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X Bitcoin AI is one of the latest entrants into the crypto trading industry. This new trending trading tool allows investors to make the most of their investments without having to spend hours analyzing their next move. Moreover, the platform claims 96% success on its trading estimates.

Let’s figure it out as we put together a cumulation of different factors, research, and other necessary aspects to determine X Bitcoin AI’s legitimacy in the review.

X Bitcoin AI Overview

Before we move on to the complete overview of the X Bitcoin AI platform, let’s have a quick insight into what the platform has to offer:

  • Advanced auto trading tool to automate the crypto trading process successfully
  • Access four popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ripple, DASH, and Ethereum
  • Users can get started with a minimum investment of $250
  • Availability of demo trading account to practice manual trades
  • Supported across multiple countries, including the UK, US, and France, among 150+ others

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Is X Bitcoin AI?

The X Bitcoin AI is one of the most recent entrants into the already saturated market for automated trading robots. However, this crypto trading system is relatively new and backed by a lot of potential.

As is apparent from the name, “X Bitcoin AI,” is an automated crypto trading app that allows traders and investors of all categories to analyze the market condition in a few seconds. However, the tool primarily trades Bitcoin, the industry’s gold crypto token.

The AI tool aims at simplifying the hurdles that traders have to face during manual trading. Bitcoin X addresses the problems associated with manual trading by doing a major part of the market surveillance, allowing its users to concentrate on other aspects of the trade.

X Bitcoin AI is a great trading platform to sign up for as a beginner, especially if you want to focus on learning about BTC or cryptos in general. The platform has a clean, interactive UI with an approachable design. Once signed up, it takes around 10-15 minutes to customize the setup.

In addition, once the setup is done and you’ve created your trading strategy, you can input it into the trading tool.

X Bitcoin AI Key Features

While several features simplify automated Bitcoin trading via X Bitcoin AI, it has a few standouts. Being one of the market’s most advanced crypto traders, it introduces users to some unique features. Here’s an overview of the core features that make the platform unique:

☑️Trading With Extreme Precision

The extreme precision offered by the X Bitcoin AI is one of the platform’s most striking features. The AI tool is designed to identify current market patterns in real-time.

Once done, the platform then predicts how the forecasts will affect future market movement and executes deals accordingly. Reportedly, the platform analyzes over a billion web pages per minute to find credible news sources that can affect market movement.

Additionally, the tool monitors hundreds of influential social media handles to spot and respond to any volatile attitudes that might take effect. The platform claims to have an accuracy rate of 88%, allowing its users to earn up to $5,000 in profits while using the app.

☑️Trading Based On Charts

With the latest updates, the X Bitcoin AI trading tool now has a chart trading tool that traders can use to look at how the market has moved in the past. As a result, the platform enables users to form their analyses and detect price pattern movement early on.

The chart trading tool can also analyze up to 10,000 price charts in a single minute, making it more effective than any current market analysis tools like MT4. Also, advanced AI and ML make it possible for users to trade based on charts and trade with precision without much trouble.

What’s more? The new charting system makes it easier for users to do better analyses and get good results quickly.

☑️Easy Deposits & Withdrawals

Everybody loves to get quick access to their hard-earned funds, wanting them as soon as possible. X Bitcoin AI is no different as well! The platform focuses on providing streamlined deposits and withdrawals that take little to no time to execute transactions.

As per our research, we discovered that Bitcoin X is prompt with their service, taking a standard 48–73 hours to process their users’ funds. However, the rate of deposit or withdrawal might depend on your bank.

Therefore, plan your strategies to ensure you have enough funds to execute an important strategy.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

X Bitcoin AI-Supported Assets

As one of the most advanced automated Bitcoin trading tools, X Bitcoin focuses on providing its users with a reliable collection of altcoins. Once signed up, you can access tokens like XRP, BTC, ETH, and DASH.

However, X Bitcoin stands out against other trading platforms with its unique features. Traders and investors on the platform can trade these altcoins against each other or swap them for fiat currencies. So if you choose this option, you’ll have to choose between trading pairs like XRP to ETH, BTC to USD, and DASH to AUD, among others.

The Team Behind X Bitcoin AI

The X Bitcoin AI tool was developed by a group of seasoned traders and experts who have chosen to remain anonymous about their creations. The platform is created to provide reliable trading services to beginners and professionals alike.

The vague detail provided about the team could be a red flag and suggests that you should proceed with caution.

X Bitcoin AI Fees

Our research of the X Bitcoin AI platform suggests that the platform doesn’t charge any deposit, maintenance, or withdrawal fees.

Account Fees None
Commissions  None
Deposit/ Withdrawal Fees None

How Does X Bitcoin AI Work?

The algorithmic Bitcoin trading tool X Bitcoin AI is designed to function as an algorithmic trading tool to monitor the ongoing crypto market and inform the users of any ongoing trends. Furthermore, it sends forecasts to the users whenever it comes across a profitable trade. This way, XBitcoin simplifies the process and makes it more convenient for users to enter trends using a specified parameter automatically.

Interestingly, the platform doesn’t just follow any trend. Knowing how volatile the crypto market can be, the platform analyzes and runs data at remarkable speeds across millions of websites to ensure that a trend is genuine and not just any pump-and-dump scheme. However, users also have the option to adjust the market dynamics as per their customer approach via the tool.

Additionally, X Bitcoin AI’s simplistic approach to trading allows its users to access a complete range of trading tools and a demo account. X Bitcoin further claims that once users have deposited the initial fees, they get access to a dedicated account manager in a matter of hours.

Pros And Cons Of X Bitcoin AI For Beginners


  • User-Friendly Trading System
  • Automatic Trade Execution
  • Free Demo Account
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • SSL & TLS Data Encryption Protocols
  • No Transaction Fees or Hidden Charges
  • Instant Withdrawals


  • No Social Trading Community
  • Requires Quick Phone Call KYC

Is X Bitcoin AI legit?

Do your research when looking for tools and crypto trading platforms that might help you with your cryptocurrency projects. Of course, you should be extremely cautious since nobody wants to have their information or digital currency taken from them. However, BitcoinX is reliable for several reasons.

One thing that makes XBitcoin stand out is that the site has a live stream of all the transactions that happen on the platform. This includes both successful and unsuccessful investments, so you can see for yourself what they can do.

The promise that one may make £1,000 daily may be difficult to verify. Still, the high success rates and good reviews at least show that many people have made money by using BitcoinX.

Of course, each person's experience is unique; only some are fortunate enough to place winning transactions routinely. But based on what we found out about BitcoinX, the platform is real and seems safe to use.

X Bitcoin AI- Key Features Reviewed

While the above factors stand out for XBitcoin AI, the platform isn’t limited to these core features. So to give you a better idea, we’ve reviewed some core features that make the X Bitcoin platform unique.

✔️Platform Security

Its platform security is one of the major highlights of the X Bitcoin application. The AI tool leverages the latest security modules to secure user data. Also, there is no middleman between the traders and the platform. This keeps hackers from trying to break into the traders' accounts.

X Bitcoin also employs various SSL-level security on its platform, as well as a transparent team dedicated to protecting users' privacy. Additionally, X Bitcoin AI is known to update its security at regular intervals, protecting users from any possible threats.

Besides, our research of the platform suggests that it has all the required security aspects to protect its users from hacking attempts at any time.

✔️Simplified Cryptocurrency Trading

The simplified crypto trading experience is one of the most convenient features offered by the platform. Once signed up, users can keep up with the market in real-time. The platform allows investors and traders to evaluate the market in a matter of seconds, saving them the effort of doing it manually in hours.

When using XBitcoin, you can access crypto tokens like BTC, DASH, ETH, and XRP, among others. However, that’s not all. The platform offers dual functionality for its tokens, allowing investors to trade them in pairs or trade them against fiat currencies.

What’s more? Once signed up, you can also leverage the free demo account feature of the X Bitcoin AI platform. The platform offers you an account where you can practice new trading strategies under simulated market conditions. This way, you have better chances of making profits once you switch to the live markets.

✔️X Bitcoin AI Registration Process

Next, we have the registration process that makes X Bitcoin AI a unique platform in the market. The platform offers a simplified sign-up procedure that makes it easy and convenient to get started.

To get started, all you need to do is head on over to the X Bitcoin AI platform. Once there, head to the ‘create an account’ page to get started. Here, you will be required to input standard details like a phone number, name, and email address.

After filling in the required information, you must click on "Proceed" while creating a safe, complex password. The entire registration process takes a few minutes to complete. However, once signed up, you need to invest at least $250 to start your trading journey.

✔️User Support

Next, we have the user support that makes X Bitcoin AI a hit among the latest crypto trading platforms. User support is often one of the most important parts of a platform for trading cryptocurrencies. A real-time customer response allows investors to make the most of their trades without hassle.

Interestingly, this is where X Bitcoin AI stands out as a customer-friendly platform. Most investors have almost no problems when trading on the platform, but the trading tool gives them ways to get in touch with customer service.

So if you’re a user having problems executing your trades, you’ll have the option to connect with customer support over call or email in real-time. Also, our research on customer service shows that they answer questions quickly and in real time.

✔️X Bitcoin AI Trading Dashboard

Trading tools can be complicated, especially with regard to their design and technical jargon. However, this is where X Bitcoin AI stands out as an exception with its effortless dashboard and clean UI. Once you sign up and log into the application, it introduces you to the different tools available to simplify trade.

X Bitcoin also comes with a unique ‘chart trading’ tool that provides investors with insight into previous price charts and detects any recurring patterns from the past market. Also, the clean dashboard has clear instructions that make it easy for investors to start trading cryptocurrencies.

To get started, all you need to do is click on the "live" button to begin your trading procedure. The dashboard is interesting because it lets investors switch between different levels of risk to increase their returns.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

Can You Use X Bitcoin AI In The USA?

Yes, X Bitcoin AI can be used in the USA. Therefore, whether you’re a beginner or an expert trader, you can get started with the trading tool in no time.

Is X Bitcoin AI Good For Beginners?

Yes, it is a good platform for beginners to start their crypto journey. The platform is a smart trading tool that promises to deliver profits and ensures up to a 10-fold return on investments (per the website’s claim). Additionally, the platform has features suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

However, ultimately, X Bitcoin AI is a trading tool, and different factors like goals and trading strategies make it unique. Adding to it, you can’t just rely on different trading bots to execute your trade. Therefore, before you sign up, here are some tips you must abide by:

Top Tips For Using Trading Tool As A Beginner:

?Maintain a minimal investment

Although XBitcoin appears trustworthy, it is essential to exercise caution when using the site for trading. The Bitcoin market is volatile, and things may change drastically and rapidly.

Like other crypto platforms, it is sometimes hard to be 100% correct. Keep your investments as small as possible since there may be times when they forecast inaccurately. Losses will be reduced as a result. Always take your time and ensure that the foundation of your transactions is factual.

?Find reputable news sources

Although X Bitcoin AI runs its information across thousands of news articles and websites to determine a credible trend, you should always depend on your research.

But while you're at it, make sure your research is correct and that you have reliable news sources. Finally, remember to stick to the facts to be a successful investor or cryptocurrency owner.

?Be consistent with your withdrawals

Due to the modern scams and downfall of crypto exchanges, you must pay attention to this critical factor. No matter the name or size of the exchange, ensure that you’re consistent with your withdrawals.

It's important to take out your profits as soon as you've made more than your initial investment or reached your goal. Remember, the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates greatly, and you might lose money as soon as you gain it.

?Use leverage with caution

Leverage is usually a fixed amount of money that investors borrow from their dedicated broker so they can trade in the cryptocurrency market. For example, you can use a leverage of 1:100 to increase your crypto returns by multiplying your sum by 100x.

However, leverage is a two-way street, and you risk losing money soon. Therefore, ensure that you’re using leverage with utmost caution.

?Learn to recognize and analyze trends

You can’t always rely on X Bitcoin AI’s insight on different trades. Besides, no one trading strategy fits all the market conditions. So, if you want to make money, you need to learn how to evaluate and recognize market patterns.

So while the tool is there to help you, ensure that you gain knowledge about various online tools to help you understand market trends. Lastly, don’t limit your research; keep updating your crypto knowledge over time.

How To Use The X Bitcoin AI Trading Tool

Using the X Bitcoin AI trading tool is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned in the section below:

Step 1: Register for an account

To begin your journey as an investor on X Bitcoin AI, you must first open a trading account. After that, the platform is free to use; all you have to do is enter your personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. Once done, create a strong password and wait a few minutes to ensure verification.

Step 2: Answer a representative call

The second step requires you to wait for a representative to call to verify your account. Following this stage, the X Bitcoin AI account requires you to invest some funds ( a minimum of £250). The platform also gives you a dedicated manager for your account to make trading easier.

Step 3: Start trading with the tool

Finally, once you’ve followed all the steps, you can get started with your crypto trading experience. You can also change the trading options on this website to fit your needs and take advantage of all the benefits BitcoinX has to offer.

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.

What Fees Are Charged by X Bitcoin AI?

While it’s logical for trading platforms to charge some form of fee or payment in exchange for their services, not everyone's application takes charge of your profits. X Bitcoin AI is one platform that is completely free to trade, deposit, or withdraw your money. Overall, our research suggests that X Bitcoin AI is a reliable option that allows you to trade with complete profit.

X Bitcoin AI Minimum Deposit

Reports and research around the X Bitcoin AI suggest that the platform charges a minimum of $250 to start your crypto journey. However, per the claims made by the website, their standard trading account helps users make up to $150 regularly. Once added up, it can compound to $250k annually.

But the chance of making money with cryptocurrencies depends on how accurate and volatile these AI bots are in the market. Therefore, ensure you know the market before executing any orders.

Is X Bitcoin AI Regulated?

Our research suggests that X Bitcoin AI is a regulated trading tool. This makes sure that the platform is audited and gives an annual report to a higher financial body. Investors can turn to these bodies when they need help. However, before you sign up for X Bitcoin, ensure that you have an idea of where the Bitcoin trading tool is regulated from.

Or which financial body regulates the trading tool? Remember, you can’t reach out to regulating bodies if they’re not present in your country. For instance, if you’re a resident of France and your chosen trading platform is backed by a regulatory body in the US, the terms and conditions of holding such an investment can be manipulated.

Is X Bitcoin AI Affiliated With Any Other Platforms?

Based on our review of the algorithmic Bitcoin trading tool, it doesn't seem to be linked to any other platforms right now. However, there are several other trading tools with a similar name (XBitcoin Capex Club and XBitcoin App).

Our Verdict on X Bitcoin AI 

This brings us to the end of our review of the X Bitcoin AI trading platform. Therefore, considering the comprehensive review, it’s evident that the trading tool is legitimate. Also, the main benefit of using this trading platform is that it keeps your identity secret. This eliminates the need to enter any personal information when opening an account.

You only need to provide your login and password to trade on this platform. This program should be used by those seeking privacy or who wish to keep their transactions private because it doesn't ask for critical information from users when they sign up. Other advantages include quick transactions (no waiting), free deposits, and no transaction costs.

Lastly, proceed cautiously since X Bitcoin AI is among other automated Bitcoin trading platforms available in the market. Therefore, ensure you’ve researched and have a reliable idea of the crypto markets before initiating your journey. All the best!

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Trading with unregulated brokers will not qualify for investor protection.


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