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Immediate Experience Trading Platform Full Review 2023
Maryam Jinadu
Fact Checked
Fact Checked
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The crypto industry is a growing one and New technologies are constantly introduced, allowing many platforms to be established for traders to use. For instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a must-have for these crypto platforms because it is the foundation for a smooth experience. While many brands have come and gone, Immediate Experience stays rooted in the crypto trading industry, allowing users to enjoy the experience of a life-time.

This platform is unique in many ways. First, it allows people to trade like professionals through the power of AI. It also gives traders a life-changing opportunity by connecting them to a more social community. In this Immediate Experience review, we will find out everything there is to know about the platform.

Is Immediate Experience trading platform safe for beginners? How to open an Immediate Experience crypto app account? You will get comprehensive information here.

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience Trading Platform Overview

Below is an overview of Immediate Experience trading platform.

Platform fees Withdrawal and Deposit fees Key features Assets available Customer Service channels Minimum deposit  Withdrawal speed 
No hidden fees. Bitcoin network fees AI Trading, News Trading, and Highly Intuitive App 200 CFDs, including Big Cap Altcoins, BTC, XRP, LTC, and ETH Email address and phone contact $250 Between 1 to 2 business days

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience – Full Review 2023

Is Immediate Experience the best trading platform 2023? Find out in the review below.

What Is Immediate Experience? 

immediate experience trading bot

Immediate Experience is a crypto trading platform that allows traders to buy and sell up to 200 CFDs, including BTC, ETH, and Big cap altcoins. It is often referred to as a top bitcoin trading platform because of its features and user experience. The site offers users a wide range of features, including trade indicators, technical analysis and fundamental analysis tools.

This trading site or app helps people become masters of trades, allowing them to perform tasks like professionals.

Immediate Experience has three key features that earns it the title of the best trading platform 2023. They include:

Artificial Intelligence Trading 

Immediate Experience utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology to provide users with the best trading experience. From time, AI is the bedrock of successful crypto platforms and it is only reasonable that this site provides the same thing. With the power of AI and a subset, i.e., Machine Learning (ML), beginners become more confident in their trading abilities.

News Trading 

Another incredible feature with this crypto platform is its News Trading feature. Not many trading sites offer this service, but Immediate Experience does. It is recognized by crypto experts as an extraordinary option for news-related trading. This site has a series of algorithms that can predict/detect breaking news. This unique technology as earned it a title of being the best crypto trading platform to trade Tesla/Twitter’s CEO’s bitcoin news, i.e., Elon Musk.

Intuitive Platform for Crypto Trading Pairs

Apart from the two trading technologies, Immediate Experience trading platform is known for its intuitive design which makes it possible to trade crypto pairs. It supports a variety of markets while providing technical and fundamental analyses, trading tools and useful data.

 Your capital is at risk.

How Does Immediate Experience Work? 

Immediate Experience is a proprietary, automated bitcoin trading platform. There is hardly any information about the algorithms behind the trading framework. There is also no detail on the API coding and historical price performance. However, the site claims to set every user with an account manager (or crypto bot). The role of this bot is to provide trading tips that meet goals using important metrics or parameters.

Immediate Experience prides itself in transparency while performing thorough trading research and transmitting orders to partner brokers. This platform doesn’t work closely with liquidity providers, but with brokers. In turn, these brokers connect with liquidity providers and ensure order execution in seconds.

Additionally, the trading platform uses a Scalping technique to improve trading experience. This technique ensures 20 trading signals per minute. Investors can start with the platform’s demo account mode to test strategies with digital currencies.

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience Trading Platform – Pros and Cons 

Immediate experience crypto does have its merits and demerits. It is important to know them to decide whether to choose the trading platform or not.


✅ A Beginner-Friendly Site

Immediate Experience is a beginner-friendly crypto trading site that runs on AI technology. It allows people to trade up to 200 highly volatile CFDs. It takes away the complexities that come with handling trading platforms the first time. And it even gets better knowing that the sign-up process is simple and there is a free bonus that awaits new users. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to have a live trading account on this site.

✅ Growing Community

This trading app has an active growing community which one of the factors most people look for before joining any crypto platform. Immediate Experience has followers (or members) across various social platforms, including Reddit and Facebook. People get the latest information about the app or site, or anything regarding cryptocurrencies on these social pages. The key to successful trading is being equipped with proper knowledge from various channels.

✅ No Human Error

Immediate Experience crypto app has trading bots that beat human errors, ensuring that people can take careful steps based on their crypto preferences and goals. It solves the long-time problem that many investors have faced when it came to live trading based on mere crypto expert analyses.

✅ User-Friendly Design 

The best thing about online crypto trading is having a platform that makes it easy because of its well-designed site or app. Immediate experience has a user-friendly site with easy navigation. It allows traders navigate seamlessly and enjoy trading with little or no crypto experience.

✅ Transparent Trading App with Zero Hidden Fee

This site prioritizes transparency. It has been audited by crypto experts and proven fair. It doesn’t charge hidden fees or any other apart from bitcoin network fees for withdrawals.

✅ Seamless Trade Execution

The unique algorithm and AI technology has made this trading app do some great things. One of them is to ensure seamless trade execution consistently. Traders can run multiple trades by themselves or with the help of the bots. And when the trade is over, profits are directly sent to an investor’s account.

✅ Fast Deposit & Withdrawal

Transactions are endless on trading platforms but what makes one site better than the other is the speed or processing times. Immediate Experience assures investors of instant deposits and fast withdrawal times. A trader can request for withdrawal after getting profits from a trade and can be sure to receive payments between 24 to 48 hours.

✅ Offers a Demo Account

There is a Demo account available. The purpose of this feature is to help interested users get acquainted with the platform and know what to expect. The little experience from this site should convince them to join the Immediate Experience trading app.


❌ Team Anonymity 

Anonymous founders make it difficult to trust a brand. People want to know that there is a face they can place to a brand so that there is someone to hold accountable when there are problems. Unfortunately, this Immediate Experience platform doesn’t speak of any – it only highlights its achievements and features.

❌ Limited Research Materials

The general rule is to do thorough research before joining any crypto trading site. However, what happens when there is little information for people to know before joining the site? That is the situation with Immediate Experience. There are only a few research materials available, i.e., videos, instructions, etc., before depositing money and creating a live trading account.

❌ Unregulated Service

A regulated service is considered to have a better structure. Traders can wholly trust what such a site can offer. On the other hand, an unregulated platform with limited auditing and historical performance info brings doubts. Immediate Experience falls into the category of the latter. There is so much skepticism around profits at the end of a trading session.

❌ Exclusive Customer Support

Another con about this robot is the exclusive customer support. Generally, the support department is expected to help new, existing, and potential users get a proper understanding of the platform’s service through FAQs and effective channels (like email, livechat, or phone support). Unfortunately, this service is not available to potential or non-registered members. It is only accessible after signing up on the app.

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience Trading Platform Fees

Immediate experience trading platform is a no hidden fee site. It allows a minimum deposit of $250 when creating an account. And when that is done, it charges Bitcoin network fees for withdrawal. Apart from that, there are no trading commissions or account maintenance fees. To learn more about the fees, the site operator suggests a phone call.

Is Immediate Experience Safe To Use? 

Immediate experience crypto seems like a safe platform, if some important factors were considered. For instance, it utilizes Artificial Intelligence, which is one yardstick to identify a good platform. It also provides a series of analytic tools and proprietary algorithms to ensure an efficient trading experience. More so, the crypto trade site has been tested by experts and customers and proven fair.

Immediate Experience Trading Bot Account Types

Our Immediate experience review confirms that this trading platform has two account types.

Demo Account

The trading platform has a demo account feature. It helps interested traders become acquainted with the site and enjoy every investment feature it has to offer. And while testing out skills, you become aware of the crypto trading pairs available. Eventually, you can decide whether to move to live trading or not.

Live Trading

The trading platform has a demo account feature. It helps interested traders become acquainted with the site and enjoy every investment feature it has to offer. And while testing out skills, you become aware of the crypto trading pairs available. Eventually, you can decide whether to move to live trading or not.

Live Trading is the other account type on this platform. It is a whole different space because it is where the real trading goes down. Here, investors can decide on their financial crypto goals, review parameters, and trade cryptos in real-time. However, this account can only be accessed after registering an account.

The site developers suggest that potential members read the trading guide to know more about sign-up bonuses and how to trade crypto pairs before joining.

 Your capital is at risk.

Who Created Immediate Experience? 

There is no face behind Immediate Experience.

One of the factors used to determine a legit company from an illegitimate one is the team behind it. Unfortunately, Immediate Experience crypto trading tool has an anonymous team. It has put doubts in the hearts of many who would like to join the platform but cannot ascertain the team behind the brand. Other reasons are that it is an unregulated private brand with a guarded algorithm.

 Your capital is at risk.

How To Sign Up To Immediate Experience in 2023

immediate experience homepage

To start using Immediate Experience trading bot for demo or live trading, you are expected to create an account. The entire process is straightforward and you should be done in 10 minutes.

Below is a breakdown of how to sign up to the Immediate Experience crypto platform.

Step 1: Create an Account

The first step is to create an account. Here is a step-by-step guide to do so.

  • Step 1: Visit Immediate Experience official website to register.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Trade Now” option on the homepage.
  • Step 3: Enter the registration details, such as first name, last name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Register Now” button.

You need to provide accurate details to successfully open an account on the Immediate Experience platform.

Since there is no login feature, Immediate Experience site doesn’t store personal info, which makes it almost easy to delete an account. 

Step 2: Deposit Funds Into Your Account 

The next part is to initiate deposit into your trading account. It is a very important part of your trading experience on Immediate Experience. The funds deposited will be used to trade the various crypto assets available on the platform. You can deposit a minimum of $250 to get started. The supported payment methods for deposits include credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and eWallets such as PayPal and Quickteller.

A good financial advice is to not deposit above the minimum on first attempt to avoid losing everything during a trade.

Step 3: Practice With The Demo Account

Once the funds are available in your Immediate Experience trading account, you can proceed with the demo mode you will be provided with. As aforementioned, the Demo Trading will prepare you for what to expect in the live trading version. You get to use different trading strategies and valuable in-built features. You will also get live trading reports and features – an absolute mimic of the live trading mode.

Step 4: Start using the tool to make trades

After the demo trading mode is completed and you can switch to the live trading version. Here, traders can define parameters and trade cryptocurrencies in real-time with the guidance of Immediate Experience’s bots.

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience Users Reviews

There are no users reviews on Reddit or Trustpilot.

However, the operator claims that most Immediate Experience reviews are on new shows in the UK and Australia. The platform is also a South African online sensation.

Is Immediate Experience Regulated in The US?

No, it isn’t.

Immediate Experience crypto has a USA notice of regulation where option trading is not available. The parent technology company, Bitcoin iFex 360 AI, isn’t supervised or monitored by US agencies or any financial institution with the jurisdiction. As such, U.S. residents are advised against unregulated trading activity. And since Immediate Experience trading bot is unregulated, Bitcoin iFex 360 AI doesn’t accept users from the United States or anyone at all with an American citizenship.

Furthermore, the developers published a high-risk investment warning regarding the forex, CFD, and crypto trading. It is speculative activity and isn’t a solid choice for everyone because invested capital can be lost. Therefore, before opening an account with a reliable broker, potential traders are advised to consider these terms.

Is Immediate Experience The Best Trading Platform To Use in 2023?

While some people have reported good experiences with Immediate Experience, we cannot say that it is the best platform to use in 2023. This is mainly due to the fact that the tool lacks transparency as well as security features.

Instead, we recommend using Dash 2 Trade- the best new crypto trading platform for beginner and expert traders. Dash 2 Trade not only offers more features than Immediate Experience but, it is also backed by a team of industry experts and provides users with excellent security protocols to keep their funds safe.

 Your capital is at risk.

Immediate Experience Trading Bot Review 2023 – Final Thoughts

From our Immediate Experience review, we cannot guarantee that this trading platform is safe. The platform is powered by an advanced AI technology however, the market is volatile and cannot always be predicted accurately. Never the less, the platform has a growing community which could point to possible profit opportunities.  However, we still have insufficient information on legitimacy, user reviews, and team behind the site.

A better alternative to consider is Dash 2 Trade which offers a safer and more transparent trading experience.

 Your capital is at risk.


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