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Bitcoin Sprint is one of the latest trading tools. The automated Bitcoin trading platform allows users to trade Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies with advanced predictive analysis to mitigate volatility risks. But how effective is this new online trading platform, and is Bitcoin Sprint legit? We provide all the answers in our Bitcoin Sprint review.

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Bitcoin Sprint Platform Overview 

Before getting into the main Bitcoin Sprint review, we give a brief overview of the Bitcoin robot below to help investors understand its core offerings.

Platform Type  Semi-Automated Bitcoin Trading Platform
Cost  $250 minimum deposit
Regulated? No
Type of Assets Available  BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, and other altcoins
Main Pros  Automated crypto trading, Supports popular cryptocurrencies, Paper trading available, User-friendly interface
Main Cons  $250 minimum deposit, No information about past success rate, No information about the platform’s team

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Bitcoin Sprint – Full Review 2024

According to its website, Bitcoin Sprint is a new-generation Bitcoin trading software built for crypto traders. The online beginner trading platform is semi-automated and built with sophisticated algorithms to help investors buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But, is the platform too good to be true? Keep reading through a full review to find out!

Your capital is at risk

What is Bitcoin Sprint

According to our Bitcoin Spint review, Bitcoin Sprint is an online trading platform that boasts of facilitating the buying and selling of digital assets. Specifically, the platform focuses on aiding both novice and seasoned traders in buying and selling Bitcoin (BTC), the most widely traded cryptocurrency in the market. In 2023, Bitcoin has shown considerable resilience compared to the preceding year, and the platform purports to offer a streamlined and more effective approach to Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Sprint claims its advanced technology helps to navigate market volatility by automating trades and minimizing human errors, enabling users to make informed trading choices and increase their potential profits. Moreover, the platform’s algorithms not only identify price movements but also execute trades on behalf of the traders. As a result, the platform promises to free its users from the need to constantly monitor coin prices or market movements, and technical analysis.

Bitcoin Sprint Review – Key Features 

In the next section of our Bitcoin Sprint review, we highlight the key features of the automated Bitcoin trading platform and their importance to traders.

✔️ General Trading Platform 

Being called Bitcoin Sprint may suggest that the platform is for trading Bitcoin alone. However, during our review, we found that it claims to do much more. Bitcoin Sprint is a general trading platform that facilitates the trading of Bitcoin and other assets. As such, investors who choose the platform can use it for all their trading needs, including buying and selling cryptocurrencies across various markets.

The platform also integrates with various brokers to offer its users a broader market and a better chance at profitability. This way, investors who prefer the manual trading model can access various markets available on these cryptocurrency exchanges, trade, and make money.

✔️ Analysis Tools 

Another standout feature of Bitcoin Sprint is its analysis tools. Apart from trading, the platform claims to be equipped with market analysis tools that can study price movements and enter or exit trades accordingly. This is possible because of the platform’s sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms built to analyze market data and make predictive moves.

Manual traders can also leverage these analysis tools and infuse the predictions into their trades. Since the platform’s algorithm is also available 24/7, traders can leverage it for trading opportunities.

✔️ Customer Service 

Bitcoin Sprint provides no information about its customer support features on its website. There is also no support section with an email address, phone number, or live chat feature. As such, we could not ascertain if the platform offers 24/7 support like some competitors.

We also couldn’t find online reviews from any existing customers on Trustpilot to commend or discredit the platform’s services or customer support.

However, the platform states that investors will be connected to account managers and financial advisors after creating an account. These individuals will advise and make recommendations when necessary. Since they are the point of contact between the business and its customers, it’s safe to say they can double as customer service representatives.

✔️ Demo Account 

Another significant feature of Bitcoin Sprint is the platform’s paper trading. Because it’s a relatively new automated Bitcoin trading platform, Bitcoin Sprint offers new customers a demo account to test the platform and its features. With this, investors can trade with virtual money to determine if the platform truly does what it says before investing real money.

The demo account is integrated into the main platform, and every new trader gets one upon registration. It’s recommended that investors use a demo account when joining a new trading platform like this one to evaluate its efficiency and mitigate the risk of losing money due to poor understanding of the platform or falling prey to scammers.

✔️ Bitcoin Sprint Registration Process 

As detailed on its website, the Bitcoin Sprint account registration process is pretty straightforward. All potential customers have to do is fill in their full name, email address, and phone number in the dialogue provided on the home screen.

After creating an account, the user must make a minimum deposit of $250 for complete access to the platform’s features. These include the demo account, market analysis tools, and automated trading bot(s).

✔️ User Interface 

Bitcoin Sprint’s website is basic. However, it has a simple interface that makes it suitable for traders across all experience levels. The website is also available in 14 different languages, including English, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, French, etc. This makes it more accessible to a global audience, as users in various locations can read its content in their native languages.

Bitcoin Sprint also states on its website that the platform doesn’t require prior trading experience from users. So, everyone can get started and navigate the automated Bitcoin trading platform easily.

✔️ Asset Availability

As stated earlier, investors will find multiple assets to trade on Bitcoin Sprint. The Bitcoin trading platform offers access to popular assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its algorithms and Bitcoin robot can also trade Cardano, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other altcoins.

The multiple asset support it offers means traders can access more trading opportunities across different markets.

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Bitcoin Sprint Pros and Cons 

Despite its numerous offerings and a promising outlook, there is no perfect Bitcoin robot or Bitcoin trading platform. So, we highlight Bitcoin Sprint’s pros and cons below.


  • Multi-asset support
  • No trading fee or commission
  • Demo account available
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7 trading


  • No information about owners
  • $250 minimum deposit
  • No success rate history

Your capital is at risk

Are There Any Fees Involved with Using Bitcoin Sprint?

Bitcoin Sprint charges zero fees for all its services. That means users do not have to worry about deposit fees, withdrawal fees, account maintenance, and trading fees. This means apart from the $250 deposit, you do not need to pay any more money to use the platform.

Its zero-fee policy is commendable, as investors can access their maximum investments and profits. However, it’s important to note that Bitcoin Sprint connects users to online brokers that may have their independent trading fees and other associated charges.

Bitcoin Sprint spreads, commission and leverage

Typically, trading platforms that don’t charge any fixed fees will apply spreads of commissions to trades to make money. After reviewing the Bitcoin sprint website, we could not find any information about spreads of commissions. Therefore, traders should be aware of this when placing trades through the platforms.

Spreads and commissions can vary depending on market conditions. Spreads are often highest during peak times when there are lots of traders trying to place trades. However, it is often difficult to determine when the most expensive trading times will be.

Leverage is another important feature to consider before signing up to a trading platform. Bitcoin Sprint offers leverage of up to 3000:1 which allows traders to increase their positions on trades. Trading with leverage allows traders to maximize profits, however, it also increases the potential loss per trade. Therefore, traders should conduct thorough research and analysis before trading with leverage on Bitcoin Sprint.

Bitcoin Sprint Account Types 

Going by the information provided on its website, Bitcoin Sprint offers only one account type. In other words, there are no VIP accounts. Neither are there account levels or tiers.

All that is required is that you register on the platform and deposit a minimum of $250, and you’ll get access to the platform’s features. These include a free demo account, a Bitcoin robot, and analysis tools.

In what countries can you use Bitcoin Sprint?

As an unregulated trading platform, Bitcoin Sprint is not available in every country around the globe. The website does not provide a list of supported countries however, we found that Bitcoin Sprint is not available to UK traders or traders from the US.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin Sprint is available in multiple languages which suggests that it can be used in many other countries around the world.

Is Bitcoin Sprint a Trading Bot? 

Bitcoin Sprint is an automated Bitcoin trading platform with numerous features, including crypto market analysis tools and a Bitcoin robot. In other words, Bitcoin Sprint is not outrightly a trading bot. It is an algorithmic market analysis and crypto trading platform, but it offers an auto-trading Bitcoin robot. With this bot, it can execute trades on users’ behalf. This way, they can avoid human errors and make more profitable trades.

Your capital is at risk

Is Bitcoin Sprint Safe? 

During our Bitcoin Sprint review, we spent time reading forums and other reviews to determine whether or not Bitcoin Sprint is a scam. Here’s what we found.

To answer the question, we reviewed the platform and discovered that the platform states it is built to help traders find the best trading opportunities in the crypto market. To do this, the automated Bitcoin trading platform uses its trained, sophisticated algorithms to generate crypto trading signals based on a coin’s past history. In essence, you can eliminate the routine technical analysis and other core research that goes into crypto trading.

At the same time, the Bitcoin trading platform facilitates the buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular crypto assets. To achieve this, it connects traders to supported brokers in their regions, and they can access diverse crypto markets and make more potential profit.

However, the platform doesn’t provide information about the kind of returns traders can expect. It also doesn’t explain how its algorithm works and its efficiency. Neither does it provide users with the algorithm’s success rate, which is a common practice among automated crypto trading platforms.

While Bitcoin Sprint offers a demo trading account for interested investors to test its features. The platform only offers the paper trading account to registered traders who pay a minimum of $250. That’s a lot of money to do away with before testing a platform that claims to be completely free. Especially when some competitors offer free demo accounts for prospective customers to test their products’ efficiency.

Your capital is at risk

How to Use Bitcoin Sprint in 2024

The only way to use Bitcoin Sprint is to register on the platform. If you’re keen on testing Bitcoin Sprint and its features or trading on the platform,  you’ll be glad to know that the registration process is straightforward. Follow the steps below to create a Bitcoin Sprint account.

Step 1: Create an Account 

The first step is registering and creating a new Bitcoin Sprint account. To do this, visit the website and enter your personal information in the box provided on the home screen. These include your first and last name, a valid email address, and a phone number. Then click “Learn More” to complete the process.

Step 2: Complete Phone Call Verification 

Once the information is submitted, a Bitcoin Sprint representative will call you. The platform states that these are their account managers and financial advisors. The goal of the call is to ask questions about your investment needs and guide you through the entire process of using and depositing funds into your account for trading.

Step 3: Deposit Funds 

To get access to Bitcoin Sprint’s features, you’re required to pay a minimum deposit of $250. As per the industry standard, we expect that the automated Bitcoin trading platform will provide various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or payments via electronic wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

Choose the preferred payment method available in your location and complete the payment.

Bitcoin Sprint charges no deposit fees, but other charges may apply from the payment processor or your bank.

Step 4: Paper Trade 

After funds have been added to your account, you’ll get access to a free demo account to paper trade. It’s advisable for both beginners and expert traders to first trade using this virtual account to test the Bitcoin robot and its efficiency. Paper trading also allows you to understand the platform and how it works better.

Step 5: Start Placing Live Trades 

After you have built your confidence with the demo account, switch to the live trading account and start trading. Ensure you have a trading plan and strategy, as relying completely on an automated trading bot is not advisable when trading.

Your capital is at risk

Bitcoin Sprint Review 2024– Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Bitcoin Sprint presents several attractive features, including crypto market analysis tools, and a Bitcoin robot, that have the potential to generate profits for its users. However, like any other trading platform, the amount of money one can make while trading on Bitcoin Sprint is not specified. Nevertheless, given the uncertainties surrounding Bitcoin Sprint’s legitimacy and the inherent risks associated with crypto trading, it is essential for investors to conduct proper due diligence and have a solid trading plan before committing to the platform.

Your capital is at risk


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