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If you’re based in the UK and looking to trade in a tax-efficient way, it might be worth considering a spread-betting platform.

In doing so, you’ll still be able to trade assets like stocks, forex, gold, and oil, but you won’t pay any tax on your profits. This is because spread betting falls under the umbrella of gambling in the UK, which, since 2010, has been tax-free.

In this guide, we review UK spread betting platforms for 2023. We also explain how spread betting works and how to get started with an account today through a simple step-by-step walkthrough.

In This Guide

Spread Betting Platforms in the UK Compared

Here’s an overview of the spread betting platforms currently available to UK traders. Read our review of each provider by scrolling down.

  1. AvaTrade: A spread betting broker for stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and more. Their mobile-friendly platform caters to traders of all levels, providing a wide range of tradable instruments, educational resources, and low minimum deposit options.
  2. Trade Nation: A well-regulated platform specializing in CFD and forex spread betting. With transparent fixed spreads and access to MT4, it offers a hassle-free trading experience with no minimum account fees, inactivity fees, or deposit or withdrawal charges.
  3. Admiral Markets: Admirals is an international financial group with over 12,000 tradable instruments for CFD spread betting. They prioritize fund security and provide extensive trading options, making portfolio management efficient.
  4. Pepperstone: UK-based spread betting platform suitable for advanced traders. It offers CFDs, forex, and spread betting. Pepperstone is compatible with third-party platforms like MT4, MT5, TradingView, and cTrader, offering advanced trading tools and a wide range of financial instruments.
  5. IG: IG, a well-established online brokerage, provides access to over 17,000 spread betting markets, emphasizing forex, indices, shares, and commodities. They offer leverage capped at 1:30 for UK retail clients, but higher limits with professional accounts and crucial Negative Balance Protection.
  6. ETX Capital: ETX Capital operates commission-free and offers competitive spreads, such as 0.6 points for EUR/USD and 0.8 points for AUD/USD. It’s particularly cost-effective for share and index spread betting.
  7. offers a straightforward spread betting facility covering various markets with leverage. Traders can practice with a free demo account and access educational resources.

Spread Betting Platforms in the UK Reviewed

While all UK spread betting platforms allow you to trade in a tax-free environment, there are many other metrics that you need to consider when choosing a provider.

For example, you need to explore what assets the UK trading platform supports, the minimum trade size, commissions, payments, and customer support.

To help you make an informed choice, below we discuss the spread betting brokers UK investors are accepted at right now.

1. AvaTrade – Spread betting for stocks, forex, cryptos, commodities and more; available to use on mobile

AvaTrade is an Irish-based brokerage company that specializes in providing trading services in various financial markets. These markets include currencies, commodities, stock indices, shares, securities, options, cryptocurrencies, and bonds. All of these assets can be traded on the exchange through their trading platforms and mobile app.

AvaTrade spread betting platform

AvaTrade offers a wide range of trading platforms suitable for both manual and automated trading. This gives traders the flexibility to make the right choices and feel comfortable in their trading environment. If traders are just starting out, they can explore the Trading for Beginners section for useful articles on Forex and CFDs.

AvaTrade offers a wide range of tradable instruments with industry-standard spreads. These are available on a variety of trading platforms, are suitable for both manual and automated trading, and can be accessed from a variety of devices. These include forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies and stock indices.

For new traders, AvaTrade offers the ability to open accounts with as little as 100 units of the base currency, making trading more affordable, and the broker also provides dedicated educational and research resources to help new traders quickly become familiar with the financial market.

2. Trade Nation – CFD and forex spread betting platform; compatible with MT4

Trade Nation is a well-regulated broker specializing in CFD and Forex trading. It is known for its transparent fixed-spread commission structure, which makes it an attractive option for traders who want to control their trading costs while having access to a wide range of essential tools for developing an efficient trading strategy.

trade nation spread betting platform

Trade Nation offers the popular MetaTrader 4 platform as well as its own proprietary trading platform. Its core promise is total transparency in options trading. That’s why it provides a market information sheet with details about each instrument, associated spreads, and trading hours to ensure that traders have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Trade Nation has no minimum account fees, no inactivity fees, and no deposit or withdrawal fees. The account-opening process is completely digital and hassle-free. The company is also renowned for its high-quality customer service, ensuring that traders receive support and guidance throughout their trading experience. In the UK, Trade Nation, which operates under the trading name Finsa Europe Ltd., offers £85,000 in deposit protection through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

3. Admiral Markets – Over 12,000 instruments to trade; spread betting for CFDs

In more than 20 years, Admiral Markets – a brokerage firm, has grown into an international financial group providing access to over-the-counter markets in more than 130 countries. Following a rebrand in 2021, the company’s name was changed to Admirals. With this change, the updated platform received new integrated risk management solutions.

As a broker specializing in Forex and CFD currency trading, Admirals offers a highly diversified range of trading products and assets. With nearly 4000 CFDs and 8400 tradable symbols to choose from, traders have the possibility of finding exactly what they’re looking for. This is particularly beneficial for traders who prefer to keep all their positions in one brokerage account, making portfolio management simpler and more efficient.

Admiral Markets spread betting platform

For any investor, the security of their funds is the most important aspect when choosing a trading platform or broker. A key feature of this broker is that it pays the utmost attention to the security of its clients. This means that users can deposit with Admirals with confidence, knowing that their funds are completely safe in the unlikely event that problems arise.

74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

4. Pepperstone – Compatible with MT4, MT5 and cTrader; transparent fee structure; regulated by the FCA

If you are seeking a spread betting platform in the UK suited for advanced traders, consider Pepperstone. This UK-based provider operates in the CFD, forex, and spread betting sectors.

Pepperstone is well-suited for experienced traders, offering access to advanced charting tools such as MT4, MT5, TradingView, and cTrader. These platforms are provided by third parties and can be integrated with Pepperstone trading accounts.

These platforms are equipped with a range of advanced trading features, customizable charts, and technical indicators. Pepperstone supports a wide array of trading opportunities, including shares, indices, forex, hard metals, US Treasury securities, and energy assets

pepperstone spread betting platform

When it comes to spreading betting fees at Pepperstone, this will depend on which account type is used. If opting for the ‘Standard’ account, traders will not pay any commissions on spread bets. Instead, everything is built into the spread. If opting for the ‘Raw’ account, then traders will benefit from 0 spreads on many markets.

However, a commission of £2.25 is payable per slide. If you like the sound of Pepperstone for your spread betting needs, the platform allows users to deposit funds with a debit or credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. The platform is authorized and licensed by the FCA and is now home to almost 300,000 clients globally.

Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 81.7% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

5. IG – Access over 17,000 spread betting markets; trade with leverage of up to 1:30; negative balance protection

IG is an established online brokerage firm that covers several divisions in the investment scene. This includes traditional shares and funds, CFDs, forex, and spread betting. In total, IG gives users access to over 17,000 spread betting markets – which is huge.

This covers a variety of asset arenas, with a strong focus on forex, indices, shares, and commodities. Each and every spread betting market offers a long and short position, as well as leverage. Once again, this is capped at 1:30 for UK retail clients.

Much higher limits are available with a professional IG trading account. This stands at over 1:222 when spread betting forex, indices, and commodities. Either way, it is not possible to lose more than the trading balance permits when entering a leverage position at IG, as the platform has that all-important Negative Balance Protection in place.

ig spread betting platform

In terms of fees, IG allows traders to use its spread betting platform in a commission-free manner. However, users should keep an eye on the spread, which is largely very competitive at IG. For example, indices and shares can be traded at just 0.1 points, commodities at 0.3 points, and forex at 0.6 points.

IG is available as a desktop trading platform that can be accessed through the website. The broker also offers a mobile app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. The minimum deposit at this UK spread betting platform is £250. IG supports debit cards and UK bank transfers.

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6. ETX Capital – Trade over 5000 instruments; regulated by the FCA; pips from 0.6

Founded way back in 1965, this London-based spread betting platform has a positive reputation. The provider offers an abundance of markets that span over 5,000 financial instruments. This means that traders can spread bets on popular assets like shares, forex, indices, hard metals, and energies.

ETX Capital is a reputable spread betting platform in the UK if you want to stake small amounts. This is because major markets can be traded at just 10 pips per point. As such, ETX Capital is one option for traders who want to give spread betting a go without risking too much money.

etx capital spread betting platform

In terms of trading costs, ETX Capital is another spread betting platform that operates a commission-free policy. Once again, this means that traders need to focus on the spread. This is largely competitive at ETX Capital, as traders can trade EUR/USD and AUD/USD for just 0.6 and 0.8 points, respectively. For traders who are planning to spread bet shares or indices, this is also competitive.

For example, UK, US, and European shares carry a spread of just 0.1%. If you’re interested in FTSE 100 spread betting – this is even more competitive at 0.05%. Traders can open an account and deposit funds with a debit card or e-wallet. The minimum deposit is just £100 at this UK FCA broker.

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7. – Trade with leverage in the UK; access stocks, currencies, indices, ETFs and shares; free demo trading account is an online trading platform that offers a stripped-back way to trade online via a jargon-free platform that can be accessed via a web browser.

On top of conventional CFDs, offers a comprehensive spread betting facility.  At the time of writing, this covers 67 currency pairs, 28 commodities, 40 indices, 60 ETFs, and over 2,000 shares. All of these markets can be traded with leverage, as per UK limits. allows traders to start off with a free demo account facility. This means that traders can practice spread betting endeavors without risking any money. There is also an ‘Introduction to Trade’ department on the platform, which offers a range of guides and explainers. spread betting UK

When it comes to fees, this will depend on which spread betting market users wish to access. For example, the likes of forex, commodities, and indices can be traded commission-free, so it’s just the spread that needs to be paid. offers 0.90 pips on EUR/USD, $0.50 on gold, and just $0.05 on spot crude oil.

For users who are interested in stocks, they will also need to factor in a commission. This stands at $10 per slide. This means that irrespective of how much is being staked, traders will pay $10 to enter the stock trade and $10 to close it, plus the spread.

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What Is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a form of trading in which a bet is placed in the direction of the price movement of a particular financial instrument, such as a stock, currency pair, or commodity. The bet is placed on the difference between the buying and selling price of the asset, also known as the spread.

Spread betting allows traders to speculate on the future price movements of an asset without actually owning the underlying asset. Instead, traders bet on the direction the price will move and the amount they want to bet per point of movement.

If the trader’s prediction is correct, they earn a profit based on the amount of the bet and the number of points the asset has moved in their predicted direction. However, if the price moves against the trader’s prediction, they can incur losses.

Spread betting is popular in the UK because it is exempt from capital gains tax and stamp duty, making it a tax-efficient way to trade. However, it is also a high-risk form of trading, and traders can lose more than their initial stake if the market moves against them. It is important to understand the risks and seek professional advice before engaging in spread betting.

Is Spread Betting Taxed In The UK?

In the UK, spread betting is not subject to capital gains tax or stamp duty, making it a popular form of trading. However, it’s worth noting that tax laws can change, and it’s always wise to consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance with current regulations.

It is also worth noting that spread betting is considered to be a form of gambling, which means that it could one day be taxed in the UK. If you start spread betting with a popular broker, it is a good idea to stay up-to-date with the latest government tax information.

Key Features of Spread Betting Platforms in the UK 

We have reviewed four spread betting brokers in the UK. There are, however, many others that offer spread betting facilities to UK traders.

No two providers are the same in the spread betting space. For example, while some are known for low fees, commissions, and spreads, others stand out because they provide access to thousands of markets. It’s worth noting – the options on this page are for financial spread betting.

To ensure you choose the right spread betting platform in the UK, below we discuss common features that are offered by UK spread betting providers.


In the UK, spread betting platforms are heavily regulated. This is why all of the spread betting platforms that have been discussed on this page are authorized and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This ensures that traders are able to trade in a fair and transparent manner.

fca spread betting

It also ensures that capital is protected from a potential brokerage collapse. For example, FCA-regulated spread betting platforms must keep client funds in segregated, tier-one bank accounts. Platforms will also need to collect two forms of ID from you, including a passport and proof of address.

Take note that although spread betting is classified as ‘gambling’ in the eyes of HMRC, the Gambling Commission has no remit in this industry.

How we rated UK spread betting platforms

To provide a helpful and insightful guide, our team of expert writers spent time testing several different spread betting broker options that are available to UK clients. The options were narrowed down to those deemed most suitable based on the following criteria:

  • Demo account availability: Spread betting is an advanced trading strategy that requires skill and experience. One way to practice spread betting without putting any money at risk is to use a demo trading account. Our writers used these accounts to investigate all of the functions provided by each site.
  • Advanced charting tools: Spread bettors use technical analysis to spot potential trades. Platforms must offer advanced charting tools to facilitate this analysis. Many of the platforms that we reviewed are compatible with third-party charting tools such as MT4, MT5, and Trading View.
  • Spreads and fees: Most traders look for spread betting platforms that offer tight spreads and low fees. Spreads are calculated in pips, which reflect the distance between the bid and ask prices of an asset.
  • Educational resources: Educational resources can be helpful when learning a new trading strategy. Our team of experts reviewed resources such as articles, courses, and webinars that are offered by some spread betting platforms in the UK.
  • Customer support: Investors who require assistance with their trading accounts can benefit from 24-hour customer service. Platforms should include a number of support alternatives, including live chat, phone assistance, email, and a FAQ section to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Regulation: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates spread betting platforms in the United Kingdom. The FCA supervises financial institutions in the United Kingdom to ensure that platforms follow proper security and safety protocols.


In order to support diverse trading, spread betting platforms often offer multiple markets that can be traded. Here is an overview of some of the markets that are available through spread betting platforms.

  • Shares: Markets covering stocks listed in the UK and abroad
  • Hard Metals: Gold, silver, and platinum
  • Energies: Crude oil and natural gas
  • Forex: Variety of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs
  • Indices: FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, and more

Visit the platform’s website to view the full list of markets that are available.


There are fees involved with spread betting in the UK. Fees include spreads, commissions, account management fees, overnight fees, withdrawal fees, and deposit fees. Trading platforms should state the exact fees that are charged on their websites.

Here is an overview of some of the fees that are involved with spread betting.


One spread betting platform in the UK that we came across, Ava Trade, allows traders to trade in a commission-free manner across all supported markets. This is also the case with Pepperstone, ETX Capital, and City Index. However, certain platforms in this space will charge a commission for entering and exiting a trade.

spread betting markets UK

For example, charges a commission of $10 per slide on all stock trading markets. This can be very costly for traders who are planning to trade small amounts. Other spread-betting platforms will charge a variable commission. For example, a user might pay 0.1% per slide, so a £1,000 stake would amount to a commission of £1.


Unless you are opening a specialist ‘Raw’ account with the likes of Pepperstone, you will always need to consider the spread. In fact, this is how commission-free brokers like Pepperstone make money.

In a nutshell, the spread is the difference between the buy and sell price on a chosen market. Apart from forex, which is assessed in ‘pips’, spread betting platforms operate in ‘points’. The larger the gap between the buy and sell prices, the more it will cost to trade.

Overnight Financing

Spread betting platforms are not geared towards long-term investors. Instead, they allow traders to speculate on the future price of an asset in the short run. Crucially, this is because spread betting markets attract overnight financing fees.

This means that for every day that a trader keeps their spread betting position open, they will pay a small fee. This is like an interest rate charged by the platform, which is multiplied by the size of the stake.

Trading Tools and Features

We found that the UK spread betting platforms will offer a variety of trading tools and features that might be of interest.

These include:


Unlike traditional stock trading platforms, spread betting companies allow you to trade with leverage. As we briefly covered earlier, this allows you to boost the size of your position. The limits available to you are capped by the FCA.

For example:

  • Pepperstone allows you to trade with leverage of 1:30 on major forex markets.
  • If, for instance, you traded with GBP/USD with a stake of £10 per point, this would boost your position to £300 per point
  • As such, if you made gains of 20 points on this trade, your profit would go from £200 up to £6,000

Make sure your chosen spread betting platform offers Negative Balance Protection. This will ensure that you never lose more than you have available in your trading account.

Risk Management

Spread betting is a lot riskier than conventional stock investing, so it’s crucial that you choose a platform that offers risk management tools. For example, many of the platforms that we have discussed on this page offer stop-loss orders.

As the name implies, this will automatically close your spread-betting trade when it goes against you by a certain amount. For example, if you stake £5 per point and wish to limit your losses to £50, then you can set up a stop-loss order at 10 points. This, in addition to Negative Balance Protection, will ensure that you never lose more than you can afford.

Third-Party Platforms

If you’re an experienced trader, then you might want to choose a spread betting broker that offers support for third-party platforms. Think along the lines of MT4, MT5, and cTrader. In doing so, you will have access to an abundance of advanced trading features, such as customizable charts, drawing tools, and technical indicators.

These third-party platforms also support automated robots. This means that the robot will place spread betting trades on your behalf 24/7.


Pepperstone offers a huge range of educational tools to help you become a better trader. For example, the provider offers fully-fledged spread betting guides, which cover risk management and potential spread betting strategies to consider. The ‘InvestMate’ app also offers mini-courses on all-things trading.

User Experience

Spread betting platforms should provide a user-friendly experience that enables traders to efficiently navigate the trading tools and features. This could include providing users with a mobile app, providing a clear dashboard and platform structure, facilitating various trading strategies, and offering a platform walkthrough to demonstrate how the platform can be used.

Demo Account

Demo trading facilities offer traders a way to familiarize themselves with the intricate instruments provided by spread betting brokers. With these facilities, you can place spread betting positions without the need to deposit or risk any actual money; instead, you’ll be trading with demo funds. In many cases, the demo account replicates real trading conditions, including pricing, liquidity, and volume.

Before starting with a spread betting demo account, it’s essential to check a couple of key factors. Firstly, ensure that the broker doesn’t require a deposit for access. Additionally, determine the amount of demo trading funds you’ll receive. Crucially, determine if there’s a time limit on the usage of the demo account.

Payment Methods

The spread betting platforms that we have reviewed provide a variety of payment methods to suit different traders.

spread betting payments

Spread betting platforms in the UK will usually support debit cards. Many now accept e-wallets too, which is also safe and instant. If you want to deposit through a traditional bank account transfer, this might take a couple of days to process.

You should also explore what fees are applicable to your chosen payment method. Pepperstone is well-known in this respect, as it doesn’t charge anything on deposits or withdrawals. This won’t always be the case, though, with the likes of ETX Capital charging £10 on withdrawals of less than £100.

Customer Service

Whether you are looking for an explanation of a specific spread betting market or you want an update on a withdrawal request, it’s important to stick with spread betting platforms that offer 24/7 customer support.

For example, Pepperstone offers a 24/7 live chat facility as well as a dedicated telephone support line. In fact, this spread betting broker also offers support via WhatsApp, Facebook, Viper, and Telegram.

How to Get Started with a UK Spread Betting Platform

The following guidelines outline the process of signing up to a spread betting platform in the UK.

Step 1: Open a Spread Betting Account

The first step is to register for an account. Traders will need to fill out a sign-up form that initially asks for your email address and chosen password. After that, you will need to enter a range of personal information, such as your name, home address, date of birth, national insurance number, and and and telephone number.

Avatrade Sign Up

Step 2: Upload ID Documents

A broker authorized and regulated by the FCA will need to verify your identity. All you need to do here is upload a copy of your passport or driver’s license, along a proof of address (bank account statement, utility bill, etc.)

Upload ID Documents Avatrade

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Once you have uploaded your documents, you will then be asked to make a deposit.

Deposit Funds Avatrade

In order to benefit from this low minimum, you need to opt for a debit or credit card or e-wallet deposit. If, however, you prefer to transfer funds from your UK bank account, the minimum shoots up to £250.

Step 4: Find Spread Betting Market

Now that you have a funded trading account, it’s time to search for the spread betting market that interests you. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the ‘Markets’ button at the top of the page and then selecting your preferred asset (stocks, forex, etc.).

Or, you can simply use the search function to go straight to the respective market. As you can see from the example above, we are searching for ‘gold’. Then, to go to the respective trading page, we click on the market once it pops up.

Step 5: Place Spread Betting Order

You will now be presented with a charting area that displays two key buttons: ‘buy’ and ‘sell’. This enables traders to take the appropriate positions. Then, you will need to enter your stake. Be careful here, as spread betting platforms operate in ‘points’. For example, if you stake £1 per point, your profit or loss will rise and fall by £1 for each point the asset rises or falls by.

You should also consider setting up a stop-loss order, which will ensure you cap your losses to a certain amount should the trade not go in your favor. Finally, confirm your buy-or-sell order.


The provisional 2022–2023 year-to-date (April–March) total for GBD receipts is £1,015 million – the best proof of the popularity of this activity. UK spread betting brokers offer an alternative to conventional trading platforms. In other words, by using CFD trading platforms and forex trading platforms traders will need to pay tax on their profits. But by trading via a spread betting facility instead, traders can keep 100% of their trading gains.

The important thing is that you choose the appropriate spread betting broker in the UK for your needs. To do this, focus on metrics like supported spread betting markets, commissions and spreads, minimum trade per point, and, of course, FCA regulation.


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