games that allow gamers to profit from their adventures through a play-to-earn model. 

We’ll be discussing all of them in this guide. So, you’ll learn the best NFT games in the UK to invest in right now. 

List of The Best NFT Games UK 2023

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall best NFT crypto game UK
  2. Tamadoge – Best NFT game for 2023
  3. Lucky Block – Exciting play-to-earn NFT game 
  4. Girls, Robots, Dragons – Interesting up-and-coming NFT game
  5. Battle of Guardians – Multiplayer NFT fighting game
  6. The Sandbox – Best NFT game for Minecraft lovers
  7. Mines Of Dalarnia – NFT game for adventure lovers
  8. Axie Infinity – One of the top NFT games to buy in 2023
  9. Silks – Best NFT sports game 

Best NFT Games UK 2023 Reviewed

Now that you know the top NFT games to buy and the best NFT games to invest in in the UK, it’s time to get into the details of each to know why they stand out and make our list of existing and upcoming NFT games.

Battle Infinity

battle infinity homepage

Battle Infinity is one of the top NFT games to buy this year. Though it’s one of the up-and-coming NFT games, it’s an exciting project with a wide range of battle games for players. The Battle Infinity metaverse allows users to connect, interact, participate in battle games, and watch ongoing games in the Battle Arena (Battle Infinity’s metaverse).

Apart from the fun of competing in various battles, another interesting thing about Battle Infinity offers its users passive income through its play-to-earn NFT game features. For example, all the digital items on the Battle Arena are in-game NFTs that owners can sell easily. 

Every NFT blockchain has a native token that powers it. And Battle Infinity’s native token is IBAT. Users need to buy IBAT to access the Battle Arena and play games. They also need the NFT game crypto to enter the Battle Market (Battle Infinity’s built-in NFT marketplace) to mint and sell digital assets and game items. 

Another reason Battle Infinity is one of the best NFT games to invest in in the UK is that it’s a decentralized project, and its IBAT token is arguably the best NFT game crypto in the UK. It’s currently on presale but has the potential to grow over time and reward owners with good dividends when it goes public. Interestingly, you can join the project’s Telegram group for more updates.

Similarly, Battle Infinity is famous for its IBAT Premier League – a sports gaming competition where users build sports teams and compete with one another for free IBAT token rewards. 

So, Battle Infinity is one of the top NFT games to buy in the UK this year – given the potential. 

Your capital is at risk. 


tamadoge home screen

After detailed research of the top NFT games to buy and invest in this year in the UK, our second pick is Tamadoge. Though the Tamadoge token has been making waves for its ongoing presale and exciting project, there’s more to the NFT gaming crypto platform. 

Like IBAT, Tamadoge’s native crypto is TAMA, and the NFT token powers the Tamaverse (Tamadoge’s metaverse). TAMA is the means of entry to the Tamaverse, and it allows users to develop or breed virtual pets and battle with them. 

Also, Tamadoge’s TAMA token is currently on presale, but will soon be available on centralized exchanges to widen its usage and exposure. Its developers are also working on partnerships that will take the game to the metaverse – which will, in turn, broaden its exposure. 

Interestingly, you can make money on the play-to-earn NFT game by competing to be on the leaderboard. The network adds 65% of all TAMA transactions into the prize pool for players to nurture their pets and make them stronger for the biggest rewards every month. 

With Solid Proof’s audit and CoinSniper’s verification of Tamadoge, it’s only right that investors back the best NFT crypto game UK.

Your money is at risk.

Lucky Block

luckyblock logo

Online gaming has many challenges, and Lucky Block was created to solve the issue of transparency and security. The decentralized, blockchain-based lottery project is for lottery lovers who may have concerns about gambling on other platforms. But as stated earlier, Lucky Block takes pride in its platform’s transparency, fairness, and security. 

Lucky Block also aims to compete with traditional gambling companies with a lower operating cost that allows its players to earn bigger rewards, and this makes it one of the top NFT games to buy in the UK and beyond. 

Lucky Block’s native token is LBLOCK, and it’s used for every activity on the DeFi gaming platform. Players use LBLOCK to buy lottery tickets and cash out their winnings from the play-to-earn NFT game. But since Lucky Block only runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), its LBLOCK NFT token is majorly deployed on the BSC blockchain and trades on PancakeSwap. 

The good part about investing in LBLOCK is that its holders get daily rewards in the form of crypto. Before players draw their tickets, the platform returns 10% of every jackpot (winning) and distributes it to all LBLOCK holders according to the number of tokens in their wallets. 

Lucky Block is believed to be one of the best NFT game cryptocurrencies to invest in this year because of its benefits to holders, its 41k+ community on Telegram, LBLOCK’s potential in the market, and its ongoing project development. 

Your capital is at risk. 

Girls, Robots, Dragons

Robot - Girls, Robots, Dragons

Girls, Robots, Dragons (GRD) is another DeFi game among the best NFT games UK. GRD is a premium fantasy game with a Sci-fi NFT card collection. It consists of 9,000 different NFTs with 15 unique characters divided into five girls, five robots, and five dragons – hence, its name. 

GRD is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it’s famous for having two great illustrators, Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai, on its project. The illustrators are renowned for their works on World of Women NFTs, Hearthstone trading cards, Star Wars NFTs, etc. 

Besides its solid project and highly experienced team, GRD NFT holders enjoy lots of benefits, including the payment of their NFT prizes in $DUST tokens, free prizes and rewards, loyalty rewards, redeemable gifts, a digital representation of one of the world’s classic artworks, etc. 

Playing the NFT card collection game involves collecting four different card types – common, epic, legendary, and rare – to complete a book of all the 15 unique characters and qualify for fantastic prizes. And winners can get up to a whopping 3.5 ETH per book they complete. 

So, the play-to-earn NFT game has high rewards for investors despite being one of the up-and-coming NFT games in the UK. 

Your capital is at risk

Battle of Guardians

Battle of guardians

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a multiplayer NFT fighting game that allows users to pair and combat in real-time. It’s the first ever real-time NFT multiplayer game and one of our top NFT games to buy in 2022 for many reasons. 

First, BOG is a play-to-earn NFT game that was launched after a careful assessment of its use cases and future potential. The game uses a real-time player-versus-player (PVP) gaming model in which players combat fierce battles for rewards. It has different character types that its players can choose from, including humans, demons, and guardians. 

There are also difficulty levels like Elite Fighter for basic characters, Legendary Warrior for intermediate-level characters, and God of War for the most advanced characters from the game. It also has a marketplace where developers can release NFT characters for players to buy or exchange with other players – using either the Battle of Guardians Share ($BGS) or Fighting Points ($FP).

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The Sandbox

the sandbox logo

The Sandbox is one of the up-and-coming NFT games and one of the top NFT games to buy today. The game is more like an NFT-powered Minecraft or Roblox that people can play while also building games and digital assets. 

On Sandbox, everyone owns their developed assets and can sell any of these digital items, developed games, and other collectibles on the platform’s marketplace using the SAND token – the platform’s native crypto. 

Sandbox recently sold virtual islands worth $4.2 million in the metaverse, and it’s also the home to one of the best NFT game crypto UK, SAND – which currently sells at $1.33. 

Your capital is at risk

Mines Of Dalarnia 

mines of dalarnia

Next on the list is Mines of Dalarnia – one of the best NFT games to invest in today in the UK. Mines of Dalarnia is a play-to-earn NFT game for lovers of action and adventure. It was initially introduced to the public via Binance Launchpool, but has become one of the top NFT games to buy in the UK in 2023. 

Mines of Dalarnia is home to two main factions – miners and landowners. Miners play to get virtual land within the game’s virtual land, while landowners battle monsters for rewards. 

Interestingly, you can buy in-game items for Mines of Dalarnia on the Binance NFT marketplace. 

Your capital is at risk

Axie Infinity 

axie infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the top NFT games that have put DeFi gaming on the map over the years. The monster-breeding game entered the market to prove NFT games can work, and it has now become one of the best NFT games to invest in in the UK and other parts of the world. 

The concept of the game is to raise a pet (Axie) and breed it to make other generations of creatures with its traits shared among them. Players can buy and sell Axies on any NFT marketplace or the Axie Infinity’s in-game market – and rare breeds can make them huge sums of money.

The game has the standard Quest mode, PVP battles, and adventure. And with its play-to-earn NFT game model, you need to buy AXS token to get started. 

Your capital is at risk



Silks is our last pick of the top NFT games to buy today. The NFT play-to-earn game is the first derivative P2E metaverse game to adopt the real-world thoroughbred horse racing concept. 

Silks represents the horse racing industry and players of the best NFT crypto game in The UK. The up-and-coming NFT game is set to be released this year, and the project is quite interesting for players and investors alike. 

Players will be able to own Silks horses (racehorses) and earn rewards when the real-life equivalent of their horse manager wins races. The platform uses verified public data on the horse’s bloodline, racing record, and evolution to connect its platform to the real world. 

However, you need $SST to enter the Silks ecosystem to compete and exchange items in the Silks market. 

Your capital is at risk

How To Invest In NFT Games In The UK

Now that you’ve learned about the top NFT games to buy in the UK, it’s time to choose your most preferable play-to-earn NFT game to invest in. Follow the following steps to get started.

Step 1: Choose An Exchange

After deciding your best NFT game to invest in, the first thing to do is check its NFT game crypto and find which exchange has it for sale. Here’s our review of the best exchanges to buy crypto and NFT tokens:


etoro logo

eToro is one of the oldest and overall best trading platforms in the UK. It currently has 20 million customers and is regulated by the SEC. According to our research, eToro tops the list of the best digital exchanges trading cryptocurrencies. It’s also secure and easy to invest in any digital asset on the platform. 

Many of the DeFi games reviewed today are on sale on eToro. So, If you’re looking to buy tokens of any of the top NFT games to buy we’ve listed or any other digital currency, head on to their website to sign up and buy and sell crypto. After signing up, you can deposit money into your eToro account with a debit card, e-wallet, or via a bank transaction. The minimum deposit is just $10 – and with that, you’re all set to start trading and investing with the lowest fees in the market. 

75% of retail investors lose money trading CFDs at this site.



OKX is the last exchange we recommend for all your crypto transactions. The cryptocurrency platform uses blockchain technology to process its transactions and has users in the UK and more than 100 more countries. 

You’ll find about 300 different cryptocurrencies on the platform – which is why we recommend it for the best NFT game crypto in the UK. The platform also has a simple UI suitable for beginners, and experienced traders can use the platform to trade as they wish. 

A major advantage of investing in crypto on OKX is that the platform charges low trading fees. You get to pay 0.1% or less as commission on transactions. But experts believe there’s a possibility the platform has hidden charges, so you should keep that in mind before investing in NFT games on OKX.  

Like other exchanges, you can make deposits with your card, mobile wallets, or directly from your bank account and invest away!

Your capital is at risk

Step 2: Fund Your Account

After creating an account on any of the recommended exchanges like eToro, the next action is to fund your account to be able to purchase tokens from any of the top NFT games you’re investing in. 

Usually, you can fund easily fund your account using a debit card or directly from your bank. Some platforms also let you deposit funds via your e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, etc. 

Once you’ve funded your account, you can proceed to buy any NFT crypto of your choice. 

Step 3: Practice With a Demo Account

Generally, there’s the option of trading on exchanges with a demo account. This option is for beginners trying to get the hang of what crypto trading and investment involve. We recommend you try a demo trade on an exchange to make the most of your investment journey. 

Step 4: Start Live Trading

Once you’re satisfied with your progress and believe you’ve had enough practice, you should switch to your main account and start live trading. It’s important to note that crypto is a volatile investment, so ensure to have a trading plan or strategy to manage risks before getting started.  

Best NFT Games UK To Invest In – Conclusion

We’ve covered all you need to know about DeFi gaming and the best NFT games to buy if you live in the UK. There are various opportunities to earn passive income through these up-and-coming NFT games and their older counterparts, so investing in them can be an excellent move. 

However, you should always have it at the back of your mind that profits aren’t always promised when it comes to investing in crypto. Be willing to lose some or all of your money before getting started. 


What is the best play-to-earn NFT game?

The best P2E NFT games depend on your preference, but we recommend the up-and-coming NFT game called IBAT Premier League from Battle Infinity.

What are the top NFT games to invest in?

The overall best NFT game UK to invest in now is Battle Infinity, but Tamadoge, Lucky Block, and Girls, Robots, Dragons are great alternatives. Other popular options include Axie Infinity and Sandbox.

Can I invest in NFT games in the UK?

NFTs are legal in the UK, so you can buy and invest in the top NFT games with their compatible wallets and cryptocurrencies.

What is the point of NFT games?

NFT games let you earn rewards for competing in different games. Each prize you win is valuable and can be converted to money.

How to invest in NFT games?

You can buy and hold NFT tokens with potential and sell them when their prices increase. You can also participate in different games and stake your tokens for extra money.

Maryam Jinadu

Maryam Jinadu

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