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meet stakemoon a crypto project for the visionaries

The team is glad to present to the world StakeMoon – a cryptocurrency that seeks to reduce the natural obstacles that have prevented investors from entering the crypto space in the past.

StakeMoon is a PoS-powered token that encourages long-term investing by introducing an innovative tax applicable to all transactions made with the token. The goal of this feature is to discourage speculative behavior – i.e. day and high-frequency trading – while rewarding investors at the same time for believing in the project.

The tokenomics of StakeMoon

The team behind StakeMoon has conceived a structure that taxes short-term trades with a 15% levy that is used to (1) reward investors and (2) strengthen the network.

The maximum supply of StakeMoon will be 1 billion and a total of 1 million will be issued initially as part of the project´s pre-sale. Half of the proceeds obtained from this event will be used to create an automatic liquidity pool that will promote price stability.

Pre-sold tokens will be locked up for one year to further stabilize the price using a smart contract to enforce this rule.

The pre-sale is expected to take place during the third quarter of 2021 and, once completed, the developing team will move to list the token in PancakeSwap – a well-known decentralized crypto exchange.

From the 15% collected from day traders, 10% will go directly to long-term holders in the form of a dividend – pretty much as a stock dividend would work – while the other 5% will go to the liquidity pool.

Moreover, once the project is up and running, the developing team will propose from time to time a token burn to progressively reduce the total supply of StakeMoon. These proposals will only be approved if the majority of token holders are on board. Each StakeMoon token gives the holder 1 vote.

How are investors rewarded for holding StakeMoon?

StakeMoon rewards long-term holders in multiple ways aside from price appreciation alone. Here’s a summary of how token holders will be compensated:

  1. Dividend policy: StakeMoon will distribute 10% of the 15% it will collect from all short-term transactions made with the cryptocurrency.
  2. Staking: StakeMoon is a PoS-powered token. This means that token holders can soft-stake their holdings (while maintaining ownership) to collaborate to the network’s proper functioning. They will be compensated with a portion of the tokens minted from the blockchain.
  3. Liquidity pool: Tokens that are locked up in the liquidity pool will generate passive income to holders for their contribution to strengthen the token’s tradability.
  4. Token burning: Even though this is not a direct form of compensation, burned tokens should contribute to increasing the price of StakeMoon by reducing the circulating supply.

About StakeMoon

StakeMoon is a project launched by, a platform that seeks to become the go-to place for investors seeking to earn extra rewards for holding cryptocurrencies for the long run.

The project is led by Olly Parish and Cristina Huma, who serve under the role of Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of StakeMoon respectively. Parish is a crypto enthusiast with a strong background in programming and software development.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Huma is a financial professional with ample experience in the industry. She previously served as head of sales for X-Trade Brokers and as Country Manager for Admirals. Currently, she is the Chief Operating Officer of Finixion and DeFi Coins.

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