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Among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Cardano ranked sixth with a valuation of $11.7 billion, trailing only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, and XRP.

Here is a guide on how to buy Cardano in 2023 in the UK. For more information about the potential price of the token, take a look at our Cardano price prediction article. 

Where to Buy Cardano UK – List

  1. eToro – Overall Best Broker to Buy Cardano UK
  2. OKX– The Best Platform For Buy Cardno For Beginners and Experienced Traders With Low Commissions
  3. – Best Trading Platform With An Integrated DeFi wallet To Buy ADA UK
  4. Alvexo – Best Platform To Buy ADA For All Traders In The UK
  5. Margex – Best Platform For Beginners With Educational Material For Crypto Trading UK
  6. Huobi – Excellent Trading Platform to Buy ADA in the UK
  7. Binance – Best Cardano Broker for Asset Diversity and Low Fees
  8. Coinbase – Best Exchange to Buy Cardano for Beginners
  9. Kraken – Good Option for Trading Cardano (ADA) in the UK
  10. Coinjar – Great platform to buy ADA in the UK

Where to Buy Cardano UK – Step by Step Guide 2023

Right now there are some options in order to get Cardano in the UK by using trading platforms like:

1. eToro – Overall Best Broker to Buy Cardano UK

buy cardanoA pioneer in the area of copy trading, it allows traders to trade based on their own strategies or copy strategies tracked by other traders; it charges 0% commission on stocks, and there are no management fees when copying or investing in portfolios of other traders.

eToro serves UK clients through a unit regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australians through an Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)-regulated entity. All other customers are served by a Cypriot unit that is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

how to buy cardano

Their headquarters are located right now in Israel. From there they started to move on to expand their reach acquiring offices in Cyprus and the U.K. It was established in Tel Aviv by brothers Yoni Assia (current CEO) and Ronen Assia with the help of David Ring around 2007. They grew to become one of the world’s leading social investment networks through clever marketing and developing an extremely user-friendly trading platform.

eToro fees

Fee Amount
Commodities trading fee Spread, starting from 2 pips
Forex trading fee Spread, 2.1 pips for GBP/USD
Crypto trading fee Spread, 0.75% for Bitcoin
Inactivity fee $10 a month after one year
Withdrawal fee $5

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

2. OKX- The Best Platform For Buy Cardno For Beginners and Experienced Traders With Low Commissions

OKX can be an excellent platform for all kinds of traders. Thanks to its Blockchain technology, it allows all users to trade, buy and sell their cryptocurrencies securely.

For beginner users who do not know how to employ advanced trading strategies, this platform has educational material that will help them clear all doubts and expand their knowledge along with news about the market. Its main objective is to eliminate barriers and help users who want to buy and trade with Cardano to do so on a safe and innovative platform such as OKX.

Regarding commissions, the platform may apply a commission of 0.10% for each transaction made. However, it is also necessary to know that depending on the deposit method, a commission may or may not be applied.

On OKX, you can also use Cardano as a cryptocurrency for mining and achieve great returns. It is also possible to bet your cryptocurrency here. It is important to emphasize that the platform has a wallet that can support about 36 digital assets.

OKX fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 0.10% per trade
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee Depends on account verification level

Your Money Is At Risk.

3. – Best Trading Platform With An Integrated DeFi wallet To Buy ADA UK

Since its founding in 2016, has become one of the fastest and most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the past few years, has grown thanks to several developers and a strong marketing team rapidly. As a result,’s token (CRO) can be exchanged for more than 250 different currencies, and those who own significant amounts of it are eligible for reasonable fees and discounts.

In addition to being connected to multiple digital wallets simultaneously, offers several ways to store digital assets, making it an ideal place to invest in cryptocurrencies. One of the best examples of this is the DeFi wallet. This app also allows users to earn rewards using tokens or coins, similar to those used by decentralized financial applications that rely on blockchain technology. home is among the most accessible cryptocurrency trading platforms because you only need to deposit $1 to open a crypto position. In addition to crypto trading, the platform provides derivative products so that anyone looking to leverage their position can do so. fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 0.04% maker and taker fees
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee According to the currency withdrawn. 0.0004 for ETH

Your money is at risk.

4. Alvexo – Best Platform To Buy ADA For All Traders In The UK

A trading environment that is friendly and convenient is the primary goal of this broker. Furthermore, they can learn new skills and things through such an endeavor. Alvexo founded the company in 2014, and it is based in Paris. Through Alvexo’s trading platform, traders can execute their orders quickly and efficiently.

You can trade CFDs online with Alvexo as a forex trader. Mobile applications and web-based platforms are available, similar to a stockbroker. CFD platforms like Alvexo deduct commissions from spreads on each asset. Various spreads are available for Classic Accounts. Even so, 2.9 pip spreads are still possible with the Classic Account. There is no additional charge for the spread.

alvexo solana view

Learn to trade and learn to learn with Alvexo. You can learn about trading signals, news, webinars, eBooks, economic calendars, and even watch financial web TV using the platform. Also, since CySEC has a reputation for security, traders can benefit from EU licensing and regulation of the platform.

Alvexo fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission
Inactivity fee US$10 per month after three months
Withdrawal fee Free

76.22% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

5. Margex – Best Platform For Beginners With Educational Material For Crypto Trading UK

Margex was founded in 2020 and provides cryptocurrency brokerage and trading services worldwide. Therefore, Seychelles is an ideal market for the launch of this platform. However, there is another important aspect you have to consider, besides the fact that KYC information isn’t required to operate the exchange.

Having access to your financial information from anywhere globally makes it convenient and keeps it private. As part of Margex’s security program, users can create a customized MP Shield with data encryption. In addition to this, the platform does not keep a record of crypto assets that have been subjected to price manipulation. To ensure the security of your account, withdrawals and deposits are secured through a variety of security options.

The verification of step two is not needed on other similar platforms. However, using the service without doing this will not get you some of the benefits.

Margex’s trading website offers an intuitive interface for learning about cryptocurrencies. Then you can begin trading right away. In addition, beginners can use useful reading material, such as articles and video guides, to succeed in cryptocurrency trading. A beginner cryptocurrency trader can use Margex’s website for informational purposes before trading immediately since it has a simple interface. In addition, there are articles and video guides available for beginners looking to make money in crypto trading.

Margex fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Maker Fee of 0.019% and a Taker Fee of 0.060
Inactivity fee Determined individually for each account
Withdrawal fee Approved Crypto Network Fees

Your Money Is At Risk.

6. Huobi – Excellent Trading Platform to Buy ADA in the UK

The company is based in Singapore and offers cryptocurrencies and financial services. Among Huobi’s many offerings are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. It also offers users the chance to participate in initial coin offerings (ICOs) before their mainstream launch. Huobi was founded in Beijing, China. After the Chinese government banned cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017, its presence in the market grew rapidly.

A more favorable crypto law regime led the company to move to Singapore. Over 355 different cryptocurrencies are supported by Huobi, making it the largest exchange in the world. Over five million people are active on the platform, representing 130 countries. Based on a daily trading volume measure derived from Coinmarketcap, Huobi ranks third on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Two other prominent exchanges are Coinbase and Bithumb.

Huobi has not experienced a security breach since it launched its company wallet. Our enviable record is the result of several strict security protocols. Additionally, Huobi’s crypto funds are not accessible to bad actors because they are stored in an off-chain cold storage facility, making it impossible to be hacked.

Huobi fees

Fee Amount
Crypto Trading 0.20%
Inactivity Fee Free
Withdrawal Fee 1%

Your Money Is At Risk.

7. Binance – Best Cardano Broker for Asset Diversity and Low Fees

where to buy cardano Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world according to trading volume. It is among the fastest platforms in the crypto market and provides a full suite of products to investors and traders. Changpeng Zhao founded Binance in 2017 and moved to Malta after leaving China.

They offer a wide array of trading features as an impressive selection of market charts of hundreds of cryptocurrencies to compare. Users can also access a variety of trading options including futures and options in order to select the best moment to invest.

buy cardano uk

Binance fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.1%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 0.80 EUR (SEPA bank transfer)

Your capital is at risk.

8. Coinbase – Best Exchange to Buy Cardano for Beginners

where can i buy cardanoIt is a US-based cryptocurrency broker/exchange where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The exchange is based in San Francisco. This is largely due to the broker’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

Established in 2012 by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam, it has since grown to accept investors from 32 countries. For beginners looking to trade or acquire cryptocurrencies, Coinbase exchange is the perfect place, because of how user-friendly it is as well as a good learning process in order to trade offering a lot of time to learn with a lot of educational content.

buy ada cardano

Coinbase fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.50%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 1.49% to a bank account

Your money is at risk

9. Kraken – Good Option for Trading Cardano (ADA) in the UK

where to buy cardano coinBased in San Francisco since 2011. By far, it is regarded as the most sophisticated, reputable, and secure cryptocurrency platform with a team of 11 professional traders in countries around North America, Europe and Asia.

Since it was founded, Kraken has done deals in total worth more than USD 140 billion, which placed Kraken in place 43 on the list of the crypto exchanges in the world right now allowing you to exchange fiat currencies such as USD, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and GBP into cryptocurrency and even can also exchange from one cryptocurrency into another of your preference.

It is one of the platforms and supports more than 50 different coins to buy, sell, and trade with competitive fees. It is a good tool for those that demand a fast execution, innovative features, exceptional support, and high security with the help of a mobile app that help people around the word to access into the crypto trading world without a laptop or computer, but it is important to that in order to achieve the best results in terms of trading you need to be an experienced trader who has the knowledge to use advance features.


how to buy cardano ada

Kraken fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee For sellers, commissions start at 1% per trade. Free for buyers
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee According to the currency withdrawn. 0.0005 for BTC

Your capital is at risk

10. Coinjar – Great platform to buy ADA in the UK

buy cardano adaFounded in 2013. This is an Australian crypto exchange that has expanded to the UK since 2014. The co-founders are Asher Tan (CEO) and Ryan Zhou (COO).

With this platform, you can buy, sell, store and spend digital currency easily and fast with the help of your own native cryptocurrency wallet plus an app that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

how to buy cardano uk

Coinjar fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Currently 0.2181%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee Depending on amount

Your capital is at risk

Best Cardano Platforms UK – Fee Comparison

Platform Crypto trading fee Inactivity fee Withdrawal fee
eToro Spread, 0.75% for Bitcoin $10 a month after one year $5 0.4% per trade Free Free
Alvexo Commission US$10 per month after three months Free
OKX 0.10% per trade Free Depends on account verification level
Margex Maker Fee of 0.019% and a Taker Fee of 0.060 Determined individually for each account Approved Crypto Network Fees
Huobi Commission, starting from 0.2% Free 0.2%
Binance Commission, starting from 0.1% Free 0.80 EUR (SEPA bank transfer)
Coinbase Commission, starting from 0.50% Free 1.49% to a bank account
Kraken For sellers, commissions start at 1% per trade. Free for buyers Free According to the currency withdrawn. 0.0005 for BTC
Coinjar Currently 0.2181% Free Depending on amount

What is Cardano

Cardano is a blockchain platform that was founded in 2015 and began trading publicly in October 2017. Its primary cryptocurrency or individual unit is called “ADA” named after Ada Lovelace a 19th-century mathematician who is recognized as the first computer programmer and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.

Ada is a digital currency. Any user, located anywhere in the world, can use ADA as a secure exchange of value – without requiring a third party to mediate the exchange. Every transaction is permanently, securely, and transparently recorded on the Cardano blockchain.

At its beginning, the price of each unit was a few cents but for January of 2022, the coin trades for more than $1.20 (£0,98). Cardano’s goal is to be the most environmentally sustainable blockchain platform and one of the quickest in the market because each ADA transaction requires confirmations, which take about 10 minutes to complete.

Why Buy Cardano

Cardano occupies the 6th spot on the global crypto rankings differing from other cryptocurrencies in several ways. So, if you have in mind the cutout intermediaries, and their associated costs, in fields such as finance and computing, giving owners an option to earn cryptocurrency without buying more, Cardano is a good choice. improving the speed and reducing the time of transactions.

Cardano is among several projects aiming to carry out a range of complex transactions without the help of a middleman such as a bank or a broker improving the speed and transaction time. If Cardano can grab a significant share of this market, demand for ADA cryptocurrency could rise — potentially increasing its value knowing that cryptocurrencies.

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Cardano

ADA traded at $1.16 per coin with growth potential and it can vary day after day depending on the amount of money movement. 

How to Buy Cardano with PayPal

In the UK or other countries, you won’t often see a brokerage accepting PayPal deposits, but if you like to use this option eToro accepts PayPal deposits with a small 0.5% fee to exchange your currency to USD buying Cardano in the UK from $50.

How to Buy Cardano with Bitcoin

Have you been thinking about buying Cardano ADA? Taking the first step, you must find a crypto exchange broker. Among the more popular and higher-rated platforms on the market, we recommend Etoro, one of several we have brought you in this guide. Below are the 4 easy steps you can take to get started.

  • Register an account with eToro: To open an account, you should go to the eToro website and follow the registration instructions.
  • Upload a valid ID: You’ll have to submit one or more valid identification cards like a driver’s license or passport as part of the registration process.
  • Make an initial deposit: Before you can begin trading, you must fund your account using a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). You can also do this by using a transfer from your bank account or by using one of the available electronic wallets.
  • Buy Cardano Coin: You can find the Cardano Coin price by searching for the ticker symbol “ADA” on the stock market website and starting to buy and sell the coin.

Buying Cardano Safely

The first thing to look for when buying Cardano is a top cryptocurrency app, exchange, or brokerage that trades the ADA coin, and also you need to look for exchanges that keep the majority of their assets offline in cold storage and even external security audits or third-party insurance against hacking.

It is important too:

  • Use platforms that charge lower fees and actual market prices.
  • Buy a wallet (optional): if you’re purchasing Cardano as an investment, then you’ll want to protect it by keeping it in a wallet.
    Your best bet for the most security is to purchase cold storage that won’t touch the internet (hardware wallet) and cannot be stolen that way such as Trezor or Ledger for large purchases and long-term holding. Alternatively, you can install mobile or desktop wallets such as Trust Wallet, Coinomi, or Atomic Wallet, as these allow you to retain custody of your assets.

But most importantly, keep in mind that whatever digital wallet you choose is compatible with the Cardano network and the exchange where you intend to buy the cryptocurrency. 

  • Plan your investment strategy: the best approach with cryptocurrency is to treat it as a long-term investment and for that, you need to answer a few questions: How often will you buy Cardano?  How much will you invest?  When do you plan to sell your Cardano?
  • Make your purchase: you can select a bank transfer, debit cards, credit cards, or even PayPal in some cases.

Once you have the funds in your exchange account, choose the amount of money you want to spend on Cardano. The exchange platform will show you a preview of the transaction with the fees and the amount of Cardano you’ll receive in order to purchase.

Risks of Buying Cardano

The cryptocurrency market has historically been prone to rapid shifts in value, and Cardano is no exception. Generally, if you’re investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s best to keep them in a small cluster of high-risk investments in your portfolio. 

It is important to understand each of the costs. It’s also a good idea to test out what exchange rate you’re offered on various platforms to make sure you’re getting the best deal because you have deposit fees (credit card deposits), trading fees (maker/taker percentage), and withdrawal fees (steep fee when the person wants to withdraw their assets).

So, you need to make sure to do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency, as they are very volatile assets.

Be aware that using high-interest debt such as a credit card to buy cryptocurrency is especially risky especially if your investments lose money because at the end of the day you could find yourself with significant interest payments and no way to pay back all the fees and debts.

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Selling Cardano

It depends on the trading platform that you are using. For example, if you use Kraken you can sell Cardano with a few steps almost similar to the buying process and equal in other platforms:

  • Create an email address, username, and a strong password.
  • Verify your account providing your name, birth date, country of residence, and phone number.
  • You will need a deposit address in your account (Kraken, Binance,…) if you want to sell ADA for another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin transferring the token to any cryptocurrency wallet address. But if the idea is to sell ADA for a more traditional currency (GBP – EUR – US) you need to send to the corresponding platform identification and proof-of-residence documents.
  • Once the documentation is received you can open begin the sell filling out the order form, selling the ADA, and checking the charts to time the market in order to select the best possible trading times

Cardano Price Prediction

The current market sentiment of cryptocurrency seems to be bullish but it can be affected by a number of factors, including regulatory crackdowns and comments by high-profile individuals. Even, the price of Bitcoin within the coming weeks can affect the cryptocurrency market including Cardano, because if Bitcoin can revisit all-time highs and trend in the upwards direction an increase in the crypto market cap can be expected meaning that the price can rise as well as fall.

Some portals as CoinPriceForecast estimate that Cardano will hit $1.43 by the end of 2022 – up from its $1.34 prediction for mid-year, which means a 13% rise, and even the coin forecaster projects that it will hit $2.67 by the end of 2024 and maybe $9,22 in the next five years.

Where and How to Buy Cardano

You can buy Cardano on many exchanges including eToro, Coinbase, among many others.

Most top crypto brokers and exchanges also have trading apps, making it easy to buy Cardano from your phone, but it is important to check if there are some options to buy Cardano in some popular payment apps like PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp because in some cases they don’t.

Best Way to Buy Cardano UK – eToro Tutorial

Step 1: Open an Account

Create an account on eToro’s website. It is also possible to sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

etoro sign up

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Step 2: Upload Your ID

You will need to provide some documentation to prove your name (first and last name), home address, date of birth, and contact details. To confirm your personal information, you can send a copy of your driving license or passport. For your proof of address, you can use a recent bank statement, tax letter, or utility bill.

etoro verify identity

Step 3: Deposit Funds

To buy Cardano in the UK, you need to have money in your broker account. Select a deposit method from the list. At eToro, this includes a credit/debit card (Visa / Mastercard), bank transfer, or e-wallet (Paypal, Neteller). Finally, confirm how much you would like to add.

etoro deposit funds

Step 4: Buy Cardano

Either go to the ‘Trade Markets’ section or type Cardano into the search box. Once found, you can click on it to reveal an order box needed to buy Cardano in the UK. You can click ‘Trade’ and place a buy order with the amount you want to purchase. Check all the information entered before confirming by clicking ‘Open Trade’. At this point, the platform will act on your order immediately.

On eToro, you can easily see the Cardano price, chart, conversations, and fees in order to see its price history through a chart and get an idea of a price prediction for the future.

In the case of using eToro, you won’t have to worry about downloading a crypto wallet. It will keep the majority of your investment safe in cold storage. 

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


In light of its strong fundamentals and sharp development, Cardano has risen to the fifth-most popular cryptocurrency in the world. However much or how little you may agree with its model, its current specifications demonstrate that it has a very solid base of users and has a strong community that backs it.

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that has been in existence for a long time, and you won’t have difficulty finding a place to buy it. As the number of crypto investors gets bigger and more prominent, the ease with which retail investors can join in increases as well.

Have you ever considered investing in Cardano Coins? Cardano Coin can now be purchased via eToro – simply click the button below and begin investing in the Cardano Coin today.

eToro – Best Crypto Exchange to Buy Cardano in the UK With 0% Commission

etoro logo

79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


What is Cardano?

Cardano is a cryptocurrency project responsible for transferring ADA between accounts, recording transactions, and moving funds.

Who created Cardano?

It was launched in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson - one of the co-founders of Ethereum.

What is the market cap of ADA?

This value is variable and depends on the ADA's price but you can find that with a price of 1.06 USD the market capitalization is 36,442,976,919 USD with the circulating supply of 34,160,878,921 ADA.

Do I need a crypto wallet to buy Cardano?

It is not necessary, because in some cases the buy/ sell/ exchanges platforms like eToro can offer you their own wallet, but if you wish you can have a hot wallet or a cold wallet depending on your Cardano cash movement.

Can I buy ADA in the UK?

There are many ways available. For example, you can use a debit card. However, it’s important to note that if a debit card is your preferred way to buy Cardano, any regulated brokerage will need your proof of identification and residential address before going ahead. Credit cards can also be used on some online platforms, but a ‘cash advance fee’ can come attached with this payment method. For that reason, it is necessary to check the fee table at your chosen brokerage. On the other hand, an online Cryptocurrency broker is undoubtedly the safest option to buy Cardano in the UK, especially in the case of newbie investors. In a regulated platform, you can usually go straight to the brokerage, which acts as a mediator between you and your chosen market and can even help you trade some of your existing digital assets. Moreover, by choosing a regulated online broker, you not only have the assurance that the company is operating within rules and sticks to strict standards – but you can usually rely on the provider to store the majority of your investment in cold storage, which can give you the protection that you need especially with the online hackers.

How much money do I need to buy Cardano in the United Kingdom?

If you use brokers or trading platforms like eToro you have a minimum first deposit of $10 USD. After that, there is a minimum deposit amount of $50 USD, but if you deposit funds via Bank Transfer the amount must be at least $500 USD. You need to have in mind the fees and the ADA’s price can change day by day and for the same reason, you need to constantly check the price using charts in order to make a good investment.

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