Criptomoedas Criptomoedas que vão valorizar em 2023
Hugo Benjamin Silva

The year for Bitcoin and crypto markets in 2023 was difficult, but it is precisely during bear markets that it is most worth researching the cryptocurrencies that will appreciate most intensely. Because we are at a time when it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies at bargain prices, we will tell you in this article which cryptocurrencies are the cheapest and which can grow the most in the recovery.

Although this article does not dispense with a personal investigation into the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies and new projects, we present you a list of the top 10 best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value this year.

10 best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in 2023

We start by listing the top 10 best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value this year. This set of projects comprises cryptocurrencies, protocols, games in the metaverse and DeFi projects that meet various requirements. These are new projects, just out of the IDO / ICO phase, and which are still at very low prices. These are projects with very solid technical and technological foundations, roadmap and whitepaper. Or they are projects that, according to our technical analysis, could soon explode in price.

Consider the top 10 best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value, while also carrying out your own analysis of their merits and potential:

  1. Bitcoin Minetrix  – cloud mining promises to change the way of obtaining Bitcoin, thanks to this cryptocurrency with potential
  2. Meme Kombat – new meme coin could increase in value, using globally recognized meme coins in its viral game
  3. TG.Casino – cryptocurrency can increase in value with staking mechanism, token buyback and access to Telegram casino
  4. Launchpad – token with potential and opens doors to promising web 3.0 projects to buy with upside
  5. yPredict – cutting-edge AI cryptocurrency and staking make this pre-sale one of the most likely to increase in value
  6. Shibie coin – meme coin designed with Barbie and Shiba Inu, presenting a strategy to gain value
  7. XRP20 – understand how this Ripple on the Ethereum network could increase in value in the short term
  8. BTC20 – cryptocurrency in pre-sale with huge upside, trying to replicate Bitcoin’s history
  9. Chimpzee – habitat and nature protection ecosystem with high rewards
  10. Thug Life – new meme coin with 50x potential thanks to low supply and community
  11. DeeLance (DLANCE) – Recruitment to look for work on Web3
  12. Ecoterra – Recycletoearinitiative Web 3.0 in recycling, expected to rise rapidly by 2030
  13. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – The next generation of cryptocurrencies based on global lotteries.
  14. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – A DeFi token that could explode in 2023.
  15. Cardano (ADA) – One of the best blockchain projects with strong social fundamentals.
  16. Ripple (XRP) – The project that will replace SWIFT payments in international banking.
  17. ApeCoin (APE) – The memecoin with the most potential this year.
  18. Ethereum (ETH) – New developments in the network that allowed the creation of dApps, smart contracts and NFTs.
  19. Tron (TRX) – Blockchain network that could revolutionize content creation on the blockchain.
  20. Dogecoin (DOGE) – A famous memecoin with huge support from the internet community.
  21. Wall Street Memes – meme coin with huge upside, due to community running out of NFTs

A closer look at the cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in 2023

As we mentioned, we chose to include in our list of most innovative cryptocurrencies a set of new and old projects, from the world of the metaverse, DeFi, revolutionary protocols and even memecoins. Each of them has its own merits, growing support from digital communities, and a lot of ambition to grow in a consolidated way in the short and medium term.

We tell you all the highlighted features and arguments why you will want to invest in one of our top 10 cryptocurrencies. You may also want to know how to invest in cryptocurrencies , to find some useful tips on technical market analysis before buying crypto.

Bitcoin Minetrix – cloud mining promises to change the way of obtaining Bitcoin, thanks to this cryptocurrency with potential

Bitcoin Minetrix pre sale

As a new cryptocurrency that can appreciate in value, Bitcoin Minetrix , through its native token, presents a tokenized cloud mining platform , which allows ordinary people to mine Bitcoin (BTC) in a decentralized way. In other words, when you buy BTCMTX you will be tokenizing cloud mining to guarantee a safe and transparent experience, even if you are new to crypto. Above all, this is a resolution of a big problem by eliminating the risk of third-party cloud mining scams, putting control in the hands of BTCMTX token holders. To do this, simply stakeof BTCMTX tokens. This will allow you to earn cloud mining credits and use them to mine Bitcoin (BTC).    

Now, according to its road map , with the Bitcoin Minetrix token , these concerns are a thing of the past. Users can simply purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens to earn cloud mining credits. This decentralized method protects users’ actions on the platform , ensuring a safe and transparent mining experience.  

Tokenomics of the New Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Minetrix 

Before purchasing Bitcoin Minetrix in your pre-sale, be aware that 42.5% of BTCMTX tokens will be used to finance Bitcoin mining operations within the Bitcoin Minetrix network. Then, 35% of the tokens will be allocated to BTCMTX’s marketing and growth efforts . While 15% will be allocated to community rewards for active participation in the project. 7.5% is for BTCMTX staking rewards until the Bitcoin Minetrix cloud mining platform is developed. Here’s a summary of what to expect from this promising cryptocurrency:

  • Bitcoin Mining – 42.5%, no total 1,700,000,000 
  • Marketing – 35%, com total 1,400,000,000 
  • Community – 15.0%, with total 600,000,000 
  • Staking – 7.5%, up to $300,000,000 

All investments in cryptocurrencies carry risks. 

Meme Kombat – new meme coin could increase in value, using globally recognized meme coins in its viral game

As the next bull run in the cryptocurrency market could be approaching, the meme coins sector could be back with a bang, especially after the announcement of the pre-sale of the new “player” in this market – we are talking about Meme Kombat (MK) , with the aim of giving Dogecoin a use that this “mother meme coin” never had. In fact, Meme Kombat launched its pre-sale just six days ago, but it is already managing to raise over $100,000. With its clever name and unique Battle Royale feature, many early investors believe that MK token could be the next rising star among meme coins that can appreciate in value.  

Meme Kombat aims to bring a new era of Meme Coin games 

In fact, as analyzed in its road map, Meme Kombat is bringing a unique approach to the world of meme coins, combining its mass appeal with an exciting gaming experience. At its core is the MK token, which serves as the key to Meme Kombat’s vibrant ecosystem of meme-powered battles, staking, and staking rewards. Meme Kombat’s automated battles feature different meme coin mascots, such as DOGE and Pepe the Frog, fighting in fights with outcomes determined within its blockchain. Furthermore , as noted in the Meme Kombat white paper, your investors or players can stake their MK tokens on battle results for a chance to win more. This is a new ecosystem, which opens up enormous usefulness for your new cryptocurrency, giving it chances to increase in value.


All investments in cryptocurrencies carry risks.  

TG.Casino – cryptocurrency can increase in value with staking mechanism, token buyback and access to Telegram casino

TG.Casino tokenomics

There is no doubt that the Telegram app offers much more accessibility, providing one million Telegram users with access to the casino’s services. Additionally, Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, providing users with a completely private way to bet. As such, this new cryptocurrency project TG.Casino is one of the leading anonymous casinos. After your pre-sale, players will be able to bet on hundreds of games and more than 30 sports on the platform. Furthermore, the $TGC presale token will open up a set of possibilities for holders, including exclusive rewards and passive income. 

It should be noted that TG Casino will repurchase $TGC tokens with a portion of its revenue. These tokens will then be split, 60% will be redistributed as staking rewards and 40% will be burned. This reinforces the supply and demand dynamics of the project in two ways. First, buying tokens back will increase demand. Second, burning 40% of tokens will significantly reduce the token supply over time. 

TG.Casino Forecast

  • Final de 2023: com a tendência do casino cripto Telegram descolando e o com o supply limitado de pré-venda do TG Casino, o projeto pode esgotar-se rapidamente. Isso significa que muitos investidores perderão a oportunidade, juntamente com as suas recompensas exclusivas e o potencial mecanismo de staking com alto APY podem obrigá-los a comprar $ TGC nas corretoras.  
  • Preço em 2025: o white paper do TG Casino afirma que uma parte dos lucros do cssino será usada para recomprar $ TGC, dos quais 40% serão queimados. Isso poderia melhorar significativamente a dinâmica de oferta e procura do token, levando a uma nossa previsão de preço do TG.Casino positiva. 
  • Final de 2030: com inúmeros benefícios em relação aos casinos tradicionais, os cassinos de criptomoedas do Telegram estarão numa posição sólida para capturar uma grande parte do mercado de US$ 95 bilhões. Sendo um dos primeiros e melhores casinos Telegram, isto dá ao TG.Casino um potencial significativo a longo prazo.  


As criptomoedas não são regulamentadas. Logo, a negociação com corretores não regulamentados não se qualificará para proteção do investidor. 

Shibie coin – meme coin pensado na Barbie e Shiba Inu, apresentando estratégia para se valorizar

Até para que se possa compreender porque esta criptomoeda poderá valorizar, perceba que, segundo os seus tokenomics, $SHIBIE tem um supply total de tokens de apenas 10 bilhões. Este número é muito menor do que meme coins populares, como Shiba Inu, com mais de 500 trilhões de tokens. Portanto, quando uma criptomoeda tem uma oferta baixa, maior o valor da criptomoeda aumentará, consoante a sua procura. Somando a isso o facto de Shibie coin inspirar-se nos sucessos recentes Barbie e Shiba Inu, eis um candidato de potencial valorização. 

Tal como se comprovou com sucesso recentes de PEPE, o baixo supply de tokens da Shibie Coin pode ajudá-la a tornar-se uma das principais criptomoedas mais promissoras no futuro. Até porque nesta fase de pre-sale, os investidores interessados podem comprar Shibie coin por US$ 0,000167 por token. O baixo custo reduz as barreiras de entrada para investidores com orçamento apertado e que querem aproveitar esta popularidade de Barbie e meme coins.  

Criptomoeda poderá valorizar, com preço a convidar o investimento

Apresentando um valor mínimo de investimento para a pré-venda de 100 $SHIBIE (US$ 0,0167), pode-se facilmente adicionar pequenas quantias do token para diversificar o seu portfólio. A Shibie Coin pretende arrecadar $ 999.999 até o final da pré-venda, algo que poderá levar a um pre-sale muito rápido. 

Como estratégia de valorização, o próximo passo será listar a criptomoeda na Uniswap, uma das maiores exchanges descentralizadas (DEXs) do mundo. A criptomoeda será listada em várias exchanges centralizadas (CEXs) após o lançamento da DEX. Ainda, serão utilizados 2 bilhões de tokens para manter a liquidez da plataforma, facilitando o fluxo de transações. Outros 5% de $SHIBIE serão usados para comercializar o projeto, de modo a aumentarem a sua comunidade e possível upside, logo após o fim do seu pre-sale. 


Todo o investimento em mercados financeiros corresponde a um risco que deverá conhecer de antemão. 

XRP20 – perceba como este Ripple em rede Ethereum poderá valorizar a curto prazo

Ora, os recursos inovadores do XRP20, o desenvolvimento liderado pela comunidade e o forte road map fazem com que este projeto se destaque como uma das criptomoedas mais promissoras. Note que o novo modelo de stake to earn ainda oferece um fluxo de renda passiva, o que pode levar a um aumento consistente no valor do XRP20. Juntamente com um mecanismo de queima definido para eliminar 10% da oferta total, a crescente raridade do token pode aumentar os preços, levando a que esta nova criptomoeda possa valorizar.  

Considerando o aumento máximo de XRP de 137.000%, $ XRP20 tem o potencial de fornecer altos ganhos para os primeiros compradores. É mais fácil armazenar, negociar e rastrear em comparação com o $XRP, devido ao fato de ser construído na blockchain Ethereum. Tal como salientado, $XRP20 tem um mecanismo que oferece benefícios aos detentores de longo prazo e 10% do suprimento de token será queimado, aumentando a escassez. Também pode se beneficiar das notícias sobre as questões legais, que abriram esta nova tendências da Ripple.

O que faz XRP20 ser diferente de outros tokens em pre-sale? 

Acima de tudo, a sua acessibilidade superior à rede Ripple, graças à blockchain Ethereumk e o seu esquema de distribuição justa de token estabelecem uma base sólida para um crescimento significativo. O preço de pré-venda do XRP20 é 30 vezes menor que o mínimo histórico do XRP original, oferecendo uma excelente oportunidade para os primeiros investidores comprarem a um preço de pré-venda de $ 0,000092 USDT.

No entanto, apesar do enorme potencial do XRP20, o sucesso de qualquer criptomoeda depende do sentimento geral do mercado em relação às criptomoedas, dos movimentos do Bitcoin e das condições económicas mais amplas. Assim, uma abordagem prudente juntamente com a devida diligência é vital antes de comprar XRP20. Com certeza que a sua forte comunidade poderá ajudá-lo a tomar a melhor decisão.  


Todo o investimento em mercados financeiros corresponde a um risco que deverá conhecer de ante mão. 


BTC20 – criptomoeda em pre-sale com enorme upside, tentando replicar história de Bitcoin

New BTC20 Crypto Presale Launches with Stake-to-Earn Rewards - Will it Explode Like the Bitcoin Price? | Finbold

Numa fase em que as novas criptomoedas tentam ir mais além na sua oferta em Defi, cripto gaming, play to earn e NFT, é preciso também atentar nas novas criptomoedas que tentam replicar o sucesso de Bitcoin, apresentando melhorias face à “criptomoeda mãe”. Daí surge a criptomoeda de alto potencial BTC20 que, no momento da redação, está agora em pre-sale. Na verdade, conseguir investir numa criptomoeda em pre-sale que, claramente no seu road map, tem como missão poder replicar o enorme retorno histórico de BTC, dentro do mercado, é algo que merece atenção e terá alto potencial de valorização.

Somando a isso, vários analistas do mercado de projetos de criptomoedas consideram que os primeiros compradores BTC20 poderão obter retornos verdadeiramente surpreendentes, sobre o seu investimento inicial. Lembre-se de que o preço do Bitcoin aumentou de $1, em 2011, para $30.000 hoje – um retorno sobre o investimento de 2.999.900%. Também deve ser notado que a febre em torno dos tokens ERC-20 estimula o interesse em $ BTC20. BRC-20 refere-se à nova onda de NFTs que poderiam ter sido construídos na blockchain Bitcoin, também conhecidos como ordinais. 

Futuro bull market e evolução no halving Bitcoin poderão servir como novos catalisadores

Sem dúvida que, após alguns dias, o pre-sale BTC20 já está próximo de cumprir com todos os seus objetivos. Como é evidente, todo este aumento de procura também está a ser provocado pelo facto do Bitcoin estar à beira do seu próximo super ciclo de halving. ‘Halfing’ refere-se ao corte de 50% nas recompensas de bloco para mineradores, que ocorre a cada quatro anos, com a próxima redução a ocorrer em 26 de abril. Nesse momento, as recompensas cairão pela metade de 6,25 BTC para 3,125 BTC. 

Devido à redução na emissão de token (mint) que tal corte acarreta, naturalmente que este reforçará o valor dos tokens Bitcoin em circulação. Por força da sua associação com a marca Bitcoin, o $BTC20 beneficiará desse super ciclo de Bitcoin. Principalmente se o bull market, após o caso favorável de Ripple, poder ser confirmado nas próximas semanas.


Todo o investimento em mercados financeiros corresponde a um risco que deverá conhecer de antemão. 

Chimpzee – ecossistema de proteção de habitats e da natureza com recompensas elevadashow chimpzee works

Chimpzee é um novo projeto ambiental na blockchain que quer defender as florestas e as espécies animais contra a ganância da mão humana e as alterações climáticas. É o primeiro projeto do género com uma atitude ativista, servindo-se da blockchain e dos smart contracts para apoiar uma rede de ONG ambientais e também para financiar ações de reflorestação e proteção de espécies.

O token de governança de Chimpzee é o $CHMPZ, e ele já serviu para plantar 20.000 árvores nas florestas da costa da Guatemala, segundo noticiou o Issue Wire. E também já ajudou a plantar mais de 100 árvores para restaurar a floresta amazónica no Brasil, como indica o Benzinga.

O token $CHMPZ servirá, além de negociação com lucro em Exchanges assim que sair da pré-venda, para o seguinte:

  • Compras na Chimpzee Shop – seguindo o modelo shop-to-earn vai ser possível comprar merchandising do projeto e ganhar recompensas com essas compras.
  • Compras num NFT Marketplace – seguindo um modelo trade-to-earn vai ser possível negociar NFT mas também obter recompensas em taxas de transação.
  • Participar no jogo Zero Tolerance – seguindo o modelo play-to-earn é possível ganhar tokens grátis de Chimpzee enquanto combate os inimigos do meio ambiente.
  • Staking com APR elevado de $CHMPZ – será lançado um programa de staking com recompensas indicativas de 20%, mas que poderão aumentar.

Para já, o $CHMPZ irá ter 4 fases de pré-venda, com 40 biliões de moedas previstas. Está em vigor um modelo deflacionário para a queima de tokens, que permitirá ver os tokens $CHMPZ a valorizarem de forma programada ao longo do tempo.

Os tokens de $CHMPZ vão valorizar entre $0,00064 na primeira fase de pré-venda e $0,0011 na quarta fase de pré-venda.

Thug Life – nova meme coin com potencial 50x graças a baixo supply e comunidade forte

When looking for the cryptocurrency with the greatest potential for appreciation , it is necessary to keep in mind the supply, market cap and also the power of its community. This is especially true when buying meme coins, as is the case with Thug Life. According to the Thug Life website, there is a total $THUG supply of 4,200,000,000. The project is currently in pre-sale, priced at $0.0007, with 2,940,000,000 tokens (70% of its total supply) available. 

Therefore, for those looking for the highest-valued cryptocurrency, based on the presale price and total supply, Thug Life’s market cap will start at $2,940,000 after the presale. Compared to other more established meme coins such as Pepe or Dogecoin, Thug Life is a low market cap cryptocurrency offering a lot of upside potential . It remains to be seen whether Thug Life can become one of the main meme coins. Certainly the sense of community and unity could be the great driver of this THUG token. 

 Próxima Meme Coin 50x no bull market?

Since its market cap, when launched on the main cryptocurrency brokers, will be very low, the Thug Life community launched its own token, in an attempt to “cop” the possible losses of other meme coins. In other words, if your Thug Lige community continues to grow, it is expected that big names can also serve as catalysts. It will be enough to remember how the Wall Street Memes community managed to reach Elon Musk – the main person responsible for several upsides of Dogecoin (the king of all meme coins). 

It should be noted that, instead of being just another Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, $THUG links its design to the timeless Thug Life movement, popularized by hip-hop legends such as Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Ice Cube. By mixing nostalgia with humor, the Thug Life token aims to serve as a platform for resilience and offer hope to those who are tired of being scammed by other projects. 


Wall Street Memes – meme coin with huge upside, due to community running out of NFTs

Wall Street Memes Hits $5m Despite Crypto Crash - Next Big Meme Coin?

The objective is to, once and for all, be able to buy cryptocurrency 10x. Now, when you bring together a community of over 1 million followers, a team with already a successful launch, reputation and even mentions on Elon Musk’s Twitter, the Wall Street Memes token could very well be what you’re looking for to buy cryptocurrency with enormous appreciation potential. Especially because with the Wall Street Memes token in pre-sale , this is a clear invitation to one of the meme coins that could appreciate the most, with a bull market that could be coming soon.

Furthermore, by purchasing Wall Street Memes, you will be joining this viral community, which was inspired by Wall Street Bets Reddit. However, if stocks like Game Stop or AMC failed to beat financial institutions, this meme coin Wall Street Memes – which has already gathered more than 1 million followers – may have that power. Proof of this is that, in its first pre-sale stages, it has already managed to raise millions of dollars, and it is expected that its token can be listed on the largest cryptocurrency brokers, including Binance. The potential for appreciation is immense!

Launchpad – token with potential and opens doors to promising web 3.0 projects to buy with upside

How to Buy Launchpad XYZ Token ($LPX) 2023

Buying a token with high potential is possible, but an investment that can open the doors to more web 3.0 projectsrevolutionaries is an opportunity not to be missed. Now, with Launchpad, this is precisely the enormous advantage you will find, giving you access to web 3.o cryptocurrency pre-sales with the most reputable teams. So, although there are many ways to invest in Web 3.0 projects, with thousands of cryptocurrencies offering innovative solutions to real-world problems, knowing whether a cryptocurrency project will be a good investment is another conversation. Now, this is where Launchpad XYZ comes in. Its Web 3.0 dashboard allows beginners and experienced investors to make informed trading decisions. Whether through insights, reliable data or market sentiment – ​​traders will have all the tools they need to navigate the complexity of the Web 3.0 investment landscape.

Finalmente, o Launchpad XYZ fornece dados detalhados sobre centenas de tokens de utilidade, abrangendo métricas importantes sobre liquidez, insights de analistas, indicadores personalizados e oportunidades de arbitragem. De salientar que o Launchpad XYZ também fornece aos utilizadores informações em tempo real sobre os próximos investimentos na Web 3.0. Permitir que os investidores encontrem novos projetos e conceitos antes de chegarem ao mercado. Por exemplo, o Launchpad XYZ notifica os utilizadores sobre as próximas pré-vendas de criptomoedas que estão a ser vendidas apenas para um número limitado de investidores privados. Tudo isto apenas por comprar Launchpad, que, durante o seu pre-sale, dá um enorme desconto de até 50%, antes de ser lançado nas maiores corretoras.

DeeLance –  Recruitment to look for work on Web3

web3 deelance recruitment

Deelance has just arrived on the cryptocurrency market with a solution that is as innovative as it is disruptive: it wants to use the power of decentralization and the Ethereum blockchain to create a new recruitment ecosystem for freelancers and clients. And it has just launched its pre-sale, with the $DLANCE token already being purchased for thousands of dollars just a few days before its launch.

Deelance’s native token is $DLANCE, and it was programmed to circulate on the Ethereum network. Phase 1 of the pre-sale will make tokens available at a price of $0.025, which will increase to $0.027 in the second phase and $0.030 in the third phase. It is therefore possible to profit from the programmed pre-sale price evolution, and the investors who will benefit most will be the initial investors.

The $DLANCE token can be purchased with the currency ETH (from Ethereum), USDT (from Tether), or with a credit and debit card using euros or dollars via the Transak network on the pre-sale page. There will be a total of 1 billion $DLANCE tokens that will enter circulation on the market, of which only 30% (300 million) will be sold to the general public.

DeeLance has several benefits, one of which is replacing famous platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer and claiming for itself a share of a recruitment and human resources industry valued at $761 billion, according to data from IBISWorld. It will be a differentiating project because it will lower costs, increase the degree of trust in transactions through smart contracts, apply an Escrow system to ensure that all payments are made safely and can be refunded, among other mechanisms.

One of the most important aspects of DeeLance is that freelancers will be able to interact with their clients, via video, voice conference, or message, through a lobby, meeting room, or in virtual offices in the metaverse. After the freelancer’s services are hired, the production of their work will be encoded in the form of an NFT. In other words, there is verifiable real ownership behind a work, which will only be transferred to the customer after they release their funds for payment through the secure Escrow system. Therefore, several levels of security and trust are guaranteed in this system.

Staff recruitment will be done through a proprietary platform, with advertisements published at low cost and attracting talent exponentially. These are some advantages of the recruiting platform for Web3 in the metaverse:

  • It is possible to filter and identify the best sources of talent.
  • It is possible to communicate with candidates in a decentralized way in the metaverse.
  • It is possible to expand and integrate talent easily and at low costs.
  • It is possible to build career pages in the metaverse.

The only expected costs are 2% applicable to clients and 10% applicable to freelancers, which are below the industry average. The gig economy, freelance work, recruitment and human resources management for web3 will be revolutionized with the new DeeLance project.

Every investment in crypto carries its risks and volatility 

yPredict – cutting-edge AI cryptocurrency and staking make this pre-sale one of the most likely to increase in value Tokens Listing on Bitmart Confirmed: Last Chance to Buy Through Official Website

It is clear that, as a way for a new cryptocurrency to increase in value, it will have to prove its usefulness and ability to be adopted. Now, as a new AI cryptocurrency, few pre-sales are as useful as yPredict. Thus, yPredict’s $YPRED crypto token, which is issued on the Polygon blockchain with low commissions, is the economic backbone of yPredict’s revolutionary AI trading platform. Proving its usefulness, in order to have access to all of yPredict’s premium features, new users will need to pay a subscription fee called $YPRED. This while you can benefit from the crypto staking available immediately after purchasing yPredict.

Acima de tudo, este novo projeto de criptomoedas promissor tem uma estratégia fundamental brilhante, resolvendo problemas do mundo real e usando tokennomics avançado para atender traders, investidores e desenvolvedores de IA. Com potenciais parcerias com grandes corretoras de criptomoedas, o seu potencial de adoção também é inegável. Com um hard cap de $2.072.000, a equipa alocou 28% dos tokens $ YPRED para a venda privada, pré-venda e pública. O projeto distribuiu os tokens restantes entre marketing, desenvolvimento de projetos e liquidez para o lançamento nas maiores corretoras. O preço atual é de US$ 0,03889, com o preço do IEO em US$ 0,045, o que significa um ROI de 15% para os investidores neste pre-sale.

Ecoterra– iniciativa Recycle to earn, Web 3.0 na reciclagem, deverá subir de forma acelerada até 2030

Se é para investir num mercado emergente – que envolve alta iniciativa e investimento de Governos e instituições – então o mercado de reciclagem, bem como seu envolvente, deverá ser considerado por qualquer investidor mais atento e ainda ecologicamente preocupado. Ora, com um sistema inovador de recycle to earn, na app ecoterra poderá reclamar recompensas e NFTs, ao mesmo tempo que contribuiu para um mundo ecologicamente mais consciente. Com parcerias com algumas das maiores empresas do mundo, ecoterra já é considerado um dos projetos de criptomoedas verdes com maior projeção e utilidade futura.  

Até porque se trata de um mercado de dezenas de milhões de euros, com projeção para ser um dos mais valiosos do planeta nos próximos anos. Juntando a isso, o enorme investimento e atenção de Governos e grandes empresas para que a reciclagem seja um método prontamente disponível. Ainda assim, como as estatísticas garantem, ainda poucas pessoas reciclam. É aqui que entra o ecoterra, pois oferece a solução perfeita, recompensando-o por reciclar. 

Pre-sale ecoterra é um dos mais aguardados do ano 

Na verdade, a ecoterra está atualmente em pré-venda e está a gerar um burburinho significativo no mercado. Os especialistas do mercado apontam que será a melhor pré-venda de 2023, pois representa uma solução única e poderosa para alguns dos desafios ambientais mais cruciais do nosso tempo. Com suas características inovadoras e compromisso com a sustentabilidade, a Ecoterra está pronta para impactar significativamente o mundo. 

Como comprar $ECOTERRA token?  

O token Ecoterra está atualmente em processo de pré-venda, dividida em várias etapas. Tal significa que tempo é essencial para quem deseja investir cedo. Os primeiros investidores receberão os tokens pelo preço mais baixo, apenas $0,004. Este é um desconto significativo em comparação com o preço do estágio final de $0,01 (uma vantagem de 150% para os primeiros investidores). Somando a isso, espera-se que os “early investors” tenham direito a bónus de tokens e ainda a possibilidade de fazer staking. 

Todo o investimento em cripto acarreta os seus riscos e volatilidade 

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – A próxima geração de criptomoedas baseado em lotarias globais

cryptocurrencies that will increase the value of lucky block

Outro dos projetos recentes na blockchain que mais entusiasmo têm gerado é Lucky Block. É o primeiro projeto crypto a disponibilizar uma lotaria descentralizada, global, que vem resolver diversos problemas dos sorteios que até aqui eram gerados ao nível dos governos de cada país. Isento de taxas, e sem restrições regionais de acesso, o Lucky Block é a primeira lotaria à escala global, com prémios muitos elevados, e que oferece vários modos de ganhar dinheiro aos seus investidores.

A Lucky Block funciona na rede da Binance Smart Chain BSC e o seu token é o LBLOCK. Veja como comprar Lucky Block em Portugal.

Devido à abordagem única de Lucky Block, já pudemos observar movimentos especulativos impressionantes sobre o valor de mercado do seu token. Desde o momento da pré-venda do token e até que ele foi lançado publicamente em PancakeSwao no incípio deste ano, o LBLOCK atingiu uma hiper valorização de 3.000%, levando o projeto para uma capitalização de mercado muito interessante de 750 milhões de dólares. Tudo isto porque os sorteios de milhões de dólares, as campanhas promocionais de sorteios de carros no seu mercado NFT, e a comunidade cada vez mais vibrante do projeto lhe estão a dar bastante tração no mercado cripto.

Um dos aspetos interessantes de Lucky Block, é que cada token dá acesso a uma entrada nas lotarias, mas também pode ser usado como forma de especulação de preços e até para gerar rendimentos mensais extra com o staking do seu token na sua área de governança. Ou seja, ao comprar LBLOCK terá sempre vários canais de investimento que poderão fortalecer a sua carteira e aceder a prémios a partir de vários lados. A título de exemplo, o staking de LBLOCK pode chegar a 19% ao ano em recompensas, o que é superior ao pagamento de juros em qualquer aplicação financeira bancária tradicional.

O Lucky Block já tem mais de 45.000 membros no seu canal de Telegram e está a estabelecer parcerias com alguns líderes da indústria como Dillian Whyte e Jamie Jewitt. A ambição é que Lucky Block chegue a uma capitalização de mercado de 1 bilião de dólares, o que criaria um movimento de adesão constante ao projeto e faria subir os preços exponencialmente.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Um token DeFi que poderá vir a explodir em 2023

Defi coin cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

A DeFi Coin e o seu token DEFC são um projeto de DeFi (Finança Descentralizada) codificado em BEP-20 na rede de Binance Smart Chain, e que se propõe a oferecer serviços financeiros tais como: o farming de recompensas, staking de governança, troca de tokens, e mais.

DeFi Coin tem assim como eixo central do seu protocolo uma área de governança chamada DeFi Swap, onde todas as ações financeiras a que poderia estar habituado numa Exchange centralizada são também possíveis aqui a condições mais vantajosas.

Entre o sistema de recompensas para a utilização do protocolo, um dos mais notórios é a aplicação de uma taxa de 10% para compras e vendas de DEFC, o token de DeFi Coin. Isso permite desincentivar as vendas, aumentando assim a capitalização de mercado do projeto, ao mesmo tempo que financia os “hodlers” de tokens DEFC. Isto porque 50% das receitas taxadas são distribuídas pelos detentores de DEFC, e o restante é colocado em piscinas de liquidez para manter o protocolo de DeFi Coin ativo e saudável.

Outro aspeto de destaque é que DeFi Coin tem um tokenomics assente na ideia de moeda deflacionária, em que alguns dos seus tokens vão sendo queimados ao longo do tempo para aumentar artificialmente o preço do projeto.

O projeto é muito recente e por isso ainda está a ganhar adesão popular. O seu grupo de Telegram já conta com mais de 6.500 membros, e muitos acreditam que esta poderá ser uma “gema” dentro do universo cripto. Ou seja, um projeto de baixa capitalização de mercado, mas que está a ganhar forte adesão, o que significa enorme volatilidade de preços e o potencial para valorizações explosivas. Será isso uma realidade? Só o tempo o dirá.

Cardano (ADA) – Um dos melhores projetos blockchain com fundamentos sociais fortes

cardano cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

Cardano é um dos projetos na blockchain com mais potencial, surgido pelas mãos de um dos ex-fundadores de Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson. Na verdade, vimos em 2021 Cardano chegar à terceira e quarta posições de criptomoedas mais capitalizadas no mercado, o que demonstra bem o seu potencial para morder os calcanhares às criptomoedas mais bem-sucedidas do momento.

Cardano, e o seu token ADA, querem ser uma internet da blockchain de nova geração. Incrivelmente escalável, muito barata por comparação com Ethereum ou Bitcoin (já que usa um protocolo de consenso distinto chamado “proof-of-stake”), Cardano quer ainda ter um impacto sério no mundo real. E já tem iniciativas nesse sentido: fornecendo uma rede de microcrédito e acesso a capital de pequena escala a populações de agricultores e pequenos comerciantes no Quénia com telemóvel mas sem acesso a serviços bancários. Cardano pode, neste género de ambientes, afirmar-se como a ferramenta que permite escalar negócios, criar comunidades mais prósperas, e substituir-se à banca de forma mais democrática.

ADA não tem resistido muito bem à correção intensa de Bitcoin e ao mercado urso que se impôs em 2023. Está atualmente na posição 7 das criptomoedas mais capitalizadas do mercado e parece ter chegado a uma base de correção de preços sólida na zona dos 0,50$. Ainda assim, é uma das criptomoedas mais capitalizadas e com maior potencial de crescimento para o curto prazo.

Ripple (XRP) – O projeto que vai substituir os pagamentos SWIFT na banca internacional

xrp ripple cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

Ripple and its token XRP are old acquaintances of the blockchain, having appeared for the first time in 2012. This is also understood as one of the most differentiating projects, with the largest scale and potential for transformation, that remain and continue to gain support. What the Ripple company wants to do with this project is to replace the SWIFT banking network, transforming transactions in payment terminals and online, products or services, much faster and cheaper.

While today a deposit or withdrawal of funds can take between 3 and 5 business days to be processed, the Ripple network system takes seconds and is capable of processing an exponentially greater number of transactions in the same amount of time. Furthermore, it allows the creation of an alternative and independent system that makes international banking transactions safer across the world.

The Ripple company is currently facing a court case in the United States and, if it is resolved in its favor, it is expected not only that its promising payments project will move forward, but also that the price of XRP will appreciate quickly.

ApeCoin (APE) – The memecoin with the most potential this year

apecoin cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

ApeCoin and its APE token want to be the next successful memecoin in the crypto market. The token is linked to the hugely successful NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club, and wants to grow in popularity and hype to become a success story similar to counterparts like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu.

The token became the native currency of the “Otherside” project, a metaverse platform that was launched by Yuga Labs and was originally behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. The token has already been implemented in some smartphone games, and has some partnerships to be used as a form of payment in online retailers. The success of this token depends on the support and sympathy it manages to generate among influential communities such as Reddit users. However, it is a project well designed enough to be successful and gain a lot of value in the short to medium term.

See how to buy Apecoin in Portugal in our specialized guide.

Ethereum (ETH) – New developments in the network that allowed the creation of dApps, smart contracts and NFT

ethereum cryptocurrencies that will appreciate

Ethereum has the second most capitalized cryptocurrency globally, according to data from Coinmarketcap, and was also the protocol that founded the idea of ​​the blockchain internet. In other words, it allowed the creation of smart contracts functionality, which now allows transactions to be verified without intermediaries, automatically – and this led to the emergence of dApps, NFTs, and even the very recent metaverse games.

However, Ethereum has a serious problem: its transaction fees (gas fees) are very high. He expects to solve this with the launch of a new network that he called “Ethereum 2.0”, and which could see the light of day by the end of 2023. The expectation is that it will update its dated consensus system to a proof-of-stake mechanism, significantly improving its scalability and potentially meaning that its token will enter a phase of significant appreciation when we reach the bull market (“bull run”). ”).

Tron (TRX) – Blockchain network that could revolutionize content creation on the blockchain

trx tron ​​cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

If you want a slightly different crypto protocol that is focused on decentralized content creation, Tron could be the solution. This is a network comparable to Ethereum and which allows you to host any project that uses smart contracts. It is aimed in particular at content creators, who can communicate directly with consumers without having to give up the value of their work to platforms like YouTube, which take a percentage of advertisers’ money.

The network is efficient in its way of functioning thanks to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism it has in place. Its governance token is TRX and allows you to participate in the network’s own governance system. The network is also compatible with other networks, for example through a service called Ethereum Virtual Machine. And it has developed a partnership with some retailers in the market such as Samsung to continue expanding its range of services.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – A famous memecoin with huge support from the internet community

dogecoin cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

Lastly, we highlight DogeCoin and its token DOGE thanks to the enormous popularity, success, and explosive market valuation it achieved in 2021. No one would expect that a memecoin like this could generate such a significant return for its investors, which gave the market a lot of hope . For example, between January and May 2021 alone, the token appreciated by more than 7,500%.

Its resounding success, coupled with the attention it received from a media leader and attention in the digital world like Elon Musk, meant that Doge even began to be accepted as a payment method at some online merchants. We therefore hope that it can return to its recent success in its price action with the resumption of optimism in the crypto market.

How to find cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

The top 10 best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value should be seen as an example of good projects to invest in in anticipation of the bull market. However, they do not exhaust the supply currently available, so it is important to do your own research.

We will tell you what are the main aspects to consider so that you can also detect, for yourself, the next cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value. Take note…

Search on social media

cryptocurrencies that will increase in value reddit

Environments such as Reddit, but also Discord or Telegram are important digital channels for assessing the support that a particular project is gathering. Favor those channels that already have more than 5,000 members, or whose community is very active and contains not only enthusiasts and investors, but also programmers directly involved in building the project.

The degree of participation is important to try to understand how much a project will grow in the near future.

Check projects in the ICO phase – Initial Coin Offering

The ICO phases allow you to anticipate pre-sale moments in which tokens from new crypto projects will begin to be distributed at reduced prices. See more about what an ICO is .

One of the successful ICO cases has been the Tamadoge and Battle Infinity projects, which recently started offering tokens at very reduced prices with the aim of creating a mass of investors to support the projects before their public launch. This is considered the cheapest phase to buy any token from a new crypto project.


Stay up to date on the latest newsyoutube cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value

News from newspapers, specialized websites, YouTube channels or other media may have a limited reach in promoting cryptocurrencies. However, when you see a project being talked about repeatedly in various media, this could be a sign that it will gain a lot of support soon and this could also boost its price.

Good news and bad news should always be seen as “attention” to a project, and attention is always a good sign. This is what happened with Dogecoin, which was talked about as one of the biggest problems in the crypto space, as it was a token with no purpose other than mere speculation. And the truth is that it has achieved enormous success in the markets.

How to buy the cryptocurrencies that will increase in value the most

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value, particularly those that have just been launched on new protocols, you should set up a crypto wallet and access those protocols.

If the world of DeFi, and transactions through wallets, sounds unintuitive or intimidating to you, don’t worry. Below we leave you a simple guide with some steps you can take to buy new cryptocurrencies safely and easily. See everything you have to do in just a few minutes…

Step 1 – Set up a cryptocurrency wallet

metamask configurar wallet

The most famous cryptocurrency wallet on the market is Metamask, because it is free, fast and simple to install.

To do this, you must start by accessing the Metamask website and clicking on the installation button that appears on the homepage. This will install the wallet in the form of an addon in your browser. A configuration page will then open, where you will be assigned a unique address on the blockchain and a seed phrase for full access to the wallet.

The only thing you will have to do is confirm the seed phrase and read the security advice. In a minute or two you will have your wallet ready to use.

Step 2 – Buy BNB and transfer it to Metamask wallet

binance comprar bnb

BNB is the governance token of the Binance Smart Chain and is one of the most popular tokens that can be exchanged for new crypto projects on this network. So, you can access an Exchange like eToro, register and verify your account, make a deposit and then buy BNB.

After the purchase order completes for BNB, click on the transfer option on Binance. Choose to transfer to a crypto wallet, enter your public wallet address and confirm the transaction. Please note that you may have to pay gas fees in this process.


Step 3 – Buy a new crypto with your wallet

cryptocurrencies that will increase in value buy tamadoge

Now you can transact your BNB for a cryptocurrency like TAMA, from Tamadoge.

Therefore, you will only have to access the website of the protocol whose cryptocurrency you want to buy, integrate your wallet there, and exchange the BNB for the protocol’s governance token.

Alternatively, you can also access a DEX like PancakeSwap, access its SWAP area, and search among hundreds of tokens available to exchange for BNB.

Where to buy the cryptocurrencies that will increase in value the most: XTB

XTB is one of the best exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays you will find several cryptocurrencies available only on XTB, having one of the most intuitive environments for trading crypto assets. Spot Market allows you to buy and sell at low cost, but you can also access the Futures and Derivatives trading mode, with the possibility of applying leverage (up to 125 times), scheduling automatic purchases and sales, and more.

XTB also has a staking area to make term deposits of cryptocurrencies and earn passive income from these applications.


  • It has the cheapest trading fees, starting from 0.1%.
  • It has a wide range of trading and cryptocurrency options.
  • It is the safe and globally recognized platform.


  • Trading interface can be somewhat complex for inexperienced investors.


In this article we explored the cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in 2023 and that have the greatest potential with the recovery of the bull market.

We explored in particular metaverse cryptocurrencies, DeFi and memecoins, but also classic protocols and networks that could come to assert themselves with strength once the crypto market regains optimism. This could be a good time to invest at a low price, so you might want to do your research on the best cryptocurrencies that will appreciate in value.


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