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დამოკიდებული ფაქტები
დამოკიდებული ფაქტები
ყველაფერი, რაც ჩვენი საიტის გვერდზე წაიკითხავთ, მოთამაშე წამომყვანილება არის გამოცდილი მწერალების მიერ, რომელთაც მრავალწლიანი გამოცდილება ფინანსურ ბაზრზე ჰქონია და სხვა რაიმე მაღაზიებთან ერთად წერს. ყველა აქვს გამოცდილებული ინფორმაცია. გვინდათავისუფლად გამოვიყენოთ აფილიატის ბმულები ჩვენი შინაარსის შიგთავსით, როდესაც მათზე დაწკაპუნებისას შეგვიძლია მივიღოთ კომისია - რაც დაიცავს დაუფასებელ

Tradingplatforms.com is an online publication design to help our users find the best trading platforms and learn more about the general trading and investment space. We offer highly accurate and up-to-date platform reviews, guides, news and much more to help you learn more about trading and find your perfect platform.

Here’s why you can trust us.

We work with expert writers

We’re very selective with the writers we work with – all of our contributors are experts on trading and finance with many years’ experience of writing about and analysing the financial markets.

All of our writers also have hands-on experience of trading with a variety of different platforms, and they’ve all also featured on various leading online finance publications.

We work with some of the best writers in the trading and investment space. All of our writers are extremely experienced and experts at what they do, and they also all have practical experience of actually trading and investing themselves. Each of our contributors have also written for other highly respected online finance publications.

To learn more about our writers, check out our Authors and About Us pages.

We’re trusted by leading online publications

The best way to tell if a website is trustworthy is by looking at how much it’s referenced by other publications, and we’ve been site by many leading sites, including CBS News, Tech Republic, Scoop, London Loves Business, The Dallas Morning News, Irish Central, Business of Apps, and many more.

We’re cited by these publications because of the relevance, accuracy and reliability of our content, so you can certainly trust us.

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