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In 2013, the cryptocurrency was created as a “meme” for the first time.” However, in 2021, the meme coin was given new life as a tipping mechanism. Again, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Snoop Dogg made Dogecoin’s resurgence possible.

Its market capitalization in May 2021 was US$78 billion, making it one of the most highly traded cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing (late February 2022), the figure had decreased to US$18 billion but was still a significant amount. Despite this, it continues to be a good buy, so let’s look at where to buy Dogecoin in UAE.


How to Buy Dogecoin in UAE – List 2022

  1. eToro – Overall Best Online Trading Platform To Buy Dogecoin in UAE
  2. – Fast and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy Dogecoin in UAE
  3. Binance – Top-Rated Crypto Exchange To Buy Dogecoin in UAE
  4. Coinbase – Great Beginner Platform To Buy Dogecoin in UAE
  5. Kraken – One of the Most Established Crypto Exchanges To Buy Dogecoin in UAE

How to Buy Dogecoin in UAE – Step by Step Guide 2022

You need to go beyond just scratching the subject’s surface to find the right trading platform for you. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive review of the 6 best Dubai trading platforms for buying Dogecoins for you.

Check out the list below to find out what each of these brokers can offer!

1. eToro – Overall Best Online Trading Platform To Buy Dogecoin in UAE

buy dogecoinIn Dubai, eToro is one of the most popular brokers for online trading. There are over 2,000 stocks listed on this trading platform, of which over 800 come from the red-hot US market. Furthermore, you can trade with eToro, a wide range of foreign exchange pairs, top cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and bonds. Trading with eToro is 100% commission-free.

One of the things that makes eToro so unique is that it isn’t just a CFD trading platform. It is also possible to invest in cryptocurrencies or shares outright through eToro. Therefore, it is suitable for those looking for a full-featured cryptocurrency exchange and considering long-term investments.

You can access eToro’s trading platform on the web as well as on your mobile device. With full-screen charts, a scrolling news feed, and no limitations regarding the features such as watchlists and alerts available on the mobile experience, the mobile experience is truly seamless. It is especially worthy of note that the charting interface comes with more than 100 built-in technical indicators, in addition to dozens of drawing tools.

how to buy dogecoin in uae

In addition, this platform allows access to professional research on popular stocks. The analyst price target for a company can be seen, for example, if the company is listed on Reuters. As well as accessing detailed financial information, you can also use it to determine how valuable a company might be.

The best thing about eToro is perhaps its social trading platform, which is built into the platform as a whole. So if you are interested in trading ideas or strategies, you can follow other traders from the UAE or other parts of the world. Better yet, eToro allows you to copy other traders’ portfolios and mimic their trades in real-time. With this, you can follow along with professional traders in real-time and profit alongside them.

It is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). A $200 down payment will enable you to get started, and the broker offers 24/5 customer support.

eToro fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Spread, 0.75% for Bitcoin
Inactivity fee $10 a month after one year
Withdrawal fee $5


  • Offers full-service cryptocurrency exchange
  • Commission-free
  • Excellent mobile trading app
  • Integrated social trading network
  • 24/5 customer support


  • A small fee for withdrawals

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

2. - Fast and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy Dogecoin in UAEhow to buy dogecoin is a crypto exchange platform with several upcoming crypto coins and over 250 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins to its name. The exchange has become one of the fastest-growing and most secure crypto exchanges due to its extensive marketing presence and developer team.

There is a very low barrier to entry for since you only need to deposit US$1 to open a crypto position. In addition to offering cryptocurrency trading, they also offer derivatives trading, so those wishing to leverage their positions can do so as well on the platform.

where to buy dogecoin fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee 0.04% maker and taker fees
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee According to the currency withdrawn. 0.0004 for BTC


  • Provides support for over 250 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins
  • 14% annual returns on staking stablecoin on the platform
  • You can get up to 8% back on your purchases using the Visa Card
  • NFT marketplace available
  • Multiple DeFi integrations
  • Competitive, transparent, and discounted fees
  • Support cryptocurrencies


  • High fees unless you use CRO
  • Hard to navigate trading fee discounts

Your Money Is At Risk.

3. Binance – Top-Rated Crypto Exchange To Buy Dogecoin in UAEbuy dogecoin uae

Binance, as one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, has the newest coins and has over 500 cryptocurrencies and virtual coins to trade. The new crypto coins on Binance are often featured and regularly listed on the market page. In addition to some of the new upcoming crypto coins listed on Binance, they also feature their filter system. That makes it very simple to find new crypto coins on Binance in this way.

As part of the list of new crypto coins on the Binance platform, the price, percent change in price and volume in the last 24 hours, and market cap are presented to help users narrow down their search to find new crypto coins on Binance. This platform is a great tool for short-term traders, but it also provides a very helpful wallet for crypto exchanges and an informative interface.

should i buy dogecoin

Binance fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.1%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee US$15 (SWIFT)


  • The daily trading volume of hundreds of billions of dollars
  • The extremely liquid market as a central exchange
  • Supports the trading of hundreds of coins in various cryptocurrencies
  • Bank cards with fast deposits
  • It starts at just 0.1% per slide for commissions
  • with a 25% discount when using the Binance Coin (BNB) as a payment method
  • Earn from cryptocurrency holdings
  • Binance Earn provides cryptocurrency savings accounts


  • Not regulated by the FCA
  • It isn’t a decentralized exchange

Your money is at risk.

4. Coinbase - Great Beginner Platform To Buy Dogecoin in UAEhow to buy dogecoin in dubai

Coinbase is the beginner platform for some newly listed and upcoming crypto coins. The company offers an online exchange where you can buy cryptocurrencies from a wide variety of 50 cryptocurrencies. One of the nice things about Coinbase is that they offer even more cryptocurrencies on their Coinbase Pro platform, which is available to all users.

Moreover, Coinbase also has its crypto wallet available to users. A Coinbase wallet allows you to store all of your crypto assets, including Bitcoin and NFTs, in one convenient place, with support for over 4,000 assets and a number of different dApps built right in.

buy dogecoin in uae

Coinbase fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.50%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 1.49% to a bank account


  • There are more than 100 tradable cryptocurrencies
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It is an easy-to-use platform
  • Registered with FinCEN as a money services business
  • Offering a variety of crypto-related educational resources
  • Including 24-hour live phone support
  • Supports bank transfers and debit cards
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • Offers a wallet for digital assets


  • It has a limited range of trading tools
  • With no copy trading or social trading features available
  • Crypto only – no ability to invest in other assets such as stocks

Your money is at risk.

5. Kraken - One of the Most Established Crypto Exchanges To Buy Dogecoin in UAEwhere to buy dogecoin in uae

A few years after bitcoin was launched, Kraken emerged as one of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges after having launched just a few years after bitcoins. Over 50 cryptocurrencies are currently offered on the platform, allowing you to diversify your portfolio with plenty of options.

Kraken's mobile app is available for iOS and Android. There are two different types of installable applications available, depending on what you plan to use the app. There is no minimum deposit requirement for the Kraken crypto platform, although you will need to deposit a minimum of US$10 to open an account.

where can i buy dogecoin

Kraken fees

Fee Amount
Crypto trading fee Commission, starting from 0.50%
Inactivity fee Free
Withdrawal fee 1.49% to a US bank account


  • Kraken Pro is an advanced version with additional technical tools
  • which 95% of all deposits are stored in highly secure offline cold storage facilities
  • Account information is encrypted at rest at both the system and data level
  • Two-factor authentication is available
  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies at an extremely competitive cost
  • Minimum deposit requirement of just $10 US
  • There is a 5x leverage on crypto trading for select countries
  • Offers 24-hour support


  • AED is not available as a funding currency
  • There is limited customer support available

Your money is at risk.

How to Buy Dogecoin in UAE – Comparison Fee

Crypto trading fee Inactivity fee Withdrawal fee
eToro Spread, 0.75% for Bitcoin  $10 a month after one year $5 0.04% maker and taker fees Free According to the currency withdrawn. 0.0004 for BTC
Binance Commission, starting from 0.1% Free US$15 (SWIFT)
Coinbase Commission, starting from 0.50% Free 1.49% to a bank account
Kraken Commission, starting from 0.50% Free 1.49% to a bank account

What is Dogecoin?

how to buy dogecoin on binanceIn December 2013, Dogecoin was introduced as an open-source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency to encourage social interaction. Dogecoin was one of the leading players of the early crypto-era, being launched shortly after Bitcoin and Litecoin. Dogecoin was created to help the general public better understand the technology behind the blockchain by creating a more memorable cryptocurrency project. It is, however, clear that Dogecoin has become a symbol of the internet-driven era of retail investors. In the year 2021, it was impossible to avoid the Shiba Inu, the logo of the meme coin, which had become an icon.

As with other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin utilizes similar technology. On the other hand, DOGE introduces several improvements to Bitcoin's current technology to make it faster and more affordable. Moreover, other cryptocurrencies offer better, more innovative solutions that can significantly lower the cost of transactions than bitcoin. Even though Dogecoin trading isn't revolutionary, its investors do not rely on the blockchain for their investments. Instead, the DOGE Army relies on the strong community around the coin instead of relying on its resources.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Why Buy Dogecoin?

The concept of Dogecoin started as a joke, but it quickly became a huge hit. Thousands of users worldwide use Reddit, a popular social media platform. As a result, people began investing in Dogecoin instead of just using it as a toy for fun very quickly.

Despite this, with over 100 billion Dogecoins in circulation, a single coin was never an expensive one. For most of last year, the price of dogecoins was around $0.0025. So although the joke never really died, it had waned.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted about Dogecoin in 2020. Due to this, the altcoin has received renewed interest, and a buying spree has begun. In addition, some celebrities, including Snoop Dog, backed Dogecoin during the first two months of 2021, including Elon Musk.

Dogecoin has recently reached a high of $0.087, thanks to celebrity attention and the attention of traders on Reddit. That would translate into more than 3,000% gain in a few months. As of recently, Dogecoin has decreased to a price of $0.051.

It probably isn't the best choice to make when looking for a long-term investment. Dogecoin is not a fundamentally valuable asset. In contrast to this, it must be said that Bitcoin at least has a limited supply and has gained traction even in traditional financial circles. Dogecoin won't catch up with Bitcoin's user adoption anytime soon since it has an enormous supply without a cap.

On the other hand, Dogecoin is a better investment if you are interested in making a short-term investment. The value of the coin can spike by just a tweet alone in such a case. The joke has faded a bit, but the forces that propelled Dogecoin to new all-time highs remain as strong as ever.

It might only take one tweet or a new push in social media to make Dogecoin soar again. However, investing in Dogecoin is a highly speculative endeavor because there is no guarantee it will succeed.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Dogecoin in UAE?

buy dogecoin dubai

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Price history to date

In December 2013, it was made available at a low price to be more widely available to the general public as part of its launch. Accordingly, its price was determined as follows:

After its launch on December 6th, 2013, DOGE's price rose by 300% from $0.00026 to $0.00095 in twenty-four hours.

In fact, during January 2014, DOGE traded at a higher volume than any other cryptocurrency out there. As a result of the crypto bubble, DOGE reached a record-breaking price of $0.017 on January 7th, 2018. Then, on December 20th, 2020, Elon Musk tweeted a single word: DOGE and Doge immediately became a huge success. It immediately rose by 20%.

In January 2021, the price of DOGE jumped 800% in 24 hours, reaching $0.07 per unit, an increase of 800% in one day. As soon as the Coinbase listing was confirmed in April 2021, the price of Dogecoin and the whole crypto sector surged. In April and May of 2021, Dogecoin was at its peak. However, not all commentators were impressed with that. A recent rise in the price of Dogecoin is not a reflection of the cryptocurrency's value; it's just a result of a surge in interest from people looking to get rich quickly. It is possible to make fun bets, but they aren't good investments. 'Dog Barking at the Moon' was Elon Musk's tweet posted on April 15th.

Due to this tweet, the price of Dogecoin soared from $0.35 to $0.45. Because of the overflow of Dogecoin trades, the Robin Hood trading platform was down. During the past 24 hours, DOGE trades have exceeded $70 billion. DOGE gained 7000% in value year-to-date, propelling it to the 5th biggest cryptocurrency briefly.

During May 2021, DOGE continued to gain value. The price of Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $0.73 during Elon Musk's appearance on Saturday Night Live but dropped by over 30% the day after. Following SpaceX's announcement to send the DOGE cryptocurrency to the moon, DOGE's price rose 11% on another of Elon Musk's memes on May 20th following SpaceX's announcement to send DOGE to the moon.

The price of DOGE had nearly halved within a few weeks after the early-summer excitement. Following the fall in crypto prices at the end of November and early December, they continued to drop in a range roughly between $0.20 and $0.30 as the month progressed.

Current price

As of January 21st, 2022, Dogecoin is currently priced at $0.12. In comparison, on May 8th, 2021, it was priced at $0.74. So, it has dropped by 75.84% in the last year.

How to Buy Dogecoin with PayPal

how can i buy dogecoinSome cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are available via PayPal. However, it is not possible to purchase Dogecoin through PayPal.

Dogecoin can be purchased through PayPal by first purchasing Bitcoin with PayPal funds and then converting that Bitcoin to Dogecoin through a cryptocurrency exchange.

It is also possible to fund your cryptocurrency exchange account with PayPal funds. As a result, you would be able to buy Dogecoin in UAE instantly by paying with GBP via PayPal.

How to Buy Dogecoin with Bitcoin

It is possible to buy Dogecoin in UAE with Bitcoin if you already own it. It is also worth noting that Bitcoin can be deposited on cryptocurrency exchanges without prior identification.

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Buying Dogecoin Safely

There is no scam involved in Dogecoin trading from a technical point of view. It is just another cryptocurrency that has gained a lot of attention recently. However, dogecoin trading is a poor investment when you consider the fundamentals of investing - other cryptocurrencies are a better option.

With Robinhood, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies can easily access retail investors. Similarly, like Gamestop, its value relies on speculation, but it does not constitute a scam.

Dogecoin has experienced a steep price increase since 2018, which makes it a very risky investment. Furthermore, it should be noted that, after considering the cryptocurrency's lack of value, the cryptocurrency has no real utility.

Risks of Buying Dogecoin

Due to the popularity of Dogecoin, it also has an unpredictable future as a result of its popularity. It is generally believed that the higher the value of a coin, the more likely it is that the value will suddenly change.

Due to the popularity of the dogecoin trading market, there is the possibility that a third party might raise or lower the price on accident. In addition, Dogecoin's price can also dramatically change just by Elon Musk's presence on Twitter since people will either buy or sell it depending on those tweets.

Those who buy Dogecoin in UAE are also encouraged to keep up with what is said. There are many factors, including celebrities, which influence the opinions of their fans about currency in addition to the usual differences in value between different currencies.

Dogecoin Trading Security Risks

It is important to note that Dogecoin uses the same consensus model as Bitcoin, making it relatively safe to use as a trading platform. Dogecoin has, unfortunately, been hacked unceremoniously in the recent past. Hackers seized 21 million Dogecoins shortly after the launch, worth $12,000 at the time.

There was no compromise of Dogecoin's blockchain; hackers only compromised Dogecoin's website, allowing them to receive payments. Therefore, Dogecoin's trading platforms are very secure.

Selling Dogecoin

If you wish to sell the dogecoin cryptocurrency anytime, regardless of how you acquired it, and on any crypto exchange that supports Dogecoin, you can do so. The process of setting up a sell order is simple for users who have not moved their Dogecoins out of the exchange wallet.

Dogecoin Price Prediction

how can i buy dogecoin in uae

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Are there any chances of Dogecoin reaching $1 shortly? Of course, the Dogecoin community is hoping for that to happen.

Dogecoin's price might reach $1 if Elon Musk continues to support it as he has in the past. During the past year, the self-proclaimed "Dogefather," Haskell Musk, has consistently boosted the value of Dogecoin via his tweets to his 53m Twitter followers.

In accordance with experts, if Dogecoin drops below its support level of $0.158 in 2021, it will most likely continue to fall until it reaches $0.10. However, it is also possible to surpass the magical $1 mark by year-end.

Dogecoin Price Prediction for 2025

Recent predictions were compiled by a panel of 42 experts convened by an online price comparison website called Finder. In 2025, they predicted the price of DOGE would reach an average of $1.21.

Dogecoin Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the same panel predicted the average price to be $3.60. As a result, the median prediction was significantly lower because many panelists felt that Dogecoin would not last.

Over 80% of Finder's panel of participants deemed Dogecoin a bubble. Still, it is important to remember that nobody predicted the recent crypto crash on December 4th, 2021, which wiped out $500bn from the crypto market. Therefore, the future Dogecoin value should not be taken as gospel

Where to Buy Dogecoin?

Where can you buy Dogecoin in UAE? The first thing you need to do is trade this meme altcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange.

There are many factors to consider when deciding to use a cryptocurrency exchange, including the currencies you will be able to trade, the cost of trading, and the trading tools that are available to you. You can use the following reviews to find out which are the best UAE crypto brokers that you can use to buy Dogecoin in UAE immediately.

Best Way to Buy Dogecoin in UAE – eToro Tutorial

Would you like to buy Dogecoinin UAE? eToro is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform featuring zero trading commissions, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, and advanced technical analysis tools.

Step 1: Open an Account

By visiting eToro's website and simply clicking the 'Join Now' button, you can open an account with them.

Enter your email address and password, and then click on the link in the email sent to you to verify your email address.

how to buy dogecoin on etoro

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Step 2: Upload ID

To comply with UAE regulations, eToro requests that you verify your identity. If you have a driver's license or passport photo, you should upload it to your account. To verify your address, you will also need to upload a utility bill along with your bank statement.

how to buy dogecoin on coinbase

Step 3: Deposit Funds

You can now add funds to your account via cryptocurrency, bank transfers, credit or debit cards, or e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill. eToro, for example, requires a 140 GBP minimum deposit before you can trade.

best place to buy dogecoin

Step 4: Buy Dogecoin in UAE

You can buy Dogecoin in UAE in eToro's dashboard by searching for Dogecoin there. You can open an order form by clicking 'Trade' when it appears. After entering the amount of Dogecoin, you wish to buy, click on 'Open Trade' to complete your trade.


Despite being created as a joke, Dogecoin has now survived for more than eight years as an independent cryptocurrency. In a recent tweet, Elon Musk gave Dogecoin a boost, and although the excitement has died down a bit, it's only a matter of time before the meme coin's shine returns once again to social media.

Are you ready to buy Dogecoin in the UAE? Sign up for an account with eToro today, and you can start trading cryptocurrencies today!

eToro – Best UAE Crypto Platform to Buy Dogecoin

how to buy dogecoin uae

67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


What is Dogecoin?

DOGE (Dogecoin) is an open-source cryptocurrency launched by the DOGE Foundation. The coin is considered an altcoin and is almost a sarcastic meme coin. Dogecoin has been using the image of a Shiba Inu dog as its logo since it was launched in December 2013.

Who created Dogecoin?

Jackson Palmer created it in 2013 to mock the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, as he was a product manager at Adobe Inc.'s Sydney office at the time.

What is the market cap of DOGE?

As of May 2021, its market capitalization amounted to US$78 billion. However, at the time of composing (late February 2022), the figure was US$18B rather than US$20B

Do I need a crypto wallet to buy Dogecoin?

'You can easily purchase Doge coins through exchanges like Coinbase and eToro, but you will need a Dogecoin wallet to do so since some exchanges require it. Upon completion of that step, trading in Dogecoin will be available.

Can I buy Dogecoin in UAE?

You can take advantage of this by using a trading website or app, such as eToro. Be careful though because you may lose a lot of money if you are not careful. Dogecoin is probably something you shouldn't hold for a long period of time. Rather than waiting for the price to drop, you would be better off buying it when it dips and selling it when it rises again.

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