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Investing in cryptocurrencies in the UK requires an in-depth understanding of more than just the currencies, it also requires you to know about where you’re going to be storing what you buy. Some trading platforms only allow you to trade CFDs, so a wallet is not essential because you do not own the underlying asset at any point.

In this guide, we review the various cryptocurrency wallets and provide you with a bit of background information on how crypto wallets in the UK work.

In This Guide

10 Best Crypto Wallets in the UK

  1. Coinbase – Coinbase is a crypto exchange which is fully regulated over a number of jurisdictions. Focused on compliance and security Coinbase is an institutional grade custodian. Users can store cryptocurrency on the platform or alternatively download their self custodian wallet to explore the decentralised web3 ecosystem either from web browser or on mobile devices. Being regulated in the UK, users can easily buy crypto with their bank account without having to use third party fiat on-ramp payment providers.
  2. Best Wallet– Best Wallet is a cutting edge self custody wallet which allows users to manage multiple wallets across multiple chains. The platform offers an airdrop for its native BEST token and soon develops a dex with upcoming token presales section.
  3. – provides a non-custodial wallet that allows users to connect directly to dApps within the application. Users can also conduct swaps, stake, earn rebates, connect to DeFi protocols and store over 1000+ tokens across 30+ blockchains.
  4. ZenGo – ZenGo is a high security self custodian wallet provider with no seed phrase vulnerability. It uses a form of cryptographic security called multi-party computation (MPC) in order to encrypt private information and security data. The pro version of ZenGo offers Legacy Transfer, withdrawal protection with 3D FaceLock biometrics and a web3 firewall for extra secure management of assets.
  5. OKX – OKX is a cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers an all-in-one self custodial wallet. It offer multi-chain storage for digital assets and is available as a mobile application or can be used as a browser based web3 extension. The OKX wallet connects directly to NFT marketplaces, dApps, decentralised exchanges and users can manage DeFi operations from within the wallet app.
  6. Margex – Margex is a crypto trading brokerage that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP and USD. This platform primarily allows users to trade crypto futures, with margin and leverage, and also permits copy trading. The platform wallet also allows users to stake desired crypto assets with a simplistic user friendly interface.
  7. Huobi – Huobi is a crypto currency exchange and the parent organisation is publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This cryptocurrency ecosystem offers clients to trade cryptocurrency spot, with margin, leveraged trading and a range of futures products. Their proprietary wallet app allows multi-chain storage of tokens while also providing industry trends with built in TVL Ranking, DeFi explorer and NFT data aggregation tool.
  8. Binance – Binance is the top ranked crypto exchange by volume hosting over 350+ crypto tokens. They operate the Binance Smart Chain via their underlying BNB token. They acquired Trust Wallet in 2018 which is a non-custodian online wallet which allows storage of digital assets across 70 blockchains. They provide a dedicated discover section showing latest trending news, staking analytics, airdrop opportunities and aggregates data on meme coin, lending protocols, DeFi dApps and projects built on Binance Smart Chain.
  9. CoinJar – CoinJar is an exchange founded in Australia with UK headquarters registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. The platform offers institutional grade crypto solutions and supports a wide range for payment methods for purchasing cryptocurrencies. Tokens are stored on the exchange wallet interface, while for businesses CoinJar provides custodian storage with insurance coverage.
  10. CoinCorner – CoinCorner is primarily a Bitcoin purchasing application that allows users to buy, send and transfer Bitcoin faster by using the lightning network. The platform also allows users to send funds globally, and be received in local currency through ecosystem partners, primarily covering the Philippines and several African countries.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

If you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, then one of your biggest considerations should be about how you plan to keep your coins safe. In this regard, you need to understand that, unlike traditional money, cryptocurrencies cannot be stored in a bank account. Instead, they have to be stored in a ‘digital wallet’. There are several Crypto wallets that you can use for this purpose, and each of them differs from the others in its own way.

crypto wallet

As more and more people are attracted to cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency wallets are becoming increasingly important. According to, there will be a total of 84.02 million cryptocurrency wallets in use by 2023. Some people might choose to go for a mobile wallet since it allows them to monitor and manage their cryptocurrency investments on the move. On the other hand, some people might choose to have a wallet that is only available on desktop devices.

Regardless of the different types of wallets, which are discussed below in detail, the primary purpose of the wallet is to allow you to send, receive, and store digital currencies. Each of these wallets has a unique address that you can use in order to send and receive cryptocurrencies from other wallets. When you want to send funds to your personal cryptocurrency wallet, you will need to enter your public address.

In terms of safety, your crypto wallet is protected by a ‘private key’. This is like the password and pin codes that you use to access your online bank account. Most crypto wallets in the UK allow you to easily access your wallet without having to remember the private key, simply by setting up a password or a biometric login for your convenience.

How Do Crypto Wallets Work?

Crypto wallets are web3 based applications that can be downloaded on mobiles or used via browser extension. They are storage accounts for different types of digital assets. The primary functionality is to safely store crypto tokens and wallets allow users to swap, transfer and utilise tokens within the web3 world.

Wallet apps are decentralised in nature, meaning users take self custody of their tokens. When generating a wallet users will be provided with a 12 or 24 word seed phrase which is essentially a private key. This private key is the master code to access the wallet and should be stored offline and it is good practice to write it down in two or more places securely. Users will usually also set a password, or number code for some, in order to unlock the wallet.

How do Crypto Wallets Work?

Crypto wallets provide storage for a wide variety of crypto tokens across various blockchains and are essential for accessing web3 dApps and DeFi applications. Web3 protocols require users to log in which is done via the wallet, meaning a wallet is the actual account that logs in to the protocol.

Other blockchains coins will not usually be displayed, meaning users will have to manually add other blockchain networks using the add network function and entering the blockchain’s RPC data. To view and manager different tokens on the wallet a similar add token function is present and users should enter the smart contract data of the coin they wish to add.

Wallets also allow users to swap tokens internally within the wallet app, however, fees may be slightly higher depending on how much liquidity a given token has. Wallets are also needed to participate in DeFi protocols for yield farming and staking of alt coins on various dApps.

GameFi is another web3 infrastructure where users will need a non-custodial wallet to play decentralised games. Some of these games also offer rewards and play-to-earn mechanics, where tokens will automatically be distributed to the wallet as that is what is used to log in.

Crypto Paper Wallet vs Crypto Hardware Wallet

As mentioned above, there are several types of crypto wallets that you can use in order to store your cryptocurrencies. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and therefore are chosen by different people based on their preferences. For example, two of the biggest categories of crypto wallets are paper wallets and hardware wallets. Both of these categories have been discussed below in detail.

A crypto paper wallet is an old-school way of storing cryptocurrencies because your crypto wallet address will be printed onto a piece of paper in the form of a QR code. In order to do this, you will need to use an online platform that has the capacity to generate a free crypto wallet address. Then, it’s just a case of transferring the cryptocurrencies to the respective address, and printing the credentials. In theory, it’s virtually impossible for somebody to hack your crypto paper wallet. After all, the funds are kept offline at all times. However, the main drawback here is that when it comes to transferring your cryptocurrencies out to another wallet (for example, if you wanted to cash out your coins), the process can be cumbersome.

On the other hand, on a hardware wallet, your coins are stored via a physical device. Hardware wallet providers offer top-notch security on your crypto funds. To get started with a hardware wallet, all you need to do is to buy a crypto hardware wallet from your chosen provider, set up a PIN number via the device that arrives with your wallet, and transfer the cryptocurrencies to your unique hardware wallet address. Opting for a hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrencies is a really safe option to consider. For example, funds can only be sent if you have access to the physical device – which requires your PIN for authorization. If you forgot your PIN or the device was stolen, you can remotely access your crypto wallet with the previously mentioned passphrase.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets in the UK 2024 Reviewed

According to the source, the global crypto wallet market size was estimated at USD 8.42 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8% from 2023 to 2030. This explains the increase in the number of crypto wallets, and at the same time, the difficulty of choosing a really good wallet. Precisely for this reason, our experts created this page.

The most important step to buying and storing cryptocurrencies is identifying the right wallet where they can be kept safely until you need them. Sometimes, cryptocurrency wallets also allow you to be able to trade the currencies through their brokerage platform, which is a good way to maximise the security of your assets.

1. Coinbase – Crypto Wallet for iPhones and iOS Devices

best crypto hardware walletCoinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading and investing platforms in the world, and has a very high level of variety when it comes to the different coins that you can access. Over 73 million users access Coinbase, which has more than $255 billion in assets under management. Coinbase can be used as a stand-alone hot wallet or as a trading platform. This is available in two forms – through the Coinbase website or via a native mobile app.

If you wish to use a wallet that is accessible through the Coinbase platform, then you can simply send your crypto assets to the unique address provided by Coinbase, and this will then be used to store your coins. On the other hand, if you wish to have access to your coins on the move through your device, then you can download the Coinbase app onto your phone. While it is available for both the iPhone and Android, the platform is more suited for iOS devices. The wallet is backed by heaps of security features – including two-factor authentication. This requires you to enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone before you can access your crypto wallet.

best wallet for crypto

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

2. Best Wallet- The Best DeFi Wallet with AI Integration

Best Wallet is an AI web3 wallet that will provide traders with everything they need to store their cryptos safely and access the web3 space. One of the standout features of Best Wallet is the chatbot AI assistant, Best Bot, which can provide traders with real-time market insights, portfolio analysis and trading advice. Best Wallet is the first wallet to offer this feature which has attracted the attention of traders from around the globe.

Best Wallet is a decentralized custodial wallet which means that traders have complete control over their cryptocurrencies and all wallets are secured by blockchain technology. This makes Best Wallet one of the most secure crypto hot wallets to consider in 2024.

Best Wallet

As well as an AI assistant and advanced security, Best Wallet also provides users with early access to crypto presales, a native crypto marketplace, NFT functionalities, token staking and airdrops. The wallet is supported by the BWAT crypto token which can be used for swapping, staking and voting. BWAT is a utility token that will soon be available to purchase at a low value via presale. This is expected to be one of the most highly-anticipated crypto presale events of 2024.

BWAT holders will be able to access advanced platform features, take part in voting and receive free cryptos via airdrops and staking. This will increase demand for the token over time.

Users can access Best Wallet from both PC and mobile devices. The platform is designed to work seamlessly on both types of device which is ideal for conducting analysis or managing your crypto on the go.

Overall, Best Wallet is more than a crypto wallet. It is a portal to the world of web3 that will provide users with exclusive access to innovative features and functionality. To experience Best Wallet for yourself, sign up to the waiting list with your email address.


  • Early access to presales
  • No gas fees when staking BEST token
  • Upcoming airdrops notification


  • Full features not yet launched
  • Currently available only on mobile
  • Swap in apps not released yet

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

3. - Wallet for Staking UK

The cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2016, is one of the fastest and most secure on the market. Over the past few years, has grown rapidly thanks to several developers and an experienced marketing team. More than 250 different currencies are available on, and those who own significant amounts of its token (CRO) are eligible for discounts and reasonable fees.

A account can be linked to multiple digital wallets simultaneously, and the site offers several methods of storing cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal place to invest in cryptocurrencies. A popular example is the DeFi wallet. Moreover, the app provides users with the possibility of earning rewards through tokens or coins, which are similar to those used by decentralized financial applications that utilize blockchain technology. home is among the most accessible cryptocurrency trading platforms, because you only need to deposit $1 in order to open a crypto position. In addition to crypto trading, the platform provides derivative products, so that anyone looking to leverage their position can do so.


  • Users can use wallet or the DeFi wallet
  • Staking directly in-app
  • Discounts and lower fees when owning CRO token


  • Full KYC required for access
  • No browser extension for DeFi wallet
  • Discounts on fees can be hard to navigate

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

4. ZenGo - Best Crypto Wallet in the UK With High Standard Security

ZenGo LogoZenGo was created in 2011 and is a hot wallet that does not need a password to function. For that reason, security will not be an issue as ZenGo is equipped with a 3D biometric facial mapping for added security, which makes fraudulent access almost impossible. Furthermore, the ZenGo non-custodial wallet can be adjusted in minutes even if users lose their phone or delete the application.

With this wallet, users have the ability to monitor their investments allowing them to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and earn daily interest. This ZenGo has a built-in function called "ZenGo Trade," where it is possible to trade with 40 assets.

One aspect to highlight is that thanks to WalletConnect, ZenGo users can access the Web3 ecosystem to trade NFT or generate returns through decentralized financial protocols (DeFi). In addition, ZenGo has an integrated crypto-savings account that offers up to 8% APY on select digital currencies, well above what "traditional" banks offer.


As for commissions at ZenGo, you should know that this platform charges some minimum commissions ranging from 1.99% to 5.99%, depending on the method you use to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Commissions for sales and trading cryptocurrencies are 1.99% and 0.75%, respectively.

ZenGo does have some fees associated with it, although they are minimal for some transactions. ZenGo, for example, charges a processing fee of 1.99% if a wire transfer is used or 5.99% if a credit or debit card is used to buy cryptocurrencies. In addition, fees are associated with selling and trading cryptocurrencies: 1.99% and 0.75%, respectively.


  • No seed phrase vulnerability through MPC cryptography
  • Inheritance style legacy transfer feature
  • Uses encrypted biometric face scan


  • Limited number of tokens suppotred
  • Does not support Arbitrum, BSC, Optimism, Tron & other Layer 2s
  • No cross chain swaps support

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

5. OKX - Best crypto wallet for staking

OKX Logo

The OKX crypto wallet is the native wallet of the OKX centralized exchange. It provides a secure and convenient way for users to store, send, and receive their digital assets. The wallet is also known for supporting seamless crypto staking for investor who want to earn returns on their portfolio.

OKX offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to navigate. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. This allows users to have all their digital assets stored in one place, rather than having multiple wallets for different coins.

OKX Logo

OKX also offers the possibility to keep all your digital assets in cold storage, which means that the wallet storage is not connected to an internet network. Another aspect to highlight is that the OKX wallet uses DeFi technology. This guarantees decentralization, which means that the user is responsible for the total security of the funds without needing a third party to intervene.

One of the standout features of the OKX wallet is its high level of security. It utilizes advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect user funds from potential threats.

In addition to its security features, the OKX wallet also provides users with seamless integration with other OKX products and services. This integration enables users to easily transfer funds between their wallet and the OKX exchange, allowing for convenient trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

6. Margex – Best cryptocurrency wallet for active traders

Margex Logo

Margex has been providing cryptocurrency brokerage and trading services globally since its founding in 2020. Because of this, Seychelles is an ideal market to launch this platform. Besides the fact that KYC information is not required to operate the exchange, another aspect you must consider is privacy.

Due to its accessibility from anywhere in the world, it provides a more convenient way to manage your finances, as well as protecting your financial information. With Margex's security program, users can create a user-specific MP Shield (Listener Protection Shield) with encrypted data to shield them from financial risks. Moreover, the platform does not maintain a record of crypto assets that have been subjected to price manipulation as a market-maker. To ensure the security of your account, a variety of security options are available during withdrawals and deposits.

Margex Wallet

The verification of step two is not required for other similar platforms. This will however prevent you from taking advantage of some of the benefits when using the service.

Margex offers a plethora of educational resources for new crypto traders who want to learn more about navigating the market. These resources can be accessed from within the wallet and make it an attractive option for less-experience crypto traders.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

7. Huobi –  Best UK Bitcoin wallet

Huobi Logo

Located in Singapore, Huobi provides cryptocurrency exchange services, as well as online financial services. Huobi is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that provides users with access to resources such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP as well as the opportunity to participate in initial coin offerings (ICOs) before they are mainstreamed. Huobi was founded in Beijing, China. Following the government's expulsion of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017, its presence in the Chinese cryptocurrency market grew rapidly.

A favourable crypto law regime led the company to move to Singapore. The largest crypto exchange in the world, Huobi offers over 355 types of cryptocurrency. Over five million users are active on the platform, which boasts 130 countries. Using a daily trading volume measure derived from Coinmarketcap, Huobi ranks third on top cryptocurrency exchanges. The list also includes Coinbase and Bithumb.

It is because of this accessibility that Huobi has become so popular. This is one of the most convenient ways to trade both for new and experienced traders at the same time.

Huobi Wallet

After you have completed the account setup process you will only have to wait about two minutes for it to be complete. Similarly, you should be able to do it easily, so please do not hesitate to do it.

As of today, Huobi has not experienced any security breaches since launching its company wallets. As a result of several strict security protocols, we have been able to achieve this enviable record. In addition to this, the Huobi crypto funds are not accessible by bad actors since the funds are taken care of by a cold storage facility located off-chain, hence the bad guys can't access some of the funds.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

8. Binance - Best crypto wallet for Android devices

Binance LogoBinance, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency wallets, is a wallet that is highly used by professional day traders, especially those who have Android devices. This is because the Binance platform is heavily optimized to be of use on Android devices. The platform also, by virtue of being a very large crypto exchange, has the largest collection of cryptocurrencies among all the other platforms.

If there is any altcoin you wish to invest in, whether it is small-cap or large-cap, there is a very high chance that Binance will have it. Binance allows you to exchange your cryptocurrencies for both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. Since Binance has billions of dollars in trading volume flowing through it on any given day, it has a very high level of liquidity. Usually, you will be able to deposit funds into Binance via credit/debit card or a bank transfer, making for a convenient experience.

Binance Wallet

The Binance wallet follows a 2-pronged approach. If you choose to use the Binance trading platform, then all your crypto is safely stored on your Binance wallet, which can be accessed through the Binance trading app itself. There is a range of safeguards on the wallet which make Binance easily the most secure hot wallet among all the crypto wallets available on this list.

This includes the vast majority of client funds being held in cold storage, alongside two-factor authentication and email confirmation on key account features being accessed. On the other hand, you could also use the Binance Trust wallet, which is available as a separate app and allows you to store your currencies in a completely decentralized and separate app, trading higher control over your wallet for a lower range of security measures.

The platform charges high fees for deposits and withdrawals - between 2% and 3%. However, they have very low trading fees and are known for being one of the cheapest crypto trading platforms in terms of their fees. Usually, the fee is 0.1%, and it is even lower if you have an allocation of the Binance Coin (BNB). They also have a wide variety of tools and technologies available specifically for cryptocurrencies, which makes them a suitable option for highly experienced crypto traders.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

9. Coinjar - Bitcoin Wallet UK for Long-Term Investors

Coinjar logo

Over the years, Coinjar has received many awards for its global cryptocurrency platform as a result of its global presence. It is still the largest cryptocurrency broker in the world, despite its entry into the market. It is possible to purchase and sell Bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies using Coinjar.

The site provides the ability to exchange cryptocurrency at any time of the day and night. A full-featured Bitcoin wallet is also offered here in the United Kingdom by Coinjar, which offers the capability of buying cryptocurrencies directly on its platform. At the moment, Coinjar is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Coinjar Wallet

As it is based on your specific operating system, all its aspects are laid out and optimized accordingly, making it quite straightforward to use. When the application has been installed, you will receive your cryptos at your unique wallet address once the application has been installed.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

10. CoinCorner -Bitcoin Crypto Wallet in the UK for Beginners

CoinCorner LogoIf you are only just getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies and wish to use a wallet/platform that is not very complicated, then CoinCorner is the perfect platform for you. The primary reason for this is that the user interface of the platform caters primarily to beginners, and is designed in a way that does not confuse someone who might not have a lot of trading experience. The platform also serves as both a broker and a wallet, with you being allowed to purchase cryptocurrencies through a UK debit/credit card or bank account transfer, and providing the functionality of being able to store it on the CoinCorner wallet app.

CoinCorner Wallet

The app is available for both Android and iOS users, and while it is definitely the wallet of choice if you are a beginner, it is not the most secure option for you to use. The high usability is a trade-off against the lower levels of security. Finally, we should also mention that CoinCorner is worth considering if you are looking to make small but regular cryptocurrency investments. This is because it supports recurring payments that are automated to your preference – for example, £20 per week or month.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet in the UK?

We cannot fully state out of all of the providers which is the best wallet for UK traders, however, we can make suggestions based on the desired factors. For users looking for a simplistic wallet with basic functionality and ease-of-use then Best Wallet is a good option.

Being a new wallet some features are still yet to be released, however, the platform allows users to earn BEST token which qualify for extra benefits in the Best ecosystem including bonus airdrops and no gas fees. The pending features are attractive with coverage on latest airdrops, trending tokens, and best will also have a launchpad style section where users can directly enter into new token sales within the app.

What is the Best Crypto Wallet UK?

For wallets where the exchange holds user funds Coinbase is a viable option as it provides high levels of security for protecting user funds from DDoS attacks and prevents unauthorised access. For users worried about self custody and issues surrounding storage or risk of losing private keys the Coinbase crypto wallet is fit for purpose.

The platform offers an unlosable private key service meaning users will always be able to recover their assets in case of losing the private key. It is worth noting that persons wishing to use the Coinbase wallet must have a fully verified accounts on Coinbase with KYC checks passed and phone number verification.

For customers wishing to use a wallet which gives full access to web3 dApps and protocols then is a viable option. The wallet allows users to store a wide range of assets. The platform also provides a DeFi wallet which allows users to access a wide range of web3 protocols for staking, DeFi trading, yield farming, and liquidity providing activity. is a well know crypto exchange and has obtained an FCA license to operate in the UK as a Cryptoasset firm.

What Are The Best Cold Wallets?

Cold wallets, also known as hardware wallets, are physical devices that store your cryptocurrencies offline. This means that they are not connected to the internet, making it extremely difficult for hackers to gain access to your funds. These devices are designed to offer maximum security, protecting your private keys from any potential threats.

When it comes to choosing the best cold wallet, several options are available in the market. The Ledger Nano S, an upgrade of the Ledger Nano X, is one of the most popular cold wallets due to its affordability and user-friendly interface. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and offers a secure way to manage your digital assets.

ledger nano s cold crypto wallet

Another top choice is the Trezor Model T, which features a touchscreen display and advanced security features. It supports over 1,000 coins and tokens, providing excellent compatibility for various cryptocurrencies. With its open-source firmware, the Trezor Model T allows users to review the code and ensure their funds' safety.

For those looking for a more affordable option, the KeepKey cold wallet is worth considering. With its sleek design and large screen, it offers a straightforward user experience. It supports around 50 cryptocurrencies and provides a backup and recovery option, ensuring your assets are safe even if the device is lost or damaged.

How to Choose the Right Crypto Wallet for You

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of factors to consider when you are trying to choose to right kind of wallet for your needs. In this regard, each of these factors has been discussed below in detail.

Wallet Type

When trying to choose the right kind of wallet for yourself, it is important for you to understand what the different types that are available are. These can be discussed as follows:

  • Web-Wallet: This means that you will be keeping your crypto funds with the exchange or broker that you used to make the purchase. This is usually the least secure option among all the other options that are available for you.
  • Desktop-Wallet: There are lots of crypto hardware wallets in the market that can be downloaded to your desktop device. Although these are a little more secure than a mobile wallet, you will need access to your desktop software wallet every time you wish to send funds, which makes it a tad inconvenient as compared to the other types of wallets.
  • Mobile-Wallet: This wallet type offers the perfect balance between convenience and security. Regarding the former, you can send, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies by simply opening the wallet app. In terms of security, the best mobile wallets offer two-factor authentication, biometric login, and email confirmation on withdrawals.
  • Hardware-Wallet: Hardware wallets offer the highest level of security on your crypto funds. Not only are the funds kept offline, but to transfer funds you need to physically enter your PIN onto the device. On the flip side, hardware wallets are the least convenient when it comes to transfers. Some providers will offer a few of these, like the exodus wallet as a mobile, desktop and hardware wallet.

Custodian or Non-Custodian

There are two types of crypto wallets that are available: custodian and non-custodian wallets. They differ solely in the sense that custodian wallets are responsible for keeping your cryptocurrencies safe in the wallets, whereas when you use a non-custodian wallet, the onus is on you to keep the crypto you store in the wallet safe and sound. In other words, when you use a custodian wallet, you don’t need to worry about storage as this role is reversed for the entity behind the wallet.


Most crypto wallets only offer the bare minimum when it comes to services, in that they allow you to store your crypto safely with them, and transfer it whenever you wish to do so. However, some wallets also facilitate staking, lending, yield farming and swapping.

The best wallets should offer a range of features that make it easy for you to access different DeFi use cases.

Supported Coins

This is an important consideration to make, as some online wallets only support Bitcoin. As such, if you then decided to buy Ethereum or Litecoin, you would need to obtain a secondary wallet. This is why the top crypto wallets offer support for heaps of other digital coins. In the case of our top-rated UK wallet provider Coinbase, you can store over 200 different cryptocurrencies. This allows you to build a diverse portfolio of digital assets and keep all of your coins in a single wallet.

How Did Our Experts Choose the Best UK Crypto Wallet

The crypto wallet has become an indispensable tool for crypto investors who want to store, monitor and access their digital assets at any time. With the development of the crypto industry, plenty of options have appeared on the market, each with their own features and capabilities.

You’re probably wondering which one is best crypto wallet UK for you. When it comes to choosing a crypto wallet, there are some crucial aspects that we analyse thoroughly and that should not be overlooked.

Firstly, one of the most important features of a crypto wallet is security. We carefully evaluate security features such as encryption protocols and secure key storage. We also make sure that the measures in place are robust and can protect your assets from unauthorised access. Another aspect we consider is fees. There are many wallets out there that charge a fee to use, so it’s important to know all the details to make the right choice for your needs.

We also don’t neglect the presence of an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which often makes all the difference. We select wallets that offer a simple user experience, transparent trading procedures and are easy to use according to your preferences.

How to Set Up a Best Wallet Crypto Wallet in the UK

Step 1: Sign up to waiting list

Best Wallet

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.

To access Best Wallet when it is fully-developed, you will need to sign up to the waiting list which is available on the official Best wallet website.

To sign up, simply enter your email address. You can also join the projects Telegram, Discord and Twitter channels to keep updated on development.

Step 2: Create your Best Wallet account

When development is completed, you will be able to create your own Best Wallet account. You can access Best Wallet on your mobile phone and desktop however, we recommended using a desktop device for the initial sign up process.

As a decentralized wallet, Best Wallet does not require any proof of ID. Therefore, you can sign up with just an email address and password.

Step 3: Download Best Wallet app

After creating your wallet, download the Best Wallet app on your mobile phone. The app will be available on all major app stores and will allow you to manage your portfolio on the go.

Best Wallet App

The Best Wallet app is easy to use and includes every feature that is offered by the desktop version of the platform. This means that users can trade, swap, and learn about cryptos all from their phone.

Step 4: Trade cryptos

After downloading the app, take some time to explore the various features that are offered by Best Wallet. It is also possible to transfer existing cryptos that you own over to the wallet so that you can store all of your crypto in one place.

After becoming accustomed with the Best Wallet app, you can start trading, swapping and staking cryptos.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.


Choosing a reliable crypto wallet is essential for the security of your funds. The last thing you want is to lose access to them, or to not be comfortable operating with your funds. To help you make the right choice, we have published this page.

To get the most out of the information presented on this page, we recommend you carefully analyze each crypto wallet analyzed by our experts. In this way, you will be able to make the right choice in terms of safety, reliability and convenience of the crypto wallet.

Cryptoassets are highly volatile. Please make sure that you can afford to lose your investment.


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Nishit Kumar Finance Writer and Analyst

Nishit Kumar Finance Writer and Analyst

Nishit is a NGL Trader Analyst at Akari Trading. He has also worked as an analyst for Morgan Stanley and Onyx Commodities.

Before starting his career in finance, Nishit studied at the University of Warick where he was an active member of the Hedge Fund society. Due to his qualifications and experience, Nishit is considered an industry expert and enjoys writing content that could help traders to make informed decisions.

As well as writing, Nishit worked as Associate Editor for The Economic Transcript until 2021. He has also written for Newsweek and has good knowledge of current events that could affect the financial markets.