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Best Shitcoins To Buy Right Now Revealed!

Everywhere you turn on social media today, there are non-stop conversations about the best shitcoins, meme coins, nfts, and other topics around the crypto world. Shitcoins are a type of crypto token consisting of meme coins and tokens with no clear use cases or functions. However, this does not mean that they are valueless. 

Many shitcoins are undervalued because they aren’t the most prominent digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But the smartest crypto investors understand that the underdogs are worth backing when thinking of investing in crypto. 

This guide highlights the best shitcoins to buy in 2023. These are shit coins with potential, and you’ll be able to identify not only the best new shit coins, but the ones you should consider adding to your portfolio this year.

You’ll also learn how to trade and the best trading platforms to buy the best shitcoins in this shit coin list.

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Crypto assets are highly volatile, unregulated investment products.


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List of the Best Shitcoins To Buy 2023

  1. $COPIUM (Copium Club)– Top shitcoin to buy for returns in 2023
  2. SPONGE (Spongebob token)– The best meme token to buy for huge returns
  3. TAMADOGE (Tamadoge) – Overall best shitcoin to invest in today
  4. IBAT (Battle Infinity) – Exciting play-to-earn shitcoin
  5. LBLOCK (Lucky Block) – DeFi token for gaming and gambling
  6. DEFI (DeFi Coin) – Interesting DeFi coin for passive income 
  7. DOGE (Dogecoin) – Popular shitcoin with the biggest market cap
  8. SHIB (Shiba Inu) – The “Dogecoin killer” with great potential
  9. AKITA (Akita Inu) – One of the best shit coins on the Ethereum blockchain
  10. ApeCoin – One of the best new shit coins to invest in right now
  11. SMI (Safemoon) – Shitcoin for play-to-earn DeFi gaming
  12. Yearn.Finance – Solid DeFi project for long-term investors
  13. Samoyed Coin – Shitcoin on the Solana blockchain

Best Shitcoins To Buy 2023 Reviewed 

When looking at investing in crypto, one smart thing to do is be proactive. And one way to do that is by looking for digital assets with decent to high rewards. Interestingly, shitcoins and meme coins have high risks and rewards, but knowing the best shit coins to invest in is the hard part. So, we’ll now talk about some of the best shitcoins to buy in this shit coin list. 

$COPIUM (Copium Club)

One of the main reasons to invest in shitcoins is to take advantage of price pumps that generate returns for early investors. Meme tokens have been known to pump by up to 3000% and leave early investors wit excellent gains! $COPIUM is the next token that aims to do this through FOMO, social media hype and community support. The token has already made headlines as one of the best cryptos to invest in right now and investors believe that the memecoin could make them rich!

$COPIUM is the native token of the Copium Club project. Copium Club was created by a team of industry experts who want to send the project to the moon in order to help investors recover from previous crypto losses. The crypto market is a volatile space and Copium Club encourages investors to help each other ‘cope’ through memes, humor and trolling. The project has built a huge community of supporters who are all invested in $COPIUM and believe in its potential to surge.

One of the most appealing features of Copium Club is exclusivity- the project will regularly hold exclusive events that can only be accessed by top token holders. This will encourage existing users to increase the size of their investment in order to receive free tokens from airdrops and NFT launches.

If you’re looking for a unique project to invest in this year, $COPIUM is certainly a good one to consider. Invest now by connecting your wallet to

Your money is at risk.

SPONGE (Spongebob token)

sponge logo

Meme coins make up some of the best shitcoins to invest in if you’re looking to make short term gains on your investment. Spongebob token is the latest meme coin to make waves in the crypto space and is predict to pump very soon!

$SPONGE was launched in May 2023 to recreate the success seen by PePe coin earlier this year. The token hopes to see a significant price surge driven by community support and hype. As per its plan, the project  has already made headlines and is attracting the interest of crypto investors.

$SPONGE is an ERC20 ethereum token. Despite having no roadmap or presale, the token is positioned to gain value due to its limited supply and investor appeal. The Spongebob token project will take advantage of the power of social media and will use its strong community to drive value.

Meme tokens such as $SPONGE are known for their large pumps, which offer great returns for early investors. To avoid missing out, we recommend investing as early as possible into this new meme token project. The price is predicted to pump very soon.

Your money is at risk.

TAMADOGE (Tamadoge)

tamadoge logo

Tamadoge is one of the best new shit around, and it tops our shit coin list because of its many use cases. We recommend it as the overall option among the best shit coins to invest in today because of its potential to grow over time and return great rewards to its users.

Tamadoge is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency that powers the Tamaverse – a DeFi gaming platform that lets users play games for rewards. Every player on the Tamaverse needs the platform’s native crypto and utility token, TAMA, to enter the platform and challenge other players for free crypto. 

The best part about TAMA is that it’s deflationary, meaning that its value is bound to increase over time. At the same time, it’s a solid project with a massive community, and it’s devoid of any social media hype or backing like other popular shit coins. 

Another interesting thing about the Tamadoge blockchain is that the virtual ecosystem allows users to create, breed, and trade their Tamadoge pets. These pets are non-fungible token (NFT) projects that run on smart contracts that players can use to challenge during competitions. 


TAMA has been on presale since July for people to invest in its future early. At the time of writing, Tamadoge has raised more than $1,000,000 from its presale – which is a sign of what the future holds for the coin. 

Tamadoge isn’t currently listed on any crypto exchange. You’ll need to buy the TAMA token with Ether (ETH) or Tether (USDT). We recommend using MetaMask and Trust Wallet to buy TAMA on your desktop and mobile devices respectively.

When the presale event is over, TAMADOGE will be available to buy on the PancakeSwap exchange.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

Your money is at risk.

IBAT (Battle Infinity)

battle infinity logo

Another top shit coin to invest in this year is Battle Infinity. Like Tamadoge, IBAT makes our shit coin list because of its use cases and exciting project. Battle Infinity is a new DeFi gaming project with play-to-earn (P2E) features for its gamers. 

The NFT-based metaverse gaming platform has the IBAT token as its native cryptocurrency that powers its blockchain network. Players buying gaming products, NFTs, artworks, and other products on the Battle Infinity metaverse can do so with IBAT. Similarly, players get free crypto for playing on the platform, and they have access to six different P2E games. 

Interestingly, Battle Infinity is hosting the first-ever metaverse premier league soon, where players can build teams and challenge each other – and they need the IBAT token to partake in the tournament. 

How To Buy IBAT

IBAT is a good shit coin to invest in, and we recommend that you do so before the token’s price rises. The coin will be available to purchase through the PancakeSwap exchange on August the 17th 2022. The coins presale sold out almost instantly which means that it is likely to be popular when it is listed on the exchange. 

Your capital is at risk. 

LBLOCK (Lucky Block)

lblock logo

Online gaming has been making waves in recent years, and this industry is one of the biggest in the world. Interestingly, Lucky Block is a decentralized blockchain platform set out to solve the numerous concerns facing the gambling industry – while providing security and transparency. 

In other words, LBLOCK is a DeFi lottery system that allows anyone across the globe to play gambling games, regardless of where they’re from and their country’s position about gaming and gambling. 

Lucky Block has a total market cap of one hundred billion LBLOCK tokens, with over 40 billion coins in circulation at the time of writing. LBLOCK can be used for different purposes on the DeFi platform. 

How To Buy Lucky Block

LBLOCK is a shit coin with potential, and if you’re looking at the best new shit coins to invest in, this is a good option to consider. However, you’ll have to buy Lucky Block tokens with Binance Coins (BNB) on a cryptocurrency exchange like eToro. Then you can use MetaMask or Trust Wallet to swap the BNB for LBLOCK on a PancakeSwap. 

Your capital is at risk. 

DEFI (DeFi Coin)

DeFi Coins

DeFi Coin is another new project in the DeFi ecosystem with visible signs of growth and potential. DEFC represents DeFi Coin, and experts believe it has the potential to hit the $1 price mark soon. 

DeFi Coin is one of the best new shit coins to invest in on our shit coin list because it has real-world utility. The token is predominantly used for taxation in the form of the 10% fee investors pay when buying or selling DEFC – and the blockchain will share half of the taxed amount among DEFC holders. 

In other words, if you own and hold DeFi Coin, you’ll earn passive income from the redistributed taxes. DEFC is also a deflationary asset that has been able to gain and sustain momentum over time.  

How To Buy DeFi Coin

DEFC is a decent shit coin to invest in and one of the best shitcoins to buy today. Users can buy, sell, and exchange it without third-party involvement on its website, PancakSwap, or exchange it for other cryptos on the DeFi Swap exchange.

The coin sells for just $0.05 at the time of writing, and with an all-time high of $8.96, it’s not hard to see why it has made our top shit coin list for 2022.

Your capital is at risk. 

DOGE (Dogecoin)

shiba inu logo

When thinking of the best shitcoins to buy in 2023, Dogecoin is a notable mention. DOGE is the father of all shit coins, it was forked from Litecoin in 2013, and it’s the most popular shit coin today. Dogecoin has received tremendous social media backing pioneered by numerous conversations and the influence of Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk. In 2021, DOGE recorded a 400% increase in a week, and 12,000% within the following months. 

Apart from being popular, Dogecoin is also one of the shit coins to invest in because it has the biggest market cap among all the shit coins around and those in this shit coin list. There are currently more than 132 million DOGE tokens in circulation, and the figure could increase in the long run.  

At the time of writing, 1 DOGE is worth $0.071. But with the coin’s bullish trends in the past, it’s safe to say DOGE investors will smile again. 

Your capital is at risk. 

SHIB (Shiba Inu)

shiba inu logo

Shiba Inu is another popular coin on our top shit coin list of 2022 – and this is because this shit coin has experienced tremendous growth and transformation over the years. SHIB was launched in 2020 as an alternative to Dogecoin. 

The Shiba Inu meme token is also known as the “Dogecoin killer” because its developers created it to challenge Dogecoin, but it’s still yet to thump DOGE in the market. However, the coin is the second-biggest shit coin to invest in terms of market cap. It has also experienced exponential price growth since it started trading. 

Besides its growth and broader adoption, Shiba Inu’s social media hype makes it valuable to its holders. This hype increases its popularity and moves its market price upward or downward. 

However, Shiba Inu has many use cases in the DeFi ecosystem. Users can use SHIB to stake and earn rewards, build DeFi apps, provide liquidity to the market, develop NFT projects, etc. Experts also predict that Shiba Inu will sell for $0.00008845 later in 2022. So, we recommend you enter the market and invest earlier. 

Your money is at risk.

AKITA (Akita Inu)

akita inu logo

As stated earlier, some meme coins are some the best new shit coins to invest in, and Akita Inu is one of them. Though it’s a relatively new project, Akita Inu’s AKITA is one of the best shitcoins to buy today due to many reasons. 

Akita Inu is a community project on the Ethereum network that allows project governance and decision-making by the community instead of founders or other kinds of leaders. In other words, a community of crypto enthusiasts drive the AKITA project in order to run the project and network while at it. 

It is important to note that AKITA’s reward system is quite different from that of many other projects in this shit coin list because it strives to achieve equity amongst all its users. For example, Akita Inu doesn’t reward developers more, as it is in virtually all DeFi projects. Instead, everyone gets an equal chance to own the crypto without a higher ownership right. 

Akita Inu has a Telegram community with 17,000+ members and a Twitter account with 33.7k followers – a further testament to its growing community. 

1 AKITA costs $0.0000002036 at the time of writing, and experts predict that it’s a shit coin with potential. However, you need BNB to buy AKITA on a platform like PancakeSwap.

Your money is at risk.


apeecoin logo

ApeCoin is another ERC-20 token that makes our best new shit coins list. The coin is the governance and utility token for the APE ecosystem, and also rewards its community.

The APE ecosystem is an interesting one notable for its gaming and commercial features. Users can use the platform for P2E games, trade NFTs, etc. Though it was launched in 2022, ApeCoin is one of the best shitcoins to buy today because of its price and potential. 

At the time of writing, ApeCoin sells for $7.09 – up 0.73% within the last 24 hours. 

Your money is at risk.

SMI (Safemoon)


SafeMoon Inu is another cryptocurrency on our top shit coins list. It’s one of the best shitcoins to buy in 2022 because of its strong community and utility. People question the use cases of many shit coins, but SMI is applicable in gaming and NFT projects. 

Like many meme coins on our shit coins list, SMI is built on the Ethereum network and is also community-driven. The SMI blockchain also rewards holders who stake their digital assets on the network. SMI holders receive 2% of every transaction done on the blockchain. 

SMI sells for $0.000000005745 currently – a 0.63% growth within the last 24 hours. You will need to hold BNB to purchase the coin, which you can buy from eToro.

Your money is at risk.

Yearn.Finance logo

Yearn.Finance is one of the best new shit coins with potential today. Though it’s one of the latest additions to the Web3 ecosystem, Yearn.Finance tokens are worth looking at when discussing the best shitcoins to buy in 2022. 

Ethereum developer, Andre Cronje, created Yearn.Finance in 2020 as a governance token that users and the Yearn.Finance community can use to vote and unanimously agree on the project’s future. 

The coin holders also profit from the charges the protocol receives for transactions. And a unique thing about the Yearn.Finance platform is that its team of developers didn’t take a significant share of the crypto. 

Yearn.Finance has a limited supply of 36,000 tokens, and this means it could trade for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future if it continues growing. So, investors can back it now if they believe it’s one of the shit coins to invest in for the future.

Your money is at risk.

Samoyed Coin

samoyed logo

Samoyed coin is the last notable mention on our shit coin list. SAMO is a new digital asset like many other best new shit coins to invest in from this guide, we consider it one of the best shitcoins to buy in 2022. And here’s why Samoyed is among the top shit coins with potential. 

Since launching in April 2021, SAMO has been essential to the Solana community. The crypto supports a community that onboards users to the Solana network. These users are usually market participants that need orientation, people looking for personal connections, people supporting one another to navigate life, etc. 

As of the time of writing, a SAMO token costs $0.012162, and you can buy Samoyed through the PancakeSwap exchange. To do this, you will need to hold BNB or ETH. 

Your money is at risk.

What Are Shitcoins?

A shitcoin is a crypto with relatively little value or no value/use cases at all. So, when you find a digital currency with no clear purpose, you may refer to it as a shit coin. However, it also represents altcoins and other cryptocurrencies that were created after Bitcoin.

Note that “shit coins” can also be referred to as meme tokens.

Are Shitcoins A Good Investment?

Crypto is understandably a good investment, and shit coins are no exception. It’s normal to look into the best shitcoins to buy before investing. However, we’ve put together this shit coins list to help you understand that there are shit coins with potential.

But it is important to note that shit coin performance is very volatile, and you can lose your capital and profit from investing in Shitcoins. So, ensure you have an investment strategy when adding any of the coins in this shit coins list to your portfolio. 

Where To Buy Shitcoins

You’ll find most of these shit coins with potential on different exchanges today. While some are new shit coins with potential and unavailable on these exchanges, the majority are available. We recommend the overall best exchange, eToro, for the best shit coins to buy in 2022. However, there are other dependable exchanges to consider:

eToro etoro logo

According to our research, eToro tops the list of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) trading meme coins. If you’re looking to buy any of the top 10 meme coins we’ve listed or any other digital currency, head on to their website to sign up and buy and sell crypto with the lowest fees in the market. 

Your money is at risk.


Bitstamp logo

Bitstamp is one of the oldest crypto exchanges with a record of high-volume transactions and low fees. The exchange has been around since 2011 and is suitable for both new and experienced crypto investors to invest in crypto. With easy modifications and a great UI, Bitstamp makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, and exchange crypto easily. It also lets you earn free crypto when you stake your coins over a certain period. 

The platform also has robust security measures without additional charges for transactions. And with a crypto trading fee of 0.25%, users can trade 20+ cryptocurrencies and more than 50 trading pairs.  

So, it may be a good time to buy and hold some shit coins with potential on Bitstamp – whether you’re in the market for the best new shit coins or older ones. 

Your money is at risk.


Webull logo

You can also buy and sell digital assets, including the best new shit coins, on Webull. The trading platform is commission-free with no monthly platform fees. Apart from its affordability, it’s also one of the most popular trading platforms in the United States today – with a simple-to-use interface that is suitable for crypto newbies. 

With Webull, you can trade and invest in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including some of the best shitcoins to buy today. People new to crypto investing also get access to educational resources to help them learn about the crypto industry and investing as a whole. 

-Also, Webull gets a lot of plaudit for its top-notch customer service and optimum security. There are user testimonies about how the platform provides real-time solutions to problems through its mobile and online chat support teams. This makes it easier for customers to trust the platform and also back the best shit coins with potential. 

Your money is at risk.


coinbase logo

Coinbase is the biggest digital exchange in the United States today with more than 35 million customers. The trading platform allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily. So, if you’re looking to investing in any of the best shitcoins to buy in 2023 , you may consider using the Coinbase trading platform. And here’s why.

The platform is one of the oldest around. Founded in 2012, Coinbase works in all US states except Hawaii. It also has a secondary platform called Coinbase Pro, where active crypto day traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly. 

Coinbase is also suitable for new users and inexperienced investors looking for the best shitcoins to buy because of its smooth UI and online learning resources. All you have to do is create an account, upload the required ID, add funds to your wallet with a debit card (recommended), and purchase any of the best new shit coins to invest in now. 

Your money is at risk.

How To Buy  Shitcoins on eToro

You’ll find meme coins on various centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges today. Some of the coins on our top 10 meme coins list are still very new, so you may only find them on decentralized exchanges. If this is the case, you will need to first purchase BNB, BTC or ETH to be able to buy the tokens.

Our top recommended broker for purchasing crypto is eToro. While you may not be able to buy all of the meme coins directly through the platform, you can use eToro to purchase BNB, BTC or ETH.

Create an account

To do this, you will need to register for an eToro account by visiting the website. You will be asked to provide a few personal details such as your name and email address and create a password.

You will then need to verify your ID by providing either a valid passport or drivers license. This process is fairly quick and usually takes just a few minutes to complete.

Fund your account

Once you have created your eToro account, you will need to add funds. eToro accepts a variety of payment methods including bank transfer, debit/credit card, PayPal and Skrill. The minimum deposit is just $10.

Purchase crypto

The next step is to purchase crypto tokens that can be swapped for meme coins. The token that you should buy depends on which exchange/platform you wish to use. For example, to buy TAMADOGE through the presale event you will need to use ETH.

You can purchase ETH on eToro by using the search bar to find the coin and then placing an order.

Transfer your crypto to a wallet

Once you have purchased the correct crypto funds, you will need to transfer them to a wallet that can be connect to the website or DEX that you wish to buy the meme coins from. Good options to consider include MetaMask and Trust wallet.

Next, connect the wallet to your browser as an extension. Once this has been completed, you will be able to transfer your crypto funds from eToro and then use them to purchase meme coins on a DEX.

Purchase meme coins

When using a wallet to purchase meme coins, you will need to know the token address. Next, simple swap your crypto for the meme coins through your wallet using the swap feature.

                                     75% of retail investors lose money trading CFDs at this sit                                                                                                     

Best Shitcoins to Buy 2023 – Conclusion 

The cryptocurrency industry is fast-evolving, and there are new coin additions by the day. With all the unending conversations around investing in cryptocurrencies and the tons of shit coins to invest in, it’s somewhat challenging figuring out the best shitcoins to buy. 

We’ve made a list of some of the best new shit coins to buy in 2023 to save you time and stress – and ultimately help you make informed decisions. But it’s imperative you understand that even shit coins with potential are high-risk and high-reward assets, so you may lose or earn a great deal of money when investing in the best shitcoins to buy now.

Your money is at risk.


How to invest in shitcoins in 2022?

There are many ways to invest in shitcoins. You can buy and hold shit coins with potential and sell when their prices increase. You can also stake some of your tokens for rewards. Ensure you do your research before investing in any of the best shitcoins to buy in 2022.

Can you make money with shitcoins?

Like other cryptocurrencies, you can make money from buying, holding, and trading shitcoins. Interestingly, you can invest in the best new shit coins or older ones. However, shitcoins are volatile assets, and you can also lose money due to the powers of demand and supply. So, you should invest what you can afford to lose.

What is the best shitcoin to buy right now?

There are many shit coins to invest in out there. But, our overall best shit coin to buy right now is Tamadoge. Alternatively, you can check out Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, and DeFi Coin when looking for the best shit coins to invest in today.

Where to buy shitcoins?

The most convenient and best place to buy shitcoins in 2022 is on eToro. The platform offers low fees to US customers and no fees for USD deposits.

How to trade shitcoins?

You can trade shitcoins on any digital exchange today. All you need is register on the platform, deposit funds, buy your favorite coin, and start trading. We recommend trading on eToro and other exchanges reviewed in this guide.

Maryam Jinadu

Maryam Jinadu

Maryam Jinadu is a freelance crypto & fintech writer. After completing her pharmacy degree at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, in 2018, she began writing professionally in fintech. She has worked with top fintech/crypto companies such as, Equalizer, Koinly, Olymp Trade, Salesgnomics, Scribbr, and Swapzone. She currently freelances on Upwork and writes weekly reviews at Maryam lives in Manchester, United Kingdom and can be found on LinkedIn @Maryam Jinadu.