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There are different ways to interact with the Metaverse in real-time, which can be defined as a digital, three-dimensional world. It allows many people to carry out social interactions, commerce, and much more. Currently, this is more science fiction than reality. The vision, however, is being brought to life by various tech companies.

It is crucial to be patient since the development of the Metaverse could take a decade or more. There is, however, good news for investors. Considering that the Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, it’s not too late to invest in metaverse stocks. Here are the best Metaverse stocks to buy in 2023.

Best Metaverse Stocks – List  2023

Here is a top of the best Metaverse stocks to buy in 2023.

  1. Battle Infinity Overall Best Metaverse Crypto Project for 2023
  2. Lucky Block  – Innovative Crypto Gaming Platform for 2023
  3. Meta Platforms – Overall the Most Popular Metaverse Stock in 2023
  4. Roblox – Metaverse Platform in Expansion
  5. Nvidia – Stock with Potential to Power the Metaverse
  6. Cloudflare – Cybersecurity Solution Company for the Metaverse
  7. Unity Software – Creator of One of the Two Major Video Game Engines

Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in 2023

It is very important to make sure that you research the market thoroughly before investing in anything, whether you are looking to buy stocks or wondering how to invest in the Metaverse. As opposed to most software platforms in the market, the Metaverse is not something that can be viewed as a singular entity, as seen with a typical software platform.

It combines several technologies and industries, including but not limited to digital infrastructure, virtual experiences, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and spatial computing.

Here are some popular Metaverse stocks that we have analyzed based on their contributions to this virtual world. Discover how they might benefit from the Metaverse and their roles in it.

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Metaverse Crypto Project for 2023

In our research of the hottest Metaverse cryptos and market projects, we have concluded that Battle Infinity (IBAT) can become the most important Metaverse project of the year. It is a wildly exciting Metaverse P2E gaming platform that offers investors various opportunities to make money and earn income in various ways. Six different platforms are involved in the project, each with unique features. Furthermore, CoinSniper has already verified the KYC of the project.

Battle Infinity is separated into six platforms, one of which is dedicated to staking IBAT (the project’s native currency), another is an NFT marketplace for both creators and in-game items, and yet another is a decentralized exchange where players can trade their winnings for fiat or another cryptocurrency. Even though each feature shows extreme promise, the most exciting part is the IBAT Battle Arena, a metaverse world that has been meticulously crafted.

A player in the IBAT Battle Area has their own custom NFT-based avatar, which can be customized to the user’s whims with accessories that can be purchased from the Battle Market, such as clothing, sunglasses, and even new hairstyles depending on the player’s preference. Additionally, players can walk around and interact with the immersive Metaverse world using a keyboard and mouse, a controller, or a VR headset.

This project, Battle Infinity, is one to watch for the year 2023 due to the spectacular array of Metaverse functionality (run concerts, attend parties, etc.) as well as the plethora of functionality packed into it. By joining the Battle Infinity Telegram group, investors can ensure that they don’t miss any updates on the project.

How To Buy Battle Infinity – Quick Steps

Buying IBAT is somewhat different from the typical process of purchasing cryptocurrencies since Battle Infinity is still in the presale phase. To help you understand how to purchase Battle Infinity crypto in minutes using the platform’s online portal, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1 – Create a Crypto Wallet:  Make sure you use a wallet compatible with BEP-20 tokens, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • Step 2 – Purchase BNB: You should invest in Binance Coin (BNB) through a reputable broker or exchange.
  • Step 3 – Connect Wallet to Presale Dashboard: Once you’ve opened the Battle Infinity website, click on the ‘Launch Presale’ button, then click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button and follow the instructions to connect your wallet to Battle Infinity.
  • Step 4 – Buy Battle Infinity: Please specify how much IBAT or BNB you wish to purchase, and then click on the ‘Buy IBAT’ button to confirm your purchase.
  • Step 5 – Specify IBAT Contract Address: Click on ‘Import Tokens,’ enter the IBAT token address, and click ‘Add Token’ to access your IBAT holdings.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

2. Lucky Block – Innovative Crypto Gaming Platform for 2022

When it comes to metaverse stocks, Lucky Block is at the top of the list regarding the best metaverse projects for 2022. Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency, not a stock, which makes it ideal for diversifying your portfolio. Furthermore, Lucky Block has tremendous metaverse potential, which has created a great deal of buzz.

The Lucky Block platform is an innovative crypto gaming platform aimed at drastically improving the player’s experience when it comes to crypto gaming. Thanks to Lucky Block’s blockchain-based gaming platform, geographical boundaries are removed, allowing anyone to play. Furthermore, because all transactions are visible in the public ledger, Lucky Block’s platform makes it much more transparent than traditional systems.

The platform is made operational by the LBLOCK token, the native token of Lucky Block. The listing of LBLOCK on PancakeSwap in January 2022 resulted in an immediate bull run that culminated in a $0.009617 high. This helped Lucky Block achieve a fully-diluted market cap of over $750 million for a new listing.

There has been a decline in Lucky Block’s value by over 70% from these highs, and it is currently trading around the $0.001062 level at the time of writing in July 2022. The good news is that this presents a unique opportunity to purchase Lucky Block at a discount since numerous upgrades are in the works. Several exciting developments are in store for Lucky Block, including the upcoming release of iOS and desktop applications.

During Phase 4 of the platform’s development, Lucky Block will also incorporate the Metaverse, with a developer fund being used to create additional online crypto games. Considering over 55,000 people have now joined Lucky Block’s Telegram group, there is no doubt that these upgrades will be met with enthusiasm – hinting at a poten tial bull run shortly.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

3. Meta Platforms – Overall the Most Popular Metaverse Stock in 2022

This is the place to begin any discussion of metaverse stocks. After all, the Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, changed the name of his company from Facebook to Meta Platforms because he was so convinced that Metaverse would be the next chapter in the evolution of his company. To put it mildly, the market is not very confident about this. Again, to put it mildly: the Facebook stock has been down about 46% year to date through May 24. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Meta will still earn most of its money from Instagram and its legacy Facebook product for the foreseeable future.

According to investors, Meta’s virtual reality plans are not a good idea. Despite this, Zuckerberg has made many successful capital allocation decisions, such as the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp. As a result, the Facebook stock looks attractive at less than 16 times this year’s estimated earnings for investors willing to bet on Zuckerberg again.

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4. Roblox – Metaverse Platform in Expansion

Roblox is one of the world’s leading video game ecosystems. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to mention that the company’s product is not just a game in and of itself but more of a platform where users can design their games and content within the Roblox universe. Since users like to hang out and try each other’s ideas, Roblox has enjoyed strong network effects.

Among the main limitations of Roblox, there are its weak graphics engine and the fact that most of its users are kids or teenagers. In addition, many investors are skeptical about Roblox’s long-term value if it cannot expand to a larger audience. Nevertheless, Roblox has a large, engaged community and should benefit from the Metaverse. Big brands are already paying to set up virtual advertising campaigns in the Roblox ecosystem. Since Roblox shares have fallen by nearly 74% year-to-date through May 24, Roblox stocks have become a bit more interesting to risk-tolerant investors.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

5. Nvidia – Stock with Potential to Power the Metaverse

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is another company that could be able to cash in on the creation of 3D content. Even though its Omniverse Enterprise product has only been available to the public since late 2021, it is already being considered by hundreds of companies and downloaded by tens of thousands of content creators worldwide. As a result, there is still a good chance that Nvidia will benefit from the metaverse trend, even if Omniverse ultimately fails to gain traction. In addition, the company’s highest-quality graphics processing units (GPUs) have always been its bread-and-butter business.

As a result, its GPUs will be in high demand as the metaverse trend picks up momentum, allowing consumers to enjoy a crisp and clear experience with 3D content.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

6. Cloudflare – Cybersecurity Solution Company for the Metaverse

Cloudflare (NYSE: NET) is a content delivery network (CDN) designed with speed in mind. The company claims its network can deliver content to 95% of the world’s population in less than 50 milliseconds. When the metaverse ramps up, that scale will be a big help. However, Cloudflare can also address some of the other needs of the Metaverse, as previously noted.

The company, for example, offers cybersecurity solutions that block 117 billion daily threats. It also launched a data storage product in 2021 that may help meet Metaverse’s outsized data storage needs.

7. Unity Software – Creator of One of the Two Major Video Game Engines

In the video game engine world, Unity is the creator of one of the two major engines, with Unreal Engine being its main rival. Using Unity, video game developers can create high-quality graphics that run on phones, consoles, laptops, and virtual reality headsets. It is estimated that Unity has a market share of 70% of the mobile gaming market today. In the future, Unity should be able to leverage its strong position in existing games and leverage that into success with the Metaverse and other virtual and augmented reality applications. Besides video animation, Unity is developing architecture and e-commerce applications for its graphics software.

As an example of e-commerce, you can create a 3D model of a person’s body, which will allow them to easily try on clothing and accessories virtually, as well as decide whether to buy them. Unity is one of the leaders in making this kind of technology a reality even though it’s still in its infancy.

What Are Metaverse Stocks?

Considering the Metaverse is an emerging topic, it is important to understand what it is to comprehend the value of Metaverse stocks.

The concept of a Metaverse can be described as a virtual world capable of encompassing everything we do in the real world. In the Metaverse, everything is possible, from buying real estate to buying art to attending events to conversing as your avatar with others, both in social and business environments.

This hype is partly due to the news that Facebook, Inc. is changing its name from Facebook, Inc. to Meta Platforms, Inc. in October 2021.

It may be recalled how people reacted to the concept of the internet before it became mainstream – Cyberspace. Our lives have been transformed by the internet in the last few years without a doubt. You can see how similar the two scenarios are here.

The question comes up when defining ‘What is a Metaverse stock?”; two general scenarios can be considered at this point.

In scenario one, a company type that could be considered a Metaverse stock focuses solely on Metaverse technologies (such as AI, AR, and VR). It can likely be considered a newcomer (but not always).

Scenario two pertains to companies with an established presence on the stock market for their respective industry. However, they do not appear directly tied to the Big Tech world.

Even so, these scenario 2 companies are just as dedicated to making their mark in the Metaverse as the others.

Metaverse ETF Stocks

The Metaverse ETFs are financial products designed to provide investors with exposure to the Metaverse. Metaverse infrastructure and applications are supported through securities listed on global exchanges.

Metaverse can be defined as the next generation of the internet, although different people define it differently. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the Metaverse market will reach $800 billion by 2024. Therefore, the Metaverse market is expected to grow rapidly, so investors can benefit from Metaverse stocks.

What companies are in a Metaverse ETF?

METV funds are rebalanced quarterly and may include:

  • Several companies, such as Cloudflare and Nvidia, are developing infrastructure essential to the Metaverse.
  • Several gaming engines, such as Unity and Roblox, are responsible for creating virtual worlds.
  • Tencent, Sea, and Snap have all been pioneers in content, commerce, and social for the Metaverse.

Metaverse ETFs Launches

As the Metaverse narrative gains traction, more and more investment companies are betting on it. Listed below are some of the Metaverse ETFs that have already been launched:

Fount Metaverse ETF (MTVR)

Currently, the ETF tracks the Fount Metaverse Index, which consists of around 50 companies related to the metaverse theme.

Evolve Metaverse ETF (MESH)

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has listed Canada’s first Metaverse ETF, which is actively managed and has a net asset value of $13.155 million.

Horizons Global Metaverse Index ETF (MTAV)

The ETF seeks to replicate the Solactive Global Metaverse Index’s net of expenses. TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) lists it.

Subversive Metaverse ETF (PUNK)

This actively managed fund invests in global listed securities supporting Metaverse’s infrastructure and applications.

The Simplify Volt Web3 ETF (WIII)

The Simplify Volt Web3 ETF, which will trade under the ticker WIII, was filed by Simplify Asset Management.

Metaverse Penny Stocks

For those who are not aware, Metaverse penny stocks are companies whose shares trade at less than $5 per share, as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here are some Metaverse stocks you might be interested in:

  • Alpha Metaverse – A stock for exposure to esports gaming
  • Blue Hat – Provider of interactive entertainment technology in the Metaverse
  • Meta Materials – AR eyewear offered by this Metaverse stock

The low entry costs of Metaverse penny stocks may make them seem like a great investment, but you should also keep in mind that they tend to be very volatile.

There is also an additional risk involved in the penny stock trades on the OTC markets since there might not be enough public information about the company.

How to Invest in Metaverse Stocks?

It is likely that you now have a good understanding of what the Metaverse is and how you can gain exposure to it.

Next, we will talk about how to buy Metaverse shares today without paying any commissions.

eToro – The Best Place To Invest In Metaverse Stocks

A popular social trading platform called eToro gives you access to the stock market in a simple and transparent manner that makes it easy to use. You can invest in more than 3,000+ US and international equities through this online broker at zero commissions. Aside from that, you will also be able to purchase Metaverse stocks in fractional quantities for just $10 per share. Furthermore, eToro supports over 15 international markets so that you can add dividend and metaverse stocks to your portfolio with low fees.

Besides the fact that this broker supports all of the popular Metaverse stocks we discussed today, it also has a ready-made portfolio focusing on this market sector. For example, a smart portfolio from eToro called MetaverseLife consists of stocks such as MetaPlatforms, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia, Roblox, etc.

You can also gain exposure to a different asset class and diversify by investing in some of the popular Metaverse crypto coins.

Adding metaverse stocks to your portfolio is easy with this step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open an Account at eToro

To start, you need to go to the website and open an account there for free. You can start using your account as soon as you follow the instructions on the screen. This is the point where you will be required to enter some basic personal information.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Step 2: Verify Your Account

Once you have opened an eToro account, you must verify it to add funds. eToro requires you to provide two government-issued ID forms to complete this registration process. In the case of the proof of identity, a driver’s license or passport is required, while a utility bill or bank statement is required in the case of proof of address. eToro aims to verify these documents within minutes of receiving them.

Step 3:  Deposit Funds

As soon as your account has been verified, funds can be deposited into it. A minimum deposit amount of $10 is required, and there is no maximum deposit amount. To open the deposit page, click the ‘Add funds’ button in the left drop-down menu. You can pay with debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill.

Step 4:  Buy Metaverse Stocks

Currently, you can buy some metaverse stocks such as MetaPlatforms, Adobe, Autodesk, Nvidia, Roblox, and many more. You can purchase stocks by clicking on the search bar

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Best Metaverse Stock – Conclusion

As the internet ecosystem evolves, the Metaverse is expected to play an important role. However, it is important to remember that, despite all these positive developments, it will take a considerable amount of time and improved technological advancements to make this virtual world truly accessible and affordable to the general public.

There is a project that stands out from the rest. Battle Infinity has the potential to grow rapidly. However, there is a clearly defined roadmap, an array of incredible features, and a strong team behind it. Although, it is still early days, Battle Infinity appears poised to take the crypto industry by storm.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.


Can you invest in the Metaverse?

By creating an account and depositing a minimum of $10, you can invest in the popular Metaverse stocks discussed on this page at eToro.

Is the Metaverse the future?

Because tech companies will use these tools to make a profit rather than improve society, it appears to be the future for some of the activities we normally do. However, there is still a long way to go for the Metaverse, and the extent to which it can impact the future is still a matter of debate.

Can you make money in the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the combination of economies, decentralized governance, digital identity, and so much more. There is no doubt that all this sounds great, but the important question is: how can you make money in Metaverse? A few ways to earn money are to play games, shop online, create and monetize virtual clothing, host Metaverse events, become a real estate agent, be a Metaverse architect, or open an art gallery.

Is Metaverse a fad?

Similarly, the Metaverse is not gaming, an industry that has been so successful on its own that it does not need to rely on the Metaverse at all. Instead, the Metaverse is nothing but a fad. That's a pseudo-tech idea that's not designed for anyone.

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