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Ripple is a blockchain based digital payments protocol that provides real-time gross settlements and international remittances through a network of global financial institutions. The company enables frictionless cross-border money transfer and over the last 2 years has expanded its payment network in over 55 countries across 6 continents. Ripple Labs is utilising the native XRP token to facilitate faster and more cost-efficient money transfers worldwide.

Most recently the SEC claimed that Ripple Labs has created and distributed illegal securities, while XRP’s developers claim that the coin is the same as any other token, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A long standing court case was on-going since 2020, however, in July 2023 Ripple won the case deeming that the XRP token is not a security. The price of XRP was flatlined ranging between $0.22 – $0.46, however, upon the case ending XRP quickly rose to $0.90. At the current time the XRP price is ranging between $0.60 – $0.70.

Ripple Labs’ global payment network is ever-expanding, and with the success of their court case there is less pressure on banks and financial institutions worldwide to join it. Their global remittance network cuts payment processing costs by 90% and many central banks are seeing XRP as a primary mechanism for the new age of digital banking.

This guide aims to assist UK residents with the information on which are the best platforms to purchase XRP.

In This Guide

Best Platforms to Buy XRP in The UK

  1. Coinbase:

    Coinbase is a beginner-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading over 200 cryptocurrencies, including XRP, in the UK. It offers a user-friendly interface and various payment methods. However, it lacks advanced charting tools, which may not be suitable for experienced traders.

  2. OKX:

    OKX is an innovative platform for buying Ripple in the UK. It provides access to various cryptocurrencies, offers basic and margin trading options, and has educational resources for beginners. OKX simplifies the deposit process and is suitable for both new and experienced traders.

  3. Crypto.com:

    Crypto.com is a secure and rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange with a native DeFi wallet. It offers multiple ways to store digital assets and allows trading with as little as a $1 deposit. The platform also provides access to derivative products, making it versatile for traders.

  4. Revolut:

    Revolut is mobile banking application that provides cryptocurrency trading services. Users can buy and sell 80+ cryptocurrencies including XRP using 36 different fiat currencies. It provides a perfect balance of being a bank account and crypto brokerage to trade digital assets. Users trade fiat and crypto directly, meaning there is no stringent process withdrawing funds into local currency.

  5. Margex:

    Margex is a cryptocurrency brokerage and trading platform known for its low fees. It offers a user-friendly interface, educational materials for beginners, and emphasizes security with encryption and withdrawal safeguards.

  6. Huobi:

    Huobi is based in Singapore and offers access to over 350 cryptocurrencies, including XRP. It accommodates both new and experienced traders and provides a secure crypto wallet.

  7. Binance:

    Binance is a globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange that supports XRP trading in the UK. It offers advanced trading features and the option to buy XRP with a credit card. Binance also provides a secure wallet for storing Ripple.

  8. Coinjar:

    Coinjar is a UK-based exchange suitable for long-term XRP investors. It offers low overnight fees and commissions. Users can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 through the website or mobile app.

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Best Platforms to Buy XRP in the UK May 2024 Ranked & Reviewed

Below, we have reviewed the best platforms to consider when investing in Ripple (XRP). Each platform offers different pros and cons and will be suited to different types of investors. Once you have decided on a platform, scroll down to find out how to buy Ripple (XRP) in the UK.

Our research process – How we found the best XRP trading platforms

We used the following criteria to find the best XRP trading platforms to buy XRP in the UK. We looked at platform features, fees, demo trading accounts, regulation and customer services to find platforms that are most suitable for UK traders.

XRP trading fees:

Crypto trading fees are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a platform to buy XRP. Brokers can charge either a commission or spreads. Commissions are a brokerage fee that is usually calculated as a percentage of your trade. Spreads are the difference between the bid and ask price of an asset. Low fees are ideal for buying XRP in the UK because it is easier to make a profit. When spreads or commissions are high, it will cost you more to place a trade.

Charting tools: 

To buy XRP in the UK, traders must first conduct technical analysis. Charting tools can be very helpful for this as they provide users with indicators, signals and other useful features. We looked for platforms that are compatible with a variety of charting tools such as MT4, MT5 and TradingView.

Crypto wallet:

The most secure to store cryptocurrencies is in a decentralized crypto wallet. The best platforms to buy XRP in the UK have their own native wallet that traders can use seamlessly after buying cryptos. Using a wallet allows traders to access dApps, crypto staking, crypto lending and other offerings.

Educational resources: 

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class with a very volatile market. The best XRP brokers will provide users with educational resources that can be used to learn more about this emerging industry. Some of the platforms that we reviewed offer courses, webinars and research papers. Understanding the crypto market is a good way to make more informed trading decisions.

Financial instruments:

To minimize risk it is a good idea to build a diverse portfolio, which means investing in other tokens, as well as XRP. To facilitate this, crypto exchanges should support a variety of crypto assets. During our research we found some platforms that support over 200 cryptocurrencies including new cryptos.

User-friendly interface: 

The best crypto brokers should provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to naviagte the features available. This is particularly important to beginners who may find advanced platforms daunting.

1. Coinbase – Beginner-friendly crypto trading platform with native crypto wallet

buy xrp on coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most trusted crypto trading platforms that can be used to buy, sell and trade over 200 different crypto assets. The trading platform has a seamless user-interface that can be accessed on desktop or via mobile app.

Coinbase was established in 2012 and is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ exchange. It is the largest publicly traded crypto company and provides a secure, transparent and compliant way for users to purchase cryptocurrency. The app offers an extensive range of educational resources as well as an easy to navigate dashboard that simplifies the crypto trading process.

If you’re looking to buy XRP in the UK, you can do so in minutes through Coinbase. It is possible to buy cryptos with credit card, debit card, bank transfer and Coinbase provides free and instant deposits for UK customers. Trader can also swap existing cryptos owned for XRP by sending tokens to the Coinbase wallet, and conducting a crypto-to-crypto trade.

buy ripple uk

When searching for XRP on Coinbase, users are provided with real-time data, trading information and market stats. The platform also displays news information and covers social media highlights to give users a broader idea of the current market sentiment.

The main drawback of buying XRP on Coinbase is that the spread can be slightly higher than other platforms. Coinbase also charges 3.99% if buying and selling crypto with fiat currency using a debit card, and 1% if withdrawing crypto to fiat. The platform is also limited in the charting analysis tools it provides which is not so favourable for experienced traders who want to conduct technical analysis.

Coinbase fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 3.99%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 1%

2. OKX – One Of The Most Innovative Platforms To Buy Ripple in the UK, stake XRP for passive rewards

buy xrp on okxIt’s time to talk about OKX. This platform has access to the best cryptocurrencies on the market, such as Ripple. OKX is at the forefront of cryptocurrencies, which is why it constantly updates its offer of cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

On the home page of the platform, there are two ways to trade Ripple or any other cryptocurrency, the first is “Basic Trading,” which are simple operations that do not represent any complexity and the second option is “Margin Trading,” which is a function that allows you to implement leverage to generate higher income.

buy xrp on okx

If you are a beginner in OKX, you can use functionality that allows you to practice with cryptocurrencies without risking your capital. In addition, the platform offers a whole section for beginners to learn and better understand cryptocurrency trading. This section is called Academy, and you can find tutorials, news, and a complete glossary about the blockchain.

If you are interested in buying Ripple on this platform, you should know that the deposit process is very simple and can be completed using a debit or credit card. Depending on the type of verified account will be the minimum deposit, although the ideal would be to deposit $ 50.

OKX fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 0.10% per trade
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee Depends on account verification level

Your money is at risk.

3. Crypto.com – Best Trading Platform With An Integrated DeFi wallet To Buy XRP UK

where to buy xrp

Since its founding in 2016, Crypto.com has grown into one of the fastest, most secure cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. Thanks to a strong marketing team and several developers, Crypto.com has grown rapidly over the past few years. Crypto.com’s token (CRO) can be traded in over 250 different currencies, and holders of the token are eligible for reasonable fees and discounts.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is easier with Crypto.com since it offers several ways to store digital assets. Crypto.com accounts can be linked to numerous digital wallets simultaneously. Defi wallet is a good example. This app will also offer users rewards through tokens and coins, similar to those used with decentralized financial apps built on blockchain technology.

buy xrp on crypto.com

A $1 deposit is all it takes to open a position on Crypto.com, one of the most accessible cryptocurrency trading platforms. Aside from cryptocurrency trading, the platform also offers derivative products, allowing anyone interested in leveraging their position on the platform to do so.

Crypto.com fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 0.4% per trade
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee Free

Your Money Is At Risk.

4. Revolut – Buy XRP on a regulated platform with 36 different fiat currencies

Revolut is a neobank and provides users with an all-in-one money management mobile application with several features. The platform supports over 36 fiat currencies and users are able to buy, sell and trade over 80 cryptocurrencies using the app.

Being a mobile banking application, Revolut allows users to top-up their balance quite easily via debit card or bank transfer. It is a convenient way that allows users to trade in and out of crypto assets with fiat currency. Revolut is not as functional as crypto exchange platforms as they do not provide crypto-to-crypto swaps such as trading with the BTC/XRP pair. However, for users only wishing to trade in and out of crypto using fiat currency, Revolut provides an efficient service as it is provides a balance of being a bank account and a crypto brokerage.

Regarding the crypto section user-interface it is quite simple in design and easy to navigate. The features are quite user-friendly, buying and selling cryptocurrency can be conducted within a few clicks. Revolut has slightly higher fees than traditional crypto exchanges and charge the higher of £1.49 or 1.49% of the transaction. Customers who have upgraded their Revolut to a premium plan can lower the crypto trading fee to 0.49%.

For users wishing to buy Ripple with fiat Revolut is a quick method without the long steps of depositing money onto an exchange and having to wait for banking processing time for transfers. Albeit the slightly higher fees, Revolut is a convenient way to own XRP and easily being able to swap it for fiat straight into a bank account.

Revolut fees:

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee The higher of £1.49 or 1.49%
Inactivity fee None
Withdrawal fee Free

Your Money Is At Risk.

5. Margex – Trade cryptos quickly in the UK, buy XRP with low fees

buy xrp on margex

The company has been providing cryptocurrency brokerage and trading services worldwide since it was founded in 2020. That is the reason why the market conditions are favorable for the launch of this platform in Seychelles. However, it is important to keep in mind that, apart from the fact that KYC information is not necessary to operate the exchange, there is another important aspect that you need to consider.

Accessible from any location around the world makes it more convenient and helps keep your financial information secure. Margex’s security program lets users create a personalized MP Shield (Listener Protection Shield) with data encryption to protect themselves from financial risks. A final note should be made about a platform that does not keep a record of crypto assets manipulated in terms of liquidity trading pairs. There are several options available to ensure the safety of your account during withdrawals and deposits.

how to buy xrp margex

Moreover, you do not have to verify step two on similar platforms for the process to proceed. In any case, you will be unable to utilize and gain some of the service’s benefits if you do not do this.

A novice cryptocurrency trader might find Margex’s trading website easy to use to gather information. Then they could start trading immediately. To achieve profits in crypto trading, beginners can also use reading materials, such as articles and video guides. You can use Margex’s trading website for informational purposes before you begin trading cryptocurrency immediately since it has an easy-to-use interface for beginners. There is plenty of useful reading material for beginners wishing to succeed in crypto trading, including articles and video guides.

Margex fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Maker Fee of 0.019% and a Taker Fee of 0.060
Inactivity fee Determined individually for each account
Withdrawal fee Approved Crypto Network Fees

Your Money Is At Risk.

6. Huobi – Excellent trading platform to buy XRP, and 350 types of crypto, in the UK

buy xrp on huobi

Located in Singapore, Huobi provides cryptocurrency exchange services and online financial services. Huobi is an exchange that offers users access to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP and an opportunity to participate in initial coin offerings (ICOs) before they become mainstream. Huobi was established in Beijing, China. Since the government expelled cryptocurrency exchanges from the Chinese market in 2017, its presence on the market has grown rapidly.

A favorable crypto law regime led the company to move to Singapore. The largest crypto exchange globally, Huobi offers over 355 types of cryptocurrency. More than 5 million active users are represented in 130 countries on the platform. Using Coinmarketcap’s daily trading volume measurement, Huobi ranks third among cryptocurrency exchanges.

where to buy xrp on huobi

It is because of this accessibility that Huobi has become so popular. Besides, it allows both new traders as well as experienced traders to utilize it at the same time.

After you have completed the account setup process, you will only have to wait about two minutes for it to be complete. Similarly, you should be able to do it easily, so please do not hesitate to do it.

In the years since Huobi launched its company wallets, it has never experienced a security breach. This security record has been made possible by several strict security protocols. Apart from this, Huobi’s crypto assets are not accessible to bad actors as they are stored in an off-chain cold storage facility, making it nearly impossible for them to be hacked.

Huobi fees

Fee Amount
Crypto Trading 0.20%
Inactivity Fee Free
Withdrawal Fee 1%

Your Money Is At Risk.

7. Binance – Well-known crypto exchange for buying XRP in the UK, buy ripple on a trusted platform

how to buy xrp

Binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK to buy Ripple. According to its reputation, selection of assets, liquidity, volume of trading, and features and trading tools, this is one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ripple can be purchased using Binance’s advanced trading platform, or you can use a credit card or debit card to make a one-time purchase. That is why Binance is the perfect platform for advanced traders, as well as less experienced traders who would simply like to buy Ripple and hold it.

To purchase Ripple once, you’ll need to sign up for Binance and choose Buy Crypto from the top menu bar. XRP can then be found there, the amount can be set, and your credit or debit card details can be entered.

Beginner investors will find the Basic Binance platform most beneficial, whereas active day traders looking for access to a high-quality platform will find Binance among the best. In addition, you can view real-time buyers and sellers in a particular market on the Binance platform, as well as a level 2 order book that allows you to see the quality material that Binance offers.

should i buy xrp

Furthermore, Binance also offers a wallet for storing Ripple coins, called TrustWallet. You can store your cryptocurrency investment in Binance’s official Trust Wallet once you have purchased Ripple on the Binance platform. Wallet apps are considered safe and are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Overall, Binance is probably the best all-around trading platform. The exchange offers many advantages over other cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bitstamp, CoinIn addition to offering the ability to buy digital assets, Binance provides an advanced trading platform for XRP trading and the ability to store Ripple on the XRP wallet. On the XRP wallet.

Binance fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.1%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 0.80 EUR (SEPA bank transfer)

Your Money Is At Risk.

8. Coinjar – Best XRP Exchange UK for Long-Term Investors, low overnight fees and commissions

buy xrp on coinjar

Over the years, Coinjar has received many awards for its global cryptocurrency platforms, such as Best Small Business and Best New Business. This broker is still the biggest digital currency broker even though it has just entered the Australian market. Users of Coinjar will be able to purchase and sell Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Through the website, one can exchange cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, convenient for busy people. Moreover, Coinjar can purchase cryptocurrencies through its platform and provide a full-featured Bitcoin wallet in the United Kingdom. The Coinjar app can currently be used on both iOS and Android devices.

best crypto buying platform for buying xrp

You can find all the features laid out and optimized to fit your specific operating system, making this a very easy application. Upon installation, your cryptos will be sent to your wallet address as soon as the app has been installed.

Coinjar Fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Currently 0.2181%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee Depending on amount

Your money is at risk.

Where to Buy XRP UK – Platform Comparison Fees

Platform Crypto trading fee Inactivity fee Withdrawal fee
Crypto.com 0.4% per trade Free Free
Coinbase 3.99% Free 1% + network fee
OKX 0.10% per trade Free Depends on account verification level
Margex Maker Fee of 0.019% and a Taker Fee of 0.060 Determined individually for each account Approved Crypto Network Fees
Huobi Commission, starting from 0.2% Free 0.2%
Binance Commission, starting from 0.1% Free 0.80 EUR (SEPA bank transfer)
Coinbase Commission, starting from 0.50% Free 1.49% to a bank account
Coinjar Currently 0.2181% Free Depending on amount

How to Buy XRP with Coinbase in The UK– Step by Step Guide May2024

Coinbase offers a social trading network, a fixed spreads trading platform, and an advanced crypto trading platform, so it is the best place today to buy Ripple in the UK. In just four steps, you’ll find out how to buy Ripple using Coinbase.

buy xrp gbp

 Step 1: Open an Account

Visit the homepage of Coinbase and click ‘Create account.’ Enter a username and password to create an account, or sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

sign up to coinbase buy ripple xrp

Your money is at risk.

Coinbase requires your identity to be verified to comply with UK anti-money laundering regulations. This step can be completed online by uploading a copy of your driver’s license or passport photo page, as well as a recent bill or financial statement showing your current address.

Step 2: Upload ID

It is not possible to trade until you verify your identity with Coinbase. Due to their regulation, the broker must conduct the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. In addition to your personal information, you must also upload documentation verifying your identity and financial background. That includes identity and address proof.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

You’ll need to wait a few days for your account to be verified at Coinbase, but once it’s approved, you can deposit money. UK investors need to fund Coinbase with a minimum of 1 USD, using a debit card or bank wire transfer.

Step 4: Buy XRP UK

In your dashboard, search for Ripple and click the ‘Buy & Sell’ button once you have funds in your account. It is also possible to navigate to the XRP instrument page by clicking on the result that pops up. You can then buy XRP with your payment method or swap existing cryptos for XRP in your trading account.

Your money is at risk.

The order box appears now. Your trade amount and order type need to be entered here. You can either choose to execute a market order that gives an instant execution or choose to execute a limit order that allows you to set the execution price.

What is XRP?

how to buy xrp ripple

Payments and currency transfers are made possible by the ripple system. Ripple acts as a trusted intermediary between two parties in a transaction since it can verify a transaction’s integrity quickly. With Ripple, you can exchange fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, including gold.

According to Pat White, CEO of Bitwave, many people believed Ripple was intended to replace SWIFT [a leading money transfer network] and replace the settlement layer between major financial institutions.

Whenever a user transacts in XRP, a cryptocurrency, they pay a fee.

According to El Lee, board member of Onchain Custodian, Ripple’s standard transfer fee is set at 0.00001 XRP, which is a small fee by comparison with how much banks charge for dealing with cross-border transactions. XRP tokens, for example, were worth $1.38 in late April 2021, which meant the transaction fee was just $0.0001378.

It is important to note that ripple trading is temporarily suspended. Therefore, Ripple can’t be traded in the US. However, other countries are still permitted to trade Ripple.

Why Buy XRP?

Traders and investors in the UK and worldwide have been paying increasing attention to Ripple. In terms of price, XRP still has a modest value – around 46 pence, compared to Bitcoin’s over £14,000 – but there are so many on the market that it has grown to be the third-largest digital currency by market capitalization. Ripple’s market cap today exceeds £20.7 billion.

Ripple is not a good investment due to its price alone, even if you only have a small amount to invest. However, there are several reasons why Ripple is worth considering for UK cryptocurrency trading and investing.

The most important reason is that Ripple is based on a payments system. Dealing with the firehose of daily transactions in the world economy is one of the biggest challenges impeding the widespread adoption of digital assets. For example, credit card companies process an average of 5,000 transactions per second.

It is important to note that transactions made through the Ripple payment system are significantly faster than those made through Bitcoin or Ethereum. The Ripple network is capable of performing approximately 1,500 transactions per second, compared with Bitcoin’s 7 and Ethereum’s 15 transactions per second. The XRP coin could benefit from Ripple’s liquidity for traditional financial applications.

Ripple has already demonstrated its ability to compete internationally. The Ripple platform is used by more than 200 financial institutions worldwide to facilitate cross-bank transactions and cross-border payments. Using Ripple, banks save over £400,000 per year on average by processing payments that normally take a significant amount of time.

Your money is at risk.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy XRP UK?

Most cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK offer XRP for sale. However, there can be significant differences in fee structures between exchanges, so be sure to read the fine print.

Ripple transactions typically involve a spread of 0.5% to 1.5%. The cost of buying Ripple and selling it ranges between 1% and 3%.

buy xrp in the uk

Buying Ripple can be more expensive with some exchanges’ lower spreads but higher other fees. For instance, when you buy XRP on Coinbase, the spread is around 0.50%, and the flat fee ranges from £0.99 to £2.99 depending on how much you purchase.

How to Buy XRP with Bitcoin

If you already have this digital currency, Ripple can be purchased using Bitcoin. In addition, with most UK Bitcoin exchanges, you can convert Bitcoin to Ripple (or any other cryptocurrency) for just a spread, without additional fees.

Ripple can be converted into Bitcoin by going to your exchange account and buying it there. Your Bitcoins will automatically be used to purchase Ripple if you only have Bitcoins in your account. You can choose whether to buy XRP with Bitcoin or fiat currencies if you have both on your account.

Can You Buy XRP On Coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges that supports over 250 different crypto assets. However, the major exchange de-listed XRP from its platform in 2021 after the SEC filed a case against Ripple Labs. As a result, it is not currently possible to buy XRP on Coinbase.

It is possible to purchase other crypto assets through Coinbase that can be swapped for XRP though an alternative exchange. However, the process of doing this is time consuming and may involve high network fees. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a different exchange that allows you to purchase XRP directly.

It is not known whether Coinbase will ever re-list XRP. Some sources claim that the exchange will re-list the asset if it wins the case against the SEC, which has been ongoing since 2021. In the meantime, we recommended using Coinbase to purchase XRP.

What is the most convenient place to buy XRP in the UK?

Our experts have analyzed the most popular platforms that can be used to buy and sell XRP. In particular, they have analyzed all types of fees and commissions applied. So, from an objective point of view, the most convenient for the investor is to buy XRP on OKX or Crypto.com (as these platforms apply the lowest trading fees).

At the same time, identifying the best platform to buy XRP is up to each user’s individual choice, as each XRP trading platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. When analyzing XRP trading platforms, Trading Platforms Experts, in addition to analyzing the fees and commissions charged, also analyze the speed of deposits and withdrawals, as well as how friendly the deposit and withdrawal limits are.

Buying XRP Safely in the UK

When buying and selling cryptocurrencies, safety should always be your primary concern. Ripple is a well-known cryptocurrency with a large global user base. Using an established cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase, is the most reliable way to buy Ripple in the UK Make sure a financial regulator like the UK regulates your exchange. Financial Conduct Authority.

A cryptocurrency wallet is required to hold Ripple. Most cryptocurrencies exchanges provide you with a wallet that works like a traditional brokerage account. However, you must use a secure exchange to protect your clients’ wallets. As self-managed wallets are more vulnerable to theft, attack, and loss, we recommend against creating and managing your own.

Risks of Buying XRP in the UK

Buying Ripple involves risk, just like investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Ripple’s value varies widely depending on how traders and investors value it. Cryptocurrency market news and developments also greatly influence its value. Ripple’s price can fluctuate sharply with little notice due to its high volatility.

Ripple’s promise may not be fulfilled over the long term. Although this digital asset has an advantage in building a network of mainstream financial institutions, many startup cryptocurrencies can speed up cross-border payments. Moreover, while Ripple offers much faster transactions than Bitcoin, Bitcoin still has a much broader recognition and is accepted by many small and large companies.

UK traders should be cautious when investing in Ripple because of all these factors. However, Ripple has a lot to offer and quickly gains popularity and attention. Despite this, there is no guarantee of a coin’s future if the cryptocurrency world has shown anything.

Your money is at risk.

Selling XRP

It’s largely the same process as buying Ripple when you want to sell it. First, you can sell XRP for Bitcoin or fiat currency on any cryptocurrency exchange that sells XRP. Then, open an order to sell your Ripple coins by logging into your exchange account.

Ripple’s liquidity is one of the nice aspects of trading it. In addition, the quoted market price for XRP should make it easy for you to sell it instantly.

XRP Price Forecast

According to most experts, Ripple is recently responsible for spark token airdrops, so many traders decided to enter another coin like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Therefore, traders have a common question: “Is XRP a better investment than Bitcoin or Ethereum?” Ripple is better investment advice as it has suffered minor losses compared to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The main reason for Ripple’s popularity is because of its technology, which is a bank-to-bank transfer mechanism. That enables cross-border transfers to be completed successfully. The coin XRP price may also do well on the exchange with the same spirit. With the alliances and partnerships continuing, the Ripple price forecast (XRP) will expand to more nations soon.

According to Roman Guelfi (An ardent crypto enthusiast and expert), this is the most influential XRP price prediction:

XRP price may reach bigger milestones in the years to come, according to the latest expert predictions & news regarding XRP forecast. Other cryptocurrencies may take a step back as the market observes huge invasions and levels of risk, while the value of XRP/USD will surge above all.

Recent News To Consider Before Buying XRP

When trading or investing in crypto assets, it is important to stay up to date with the latest market news. Here are some recent news stories to consider that could affect XRP. Updated September 17, 2023.

Ripple becomes more stable than other assets

According to the latest data, XRP is trading around the $0.50 level. Despite the recent market pullback, this digital asset has managed to maintain a significant trading volume. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about stability. XRP has been a model of low volatility, which makes it popular for traders looking for less turbulent waters.

Ripple (XRP) has picked up it’s activity

According to the latest data from Santiment (a blockchain analytics platform), XRP, Ripple’s own cryptocurrency, experienced a significant spike in activity and utility in August. This development came amidst Ripple’s legal battle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How would a court victory affect XRP and USC?

A court victory for Ripple could boost the reputation and value of XRP, especially after the period of uncertainty caused by the lawsuit. This event could lead to an increase in investor confidence in XRP, which in turn would stimulate its growth in the market.


Today, Ripple is the most talked-about altcoin on the market. A Reddit group targeted the XRP coin earlier this year (like GameStop stock), which pushed the price of Ripple up 100%. XRP is also expected to gain value if Ripple Labs wins this lawsuit, although there’s a concern that SEC might win. In any case, Ripple has a lot of room for growth in the future.

Our recommendation is to buy Ripple through Coinbase. You can buy and sell Ripple without having to complete a lengthy registration process.

Coinbase – Best Crypto Exchange to Buy XRP UK

Coinbase Logo buy xrp

Your money is at risk.


What is Ripple?

Do I need a crypto wallet to buy XRP?

Can I buy Ripple in the UK?

How much money do I need to buy XRP UK?

Is XRP crypto a good investment?


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